The Scratching Shed’s Independent Fans survey has now closed with 1,331 responses in less than 48 hours. Thanks to everybody that took time to complete it.

The survey consisted of 8 statements about ticket pricing, ownership, management and progress the club is making – four areas we identified as the most pressing concerns affecting Leeds United fans at present.

To ensure no personal bias affected the results and that there was no ‘leading questions’, the survey followed a structure used by market research firms which gave participants a statement which they could answer in one of five possible ways depending on their level of agreement with it. All the statements were written in a positive sense (eg. ‘Leeds United’s current ticket pricing represents value for money’ rather than ‘Leeds United’s tickets are overpriced’)

To ensure the same person didn’t answer multiple times (distorting our overall findings) users were restricted by IP address so they could only answer once. The short time frame given for people to answer also lessens the chance of people answering numerous times from different locations.

A summary of the results is below and you can download the full results in PDF format at the bottom of the post.

Summary of results

Less than 4% agreed that “Leeds United’s current ticket pricing is value for money” with 80% saying they disagreed or strongly disagreed. 17% did however feel that the pricing levels were necessary to take the club forward, but once again, the majority (60%) disagreed with this view.

Simon Grayson will be happy to hear that the fans have his back with 79% agreeing that he is the right man for the job and only 6% saying they disagreed. 78% of fans felt Simon Grayson had not been given the necessary resources to get Leeds United promoted, whilst 8% felt he had.

Our largest area of contention was “I’m happy with the progress made under the current ownership.” A little under 28% agreed with this statement with a little under 49% disagreeing. More people answered neutrally to this one (23.5%) than any of the other seven statements.

That was as good as things got for Leeds United’s owners however with only 12% of fans saying they felt the ownership had the best interests of the club at heart – Over 70% disagreed.

Asked whether they felt the ownership had the best interests of the fans at heart, 86% said they disagreed with only 4% of fans agreeing. And finally, only 9% of fans felt Ken Bates was the right man to take Leeds United forward, with 75% of participants disagreeing.


If you’d like further information about the survey, please contact us using the online form.

9 Responses

  1. Stuart Asbo

    as a leeds fan …i am as all leeds fans are proud of the players ….and do think the bbc didnt do anything to change my mind that ken bates is the not the right man at leeds …….he owned the club from the moment he arrive ..we all know that and believe he will sell after he finish revamping ellend rd ….what get me is how is he going to fill the corporate boxes …..we are leeds

    • Si

      Just watched the BBC programme and it did t tell me anything I didn’t already know. Bates created two offshore companies and two offshore debts which totalled more than 75% of the total debt in order to gain control of the process. There is no other explanation as to why these two companies that were owed circa 30k would be prepared to write off their debt on the understanding that FSF (otherwise known as KEn BAtes) was allowed to buy Leeds United.

      He rigged the process and ripped off lots of private Leeds businesses and picked up LUFC for a couple of million quid. How can anyone want this man in charge of our football club ?

      Somebody give me an idea of how much this moppet would want to do one, I am off to see my HCBC bank manager to see if I can raise the Funds!!

  2. Matthew

    >“I’m happy with the progress made under the current ownership.”

    On this point I disagreed, mostly because our progress is basically down to Grayson and the players and not in any way something Bates can take credit for, we have an excellent manager that when he takes one step forward, Bates pushes him two steps back, he’s facing an uphill battle to get any progress at the club in my opinion.

    Any less of a manager under the current climate of Bates ownership would have us in league 1 still with a much weaker team, however Grayson has picked some real gems in his time here.

    >9% of fans felt Ken Bates was the right man to take Leeds United forward

    Friends and family of Ken Bates? Or just clueless fans.

  3. Andrew Nattan

    >“I’m happy with the progress made under the current ownership.”
    When Bates took over, we were a mid-table second division side. Which, according to the table on this site is where we are now. So just on those two points, we’ve made NO progress.

    Take into account the fact that we’ve been into administration, threatened with being thrown out of the league and spent 3 years in the third division, it’s fairly obvious that we’ve gone backwards under Bates.
    If you’re happy with that, you need to have a little think.

  4. Marc Butterworth

    The problem with trying to get Bates to sell the club is that as well as the actuall value of the club, you have to factor in all the money Bates knows he can squeeze out of the “morons” who still buy his tickets.  I had beena  ST holder for many years until last season.  i refused to buy one last season and will not again, until Bates is swept out of our club.  I’m sorry if my decision ends up affecting the team but there is only so far loyalty can stretch….

  5. Anonymous

    There has been no progress under bates we are if anything back where we started at best ..
    Progress would have been to not get relegated and be in the premiership now ..
    What other progress has been made now us fans do not care about building ,corporate packages and having to pay to get into the new pavilion ,so that leaves the team which in real terms hasn’t got much better  ..

  6. MattBB1

    Shame that Bates will just claim this is the view of a `minority’.. but statistically 1,300 would represent a decent cross section, and he would be foolish to ignore it. The declining attendances may see a buck up as we have done well recently, however the fact they’ve been falling is testament to our ongoing underinvestment in the squad, and lest we forget not buying the ground.. Other side of the coin is which football fans do think their chairman has their best interests at heart? i cant think of any.

  7. irving08

    Interesting results. If you are honest, you must be a bit surprised, if not disappointed, that a majority of your respondents are not unhappy with the progress of the club under the current ownership. My hunch is that posters on this site are more inclined than non-posters to disapprove of Bates’ ownership, so this should give us all pause for thought. So should the fact that that just two of the team that played so well on Friday cost us any money. Maybe a man who can see value in stone knows a thing or two after all.         


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