Contrary to what Peter Lorimer told the Whitby Whites at their recent Leeds United On The Road event, it seems Jonathan Howson is close to signing a new deal with the club and is not stalling to see how we finish the season.

Interviewed at Elland Road by TeamTalk yesterday. Howson had this to say about his current contract negotiations;

“We’ve been in talks for the past month or so and although it’s taking a bit of time, I’m not in a massive rush. That’s always the way with negotiations but I’m sure they’ll be finalised and I’ll sign soon.”

Howson was also asked about fellow team-mates, past and present, saying Neil Kilkenny was the biggest girl’s blouse he’d ever worked with but also the hardest working player in training.

He was also asked who was the hardest player he’d ever played alongside,

“I’d have to say ‘Nails’ (Richard Naylor). Last season he cracked a rib, which is as painful as you can get, just five minutes before half-time. During the interval, he had a painkilling injection and still finished the game. Solid!”

Speaking as someone who has cracked a rib before (twice actually), I have absolutely no idea how any amount of pain medication got Richard Naylor back on the pitch. “Solid” was a major understatement.

You can read Jonathan Howson’s full interview with TeamTalk here