Thanks to Paul Binning from Exiled Robin for taking part in this week’s match preview for the Championship fixture between Leeds United and Bristol. .

We last met back in February when Leeds were 2-0 winners at Ashton Gate, has much changed for Bristol City since then?

Sadly no.  We must have been one of the only teams who fielded a starting XI on the first day of the season that were all at the club last season.  The good aspect of that is Nicky Maynard is still here.  The less positive angle is that we’ve had little new impetus and are possibly going a bit stale.

Andy Keogh featured in that game for you but has since returned to Leeds on loan. What did you make of him during his time with you and do you think he is capable of making an impact for Leeds this year?

Keogh’s a player I’ve always rated as anyone who has ever played alongside him has generally succeeded.  That sort of player often attracts criticism as they maybe don’t score their share or don’t do special flicks & tricks, but he works hard, holds the ball up and brings others into the game.  Saying all that, his time with us wasn’t overly successful and he looked off the pace.  Maybe it will be a different scenario with a whole season to work on him.

You’ve had a tough start to the season, picking up 5 points from 6 games, how do you see the rest of the season going for you and where do you realistically expect to finish?

Before the start of the season I was hoping for something around 10th-12th, with 13th-16th a more realistic target.  That already appears to be the very top end of our hopes after a disappointing start, although we were in a far worse postion last season and did OK in the end.  We haven’t scored at home yet, and aside from an incredible win at Leicester ,it has all looked pretty glum.  However, the performance against Brighton was much improved, albeit in a losing cause.

Neil Kilkenny was a regular in midfield for Leeds last season but has since moved to Ashton Gate on a free transfer. He was a player that often split the opinions of Leeds fans, but what have been your impressions of him so far?

I think ‘OK’ would be a fair summary.  He’s not been the worst player by any means, but equally hasn’t particularly shone.  However, I suspect his type of player isn’t necessarily the sort who shines in a poor side, and that’s what we’ve generally been this season.  Again, his last game against Brighton was probably his best – perhaps he’s revving up for a starring role back at Elland Road?!

We know what to expect from Kilkenny (mainly jogging and pointing!) but who else should we be looking out for in your team on Saturday?

Maynard’s the obvious one.  we rejected £6m for him last month so you can see how highly we regard him and he’s likely to score a goal from nothing.  Aside from that I’d plump for Albert Adomah, last season’s player of the year and full of tricks on the wing, he made many a left-back look follish last season, yet he’s still relatively unknown amongst opposition fans.  Less likely to make an impact, but hugely promising is youngster James Wilson at centre-back.  A rare bright spot in an otherwise murky start to the season.

If you could sign one current Leeds player for Bristol City, who would it be?

Although we don’t need anyone in his position, I have to go for Robert Snodgrass.  Whenever I see him he always looks like he could be playing at a higher level.  Jonny Howson has always impressed me too, constantly finding space between the back line and the midfield and that’s a type of player we don’t have.

Finally, what’s your prediction for the game? I’m saying 2-2 draw.

That would be great for us!  Seriously, i just can’t see us scoring, let alone winning at the moment so will go 2-0 to Leeds, but as we showed against Leicester, on our day, and on Maynard’s day, we can beat anyone anywhere.

9 Responses

  1. james

    3-1 leeds. theres no way we’re keeping a cleam sheet even with the amazing andy in goal. i just hope clayton is fit enough in time. another super sub appearance for bechio is on the cards

  2. trueyorxman

    We can’t play as bad as last Sat v Palace, so we’lll probably get beat 1-0!! Great pic above by the way, whoever you support, it sums up football outside the Prem

  3. Richard

    Im confident of a clean sheet so will go for a 2-0 win. Hope snodders ups his game after the poor performance of the palace game.

  4. Anonymous

    watch out for killkenny having one of those days like he had when he and oldham destroyed us just before we bought him  .

  5. Younited

    apparently bates had someone thrown out of west stand  for giving him grief !!!!
    white did ok but he and nunez together are a useless defensive partnership !!!
    a better side would have beat us today .
    it was a sending off  it wasn’t a penalty ???
    neither was it a foul on lonegran when they scored the second goal (disallowed)
    it was a good save  for the penalty

    disappointing turnout 22000+
    tom lees is a fantastic player but not a fantastic right back
    snodders needs a run on the left
    howson needs a run on the bench !!!
    grayson made the right decision to take off Keogh and bring on bromby

    it was a fantastic 3 points


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