Reports suggest Leeds United and Preston North End are close to agreeing a loan deal that will see the Liverpool-born striker join Phil Brown’s side on loan.

According to reports from Preston North End sites, the deal hinges on what wage percentage Leeds United will accept for a player who is believed to be amongst Elland Road’s highest earners.

Billy Paynter’s time at Elland Road has been a disappointing one for player and fans alike, with the striker managing just one goal in 24 appearances after arriving from Swindon Town in 2010 as League One top goalscorer 2009-10.

Preston are currently 9th in League One and amongst the favourites for promotion following relegation from the Championship last season.

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  1. Gryff

    We might as well take what we can get wage-wise. If he doesn’t go to Preston because of a snag on wages, he’ll sit in the reserves eating pies for however long his contract lasts. On his form for Leeds last season there’s no way anybody will want to buy him given his current wage and the only way that’ll change is if he gets some good form.

  2. Gryff

    BTW on the adds; Washington: mum makes £howevermuch an hour on the Computer.

    1) How the hell is George Washington able to communicate with me?
    2) Why the hell are women making money in £ in Washington DC/state?

  3. Matthew

    Lonergan was on 10k a week at Preston, so they can afford at least that.

    Now we just need to pray to whatever god is up there that he performs well so they take this useless lump off our hands in January.

  4. FunkyGTC

    Unfortunately for Billy Barndoor, had we had the quality in the team we have now, with support play we now see from the midfield things might of been so Very Different for Billy, as most of his games were as a last ditch effort/solution or sheer desperation from Larry to Salvage Points! Going out on Loan like so many others Might be just what The Dr ordered in rebuilding his shooting boots! Cos sure as shyte is shyte U don’t go from being a Top Scorer in a Division to Nowt! For No Reason! Something many don’t seem to have a grasp of!

  5. Robert Holmes

    He did try…sadly not quite up to scratch. Hopefully he will score a few, get some confidence back and we can actually get a fee for him in Jan/Summer.

  6. Carlos 'stany' Standeven

    Do us all a favour Billy & do1 your not in the same league as becchio, McCormack or keogh(somma when fit) so don’t be crying ova a couple of quid, seeeeee ya!!!!

  7. Craig Woodhead

    Bedford came good after been loaned out, Clayton came good after been loaned out, McCormack came good after a run of games, anyone see a pattern? Yes he’s looked awful but a loan spell, minutes on the pitch and a confidence boost could make him the player that he was before!

  8. Dallas Debbie

    Bedford? They make vans dont they? Is he thinking of someone whos just cost sven his job? pmsl.


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