Former Whites midfielder Danny Pugh has returned to Elland Road on loan, with a view to securing a permanent transfer in January.

The 28 year old is currently signed to Stoke City, who brought in several new faces over the summer and were left unable to include Pugh in their 25 man squad.

Pugh originally signed for Leeds in 2004 from Manchester United in a deal that saw Alan Smith head in the opposite direction. His first spell with Leeds saw him make 57 appearances, scoring 6 goals.

At 28, Pugh has made over 200 career appearances and is an experienced Championship midfielder who is equally adept in other positions including the troublesome left back spot Leeds have struggled to fill.

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    • Pabs1983

      Aidy white will be a good left back given time, but at the moment he lacks the required experience to play there. He goes missing to often and when left alone at the back post, doesn’t know where to put himself. At present, Charlie Taylor is better suited to left back. This move may mean Aidy replacing Gradel at left wing

  1. Ron Galea

    Versatile cover and proven at this level. I like the fact he has the chance to win a contract in January also. We need fighters in this division, especially when Grayson seems happy with our shambolic defence. It’s clear we will be forced to come from a goal down each and every week, so we need believers.

  2. Mattk

    Gives us more options at least- maybe him at LB and White in front of him, with a cheeky bit of overlapping now n then?

  3. Anonymous

    Pugh will be left back with white moving forward ,white is the gradel replacement ???? .
    the best signing we have made this season for me with lonegran ..

  4. pete greenwood

    he was crap when we signed him from the scum and if he cant get into a stoke city side then that says something….

    • TSS

      No he wasn’t. He was one of our best players at the time and the fans were extremely annoyed at Slackwell when he left. 

      Stoke City are a Prem side who have bought heavily. None of our team would get in that side.

    • Allan

      Your’e an idiot. Get into the real world, we are a big club in name only. Stoke are in the priemer where are we?

    • Anonymous

      Pete to put this as quickly and to the point as i can you are an idiot Danny Pugh was excellent for us it was a bad day when he left 1st time .stoke at the moment are in premier league ,Europa league etc etc . they are right now a bigger club than us ..
      thank god Danny Pugh is back ….

    • Anonymous

      forgot to ask  Pete how many of our side do you think would get in the stoke 25 right now ,never mind the 1st 11?????

  5. Rwhites

    Never let us down the first time and has gained experience since he’s moved on.
    And think some fans need to drop the “if’s he’s not good enough for Stoke why would he be good enough for us” it’s time for us to get real they are in the premier, well established and spending cash. Lets not make out we should be competing on there level. Time for some dimwits to wake up.  

  6. Banditsteve123

    Come on pete he was great first time round should never have been sold,he is a solid player at this level ok nothing to get excited by but he will do a good job also agree tonge would do well alongside clayton,we have to go back to 3 in MF we are to open with howson or maybe play pugh there he has played CM before,or maybe play bruce has the holding player he can tackle pass and he played for ipswich in MF

  7. Seanomac60

    this is brilliant means my old shirt is somehow relevant again with Pugh 12 lol lets hope Rachubka gives him the 12 shirt so its fully relevant! :)

  8. Tyler75

    I like the idea of Pugh at left-back and White left-side of midfield – pace and solidity – plus both can interchange providing problems for the opposition. Good signing.

    • Richard

      Agree, Aidy aint a LB so hopefully will get moved up to LM where he has a chance to attack, without worrying about whats behind him.

  9. normangunston

    notable that Nunez has all but disappeared from the first team conversation. The shirt was there for the taking and he didn’t grasp it…

    • Phill570

      Your totally right. Bright spark given the opportunity after cries from the fans to start. Dramatically over climaxed on his goals with nothing to show when given the opportunity. Is he played out of position? Or just not that good…….sadly with Grayson you never know until a player leaves just how good they could be.

      • Bob

        Nunez has can’t hit a ball on his left foot to save his life. Great player in the middle or on the right. Why he is been played on the left is beyond me. Also he is a confidence player, he needs to be playing in his favoured position with the crowd behind him to see the best in him. He’s a great player and has proved it at other clubs, just not on the left were we play him. He was built up as a like for like replacement for gradel, he has a similar skill level, but cant play out wide on the left for toffe.

  10. irving08

    This just confirms we are going backwards. We are now signing only players whose careers  have either plateaued or who are over the hill. Killa and Johnson may not have been perfect but, being in the rising part of their careers, they still had illusions. They are being replaced with players who know they will never be (quite) good enough and with that knowledge comes a certain loss of energy and self-belief. Killa was a bit of a pain in the backside, but he spoke the truth in his recent comments on last season’s missed opportunity. I wonder – are we paying too big a price for Simon’s love for Leeds ? Does it inhibit him in his dealings with the Chairman ? Did he speak up enough last season for Johnson (when the latter would have signed a new contract for not much more money) ? So, I find it hard not to see the signing of Pugh as a symbol of our premature stagnation – neither forwards nor backwards – which has been repeated more than once in the history of our club after brief periods of ascendancy. Sure we have a couple of very promising young players in White and Lees, but their progress will be matched by regress due to the departure of players such as Snodgrass and (eventually) Clayton…..  

  11. Matt

    Excellent signing as it gives us a proven Championship-level player and cover at left back and left midfield. Do no underestimate the importance of this when injuries and fatigue set in! That said, I do worry that the mooted £500k in January is excessive and somewhat of a poorly-timed PR move to try and demonstrate willingness to spend and win over the fans.

  12. Rex

    What is up with some Leeds fans. Never satisfied. Pugh was good for use before he was shipped out. Very committed and gets stuck in.

    Playing 4-4-2 we can’t afford two out and out attacking wingers. a Pugh/ White left flank gives us good options with or without the ball.

    Still need a centre back with pace though.

    • irving08

      Not true – I was very satisfied until Simon seemed to lose his way in the post-Xmas period. And who can be satisfied when we give (presumably) better contracts to ageing sub-standard central defenders, than we were were prepared to give to a player of Johnson’s strength,fitness and versatility, let alone to Kilkenny – the best passer in the side, with the confidence to try to dictate a game. Pugh was never better than OK then and I see no reason to suppose that he has received an adequate further education at Stoke.   


  13. David

    Perhaps he can shore up the defence and show the others what they should be doing. His experience and ability at this level should pay huge dividends

  14. Awhittome

    So we let Johnson go and he is in the prem, starting games and scoring goals.
    We get in ‘better’ players. Pugh not even worthy of a 25 man squad.
    Pugh more adaptable true but where is the logic?


    Pugh is an ok signing and certainly adds depth to the squad but not a massive improvement on the starting 11.
    We are very close to having a squad able to challenge for promotion but still need to add some extra quality. Bromby, Bruce, O’Brien and Paynter need to make way and free up some wages for a couple of better players.
    Great to see The Chief the other night – if only we had a young Radebe in our defence….

  16. hobnobs

    weve struggled to find a left back for years, so we sign a left footed utility player who never established himself at stoke. really disillusioned with the signings, if there is no money why are we paying up to half a million? 


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