Now a quarter of the way in to the 2011/12 season, it seemed an appropriate time to look how we’re getting on – statistically speaking that is.

Points Per Game 

The graph below shows the average points per game the Championship’s winners, runners-up and play-off teams have finished with over the last decade.

Our average points per game so far is 1.62, which is slightly higher than an average play-off finish has been over the last decade – 1.60.

What this shows is that pundits predictions for a smaller than ever promotion points tally (based on the number of quality teams taking points from one another) isn’t really panning out. Leeds’ points tally is pretty consistent with a 6th-7th place finish and it looks as though an average above 1.60 will be necessary if we’re to realise our dreams of a Wembley finale.

The current leaders Southampton have an average points per game tally of 2.12. The Championship winners ten year average is 2.02.

Accessory To Goal Fest

Lazy, hearts-not-in-it, should-be-dropped-in-place-of-Sam/Nunez/Random-Youth-Player, one-footed, too-slow-for-a-winger Robert Snodgrass not only leads the assist table for Leeds United, but also the Championship as a whole with 8. More undeserved criticism, that’s what he needs!

Leeds’ next highest assistant goalscorer is Ross McCormack with two.

Dirty Leeds

Portsmouth may have committed a couple more fouls than Leeds, and along with Brighton and Leicester City may also have more yellow cards. But no team in the Championship has had four players sent off yet. Ipswich Town are hot on our heels however with three – where’s Mad Max when you need him?

Shot Shy Whites

Rather surprisingly, Leeds sit near the bottom of the shots taken table with 88 on and 54 off, some way off the leaders Peterborough who have had 114 shots on target and 80 sail wide of the mark.

Still, it could be worse, we could be Doncaster Rovers – and I don’t say that because they’re bottom of the shots taken table, I was just speaking generally.

Time To Clean Up Our Act

Perhaps a couple of days training with Middlesbrough would cure our defensive problem? They must be doing something right at the Riverside, as they’ve kept seven clean sheets so far, more than anyone else in the division. Only four sides have less than Leeds’ two.

Goals On The Up 

As the following graph shows, the goals per game average has increased year-on-year under Simon Grayson.

Crazy to think Leeds are averaging more goals per game this season than last, when we started without our top goalscorer and our back-up plan (Max Gradel) ran off to join some crap nineties Indie band.

It’s crazier still when you consider our leading goalscorer couldn’t hit a barndoor in pre-season, and that our second highest goalscorer wasn’t even part of our plans (Adam Clayton).

All statistics are based on league games only. 

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  1. Adamskizzle Spirizzle

    Same old problems again, its an absolute must that we spend in January and tighten up our back 4, we’ve tried the cheap option and it simply hasnt worked

  2. Jon Mac

    Much like the attendances stats – As insightful as they are. we’ve had 13 games this season. And i assume your numbers of the others are of full seasons. Granted, i accept the rule of averages, but no doubt both sets of statistics will be substantially different i think at the end of the season

    • TSS

      We do the same thing at various points throughout the season, it’s just to see how we’re getting on basically. I’ll do them all again midway through and then at the end, same with attendances.

  3. PeterV

    Love Stats, interestingly:-

    Snodgrass only had 6 assists the whole of last season.

  4. Colin

    TSS – good stats and an inciteful article and good to see you posting a picture of you working them out. It’s good to put a face to a name.

    Irrespective of what anyone says, I believe that Snodgrass is our best player. And those stats help to back that up. He’s a different class of player in this league.

    • chareose

      I disagree Col, my no1 is Clayton for the general impact he has on the pitch but I do agree with TSS, we do find it far to east to slag our players off…..

  5. number1inyorkshire

    STATS are only important 1 at a time and really at only 1 time ..

    1st stat is lufc scores more goals than the opponents on that day >>

    2nd stat is that at the end of the season we have more points than all the other teams..

    if we do the 1st stat the second stat will take care off itself ..

    your stats are impressive and obviously time consuming (get out more lol )but in real terms they mean nothing .

    you get nothing for possession ,corners ,hitting the post etc etc

  6. Gryff

    I’d be interested to see what our stats are at New Year’s and what they were at that point the season before.

    We’ve bottled it as a team twice in the past two seasons, so I agree with Jon Mac that the stats could be entirely different come the end of the season.

    I think there’s more to come from McCormack. He’s scoring great goals but still missing a handful of chances a match. If he could eliminate those last few mistakes he’d be deadly.

    As for Snoddy, I criticised him last season at times when he seemed to get tired & wound up virtually straight off. Don’t see how anyone could criticise him this season when he’s put in solid & selfless performances.

  7. chareose

    Yes its a given that we need to bring in 1-2 very good players in January to cement our chances of an automatic promotion route.

    If we choose the Ken Bates Bargain Basement – cheap as chips option then at best it will be another attempt at playoffs……

  8. oldschoolbaby

    I`m all for the bargain basement. As clubs look to trim their wage bills there will be all sorts of goodies in there. Problem is, sod`s law will decree you won`t unearth a gem in the position you`re most deficient.

    Investing money is the difficult bit. Leeds need players who can sustain them in the Premiership not just get them out of the Championship. There is a gulf in class which many players struggle to overcome. I don`t like to be critical of honest professionals who put in a shift such as Keogh and Pugh but SG has to think long and hard about buying players who were peripheral figures at smaller Premiership clubs. It`s very difficult.

  9. David

    I disagree that these stats are likely to change or they they aren’t relevant. There’s so much talk about how we’re doing and why we do things, a player is deemed terrible, but then our best player by others, all opinions, perfectly valid but opinions nontheless. The stats tell you what actually IS the case, it’s not based on opinion. The stats back up our performances season after season. we’re pretty good going forward, work hard and comitted with some decdent players, prettty lose at the back, and without much money to invest. It’s important to know the real facts so that we stop blaming individual players or get on their backs. Our season won’t be made or broken by debating left wingers or Robert Snodgrass, it’ll be made by buying/borrowing a better defender or two. If we do that we may well go up automatically, if not we might or might not make the play offs again. Simples. Bring on the stats!


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