With exactly one month to go until the transfer window opens, you’d think there would be more pressing matters for the news agencies and sites to report than potential moves, but alas, fans love nothing more than dreaming of what could be, so why shouldn’t the evil news agencies deliver that to them?

In the case of Leeds United, two players have already been churned out of the old rumour mill. The first, 30-year-old German goalkeeper Thorsten Stuckmann seems somewhat believable but will do little to fuel dreams of an automatic promotion push for Whites fans. The six and half foot giant has managed just one appearance for League One Preston and will be considered the first sign of another forgettable transfer window by the masses.

The second rumour may provide more room for optimism, as Leeds are rumoured by Sky Sports to be part of a Championship trio chasing Stevenage’s Lawrie Wilson.

Sky Sports claim that the 24-year-old has been instrumental in Stevenage’s rise from the Conference to League One although 9 goals in 132 appearances suggests he’s no Max Gradel. However he has topped Stevenage’s assist table for the last two seasons.

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  1. Dje

    On Wilson’s Wikipedia entry it has/had him down as a left midfield / defender. Another Pugh then? I can’t see the point in taking the risk with an unknown as Pugh does everything adequately enough. We need pace, on the right.

    As to the keeper, as you say TSS – a believable story; although I think he’s played more than once for Preston. As Taylor’s contract is through to January, and Stuckmann’s runs out in January, he’ll be a perfect free transfer for Bates & Grayson.

    To be fair, both players might be hidden gems and sensational signings – good enough for the Premiership (which is the calibre of player we should be aiming for, or at least a keeper who we rate enough to keep Lonergan out of the first team) – but I just can’t see it.

  2. Matthew

    I think it’l be.


    Pugh – Perma deal

    Keogh – Perma deal

    Lichaj – Loan


    Paul Rachubka

    Andy O’Brien

    Ben Parker

    Alex Bruce

    • DubaiWhite

      With last year’s Jan transfer window in fresh memory I would say the odds are on that you are spot on. I would be hugeky dissappointed but not surprised, and I will then be asssured that the last part of the season will be a struggle as it has been in the last two seasons.

      We must strengthen the team.

    • number1inyorkshire

      PUGH =YES




      i agree with some additions

      sam ??

      nunez =loan??

      paynter sold

  3. Pat mc Loughlin

    Two centre half’s would be ideal , if were really serious about going up anything less and we might as well prepare b and b in charlton next season.my fav boyhood player David Harvey worst football moment 73 cup final v Sunderland , jim mc Mongenery you and step maire bay munich broke my as did Colette moloney.

  4. DubaiWhite

    We need players in the middle of the park that can command and dominate the midfield, players that can hold on to the ball and keep the play up so other teams can not put us under so much presssure during the final part of the game. And we need another Gradel… we are so predicable in attack and thereby easy to defend against. We also need a player with Keogh speed and work rate but that also scores regularly.

    We simply need to strengthening the team and that can not be done by players from lower leagues, players that are not even regulars in their own teams. We have to get in some players that are in form and have a proven skill in the top of the Championship or PL.

    Yes, they do cost money, although to be promoted we must invest.

  5. Ron_Galea

    The only story on Sky Sports that got my attention is the one where Bates is demanding promotion. This would usually make me happy, however, he demanded this to Simon Grayson after a great win and during a week where one of Grayson’s best mates killed himself. Even when Grayson assured hm we can go up, Bates retorted “So why are we 5th then”? He’s a despicable cunt and completely out of line. On behalf of sane Leeds fans, I apologise to SG for this incredulous conversation, let alone when Bates runs off to the press with it on the fans’ behalf.

  6. number1inyorkshire

    The big thing for me come January is i think its make or break for the relationship between the fans and the club .Now i am NOT saying the fans will stop going but i do think us the fans have had enough of not been on that boat when it comes to signing quality players to take us on further .

    The last 3 seasons have been the same , in my opinion it nearly cost us in league 1 and we struggled last season after Christmas ,because some would say in a lack of investment in January either in quality loans or permanent signings ..

    I feel we should do all our permanent signings in august with a tweak in January with quality if needed but its perfect for loans at this time , but they need to add something and i agree with grayson to a degree they need to be loans that will displace whoever it is and be playing thus bring more to the team than we had ..

    On paper i like the idea of Bates and his we need to go up for the fans , but every ounce of scepticism in my body tells me otherwise to dismiss it as the ramblings of an octogenarion psychopath who cares nothing about us and is trying to win the morons round before he does something to wind us up a bit more .

    wait and see is what i tell myself we have all been there and done it with leeds and nothing surprises me accept for the absolute lack of investment over recent years on QUALITY additions to the playing squad .

    Football is now a business and key for all business going forward is to invest ,although not bankrupt ,in your core products ,that at leeds is football ,without that team there is nothing ,but without seven million quids worth of unneeded east stand boxes we could still play football

    I for one will wait and see !!!

    • DubaiWhite


      I totally agree with you; we need to invest. I have earlier critized SG for not getting more funding for players, or rather, for seamingly just accepting that he gets no funds from Bates. I sense that SG has come to understand that this is the make or break for him. He needs to take the fight with Bates now, because without funding he will not get us promotion and consequently he will be sacked. The only way for SG to survive would be the force Bates to put up the money to strenthening the team and win promotoion.

  7. Tyler75

    I can’t see where Wilson would fit in if we sign up Pugh (as we should). Aidy proved on Tuesday that given the right formation he can give us the penetration in wide areas that we had with Gradel. I’d like to see a quality right back with pace (Lichaj on permanent if possible) and a centre-back. I think O’Dea has generally been very solid and has got a good partnership going with Lees – but is he better than Kilgallon, as a good example of somebody who could well be available ? Keogh on a permanent ? Not sure as Wolves would want at least a million and could be a luxury with Forsell and Somma also available once he recovers from injury.

  8. Phil92

    Ins for me would be Pugh on a permanent, Lichaj on loan until the end of season (if fit), and then a quality centre back, centre mid and centre forward, i’d let Keogh go back after his loan is up, great effort not enough goals. We have a squad capable of a top ten finish currently, two or three top quality additions and we can push on. We do not need more quantity, just quality. Outs Would be Keogh end of loan, Paynter, Bruce, O’Brien and Parker.

  9. Irving08

    No loans (unless proven like the Villa boy), no ‘mature pros’, just a quality defensive midfield signing to replace Johnners, plus permanent moves for the excellent Keogh, and also Pugh – and maybe this Stevenage lad if he’s got pace (a department in which we are lacking). Oh, and happy birthday to Chairman Bates, the sharpest octogenarian in the North (pity about the childish need to provoke). If he told Simon to sharpen up his act after Barnsley, he has my support: we were pretty awful for most of the game. I felt it was somewhat disingenuous of SG later to come out in defence of the players, alleging that they were getting stick from fans: the criticisms I heard last weekend were mainly directed at his management. Bates, of course, must take the blame for not finding a compromise with Johnson and Kilkenny, particularly the former: we miss both of them, I feel, for different reasons. It’s no good, as No I says, having Premier-level facilities, without the team to go with them. It places too high a premium on the quality of the manager and his team.

  10. adam

    Leeds need a dominant centre mid or a really fast right winger as Sam int good enough and this might be strange but Leeds have too much of a British team we need a good foreigner

  11. DubaiWhite

    After the dissaster with Barnsley, as true Leeds fans, we are full of optimism after winning against Forest; a team that many seems to have forgotten is placed third from bottom of table. We have played 4 without winning at home including conceding a goal and dropping points to the worst away team in the table, Coventry. After 19 games I reckon the signs are clear, we are about the strengths and with the same problems as last season and probably the best we can do is barely make the play-offs but not getting promoted.

    UNLESS mr Bates provide the funds that we all understand are needed and we buy, borrow or steal a quality defender, midfielder and forward.

    One can only dream of where we would have been with the players in the etam today and if we would have been able to hold on to Schmiechel, Jonson and Gradel. MOT

  12. Kev_Dubai

    It’s not who we bring in but whether we can negotiate the window without losing Snodgrass to any number of Premiership strugglers. The Times yesterday was reporting Everton (amongst others) will be tabling very tempting offers. Personally, I’d be happy if we signed nobody so long as we keep Snoddy.

  13. DubaiWhite

    Well, keeping Snodgrass is an absolutely must, that and add some more quality players. keeping Snoddy alone doesn’t take us to Premier League. If we don’t, then our chairman should stop talking about pomotion because it will never happen until he is ready to make the investments so that we keep our best players and attract some new.


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