Suffering from a fatal case of man flu and up at an hour of the day usually reserved for matches on the south coast, a trip to London Road to take on a side who were refusing to conform to their place as Championship relegation fodder – stunning Cardiff with a 4-3 victory earlier in the week – wasn’t filling me with much optimism.

But within five minutes of kick-off former Peterborough United loanee Adam Clayton found Andy Keogh in the box who showed great skill before firing in the opener. 0-1.

And Leeds continued to impress, closing down quickly and denying Peterborough time and space, whilst also carving out more chances themselves. However, The Whites’ well-documented defensive frailties returned to haunt them as a Peterborough corner managed to find it’s way across to the far post into the path of Gabriel Zakuani who duly converted on 23 minutes. 1-1.

The game slowed a little from there with chances few and far between, but the referee gave Leeds United a huge advantage shortly before the break sending Lee Tomlin off for a challenge on Andy Keogh. An undeniably poor challenge which left Keogh in need of the magic sponge treatment, but it didn’t look like a sending off offence at the time. Both managers agreed it was a red card in post match interviews however, but I haven’t seen a replay yet so can’t really comment further.

Either way, it’s all swings and roundabouts they say and Christ knows we’ve had more than our fair share of harsh red card decisions already this season.

As you’d expect with a man advantage, The Whites started to dominate from there with Ross McCormack denied from a one-on-one attempt and Jonny Howson firing over the bar either side of the break.

After two excellent chances to regain the lead had gone begging, flashbacks of previous games Leeds had struggled to kill off with a man advantage started to creep in. But Adam Clayton ensured those fears were short-lived with an excellent strike from the edge of the area leaving Peterborough with an uphill battle ahead. 1-2

Following the goal it’s quite possible my body put me in some sort of trance-like state so it could use all available energy to combat my severe case of man flu. It’s either that, or absolutely nothing happened for the 30 odd minutes that followed and my brain is refusing to relive the boredom. Nevertheless, Leeds looked to be heading towards an easy, if somewhat uninspiring three points.

But – and long suffering Leeds fans know only too well that there’s always a ‘but’ – Leeds United’s defence seemed to fall into a trance-like state of their own, failing to deal with another high ball sent into the box leaving Mark Little with an embarrassingly easy equaliser. The smugness emanating from Son-Of-Scum Ferguson was almost palatable. 2-2

Only stoppage time remained and it looked as though Leeds were going to be punished by a late equaliser for the second time in four days.

The minimum four minutes passed but the referee – who had presumably been unhappy with time-wasting attempts from the home side – allowed play to continue for another minute and half, leaving Darren O’Dea to smash home an ironic winner in a time-frame commonly referred to as ‘Fergie Time’ – something his son Darren, and Peterborough’s chairman took understandable exception to.

More ups and downs…

Firstly, let me apologise to the 4,000 strong army of Leeds United fans who I infected with man flu today. Missing family engagements or work is one thing, but a Leeds game? Unthinkable. That said, at 2-2 I was wishing I’d stayed in bed.

Failure to kill the game off almost cost Leeds dearly once again. Our vulnerability from set pieces seems to have returned since Andy Lonergan was ruled out with injury, and we totally lacked aerial presence in the box throughout. With the run we have ahead, the return of our defensive problems is a major concern.

I’m not sure what to make of Peterborough. They’re not a particularly skilful side, nor are they a physical side who slug games out to secure points, they just seem to play with a level of self-belief that is lifting a team of below-par Championship players to heights they shouldn’t be capable of reaching.

The results Peterborough have registered so far can’t be written off by the unpredictable nature of the league, because that unpredictability comes from the fact so many teams are so closely matched. But Peterborough aren’t one of them – they’re so far out of their depth at this level, they should be playing with life-jackets on – and I don’t mean that disrespectfully, it’s just astonishing that a team with so little resources has achieved what they have.

It’s difficult to judge how we stand ahead of Birmingham and Cardiff City next week based on this result because Peterborough are routinely giving the bigger clubs a run for their money – 7-1 Ipswich, 4-3 Cardiff, 3-2 Portsmouth and only narrow defeats to West Ham (1-0), Blackpool (2-1) and ourselves (3-2). At this stage of the season, I’m just happy we left London Road with all three points.

When all is said and done, we have a team that has won five and drawn two of our last seven games and that should be all the encouragement we need with a tough run of fixtures ahead. Maybe we’ve forgotten how to lose?

Added Darren Ferguson’s post match strop to The Scratching Shed’s YouTube channel. I felt the irony of Alex Ferguson’s son whining about “Fergie Time” was comedy gold. 

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  1. Matthew

    I think we escaped with a narrow victory there, the result would of been different had they had 11 men, much like the result we had against Middlesbrough, either way shit happens and we got the win, who cares how we got the win, we just won, and we’re 5th.

    Anyways I found the rantings of the Posh manager and Chairman amusing, talk about spitting ones dummy out.

    Next game against Baaaaadiff, I would be happen with a draw, they’re on fire at the moment and should we not turn up, we’l get f’d in the butt.

  2. Banditsteve123

    Great win today not sure we would have won without the sending off but i will take it.Odear said after coventry game ruchubka put his head in his hands word has it he dropped it then found it only to put it on backwords hurry back lonergan

  3. Trueyorxman

    Defenition of ‘irony': Darren FERGUSON complaining that Leeds scored their winner 2mins after the final whistle should have been blown. Just like his father…a c**t!

  4. CJ

    Very good assessment of today’s game. Not the most complete performance, but we were due a bit of luck after Tuesday’s draw with Coventry.
    Biggest concern for me is the goalkeeping position. Not much has been mentioned, but I thought Rachubka didn’t exactly cover himself in glory for Peterborough’s opening goal. Surely Grayson has to bring in a decent replacement on loan. Our defensive problems are also blatantly obvious. Peterborough’s 2nd was all so typical. O’Dea and Howson challenging each other instead of Peterborough players was farcical. On a positive note, we showed great character & battled until the end so credit must go to Grayson and the players.
    All things considered, it was a great day. Another bonus was being able to stand on the terracing. Itd be nice if all stadiums has at least one terraced area. Sadly, its not going to happen.

  5. hoops

    In fairness, he’s not his Dad, and I agree with him. What is the point in showing 4 mins if that’s not what gets played??

    The real issue here is the stupidity in football at the top. Time and time again FIFA have rejected the proposal of two 30 minute halves in which the clock stops when the ball is out of play. That would remove the cloudiness and subjectivity under the current system.

    • Colin

      Hoops, whatever the official puts up on the board is the minimum time that ‘should’ to be played. The ref in our game had to play a minimum of 4 minutes, not a maximum of 4 minutes.

      Darren Ferguson doesn’t know the rules of football. The ref played 5 minutes. He could have played 6 or 7 minutes if he felt it appropriate.

  6. number1inyorkshire

    its MINIMUM mr fergie junior you should know that its a family thing is this and you would not have been complaining had it been you who scored at that time ,to be fair to grayson he didn’t whinge on Tuesday when it happened to us ..
    Get over it ,move on and take your fine like a man lol..

  7. Irving08

    A good win, in my book. Playing 10 men isn’t always a cakewalk, and our first two goals were quality. Simon got his subs right this time; it is good to see a manager willing to admit, if tacilty, his mistakes. I rate this as one his strengths; likewise his ability to foster a good team spirit. He is a resilient man just as we are beginning to look like a resilient team. We must hope our reserve goalkeeper is made of similar this stuff. Now for Brum – and the giant Zigic. A draw there would be a very good result. Interesting to notice on the Football League show that the 18 year old Coventry lad who crocked Snoddy was yesterday sent off for virtually the same offence.

    • Matthew

      I disagree, we limped to the finish line if anything, we really missed Lonergan and Snoddy this game, had this been 11 vs 11 things would of been different, namely I think we would of lost. That said the Birmingham game on Wednesday has me cautiously optimistic, they didnt put a world class performance against Bristol City today, 2 – 0 isnt much of a win, considering all the chances they had, I fancy us with a draw or a win at the most.

      • Irving08

        Sorry, which part do you disagree with ? A win away from home against the second highest scorers in the division is a good win in my book. Also a win has to be judged by its consquences: we are now in a play off place, which means we have something to lose. Birmingham concede few goals; they will be hard to beat. Of course, we miss Lonergan and Snoddy – any team in this Division would.

        hard ot beat.

  8. Leeds1919

    Great result, in the end!!
    Nobody has said what a brilliant goal by O’Dea. Ball over his shoulder, left foot volley, tremendous skill. It’s just a pity it didn’t hit the back of the net, because we wasn’t sure who had actually scored, nor was the team, as they went with Beccs! Poor Darren, brilliant last seconds winner and nobody celebrated with him.
    Special mention for Clayton and White, i thought they were both excellent


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