Unconfirmed reports that former Thorp Arch trainee, Michael Woods has retired from professional football have been met with laughter by some Leeds fans on social networks and forums – fans who seem to think the end of a youngsters dream is cause for celebration.

Have we really become so bitter that any player leaving the club needs to be mocked for the rest of their days?

Woods, along with Tom Taiwo, left Leeds United for Chelsea back in 2007. The move caused controversy, and Ken Bates eventually sued his former club for a substantial sum of money.

The fact Leeds profited so well from this deal doesn’t seem to have changed some fans opinion however. There are some fans that seem incapable of accepting Thorp Arch isn’t what it used to be and players will be tempted by greener pastures elsewhere.

Quite rightly too. Are we really going to criticise the young for pushing themselves to achieve at the highest level? Youngsters should be praised and encouraged for trying to fulfil their dreams, not become victims of bitter abuse from fully grown men.

This is a story of a young man’s dream shattered. Who cares that he left Leeds for Chelsea? We profited heavily enough from it and he only wanted to give himself a shot at playing in the best league in the world – is that really such a crime?

The only thing Michael Woods is guilty of is attempting to live out his dreams. That he failed – reportedly due to fitness issues I hasten to add – should not be cause for celebration. We should be praising him for having the bottle to take a chance in the first place.

For what it’s worth Michael, I wish you all the best.