This week we’re joined by Kev Ball from Joys and Sorrows for a look ahead to the midweek clash between Birmingham City and Leeds United.

You had a season of ups and downs last year, with Carling Cup victory followed by relegation. What have you made to Birmingham’s start to life in The Championship?

It’s been a slow start I suppose, but we are beginning to get going. We’re on a run on five wins in a row in all competitions including two away wins in the Europa League, so we are building momentum.

A lot of players jumped ship during the summer but you’ve still got a strong squad. What are your expectations for this season?

Most fans, I think, knew that it wouldn’t be an easy return to the top flight. Having said that, I think the play-offs are within our grasp. If we can keep Wood and not suffer any injuries, then maybe we just might get into the top two.

We have seen teams in the past struggle to balance a run in Europe with league football. Do you think it could prove difficult for Birmingham to juggle between the Championship and Europa League?

Apparently not at the moment, lol! As I said in the previous answer – as long as we don’t get any serious injuries, we can cope.

What have you made of Chris Hughton so far?

Brilliant. We are playing much better football; we have looked like scoring in most games we’ve played this season. He is Mr Calm too. He’s not frightened to change the tactics and the team clearly believe in themselves.

Who should we be looking out for in your team on Saturday?

The two wide men, Jean Beausejour on the left and Chris Burke on the right can both cause problems. Then there’s Chris Wood and Marlon King up front. All are a handful.

And finally, what’s your prediction for the game?

I think Leeds will provide a tougher opposition than some other sides we’ve placed recently, so I’ll go for a draw. 2-2

6 Responses

  1. Matt Crumpton

    I’m assuming this is such a short interview due to him speaking in such a slow Brummie accent you simply ran out of time?

    Either way I’m going with his prediction.

    • Isaac Vivian Alexander

      And fine and witty verbal sallies and quick mental insights are all the rage in West Yorks, I take it?!

  2. bauldjay

    Last time I was here they had a clock in that far corner! Lol 86 I think it was in which I was hit round the head by WMP for shouting UNITED !

  3. number1in yorkshire

    Tricky this for the game in hand and depends which leeds team turns up .
    Mid week draw for me with goals
    1-1 would be a decent result

  4. Irving08

    Beausejour – on his World Cup showing – could make mincemeat of Connolly. I reiterate my view thata draw would be a very good result, especially as I do not think Simon will risk Snoddy from the start. Brum are the best team we have played since Southampton. This game will be a marker for the season for both teams.


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