Contrary to what Peter Lorimer told the Whitby Whites at their recent Leeds United On The Road event, it seems Jonathan Howson is close to signing a new deal with the club and is not stalling to see how we finish the season.

Interviewed at Elland Road by TeamTalk yesterday. Howson had this to say about his current contract negotiations;

“We’ve been in talks for the past month or so and although it’s taking a bit of time, I’m not in a massive rush. That’s always the way with negotiations but I’m sure they’ll be finalised and I’ll sign soon.”

Howson was also asked about fellow team-mates, past and present, saying Neil Kilkenny was the biggest girl’s blouse he’d ever worked with but also the hardest working player in training.

He was also asked who was the hardest player he’d ever played alongside,

“I’d have to say ‘Nails’ (Richard Naylor). Last season he cracked a rib, which is as painful as you can get, just five minutes before half-time. During the interval, he had a painkilling injection and still finished the game. Solid!”

Speaking as someone who has cracked a rib before (twice actually), I have absolutely no idea how any amount of pain medication got Richard Naylor back on the pitch. “Solid” was a major understatement.

You can read Jonathan Howson’s full interview with TeamTalk here

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  1. Matt

    Howson looks a bit like Rhod Gilbert in that picture. I hope he signs a decent length contract soon…..if he does would that be the first time a player has extended whilst negotiating with Shaun Harvey? (it probably isn’t, but it feels like it).

    • Gryff

      Luci I guess? Not many though!

      Agree with contract length. If we don’t tie Howson down for a decent time I think we’ll not get back what we’ve invested. He’s good at the moment but he should only get better over the next few seasons.

    • Colin

      Believe it or not, I think actually Howson might have been the first to extend a contract in 2006, when he was 18 (3 year contract)??

      If he re-signs this time round it’ll be his 3rd professional contract with Leeds!

  2. Gryff

    A real pity Naylor came back so late in his career. A no nonsense lad with talent at both ends of the pitch.

    With Howson, I doubt Lorimer was lying: probably trying to extricate an extra penny from the chairman’s pockets. They’re so deep it’ll take a month for him to reach that penny, let alone muster the will-power to drop it on the table…

  3. Matthew

    Dear Jonny Howson.

    If you want a speedy resolution, get your arse down to Elland Road and sign a new contract.

    Yours sincerly

    The fans of Leeds United

  4. leedshippriest

    Is this the same Howson who wants Premier League football ? The same Howson who says he’ll sign for Leeds just so long as we can offer him Premier League football ?

    I’ll believe fuck all out of the Bates or Howson camps until such time as he actually signs, remember Max wasn’t going anywhere either

  5. number1inyorkshire

    i hope he signs but will there be a get out ..

    are contracts really worth the paper they are word processed on ?

    it needs to be 5 years !!

    would we miss him if he left (controversial)???

    • Matthew

      Contracts aren’t worth crap that’s true. Contracts exist so clubs can secure a player for as long as they need too, or until someone comes along and says I’ll give you 2 million for Howson.

  6. Dewi Powell

    I know this doesn’t sound credible or trustworthy but you’ll just have to take my word for it. My Dad’s mate had dinner with Howson and Paddy last week and Johnny said he’ll sign!


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