A bad patch of form at Leeds United means the cries for Simon Grayson to be sacked are back with a vengeance. Even a 1-0 away win to promotion favourites Leicester City did little to halt some fans vendetta.

You see, the problem with Leeds United fans is that they’re incredibly reactionary. Not only that, but because the vast majority are Yorkshire born and bred, stubbornness is hard-coded into their DNA. Once they’ve committed their instantaneous reaction to social networks, forums and sites like this, their stubbornness won’t allow them to turn back.

Their reaction is now permanent. People can quote them on it, so they fear any change of opinion would be taken as a sign of weakness, thus devaluing any future comments they may wish to make.

Even days later when they’ve had chance to calm down and put things into perspective, or weeks later when Simon Grayson has got things back on track they’ll still find justification to stick by their earlier comments – even though they’ve realised how stupid their reaction was.

The defence is a prime example of this. It’s easy for fans to use it as justification for a Grayson Out rant, despite the fact we’ve been plagued by constant injuries (Naylor, Kisnorbo, O’Brien, O’Dea, Lonergan) and that we still managed to finish above what anybody had hoped for last season.

Who’d be a manager? Everyone’s a critic, and everyone insists they’re right. Doesn’t matter how well the opposition perform, or how good they are, there is simply no excuse for Leeds United being second best. Our recent League Cup tie against Manchester United summed it up perfectly when we lost 3-0 to the English Champions and our fans criticised everyone on the pitch for a lack of heart.

Could it just be that Manchester United are a better team? Don’t be ridiculous.

Things can’t be that simple. It can’t just be a case of us being second best on the day. There has to be a reason why we didn’t win. Someone must be blamed. The game must be analysed and re-analysed, then analysed some more until we’ve reached a stage where someone has run a simulation of the game on Football Manager 2012 playing Youth Player X instead of Robert Snodgrass, with Ramon Nunez and Jonny Howson playing just behind Luciano Becchio in a Christmas tree formation, thus resulting in a convincing Whites win.

And there’s absolutely no excuse for Simon Grayson to have not used the same system. It works on FM2012 for Christ sake Simon, what is wrong with you?

Never mind the fact that new formations take weeks, sometimes months of practice to master, or that Football Manager is an absolutely pointless game that has no reflection on reality which people waste far too much of their life playing, LeedsDude47 has a screenshot that shows a 3-0 win. He saved and reloaded the game eight times first, but that’s beside the point.

It reaches a stage where the realistic fans are overshadowed by a stubborn minority who by now, have spent so many hours picking flaws in highlights of Leeds United games, they’ve convinced themselves Simon Grayson is an absolute idiot and they could do a much better job.

This is the TalkSport generation; a generation who are convinced football management is best learnt from watching TV, and that anybody could do it better than those rare few who actually do.

It’s a generation who cares little for the hours spent on the training ground, for the hours more a manager sits in his office studying the opposition and working on tactics and less still for the obstacles they may have to overcome, such as injuries or failed transfer bids. That all requires reasoning and perspective, and unfortunately for Simon, that seems to be evading more and more fans every season.

It puzzles me as to why these fans watch football in the first place. They clearly can’t handle the variance inherent in this sport. We all suffer when our team loses, it can govern our mood for days after. But for the majority of us, defeat only makes victory all the more sweeter.

That’s not true of this minority though, is it? One suspects defeat is easier for them than victory, because they don’t have to work as hard to get their point across. Everyone is a little down after defeat and looking for someone to blame – finding allies at this point is all too easy.

But when Leeds have won and everyone else is enjoying themselves, these people have to work harder than ever to continue their campaign of perpetual moaning. The justification for their rants shifts from the most recent game, to every low we’ve had in recent years, all neatly laid out for you with the balance our successful patches and strong points add totally ignored.

I’m sure there are people reading this who are preparing a speech of how wrong I am. I’m no doubt missing key information that makes their justification for a hate campaign perfectly logical. In fact, I’m the idiot for enjoying football while we have such total incompetence leading the charge.

To those people, please save yourselves the time and go buy a Manchester City shirt. You’re clearly not cut out for a club that has so many ups and downs – it’s ruining your life. Like the gay lads that marry and have kids, you’re fooling yourselves. You’re basically a glory-hunter, afraid to step out of the closet.

Please, don’t misinterpret this as a shot at every fan who has ever overreacted after a poor result, or who has moaned about continual problems affecting the club – we all do that, it stems from our desperate desire to succeed. We want to know that everyone at the club cares just as much as we do, and our emotions get the better of us at times.

The group of fans I’m talking about here are those who take pleasure in defeat and use it to justify their constant moaning. The fans who would still find something to criticise if we’d won the last ten in a row. They’re the “I told you so” crowd nobody likes, but who insist on annoying us all regardless.

I suspect they’re the kind of people who grow old and spend their last remaining days on this earth trying to ruin the lives of youngsters by confiscating their football, or starting neighbour watch groups determined to prevent kids from laughing. They don’t enjoy football, they enjoy moaning about it.

They’re Arsenal fans basically.