Leeds United have confirmed the signing of 29-year-old unattached Finnish international Mika Vayrynen.

The central midfield arrives at Elland Road on a one year deal with the option of an additional year should The Whites choose to keep him.

Mika, who has spent the majority of his career in the Dutch top flight with spells at PSV Eindhoven and Heereveen has been capped 54 times for the Finland national team and joins fellow Finnish international Mikael Forssell, who is said to be good friends with the midfielder.

The move provides Leeds United with much needed cover in central midfield where Simon Grayson was forced to play a fitness-lacking Michael Brown against Crystal Palace on Saturday due to the injury Adam Clayton picked up against Ipswich Town.

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  1. Andrew

    Despite being a freebie happy with this! Midfield was down to bare bones on Saturday.
    HOWEVER please can we have a left back, a centre half and someone to sit in the front of the back 4 . Dread to imagine what the Man Utd reserves are going to do to our back 4.
    Was it me or did Snoddy look uninterested on Saturday?

    • Anonymous

      Rather than getting someone to sit in front of the back 4 we should maybe just buy someone to sit in front of the goal, ideally a rather ‘big-boned’ specimen about 8ft tall and 15ft wide ;-)

      • Anonymous

        Jo Brand is looking for a new job and must be pretty close to those dimensions….. worth a punt

    • TSS

      Thought the same as you (Snoddy) 

      It’s understandable I guess, he’s probably as concerned as we are that the club have sold Gradel and Schmeichel and not made the kind of signings that suggest a charge for promotion. A run of results will turn him round, but I can see him leaving if we don’t get promoted this season. 

      I’m not complaining about the signings we have made, I think they all add something to the squad but it could, and should have, been better. But that’s how it is, and we’ll have to cope. Even the most optimistic fans seem to be including ‘but’ in every positive comment they make – “injuries permitting” being the big one.  

      I do think we’re capable of finishing in a similar position to last season, but it is – like everyone else has said – injuries permitting. I suppose every season starts with that concern mind. 

      • Bubionwhite

        My glass is now more than half full TSS … if Snoddy’s not interested SG should play Howson out wide with Clayton and this guy centre midfield.

  2. Mattk

    Let’s hope he’s more Eirik Bakke than Gylfi Einarsson (yes I know neither were Finnish). Good solid midfielder fingers crossed… now for a left back.

    Cue sun-esque headlines about whether Leeds’ squad is now nearly the ‘Finnished article’

  3. Clive Sanderson

    The Leeds team is looking much stronger than last season with 2 Finish internationals, a better goal keeper, Ramon Numez, McCormack, Adam Clayton, Lees White and Taylor plus a few others. Shame about Gradel but I doubt Nunez would be a regular with him arround. If only we’d paid millions for these players so the anti Leeds Leeds fans would stop winging.

    • Anonymous

      Yes those Leeds fans wanting Leeds United to spend some of the inflated ticket revenue the club rakes in on its playing staff have a lot to answer for………… who the hell do they think they are !!!????  (dripping sarcasm)

  4. Anonymous

    Don’t know much about this guy but he is an international.
    Still think that our lack of pace is a concern.

  5. trueyorxman

    Just cos no-ones heard of him we shouldn’t underestimate him. I doubt very much fans of St Etienne will have heard of Max prior to him signing. Mika (no I’m not on 1st name terms already, its just easier!) looks like an experienced, solid looking player and will have surely more about him than one Michael Brown

  6. Tare

    It is nice to speculate but Mika (1st name) is a modest guy who let the football do the talking. So perhaps we just wait him to play some games before any conclusions. Because no one hasn’t heard of him, what does it mean really? Maybe he has selected wrong theatre to perform:)


  7. Deanwalls

    Great signing, seen quite a bit of him and he has great technique.  Well done Grayson.

  8. Irving08

    Let’s hope he has fully recovered from the injuries that blighted him mid-career. Please God he has some pace.Maybe we can now ship Mr Brown out on loan…. 

  9. oldschoolbaby

    What we really need is a CB assured enough in his own game to be able to direct the back four.  BUT they`re not ten a penny.  Whilst we wait to find one a holding midfielder is a must to help instil some confidence into the defence.

    I don`t like singling out players but how Brown`s brain came up with the I`m 34 + my legs aren`t what they were + 1 year contract + playing for a new team with well recognised defensive frailties = charge up the pitch kicking people indiscriminately equation is quite beyond me.  In common with a lot of modern day footballers I suspect it`s an excess of arrogance / thick as shit issue.

    So I`m quite positive about a Finn.  Especially one who has done quite well in Dutch football where they educate you to play, with some comfort, a number of positions

    The proof of the pudding, of course……

    Is the new Finnish impetus the good karma we`re owed after the debacle whichallowed Hyypia to slip through our fingers ?

      • oldschoolbaby

        Not claiming to have the finest of memories but I do seem to recall him having an unsuccessful trial at Leeds before going on to serve the scousers reasonably well.  Again I could be wrong but seem to remember he could have been picked up for reasonable money at a time when the CBs needed augmenting / cover

  10. Anonymous

    just for the record brown aint going nowhere !!!
    don’t know anything about this chap aside from he has quite a good CV and seems a good age he was for free so he fits in with that 
    we need to get hold of a left back now please let it be Pugh  i feel paddy is suffering because he is looking after the kids a bit of experience might be the catalyst to get him going .
    moving in the right direction i agree with others that it could and should be done earlier than this ………..

  11. Testi

    I´ve seen him playing last ten years. In Finland people are little surprised that he has not gone into the bigger leagues (Italy, Spain). Couple long injuries and wrong desicions about the teams and maybe bad luck. Now he seems to be the player he was he haven´t ever ever lost it) and Leeds fans should not have any worries about him. He will be one of your top players this season.
    I´m not a Leeds fan but after that i´m gonna watch every available streams in the net.

  12. Tyler75

    Welcome to Elland Rd Mika.

     A few words of advice:
    – The ability to tackle hard but cleanly and pass the ball smoothly to someone in a white shirt will endear you quite nicely to the Leeds faithfull.
    – If Becchio asks you to pass the ball; give it to him immediately
    – If Paul Connolly is in the team and asks you to pass the ball, ignore him completely
    – No-one will be able to pronounce your second name; don’t be upset by this, we’ll come up with chant that probably rhymes ‘Finn’ with ‘win’ if you follow all the instructions above.  
    – If you see an old bloke, with a beard hanging menacingly around the corridors of ER and he looks like he’s about to mug you; don’t worry, he’s be doing that to the rest of us for years.
    – On payday, check that you are paid in British rather than Egyptian pounds. 

  13. Tim Campbell

    A good left back and we will challenge – did someone say wayne bridge was available?

    • Anonymous

      did you just use the words ‘good left back’ and ‘wayne bridge’ in the same sentence ;-)  totally over-rated IMO…and we couldn’t afford him anyway so…

  14. Shakamoto Airways

    Let me understand this right – a few fans are getting excited about Vayrynen, a player who is so good:

    – he was never on our target list until Forssell came
    – he’s been released by his club
    – he’s free
    – no-one has heard of him
    – he’s not been picked up by a Premier League or any other Championship team

    When we signed Michael Brown, I heard the same shit about him being good on this same site from the same fans.

    Either Leeds’ new scout Mikael Forssell knows more about players than all the Championship managers and all their scouts combined, or Vayrynen is shit.

    Some fans are getting moist just because we’ve actually MADE a signing, irrespective of who it is. Signing Paynter was a gamble, but there was some method in the madness. This is just madness.  

    Oh and to all those saying he’s an international – yes you’re right, he is. He’s an international of a team that’s ranked one place above Uganda and one place below Botswana.

    Botswana haven’t had a great time of late and aren’t the great football powerhouse they once were, so I reckon I could get a first team gig for Botswana. If I can just get the passport sorted then surely I must be in with a chance of getting a one year contract with Leeds?

    • Beene

      Derby Couny & Rangers have tried to sign him at various times. Inter tried to sign him early in his career, so he must have had some ability sometime in his career. There’s a history of injuries.
      Who says there isn’t a Botswanian capable of playing in the Championship?

      • Shakamoto Airways

        Don’t you worry, there will be a Botswanain capable of playing in the Championship.

        It’s me.

      • LUFCObiwan

        I agree with you Shaka. Leeds fans expectations have being lowered so far by the current regime that ANY signing is seen as a major coup. We stopped buying brand names years ago and had to settle for the value range. Now we’re shopping at Lidl and hoping for bargains.

      • mulletcalves

        I agree that people shouldn’t too excited, but I also think people shouldn’t write him off. You seem to be implying (and I could be wrong) that you don’t have high expectations for him.

        But to play devil’s advocate to your points you made:

        – he was never on our target list until Forssell came
        (this has no impact on whether a player is good or not)
        – he’s been released by his club
        (this could be for a whole host of reasons)
        – he’s free
        (plenty of good signings have been free – Ian Harte for Reading or Carlisle? Jermaine Beckford for Everton? Michael Owen for Man Utd?)
        – no-one has heard of him
        (no one had heard of Gradel, Beckford, Becchio, Snodgrass, Kisnorbo etc…)
        – he’s not been picked up by a Premier League or any other Championship team
        (nor was Gradel or any of the above)

        I think everyone should just chill out and just reserve judgement on whether he’s a good player after he has played a few games.

        IMHO we are lacking depth in our squad, so signing a player for one season only is a very low risk method of increasing competition for places, and for that reason I feel at this stage we’ve done some decent business.

    • Anonymous

      How do you know he’s shit if you’ve never heard of him and presumably therefore never seen him play? At least wait until you’ve seen him play! A couple of Scandinavian posters on TSS seem to rate him highly and think he’d a great signing for us…as they have heard of him and have presumably seen him play I think their opinions are a little more valid. Maybe give him a chance before you tar him with the same brush as Brown…

    • Irving08

      Of course, you are right. One reason why he appears not have been in great demand may that he had a succession of quite serious injuries from 2005 onwards. We must keep our fingers crossed that he is now over them. If he is the new Alfie Haaland, I for one will be content, for the time being.

      Is Forssell though Snodin’s successor ? Like Mr V. he comes from the country with the best education system in Europe (if not the world), so we can but hope. ‘Keep ‘Em Out Leeds’.

    • Anonymous

      shaka if i may call you that !!!! how many of our players had you heard of til they turned up on the pitch at elland road before kick off .

      we are not in the last few years anyway in the game of buying seasoned internationals and we have one 54 caps for any country is fantastic
      his injuries are there to see ,but he has played at a decent level and there was others after him he came to us  ,,until proved otherwise he is a world beater the best midfielder in the business .

      we have moaned noone has come in we moan when they do now the only mika i have ever heard of was in the charts 2 years ago ,  but had we spent 20 million he might have broke his leg and never play again .

      so Colin sorry shaka  give the lad a chance til otherwise proven wrong

  15. Anonymous

    A few Finns on various forums say this guy is too good for our league so maybe this in one of Graysons better signings. MOT

  16. @Spanish_Leeds

    Shakamoto Airways: That´s not completely true. When I said Brown is too old and he is not a good player for Leeds rather than Bowyer (who is old but at least is good enough) Some fans told me “idiot” and “missinformed”…

    (BTW: sorry for my poor English…)

  17. Banditsteve123

    How many people knew who becchio was or gradel for that matter,anyone knew who snodgrass was i did not know any of them so give the guy a chance


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