You know something is amiss when you realise you’re getting more wound up reading the ramblings of club legend Peter Lorimer, than you generally do listening to Bates explain his latest plan to lighten your pockets and invest the money in some pointless executive project you’re never likely to step foot in.

The thing is, I expect Ken Bates to try and shaft me in every way possible. I knew when he first took over the years that followed would test my resolve like nothing before. He had past precedent, we spent two decades laughing on from afar as Chelsea fans tore their hair out.

But Peter Lorimer is a club legend, someone I respect and admire – well, at least I used to anyway.

Nowadays, Peter Lorimer is simply an extension of Ken Bates. One can only assume the statements he gives to the press are similar to the questions Ben Fry asks our beloved chairman in his weekly radio address – scripted by Bates.

How else can you explain two individuals so in sync with one anothers inner thoughts that they manage to say exactly the same things as each other, all the time? Supposedly random questions are answered with such assurance, such intent that they must be preconceived.

Take yourself back to the 1st of June when Bradley Johnson and Neil Kilkenny had just left on free transfers because Leeds United couldn’t meet their wage demands. As the fans complained about the wage structure at the club causing another two Jermaine Beckford sagas, the clubs response was the usual “won’t be held to ransom” line.

Peter Lorimer moved to ease fans concerns with this;

“I don’t think anyone could have tried any harder to keep the players (Johnson and Kilkenny) than we’ve done. I think our players are very well paid and there won’t be many more in this league who pay more than we do for our players.

“Probably only the teams who have come down from the Premiership who have players who are on Premiership wages”

Whilst Bradley Johnson ended up with Premier League Norwich City, Neil Kilkenny signed a two and a half year with Bristol City – neither a Premier League team or one with parachute payments, but one that finished 15th in the Championship in 2010/11.

Leeds’ wage structure was the suspected cause of our failure to secure Keith Andrews services too with the midfielder later signing for the mighty Ipswich Town. But as fans complained the club stubbornly defended the policy with the aid of former hero Peter Lorimer.

It’s almost like Lorimer is being used as a non-threatening front for the contentious matters affecting our club. Someone we’re familiar with, who we respect and trust. And it used to work. But it’s reached a stage now where he’s repeated one too many of the chairman’s lines. Telepathy would struggle to account for the divine synchronisation of these two’s minds.

Lorimer no longer comes across as a free-thinking individual representing the fans best interests on the board, but one more concerned with his wage-slip who is fearful of repercussions should he stray off script.

Anyone who is successful at any company does it to some extent I suppose. We all toe the company line, citing company policies to deal with issues and protocols to make decisions. But when you have a fans representative on the board you expect him to act more as a union rep than an executive.

But as was the case once again when Peter Lorimer dismissed protests against Ken Bates as ‘knee-jerk’ following a slow start to the season, the club legend seems to care more about towing the line than representing the fans these days.

I suspect Lorimer knew the protests were about much more than defeat to Saints and a few failed transfer attempts, but any acknowledgement of the deeper, underlying issues would open an entirely new can of worms that would no doubt anger Mr Chairman.

I’ve always been happy to have Peter Lorimer on the board. I always felt he was a safe pair of hands who cared more about the club’s future than the money-grabbing chairmen who pass through. But with every statement of his I read in the Yorkshire Evening Post or on the OS, the more faith I lose.

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  1. Anonymous

    Just glad to be slightly too young to have never seen Lorimer play. He’s a history legend to me, nothing more, not like Strachen, McAllister, Dorigo, Sterland etc. This makes it far easier to stomach when hearing the guffaw he spouts; just like hearing it from any other elderly pisshead, it is easy enough to waft away as sad but commonplace. 

    • albert

      I did see Peter Lorimer play and he was a bit slow and to be honest very
      one footed …the ‘hot shot’ Lorimer tag gave him some kudos and he
      scored some great goals.

      He was a member of a fantastic team though, but we’re not really debating his playing ability here.

      Sychophancy is a word that springs to my mind when I read this article and
      it is probably the only way Grayson,Lorimer and Gray can deal with an 80 year
      old control freak with an ego the size of Saturn.

      • Jgleisner

        Lorimer, despite his lack of pace, was a great player: if I had to choose between him and Eddie, when playing 4-3-2 with Clarke and Jones up front, I would often have picked him, for his crossing alone and his ability to pick out a player from 40 yards. He was responsible for a huge number of Leeds’ goals. Eddie was a great dribbler etc, but a little underpowered, even when fully fit (which was tragically seldom). But they are both legends and, as such, can be forgiven if their love for the club and the city of Leeds occasionally clouds their judgement.  

    • Stevo

      I don’t know how anyone can be glad to have missed seeing Lorimer play. I take the point’s made by all and sundry about his position today, but I feel immensely privileged to have been around to witness THAT side in action. Even today, non- Leeds fans can recite that first eleven off by heart, that’s how good they were, and how much impact they made, you were just unlucky to have been too young!

      • Anonymous

        Hi Stevo, sorry the point I was trying to make was that whilst I might have been unlucky to never see Lorimer play, I’m lucky to have been too young so not to be in a moral quagmire about a former football hero now being a Bates stooge.

        I’ve seen plenty of football footage of THAT team and whilst part of me is sad never to have lived it I refuse to live another’s history and celebrate that as if first hand. The 90s and the early noughties had their highlights for us but I’ve hope for better things to come (hence Marching on Together). M.O.T.

  2. Jonesy

    You’re 100% right, and to top it off we now have Eddie Gray going further down that route. One minute it’s ‘We can’t afford to lose Gradel’ and now it’s ‘We’ll be fine without him’. Eddie clearly not wanting to jeopardise his slot on YR by angering Mr Chairman. What hope is there for us fans when former legends constantly back Bates’ policies…. Also notice Eddie is now an advocate of the loan market as opposed to signing players for the long term.

    • TSS

      I’ve noticed Gray has similar inconsistencies these days, but I’m putting it down to a mixture of blind faith and amnesia. Not so long back we desperately needed new faces before the transfer window opened – now we’re apparently fine. Must have been all those last minute additions… 

  3. Rwhites

    I can fully understand the Bates out agenda on her but FFS now starting one on Legends!!
    Have you thought the guy needs the money, he’s on the board of directors which makes Bates his boss. It’s easy for Joe Public to come out and say that him and Grayson should resign and show some self-respect but till you are in that same position nobody can say what they would do.
    I’m off to see Norman Hunter on Friday night do a after dinner speech, if he doesn’t hate Bates and say he should leave Leeds should I verbally abuse him and call him a Bates puppet!! Were does it stop.

    • TSS

      Just want to stress I’ve never said I want Grayson to resign – we’d be f**ked without him. 

      I’m not saying Lorimer should stand down either. I just think he should stay quiet or say what he really thinks – it’s too coincidental that him and Bates say exactly the same thing every time. It’s almost word-for-word. 

      PS. We don’t have an anti-Bates agenda. It’s gone way beyond that… 

      • Rwhites

        How do you know what he really thinks, just because it might not be what you believe and sides with Bates it doesn’t mean that the guy should shut up. At the end out the day the bloke has played and worked for Leeds since he was 15 just for that he deserves more respect from the fans than something like this. We need our history and Legends it’s what the club is about and the last thing we should do is turn on them, which this artical does.  
        Carry on with the Bates out but him and Eddie should be off limits. They won the tropheys and made eeds World Famous at the end of the day not people like you and me.

      • TSS

        Not really turning against Lorimer. The guy will always be a legend. I’m expressing growing frustration with his failure to express a unique opinion – he’s coming across as nothing more than a yes man at present. 

      • Captain Cas

        You need to get our more and stop all this anti everyone who doesn’t share your opinion. Lorimer and Gray are not rich men, they need to earn a living and both have done more for Leeds United than your contunued negative attack on the club we love.

      • TSS

        Thanks for that. I do love how quickly I can go from being criticised for my “naive optimism” to my “continued negativity” on this site. Only in Leeds I guess. 

        The truth is, I’ve never attacked the players or the manager. It’s those behind the scenes who I feel are failing the players and manager with their misguided priorities I’ve “attacked” (bit of a strong word). 

        The fact is, the majority of Leeds fans are unhappy with how the club is run – if I didn’t say it, someone else would.

      • Morleyboy

        Bet you wish you had never written the rant above now, think before you write, quality not quantity.

      • TSS

        Au contraire, the idea of the site is to create debate. If everyone agreed all the time it would be a pretty boring existence, don’t you think?

      • Jgleisner

        How do you know what the majority of Leeds think ? And even if they did think as you do that would not make them right. The majority of fans have probably never run anything in their lives. So what makes them (and me) qualified to judge how well we are being run ?    

      • oldschooltie

        “At the end out the day the bloke has played and worked for Leeds since he was 15 just for that he deserves more respect from the fans than something like this. We need our history and Legends it’s what the club is about ”
        Equally, you can argue that both as Leeds legends should be respectful of the club and its fans and for that reason not appear as ‘stooges’ for Bates every time they open their mouths.

        There would be nothing worse than them coming out later and saying that they disagreed with Bates all along.  We expect that from politicians but not from Leeds Utd legends! 

  4. Ian Floyd

    I agree with these comments about the legend Peter Lorimer, i have heard him on lutv going on about how we have a massive squard with two players in every position, which just isnt true, he could not have looked at the squard list for a couple of seasons> the squard is really unbalanced and lacking in numbers for central midfield with Clayton now on 3 yellows a suspension is only a matter of time and with 3 people sent off this season its looking like we will soon have to play people out of postion in some games, it is vital we get some players in on loan and prey for no more injuries   

    • Panamaleeds

      Much respect for Peter Lorimer the player

      But now just looking after his position  Would be better keeping quiet

  5. lufc1987

    Absolutely spot on article. The Bates regime reminds me of some old eastern bloc state. He has control of the media though Yorkshire Sport Radio, pumping out the usual drivel and propaganda. Like some despotic dictator, he’s surrounded himself with cronies like Lorimer who faithfully regurgitate the party line.  Just like those regimes, he has nothing short of contempt for the lumpen proletariat (fans) and any money that is made is syphoned into big projects (the East stand) to line the pockets of the leadership.

  6. Anonymous

    to be fair he is not the only LEGEND who is pulling my wires Eddie  gray is too and i can only think it is because they are in the pay of the club ,
    it is almost as if bates has said” you say that they will believe you” well Eddie ,lorimer we do not and at the next game in the banqueting suite i will tell you should i get chance  .
    can i also say they are damaging their status as legends

    • TSS

      I wrote that to start with but it didn’t look right.

      The English language is such a pain in the arse.

  7. leeds_lad

    The demise of Eddie Gray (Ken
    Bates Radio) and Peter Lorimer (Ken Bates groupie) is possibly even sadder than
    the current state of our depleted squad. …. Guys do you self a favour, for once
    don’t speak on behalf of Bates / Grayson, 
    and detach you selves from this “regime” whilst you still have
    some reputation remaining !!! …. Most of their comments are reported through the YEP, which should also be printing its own “opinions” on how Leeds United is being run, rather than
    continually ” simply quoting Lorimer and Gray, who are both on Bates’ payroll. …. As usual the YEP will leave the real investigative journalism to papers like the Guardian.

    • plainspeaker

      Don’t go with this consipiracy theory. Load of rubbish just like the tosh I have read in the posts.  Gray and Lorimer speak as they see it. The club has no money to use in transfers, prioties lying elsewhere ( West Stand ) and the future for Leeds United on the field will have to be in the young players coming through. Not many but better than nothing. A few loans will supplement the squad. So we will have to live with this until the club is owned by someone who has some money to spend.

    • Anonymous

      that is absolutely right they are damaging their integrity with the fans who have worshiped them for years .
      i know they work for the club but bloody hell

      • Bubionwhite

        The two of them have a damned sight more integrity than the majority of contributors who spread their poisoned rubbish on this and many other sites.

      • Leedsatsea

        I know we have fans all over the world, but there cant be many in Bubion… I only know of one! And he would always stick up for Leeds legends like Gray and Lorimer. :-) 

      • Leedsatsea

        I know we have fans all over the world, but there cant be many in Bubion… I only know of one! And he would always stick up for Leeds legends like Gray and Lorimer. :-) 

      • Anonymous

        well clearly not bubion as if that was the truth there would be no posts saying other things ,now reading the posts what people are saying is don’t get sucked in by this. let bates or grayson tell us this not you 2 its not in their remit one works a column 1 works a radio station they have the ear of the public to spout bates propaganda let him do it in fact he has ,is it just a coincidence they both get paid by leeds .if you read previous stuff they have written or said they both stated how important the transfer window was and how important it was to get in some quality ,alright it wasn’t their fault no one came in but they have both changed their mind in recent comments now that is damaging their integrity not me not you said those things they did

  8. Simon

    Oh dear. More ranting, really?

    Look, Bates and Lorimer are correct. So, Gradel demanded to leave, sod him. We don’t want a player in our club who doesn’t want to be there. Adios, you mad little bugger.

    As for furthering the Anti-Bates campaign: do you really think it will make a difference to bates? You’re deluded if you think it will (and I don’t think you’re deluded…)

    It can only have one effect on the team: negative.

    How about instead of rallying AGAINST Papa Smurf, we rally FOR the team? Just a thought, however crazy it may be. Uncle Ken is here to stay, and I for one am thankful that the delusions of grandeur are gone from the club for now. We really are NOT famous anymore, though the day will come again when we reach that point. When we do reach the dizzy heights again, we will have Bates to thank, you can count on it. I will enjoy your “I was wrong” article very much.

    • TSS

      The two stances don’t go hand-in-hand as some people seem to suggest. 

      I was at Southampton opening day cheering the lads on despite a dreadful performance. They even got cheered off at FT. 

      At every game (aside from Bradford where the booing of players disgusted me) the same people who have expressed vocal discontent at Bates, have always been vocally supportive of the team. In fact, they’ve gone to great lengths to ensure the team and manager know these protests aren’t against them. 

      If we have Bates to thank for reaching those dizzy heights again, why do some people have a problem with blaming him for taking us down to League One. It shouldn’t have been this difficult to get Leeds promoted I’m afraid. It’s taken 7 years to get back where we started

    • superleeds

      Dear me – you are a Godsend to Mr Bates, head in sand and all will be well…

  9. mo0g

    I think you need to do some more thinking.  First, Kilkenny could have moved for less wages, but got a massive signing on fee.  Second, actually Ipswich have a multi-millionaire chairman as one look at their signings this summer will attest to.  This isnt something Lorimer took into account (existing championship clubs spending stupid money – see also Leicester).

    Just because Lorimer doesnt play along with your view of how Bates is running the club, it doesnt mean he isnt being genuine, and if you lot werent so blinded by your hatred of Bates you might see that actually Lorimer talks a lot of sense most of the time.

  10. loveleeds

    exactly they are company men if your on the board you cannot be seen leading a revolt or critising your boss (KB) publicly.They try to see things in a positive light. YEP should mainly interview of ex- leeds players who are not attached to the club and and speak freely to get a fair opinion.Do not bother asking Lorimer or Gray anything.

  11. Anonymous

    to be honest there is no point reading post or eve post ,they are scared to get the BBC elbow ,or the guardian boot they are protecting themselves they know leeds fans have no other outlet locally to catch up on anything leeds so ,lufc sells their paper .whats the saying why let the truth get in the way of a good story same at what is the world of bates radio which is incidentally Shite

  12. bradlufc

    Totally agree that lorimer & gray feel that they have to say what their told to by our lovable chairman and for anyone who who thinks that gradel`s sale was anything other than a few more quid in his pocket ask yourself this : with the average premiership wage bill at around 70 million how much do you think “our club saviour” wants leeds to be in there negotiating contracts for £40,000 a week with the only people who are dodgier than him ???

    Our chariman is quite happy for leeds to be in the championship giving him the press he craves while he builds bates motel and the rest of his little empire. 

      • mo0g

        What, like 1million when being in the prem is worth 80million plus 5 years of parachute payments!?

      • mo0g

        We dont have to pay back 25 million if we get promoted!?  Where on eath did you pluck that figure from, jesus.
        And even if we did, thats still a rather large profit in the bank, which apparently is all Bates is after.
        I bet you lot still think the US government planned 9/11, and that father christmas exists.

      • Anonymous

        He means £25/30m as the pay increase to play in the premiership rather than championship: the £80m is wishful thinking and a football myth (besides, that figure includes any potential parachute payments). 

      • Anonymous

        ‘Creditors’ sounds so innocuous; a lot of people lost a lot of money they had entrusted in our club and its name. Bates can take pleasure in diddling them, but not in my name as a Leeds fan. 

        Besides, I think that repayment obligation expired this summer. 

  13. Anonymous

    have to agree, same for Eddie Gray at the moment, they seem like frightened old men, terrified of being excluded from the leeds united club they love so much if they step out of line. And that for me is the worst thing about ken bates, fine he owns the business, but he shouldnt be holding our pride in the club to ransom, same for the former players. I wonder what would happen if they did? I presume a dressing down in public. Usually lorimer tlaks sense so i wonder whats going on.

  14. Anonymous

    Better they keep quiet than keep spouting properganda, in fact if i was Lorimer id quit the board to distance myself from what is a steadily worsening situation…..

  15. Paul

    I lost all respect for Lorimer a decade or so ago when I called into his pub with a mate for a couple of pints. I asked him to put the football on for us and he declined saying what was on was not important…it was and England international. Thankfully he put it on after he realised he was going to lose customers. 

    Nowadays you are right he is an embarrassment, but I do not get wound up by his ramblings, the guy has a drink problem, he likes it too much, and Bates plays on that, he is certainly no worse than that tit Ben Fry.

    He just needs to grow some bollocks and speak from the heart and not from the Bates hymn sheet.

    • Shakamoto Insurance

      It’s his pub. He can put Snooker on instead of the England match if he wants. Why didn’t you ask him if he was showing the England match before you bought a pint? You should have gone to a pub that said it was showing the England match rather than sit in a Scotland International player’s pub and moaning about not showing the England game.

      Tip of the day – if you want to watch an England game, don’t go to a pub run by a bloke who’s played 21 times for Scotland.

      • Anonymous

        no he can,t i have a pub and have to watch all sorts of sh~#e at the request of the punter its there for them not him
        only 21 times for Scotland obviously only a leeds legend not  a Scottish one

  16. Cap't

    Anyone know what happened to Norman Hunter? Used to love his commentry and his straight talk on BBC radio Leeds.

    Hope he’s not another one of Bates’s Kronies.

  17. grimsby white

    i think peter lorimer has forgot more about football and leeds united than many who post on here including the author.maybe the reason the answers are similar is because they are right.we have a wage structure,we do pay more than most in the champiuonship.the club do not intend to repeat the mistakes of the past.if they want to play for leeds great come on board if they just want the money then f–k off as we dont want you.

    • Cap't

      So he Damn well should know more!

      The mentality of the modern footballer isn’t a secret though is it? they go where the cash is so it’s pretty much a case of getting what you pay for.

      Ask yourself why there are no decent players wanting to sign for us, what happened to the transfer prospects Simon had lined up? we,re going to be second choice every time because of the lack of investment in the team and Bates’s reputation.

      These lads know more than we do they’re not daft either and their lack of interest in us speaks volumes.

      No one wants to repeat the Ridsdale years but you can’t keep using what happened then as an excuse for our chairmans frugality.

      For exeptional players exeptions have to be made. Sadly that the way it works.

  18. Nickofleeds

    I really wish so many of you would see the bigger picture. I too am not a bates fan, but you really can’t let it consume all the thoughts you have about Leeds Utd. An argument I here time and time again is that Bates just wants to make a pretty penny out of Leeds Utd, but any money he does manage to make out of Leeds Utd, will mean we have become a successful entity with prospects. Football is business, and when he sells for a profit it will be because we are a business prospect. Okay so big money has not been spent on the squad, but transfer fees are not the only measure, Grayson has made some very suspect signings, but he has also made some very astute ones…. Gradel, Snodgrass and now Nunez are both measures of this! As for Lorimer and Gray… Come on… They are so obvioulsy their own men, they may be being a little diplomatic, but generally what they have to say is bourne from good sense. Admit it to yourself, would you go shouting to the press about how shit your employer was? Of course you wouldn;t as you would soon see your P45…. Just remember, however sad it is, football is now a business and despite all Bates’ misgivings and previous business failings, his current business model is not far off the mark. We will be back in the big time soon enough, possibly not this year, but I am sure there will be some serious investment in the team next year (by which time we may have bedded some more homegrown talents and therefore have the makings of a strong passionate backbone which is surely better than any signing money can buy) Please lets all put the Bates issue to one side and MOT!

  19. Shakamoto Insurance

    Sorry, but some of the posters on this topic are full of shit.

    Peter Lorimer IS a club legend, he SHOULD be admired and DESERVES respect. Same goes for Eddie Gray.

    Forget Bates for one minute. Not everything evolves around him. Ask yourself why Lorimer says the things he does.

    Sure, he puts a positive spin on the fortunes of Leeds. That’s because he’s Leeds through and through, just like us. What do you want him to say?? “Billy Paynter’s shit”, “I hated Dennis Wise”, “I hate Manchester United, they’re a bunch of bastards”?? He probably does think all of those things, but he won’t and can’t say it. He has to be positive.

    Do you really want him to say what he really thinks? If so, then he would have been well within his rights to say “Billy Bremner was a great player, but he’s an awful manager” but he’s NEVER going to say that. And that’s the right thing to do, and we wouldn’t have wanted him to say that.

    Lorimer with his positive spin may seem irksome and crazy to some posters. But it’s no more crazy than these very same posters supporting and cheering the likes of Billy Paynter at Elland Road when he is:

    1) shit
    2) earns more in a month than any of us do in a year
    3) a Liverpudlian with no links to Leeds or Yorkshire whatsoever

    Now that’s crazy.

    Take Bates out of the equation. It’s got nothing to do with Bates. The likes of Lorimer have to be positive, just like we are before every single match, because we all love Leeds. There is no difference.

    To close my rant, just think about this – how many other clubs have a Lorimer or a Eddie Gray that wax lyrical about our club? Not many, if any. They should be treasured and respected, because when they’re gone, they’re gone and there’s no ‘legends’ from the 80’s, 90’s, 00’s ready and waiting, or willing, or capable, of taking their place.

    Lorimer is part of the Leeds family and whether right or wrong, you stick by your family no matter what, whether they are right or wrong.

    Lorimer is doing the right thing. Because we have the likes of a ‘Lorimer’ makes us what we are – which is – still a big club.

    Stand by him. He stands by Leeds. You’ll miss him when he’s gone.

    • Cap't

      Well put! we all want whats best for Leeds and appreciate what Lorimer, Gray + the rest of the lads did back in the day and in the pesent. If it wasn’t for these guys Leeds would probably never have won anything and not have been heard of outside Yorkshire/England, they’re part of the reason we all love this club.

      We as fans though are entitled to make our observations and air our views be they right or wrong. At this moment in time EVERY Leeds fan can sense we are on the verge of getting back to the Premiership and i suspect that like me they get a little frustrated when an opportunity passes to help us on that road.

      We still have a good squad but its not good enough right now, if the chairman, his team or manager is hampering our prospects or seem to be miss handling the situation then i’m affraid we’re going to moan a bit because we see it as OUR club.

      As for Bates, well the whole country knows his game and Yes we’ll have to put up with him, he’s a shrewd businessman which is in many ways in our favour and he might well have got us out of the s**t but shall we just say he’s not without his faults and is suspect.

      We’re not going to let an unpopular dodgy chairman devide us or stop us being Leeds fans, no worrieson that score.

      We All love Leeds-MOT, don’t take our frustrated rantings as disloyalty or negativity.

      • Shakamoto Insurance

        Thanks Cap’t. I completely agree with what you say and I certainly do not take frustrated rantings as disloyalty. I just wanted to make a point that just because some people aren’t saying let’s kick Bates in the balls, doesn’t make them a Bates cronie. Some people just want Leeds to do well, like Lorimer.

        We all know what we’re up against, but hey ho, that’s the Leeds way. It should be so much easier but we always have to do it the hard way, the Leeds way. Always has been, always will.

      • Cap't

        It’s a good point, Lorimer shouldn’t be on trial here. he’s always been a part of this club and is sticking with it like a true fan. he’s probably in an awkward position right now.

        We need a good run of wins to get us kick started, get some points and calm things down a little.

        we’ll do it the hard way, it’d be boring if we didn’t.

    • Phil Matthews

      I think there’s another side to this though. If nobody gave a damn about Lorimer then an article like this wouldn’t get written and there wouldn’t be increasing amounts of angry/negative comments on his columns these days. I can see both sides of the argument.

      Personally I agree to an extent with the column above (which doesn’t seem as much an attack on Lorimer personally as some people are taking it) insofar as a lot of it is just wasted column inches. The YEP may as well lift the Chairmans comments directly from the match programme as it’s all the same stuff – which given that Lorimer is the fans rep on the board is entirely understandable. I think part of the point though is that it’s frequently TOO close.

      If Lorimer genuinely believes what he’s saying then the YEP should simply write some original analysis of its own. If he doesn’t then he may be better stepping back from the columnist role rather than compromise himself by appearing to parrot someone elses words.

      Whether you agree with the content that appears or not I personally give it a miss and save my time for reading what Dom Matteo has to say. It’s usually more original and appears to offer an honest appraisal.

      Coming back to the “part of the family” comment you make: I agree up to a point. I’d never go on a general football website and run down the club, manager, respected ex-players etc but to use your analogy we’re not down the pub here at TSS – we’re back in the family home and if a family member appears to be acting out of character then there’s no better place to sit them down and have a word.

      I still like Lorimer. I still respect him. But I see no issue in an article like the one above that questions some of the comments he puts his name to. I suspect that if someone like the person who wrote this article truly didn’t care about Lorimer or Gray or whoever then a) they’d have written a pretty damning character assassination or b) they wouldn’t have bothered writing it at all.

      As always JMHO.



    Sorry,Peter,Eddie,I wish you could understand,LEEDS UNITED,was here before you’s/never. mind your buddy,BATES,the three of you,are on better money now than you ever got when you were playing.LEEDS UNITED,HERE BEFORE YOU,@ THEY WILL BE STILL WHEN YOUR GONE/

  21. Anonymous

    what we all have to remember is that gray ,lorimer and others ,benefit from the club not the other way round if lorimer hadn’t played for leeds do you think anyone would actually go in his pub ,no because take all his stuff away from his leeds stuff where he is a legend outside of there he is a fat grey haired bloke who has a pub ,of that there are many
     Clarke ,reeney and many others who do not have a column ,radio show who played in the same team keep quiet
    no one is saying they are not legends ,they are but what they are saying is no more than bates has and many sticking up for them have slagged bates for saying those same things .

  22. Anonymous

    what we all have to remember is that gray ,lorimer and others ,benefit from the club not the other way round if lorimer hadn’t played for leeds do you think anyone would actually go in his pub ,no because take all his stuff away from his leeds stuff where he is a legend outside of there he is a fat grey haired bloke who has a pub ,of that there are many
     Clarke ,reeney and many others who do not have a column ,radio show who played in the same team keep quiet
    no one is saying they are not legends ,they are but what they are saying is no more than bates has and many sticking up for them have slagged bates for saying those same things .

  23. Jimmy one eye

    I see Kilkenny gets a mention in another article, i can understand it as an example of comparing wage structures to other clubs, but really who cares where he went lets just be thankful he did, good in league 1 but utter gash in the championship. Dont know why we even bothered offering him another contract.

  24. Been

    So Lorimer can’t have an opinion unless he agrees with the negative tripe on this website?

  25. Jjlite1970

    Lorimer got into financial difficulties and was given a helping hand by the club not so long ago, so i guess he feels obliged to tow the line and not upset the apple cart.
    Its a shame to see him coming out with quotes and articles that he must know get the fans backs up, but master bates must be an awful man to owe any kind of gratitude, and Peter must be saying these things through gritted teeth.
    At least i hope this is the case otherwise a true legend of our club is obviously suffering from some sort of mental impairment!


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