The latest greedy, unappreciative footballer to turn down one of Ken Bates’ incredibly generous contract offers is rising star Aidy White.

The 2o-year old Leeds-born left back has joined Jermaine Beckford, Bradley Johnson, Neil Kilkenny and captain Jonny Howson in a disturbingly long list of first team players to reject the clubs extended contract offers it has emerged.

Whilst encouraging to see the club being proactive in their contract negotiations by starting them now – as opposed to next season when there would be real cause for concern – it’s worrying that another player has found Leeds’ offer to be unacceptable.

Unfortunately, contract negotiations seem less important to Leeds United than pointless executive boxes and conference facilities, and we know from past experience that The Whites aren’t afraid to play hard ball when it comes to a players demands, regardless of the consequences.

Leeds United’s approach isn’t all bad in fairness. A lack of sentiment is important when it comes to money, there has to be an element of ruthlessness involved if you wish to run any successful business without hemorrhaging funds. But it’s hard for the supporters to see it that way when they’re paying through the nose to support the club, only to see the best players walk away whilst the funds that could have secured contract extensions are funnelled into a pointless cream-coloured vanity project on the side of our East Stand.

Chances are, this is just the start of another long-running contract saga, that should give us all reason to moan for the next 12-18 months. Or, we could all be dealt a shocking blow by news that the club have reached an agreement sooner rather than later. Stranger things have happened – Peter Ridsdale for example is still managing to find work!

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  1. mattbb1

    i expect more of this, i think we’re on the way to promotion (yes i did say that) and players will be wanting more add-ons and clauses relating to this, whats more given their part in a potentially play offs campaign they will want to ensure they dont then lose our financially, when they might get offers from premier league bottom feeders or the latest South East Asian ten bob millionaire funded vanity project trying to get out of the championship.

    Whites a key player in the side surely to god when o’briens off the wagebill we te him up on a good deal? but of course we know that wont happen, same with Howson, if we dont go up theyre on the way.

    • Ron_Galea

      @mattbb1 I think you’re on the right page. Any footballer in our current squad that is good enough to play at the top will always want to test their value on the open market at some stage if we don’t take them to the prem. it says more about some of the quality in our squad than anything sinister. Am a little nervous Clayton, Snodgrass and maybe Becchio will be subject to bids from above in January.

  2. Dje

    I know it is early days in the contract negotiations, but does anyone know how much we are offering him? At the start of the season he was a bit-part player with expectations of another loan stint and accusations of being neither a left-back or a winger prior to his latest career turnaround as a left winger–cum-attacker in our newly re-formed 4-2-3-1; so I bet he isn’t on much at the moment.

  3. Dje

    Leeds, Cardiff, Plymouth, now Preston ~ Risdale really is the modern day football Faust. Good luck, Preston!

  4. Arthur Graham

    What a truly great and awe inspiring team we have in Bates and Grayson. Just how many more players will we lose due to the ineptitude of these clowns and their inability to protect OUR clubs assets!

  5. HampshireWhite

    I’d be worried if Aidy didn’t reject the first offer! Isn’t that what negotiation is all about? The club offers a little, his representatives ask for a lot and somewhere down the line agreement is reached. I do hope that Aidy & Johnny Howson can both be offered the right deal to get them to stay. They’re both young, premiership quality players – we’ll need them next season when we go up!

  6. Colin

    Seems that Aidy White wants to stay at Leeds but wasn’t happy with the 4 year contract that was offered. It makes no sense for Aidy White to sign now anyway. Might as well wait until the end of the season, see which division we’re in and then assess the options.

    Point to note: Because White is under 24 (unlike Howson), then Leeds would be entitled to compensation from any other club that takes him on.

    Leeds should be careful though, even half decent left sided defenders and midfielders are expensive because of their rarity and we’ve had some absolute shockers in those positions in the recent past. Aidy White is capable, dependable and has amazing pace. In addition, he’s young and you’d fancy that he’s only going to get better with time. Finding a new Aidy White would be difficult, being able to buy them and pay their wages, unlikely. Aidy White is holding all the cards.

  7. fergusonsarah

    This is his team now and a game like this is when a leader needs to shine! That really sounds like a great game..

  8. GilFisher

    Shouldn’t every player reject at least one contract offer in a negotiation. I’ll be concerned if the players aren’t extended, but at this point, it’s a non-story. Kilkenny and Johnson left for a reason….we wanted a better central midfield…and we got one.

    • number1inyorkshire

      @GilFisher both of those are playing really well at the moment one in the premier league i think we wanted them both to stay but they wanted more than was been offered .

      watched killkenny on tv recently and he was fantastic for a bristol side who are on the up after a bad start

    • TSS

      @GilFisher Where I work I’m salary, and therefore negotiate my own contract, and you have a point – I’ve never accepted the first offer, it’s part of the game.

      But, why has this been publicised from a club usually shrouded in mystery? Is it a tactic to get the supporters on his back? Remember Beckford/Gradel/various other players and “sign your contract for the lads” – that must add some pressure?

      • Gryff

        @TSS@GilFisher I think you’ve put your finger on it TSS.

        The thing about this is that it’ll worry the fans, even though it’s simply the start of a bog-standard ping-pong negotiation.

        I don’t see what the club have to win from this, unless they have miscalculated and think the players will be pressed into signing for us by the fans.

        So that leaves a source who just wants a tenner of YEP, or more worryingly the players trying to pressure the club…

    • Irving08


      Have to agree with No 1 on J & K. It was shortisighted – and pig-headed to boot – not to give them a modest salary increase. Johnners for his strength, heading ability and versatility, and Killa for his passing, control and self-belief were both real assets last season and would be be now. White, besides his great ability, shares Killa’s self-belief, and has a decent brain too – 11 GCSE’s no less; he will rightly not allow sentiment to get in the way of his ambitions. And he owes Leeds no favours for the somewhat patronising treatment he has received over the past couple of seasons. I am not at all certain this story will end happily for us.

  9. LauLau81

    I think this is natural for every team members to go or to let go. Contract negotiations is the key whether a member will be stay or not.

  10. number1inyorkshire

    we can say what we want but the players can see the gate sizes which are getting smaller but are on average bigger than 90%of the entire ground capacities of the clubs in this league ,clubs that are paying more money ,,

    And before we get the usual “its not about money its about playing for the shirt ” BOLLOCKS .its about money ..

    And i can not and will not blame any player who leaves us for more money YOU WOULD .I WOULD .I HAVE .

    Bates is banking on players been or clubs at least been governed by a financial structure put in place by the league ,well i recon that will be unlawful in business laws and either way is ungovernable .

    we will continue to loose players jonny boy hasn,t signed yet either

  11. Tyler75

    Non-story really. He was offered a contract as a young squad player on the fringes of the first team (just come back from loan at Oldham). Now he’s been ‘promoted’ to a first team regular. Even in these times of austerity, if you found yourself ‘promoted’ from making the tea to someone who has tea made for them – wouldn’t you expect a commensurate pay rise ?

  12. Matthew

    Worth noting, no worthwhile Leeds player during Graysons reign as manager has accepted the first contract extension offered to them.

    • Bubionwhite

      Would prefer to say during Bates’ reign. SG would probably be happy to keep some of them by paying a bit more but has to accept the situation.


    Slightly premature to panic over White. He would obviously reject the first offer and he seems like a sensible lad who knows that he will do far better at a club like Leeds than some other Championship clubs who pay slightly better wages. He isn’t ready for the Prem so I wouldn’t worry about a big club poaching him.
    Howson is more of a worry….

  14. Pete Mck

    bates wants to start acting like a premiership f,ing chairman and stop thinking he can call all the shots all the time. Speculate to accumalate. Mass exodus of players if we dont go up. Thats what pisses alot of ppl off

  15. Gary Noble

    I wouldn’t look into this too much yet its only the first offer. Mind KB needs to dig deep if that’s what it takes to keep one of our most promising young players. MOT

  16. Steve Colbert

    Snoddy’s attracting lots of serious Prem attention. Moyes, O’Neill. He’s definitely the jewell in the crown therefore Bates will probably sell him!!!!

  17. Wallabee

    Aidy is a friend of a friend and all he wants is to be on the same money as other players his ability, he’s not asking for silly money. 4 clubs have enquired about him, 2 of which are Bolton and arsenal. About time bates dropped the act and secured him.


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