Simon Grayson has denied reports that Leeds United failed in an attempted loan bid for Newcastle United’s striker Nile Ranger. 

Ranger, whose criminal record is more impressive than his goalscoring one spent 11 weeks in a young offender’s institute for his part in an armed robbery and has recently been arrested on suspicion of beating a man unconscious in Newcastle.

With just 3 goals in 58 appearances for The Magpies his record on the field does nothing to make up for his criminal past times.

He was brought to Newcastle United by fellow thug and wannabe gangster, Dennis Wise in 2009. After an impressive start to his career at St James’ Newcastle gave him a six year contract.

Rather predictably (given the kind of luck Newcastle United are cursed with) Ranger’s performances dropped off dramatically after signing a long-term contract and the striker has now gone almost a full year without finding the back of the net.

Whilst dismissing any interest in Nile Ranger, Simon Grayson also said he wasn’t looking for a striker after securing Andy Keogh on loan until January.

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  1. leeds_lad

    This idiot sounds a complete liability and his goal scoring record is a joke. ….. It therefore stands to reason, we must have been after him !!!

  2. Tim Campbell

    If any other striker is to sign for us then it should be forsell. He was outstanding in the recent international match. Sign him up larry!

    • TSS

      Can’t believe we’ve not sorted it out with him yet. Sure SG said a decision was imminent a few weeks back 

      • Tim Campbell

        Its a no brainer TSS – but as we’ve found out to our cost in recent years thats exactly what the hierarchy at the club have NO BRAINS!!

  3. Lufcboy

    A Player with a worse strike rate the the “Barndoor” Fantastic……………

  4. Krcressey

    nice lad to have around the place!! yeah good addition to the squad,good criminal record and a stupid girls haircut and to top it off a whole 3 goals !!

  5. Anonymous

    surely forsell has to sign when he gets back off international duty !!!
    we do not want players with more banning orders than the crowd 


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