You can criticise Leeds United for a lot of things; for the lapses in concentration that cause shoddy defensive blunders, for their fascination with hoofball football, for the poor discipline record that already has us on five red cards for the season. You can even fault the manager at times for the wrong tactics or player signings.

But the one thing you cannot take away from Simon Grayson’s side is their spirit and resilience. I’ve spoken of a resilient Whites side picking points up on a number of occasions this season, but nothing speaks to that attribute quite like today’s win over Leicester City.

It wasn’t a pretty win, nor was it a particularly enthralling one. The game in truth was actually pretty dire. But Leeds arrived at the King Power Stadium with a determination that they would right the wrong of Wednesday night, and that’s exactly what they did.

Through sheer force of will, the Whites contained Leicester City better than they have any team in quite some time. On loan Alex McCarthy barely had a save to make as Leeds scrapped away, keeping Leicester City from breaking into the box and forcing them out wide to ensure they were never gifted a simple shooting angle.

It was containing football at it’s most basic from The Whites, but every player on the park worked hard to ensure the strategy succeeded and Leeds emerged deserving victors as a result.

Our own chances were as limited as Leicester City’s, but Adam Clayton once again proved his worth with an absolutely unstoppable goal-of-the-season contender that proved to be the difference.

Jermaine Beckford, who described his time at Leeds United as the best of his career in the programme was given a warm welcome by the Whites fans, but even he couldn’t break through Leeds’ determined defence to level the score and create an all too predictable finish to the game.

This was the kind of reaction I predicted after the humiliation at home to Blackpool midweek. We may not be the most consistent team in the league, and Christ knows we’re prone to the odd horror show, but there’s a determination in this squad that will see us over that all important play-off line come May – of that I have no doubts.

Whilst every player on the park deserves a huge pat on the back for their efforts today, I think Andy O’Brien and Patrick Kisnorbo are worthy of special mention. Much like Simon Grayson, they’ve been subject to a lot of disproportionate criticism, but both of them worked tirelessly today to ensure we kept the clean sheet and as such, fully deserve to share the match ball. On and on…

You can catch highlights of today’s win on The Revie Way.

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  1. Colin

    A George Graham of a result. Never thought we’d get a point let alone 3.

    I think something else deserves mention as well. Leicester City are a poor side. They have the players but don’t know what to do with them. Still good news for us. We need more 3 point smash and grabs like this.

    As for Beckford, his shot that you see on the Sky Sports highlights, shows his quality. He had Connolly in his pocket and got past/through 3 Leeds players before Kisnorbo’s unorthodox clearance.

    Oh how I miss Beckford – he’d clean up for Leeds and score a hatful. He’s really not being used properly by Leicester. We can never get him back, can we? You’re going to think I’m mad, but I’d swap him for McCormack.

  2. OzTyke

    Beckford head his dry spells for Leeds as well, but the cream always rises to the top, as it did against Bristol Rovers when he played a brilliant captain’s game. He is quality, I didn’t want him to go but couldn’t blame him for wanting to test himself. But to see him warming the bench at Leicester when he could be smashing them in for us again… great win, let’s repeat the ram-raid and steam into Burnley!! MOT

  3. number1inyorkshire

    to be fair to both of those 2 defenders they were brought back on a needs must basis too early ,i think they will both be ok given matches .

    what a strike for the goal .

    Beckford will turn out to be a modern day legend for leeds ..he should have stayed with hindsight i bet he would of ..

  4. Tyler 75

    Its never dull being a Leeds fan. Great result and all credit to the players and management team – I would have made at least 4 changes after wednesday ! Intersting to see what Larry will do if O’Dea is fit for the next game.

  5. Soho White

    That report is pretty much spot on. It was a gritty, determined, hardworking performance and we could do with a few more of those. Yes, O’B and Kis both did very well, although the latters lack of pace is worrying at times. But the real plus for me was White – having pace at left back is a new sensation for us. We may just have found a solution to a 20 year old problem… Worth adding that from where we were, it looked like a penalty when McCormack went down as he was about to shoot. We were well worth 3 points here. Leicester were a disappointment, although Bamba was excellent at the back for them. Just need to find a right back who can run and pass, and understands the rules of the game; a ridiculous booking for a deliberate hand ball for no reason. And then complaining.. Connolly was the only weak link yesterday.

  6. Matthew

    I like the way although this game could of gone either way, that we took control and held onto the lead. You don’t normally see that was us but today we had that winning mindset.

    I think what also helped was that both teams are on a little bit of a bad run at the moment so both weren’t willing to take huge risks.

    Grayson finally looks like he has the tactical side of things down this season, absolutely agreed with putting a 5th midfield player on when Leicester went 4 – 3 – 3 towards the end, better to flood the midfield and play more defensively and hold the lead rather than throw it away.

    I think there are 2 players people who have slated in defense who did so well today who may of changed peoples opinions of them slightly. You know who.

    Oh and christ guys McCarthy is a monster, such a good goalkeeper, we need to break the bank and secure him as a backup for Lonergan.


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