When Peterborough United manager Darren Ferguson threw a strop over Leeds beating his side in “Fergie Time”, it got The Scratching Shed’s creative juices flowing.

The ‘four minutes is four minutes’ line from this interview seemed destined to be sampled and turned into a song. Unfortunately, that’s where the idea hit a bit of a stumbling block. Whilst sure it would work, music producers we’re most definitely not.

Luckily for us, Mark Duffy knew his way around a tune and agreed to help make the ‘four minutes is four minutes’ dream a reality. Enjoy…

Music copyright Mark Duffy Music.

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  1. paulc

    Quality! Great start to the week. Thank you TSS

    By the way you are right I checked on my computers calculator…4 minutes is definately 4 minutes

  2. Henry V

    Hypocrisy makes the world go round.
    It goes without saying that if Peterborough had scored instead of us, we would have not had a video to enjoy today!
    Bitter and twisted families stick together.
    If Peterborough had scored in the 5th minute of extra time, we would have Man U’s reserve goalie playing for us!!
    Remember when Preston sacked young Darren, Sir Fergie immediately withdrew all his loan players and Preston got relegated!!

    • Matthew

      To be fair, Preston were going down at that point anyway, but agreed it was a low move of Scum to do.

      Preston and West Ham were a lot alike, not bad teams but had dreadful managers in charge, hopefully both will recover enough.

  3. JonDee

    Yep, very funny but let’s not miss the point that the bbc gave son of Fergerson a platform to deliver his one-sided, biased rant. If it had been the other way round, SG wouldn’t have got a look in.

  4. Mike Johnson

    What a brilliant start to a grey drizzly day. Ace! Can’t wait to see Clayton’s goal yesterday when the highlights are posted. Keep up the great work TSS.

  5. number1inyorkshire

    4 minutes has been 4 minutes since the the beginning of time .it is this week however the 25th anniversary of football matches being extended to fergie time .

    so many missed buses

  6. Matthew

    His managerial job aside, can’t help but admire what Fergie Snr has done, he’s a good manager, even if he hates Leeds(We hate you too Man United Scum).

    Fergie Jr is a dreadfully poor manager who I feel will be going through a heck of a lot of managerial jobs in his time. He will never be like his father, and is one of the worst managers in this league, I actually felt sorry for Preston with him in charge, and the way Stoke and Scum pulled their players from Preston when they rightfully sacked him.

    Can’t really understand why Stoke did that, obviously the effect of Fergie Snr sticking up for Jr but still, less respect for Stoke because of that.

    By the way TSS, great video.


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