Leeds United fans, allow me to introduce you to Mika Väyrynen – the latest in a never ending list of largely unknown players linked with a move to Elland Road.

From looking at the picture above – which was taken from the midfielder’s Twitter account – you could be forgiven for thinking this is what happens when those “arty” types decide to fuse their passion for art with their love of music and release a really poor indie pop album featuring the mating noises of a blue whale.

But don’t let that put you off. Whilst it’s always hard to judge a player based on YouTube videos and records from other leagues, spells at PSV Eindhoven and Heerenveen are encouraging.

More encouraging still are the 54 caps he’s collected for Finland.

Here then, we have an international midfielder who has forged a successful career in Holland and is currently available on a free transfer. All seems too good to be true…

According to some reports Mika has already signed for Red Bull Salzburg. However, the Finnish media are now claiming that a last minute u-turn saw him board a plane for England to have talks with Leeds United.

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  1. Mirts88

    This bench, fake shoes and suitcase is a model of the famous scene of the Forrest Gump movie. They are placed outside every Bubba Gump Shrimp Company restaurant. This one is in Orlando, Florida at Universal Studios. MOT

  2. Ron Galea

    Do you think Grayson has forgotten how bad our defence is? The real Forrest Gump would actually be an improvement. It would be a dream defensive centre pairing to snare Forrest and Bubba. Nothing could get past the latter’s lips and few strikers will outpace Gump.

    • Donnyloz

      knowing bates/grayson we would probs sign the f**king mouse mr. chuckles and think we’d got a match winner  :)   MOT

    • TSS

      No, I think the midfield is a bigger concern. We have cover in defence (an LB wouldn’t hurt but Collins is linked), if we get an injury in midfield we’re left with Brown. 

      • Ron Galea

        We really missed Clayton on Saturday. The way we conceded was dreadful, although Zaha will trouble most teams it seems. The sloppiness is strange when you consider our manager was a defender. I for one can do without another season of big-scoring matches. Let’s hope a run of games with the same faces we might tighten up.

  3. Tare

    I read this Urheilulehti (sports magazine) news of Mika Väyrynen. This magazine usually has high credibility regarding payer movements. Definitely there most be some truth in it. Mika is recogniced box to box midfielder with the goalscoring know how. LU could do a lot worse than to check this card.


  4. Jan

    He’s an all action midfielder. Strangely enough, Clayton reminds me of him. Isn’t afraid to tackle, and has goals in him along with good ball control. Would be an abolutely amazing signing. Heerenveen let him go despite scoring like 10 goals past season, because they’re looking to lower the average age of the squad. And Bates will absolutely love him- he isn’t represented by an agent.

  5. Tare

    Mika has been playing for Finland in both MF positions, defence as well as in attacking role. Versatility is the word in this sense. In Holland he was respected as technical MF player with an eye for the goal.


  6. Funkygtc

    Sounds like just what we Need! & a bargain to boot! All we need is a cpl of decent VERSATILE Centre backs Now! Any more Fantastic Flying Finns going cheap? Lol. Gotta give it to our Larry! Tanacious Grayson! & Blunder Bates of Bodge it, Dodge it & Scarper! The ‘Arfur’ Daley of EUROPEAN FOOTBALL! Lmao *Morons of the world Unite*
    Lamby, Telford (Yorky in Exile)

    • Tare

      Now that you just asked: Niklas Moisander, Centre-half, captain of Dutch club AZ Alkmaar/Finland national team, is very near Sami Hyypia -class but of course it will be next January thing:). Can olso operate in the left back position. PSV Eindhoven tried to buy him but there was some arguing with transfer costs (I do not know the level of it).


  7. trueyorxman

    At least Forrest Gump could run! Unlike Kisnorbo, great header of the ball but he has lost at least a yard of pace after his injury. Stick with the kids at full-backs though, they’ll make mistakes but thats the only way they’ll learn

  8. Sailfin

    It will be a waste of his plane fare. As soon as they tell him about our wage structure.So, lets not get carried away !

    • Tyler75

      We managed to get Forsell so maybe the Sterling exchange rate against the Finnmark is advantageous at the moment !!!   

  9. Pabs1983

    I find it more interesting that this player was once courted by Inter Milan,  but chose to go to Holland to ensure he got match time. Surely that speaks volumes to his quality. 

    He’ll be another one that bates gloats he didn’t spend 10mil on…

    • Anonymous

      If he’d gone to Inter he wouldn’t even be on the Leeds radar! He’s gotta be better than Brown (also about 5 years younger) and there’s pretty slim pickings in the Premiership emergency loan market IMO, he has a good reputation it seems, has over 50 international caps and is also a free agent we could sign rather than loan…there seem to be more reasons to sign him than not, or at least have a look at him in one or two trial games. In much the same way I’d rather have Forssell on the bench than Paynter, I’d rather have Vayrynen on the bench than Brown! Midfield players are also more prone to picking up bans for cards than forwards perhaps, so quality cover and competition for current first choices Howson and Clayton is important I think. Brown was a poor signing IMO, this may go some way to putting that right…


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