The Scratching Shed has teamed up with Doug of the Chicago Whites to launch a social network specifically for Leeds United fans.

Still in it’s trial stage and with a bit of work to be done (the URL for example needs changing), The Revie Way provides a hub where you can share photos, video and thoughts with other Whites fans.

Like all social networks. The Revie Way allows you to create your own profile, add friends and post status updates.

The site differs in that all your Leeds United photos, videos and comments will be public for Whites fans across the world to view and comment on.

Alongside this, there are also forums where you can chat with other Whites fans and the option to create individual groups for supporters clubs.

You can sign up now by clicking here to give it a try.

We’re particularly interested in hearing from supporters/members clubs who may wish to start a private group within the site. This will allow you to invite all your members, who can chat within a forum specifically designed for your SC. You can also add updates on anything you like (travel info etc…) and have full control over the entire group.

4 Responses

  1. Maff

    pointless, why not just use something that already exists?
    Google+ with it’s circles would be ideal

    • TSS

      Because this is specifically Leeds. All the videos, images etc uploaded by users will be LUFC related, and available to view in a library. All discussion will be LUFC related, sort of like a forum, allowing people to chat to randoms rather than close friends.

      It’s basically a forum 2.0 with social networking features. It’s the future, embrace it.

  2. Mark Billings

    Having joined I reckon it could become a great place for LUFC fans to congregate. As with a lot of things though, I reckon it’s value will increase as membership increases.


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