The close of the transfer window has stirred the dissidents into action. Another protest is demanded, but this time the suggestion is not to stand around the Billy Bremner statue voicing our concerns but to boycott our League Cup clash against Manchester United. 

I feel your pain Leeds fans. I’ve been an outspoken supporter of the campaign to rid our club of Ken Bates since day one. But this could be the most pointless idea I’ve ever heard.

It’s not that I don’t understand the theory, it makes complete sense. If everyone refuses to buy tickets for a League Cup clash, Bates misses out on his big pay day and our point is made. We follow up by threatening further boycotts if he doesn’t sell up which should, in theory at least, force his hand.

Couple of problems with that one however.

Firstly, this is Leeds v Manchester United we’re talking about. Two clubs who have enough fair weather fans to fill every stadium in the country twice over. For every person that boycotts the game there’ll be another 100 happy to snap up your ticket.

Even if we could get every supporter to boycott this game, leaving a few thousand Man Utd fans wondering where their once fierce rivals have buggered off to, what’s the best case scenario? Financial problems? This is Bates’ only area of expertise. He’s spent most of his life making debt miraculously disappear into some mysterious offshore black hole.

You’re fighting fire with petrol I’m afraid.

But even if this idea was a valid one with a chance of success, there’s a line here I simply refuse to cross – I’m not going to stop attending games because of Bates. That’s taking it out on the team too.

And what happens next? The League Cup game is one thing, but for a boycott to have any success it has to be sustained over a long period. That means it has to extend to League games – many of us have already bought season tickets, how stupid would we be to boycott a game we’ve already paid for?

Protest is one thing, and we do need a concerted effort to help rid us of Ken Bates. But “hitting him where it hurts” won’t work I’m afraid. He’ll ride out every wave of financial trouble with a smug grin on his face and keep coming back for more.

The only way Leeds will rid themselves of Ken Bates is by proving the second takeover was illegal. We were on the right track with the protests as it drew attention to our struggles – it’s the complaints of fans that prompted the select committee and have BBC making a documentary.

But in the absence of a united voice for the supporters like Love Leeds, Hate Bates, our message was easily distorted by the club. Our anger was dismissed as knee-jerk and reactionary following a slow summer on the transfer front.

If you want to boycott the Manchester United game, that’s fine. With the ridiculous ticket prices for this tie, no one would blame you. But don’t kid yourselves into thinking it’s a protest – that message can only harm our efforts.

When the game sells out regardless of this so called protest, you’re giving Bates further evidence to back up his “dissident minority” lies. I can just imagine his smug reaction on Sky Sports;

“Protest y’say? What protest? The Leeds fans love me. I am their saviour after all!” 

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  1. Ed Tierney

    If we proved that his takeover was illegal, could we be putting the club in trouble as well as bates? It seems like that would be the sort of thing you'd get a points deduction for!

  2. Peterpan3103

    Bates is the club. The club is Bates. If he's proved to have done something illegal the club will also be penailsed.

    So Bates has left the club. Who's bought us? Who's in charge? Fo a number of reasons previous attempts have fallen thru due to a lack of funds; who's stumping up the cash this time? I don't see a queue.

    • TSS

      Previous attempts didn't fall through because of lack of cash. They fell through because Bates rigged the admin process. He had a creditor in his pocket that would only sell to him.

      To answer the "Bates is Leeds United" part I ignored below. Yes, he is – but if the takeover was illegal, he shouldn't have been. You can't punish Leeds because the FL and administrators were screwed during an admin process.

      • Bubionwhite

        This is Leeds United you're talking about TSS … the one club out of the 92 who always seem to get to take their medicine. The authorities would probably make up a new punishment, especially for us and I'm not paranoid.

  3. nevglufc

    Get a life. Bates is leeds United, so if bates broke the law then so did we and its the club that will get relegated, which sometine tss seems to want. Lets assume Bates sells up, do you really think the buyers are going to invest millions, not a chance. bates will sell us when we are back in the Prem in however many years that takes and ge can stick 2 fingers up to the Chelsea board in their stadium. Then it be someone else who gets the same grief about lack of investment. After without Bates, we wouldnt exist now, we would be like halifax fc.

    • TSS

      Let's leave the "Bates is Leeds United" part and concentrate on your misguided belief we wouldn't exist without Bates.

      Please enlighten me as to what he saved us from? Genuinely curious about this one, no one has ever provided me with an answer.

      Takeover One: On the brink of administration, Bates comes in and puts us into administration.

      Takeover Two: Despite numerous bids, all offering more than Bates, he's got the creditors in his pocket so manages to take back over the club anyway leading to a lengthy legal battle with HMRC, a -15 deduction and we spent the next three years in League One.

      Seriously, what did he save us from?

      • Lowfields end pen

        TSS your bang right, this thing with bates needs a conclusion, he saved us from nothing, we have had all the pain, he's taken all the financial gain! He has to go, he's killing the club, slowly but surely, dads wont be able to influence their kids to follow Leeds United, they will either not be able to afford to take them or the happy clappy bates bunch will have them wandering where the passion their old man promised has gone, this lot of new breed fans create no atmosphere and certainly inspire no passion "get in to em – Fxxx em up" anyone? jesus how embaracing, second only to goal music ffs!

      • lowfields end pen

        Split message###
        if it takes relegation to force him out then so be it, the pheonix will raise again and I'd accept that this minute, it doesnt matter where we are, we are still leeds united, its still a game of football and it still feels the sam when we win. With bates gone and a decent backer it wouldn't take much to be back where we are now, a struggling championship team. Where's the backer the bates boys scream, well do you imagine a club of our size, stature and reputation is not an attractive proposition, of course it is, we must be the most investable club outside the premiership.
        Love Leeds, Hate Bates. Support the team, boycott Bates!

    • felix slackbladder

      Without Bates we would more than likely be sitting pretty in the premiership. You Bates lovers really are sackless morons. Also your arguement that if we get your messiah punished that the club will also be punished really proves what we have said all along that Bates has destroyed our club. Now Bates and your butt boys climb back under your stones and i agree TSS KEEP THE BATES PROTESTS COMING AND SEE Bates shaking at the thought of dropping his soap in the prison showers! He wont get a slow bit of foreplay where hes heading.

    • felix slackbladder

      I cant say where ive just heard this from but i understand Grayson could be about to walk. Hes apparently locked in talks at the moment! Could be an interesting end to the week!

      • lowfields end pen

        Really Felix. I honestly wouldn't blame him or resent him for doing it, I on the contrary I think it could be a good thing in the long run, I think like many I am resigned to the probability that before we move forward, we will take backwards steps, rather now than later.

        Man up simon, tell the stinking old rat where to stick his party line, your one of us lad!!!

      • Andy

        Apologies for copying this from another thread I inadvertantly started. …Anyone noticed how the usually prolific official website has not issued yet one story today? – something's afoot I tell you, something's afoot

      • Ants

        I was thinking that earlier mate!! Its normally got at least 1 news feed. best they can put out is about the sporting bet odds for the England game!!

  4. Gibbun

    why aren't the office of fair trading investigating bates? Everyone knows he's a crook.

  5. Paddy1992

    Totally agree TSS boycotting games is a view from those that hate bates deeper than they love Leeds. That plan actually is a minority of ‘morons’ reminds me of schoolyard behaviour.

    That said however I won’t be attending the scum game. It’s nothing about protes but when I’ve forked out over £500 on a season ticket there’s no way that I can afford that bastards ridiculous prices. Gutted about it to be honest but I’m self employed with 2 kids, my 30 quids better spent elsewhere.

    • the numpty hunter

      do one paddy the only moron here is you

      the bates thing is about the love of the club. too many of you numpties having even worked that out and judging your post ive got you spot on

      it doesnt matter how much youve forked out on a season ticket either so what

      you will be content to sit their with these ridiculous prices because you are a gutless wonder, walk on

  6. number1inyorkshire

    everyone should right to their mp and hmrc and the football league etc then there is that petition site all it takes is 100.000 signatures and they have to investigate .
    boycotting games isn't the answer , protest at them may well be inside the ground ,just buying tickets nothing else may well help too .

    the only answer is for him to of broken the law at admin and he will be finished not a fit and proper .

    • grayman

      That could work couldnt it? Get a carefully worded petition up – i dont think there would be any trouble getting 1,000s of signatures

      • lowfields end pen

        I'm sure there's already one on the go, check the leeds united supporters trust, might have been there I signed it, you have to register but as many people as can join the organisation gives it a more credable standing and voice, remeber bates loves to see if groups and organisations have as many numbers as the unpresidented rip off membership scheme he presides over and earns the club another 1.6 million per year for him to pocket. I'm positive there are alraedy thousands of signatures on it mate.

  7. Auz

    No news if the upper East Stand will be open – might be a reduced gate anyway (ironically).

  8. henry_v

    The only way to get rid of Ken is to find a buyer for the club!
    Nothing else will do.
    "Please buy our club" banners around the ground would be a good first step.
    A full house may attract a buyer more than an empty one!
    We don't need MP's trying to get into the limelight at our expense!
    Let them sort the recession, that they are responsible for.
    They cannot control the banks, so they are no good to us!
    They are as bad as Ken!

    • oldlufc

      Unfortunately, because of the 'mystery' surrounding what has gone on at ER off the pitch no serious investor is going to do business with Bates and whoever hold the other 30% of the club. The fact that Bates has failed to attract 'new' investment which 1 of his stated priorities, says it all. If Bates can make profits of £10M in 2 seasons (the true figure is probably higher) outside of the Premiership at a time when he has actually driven fans away and fallen out with all and sundry just think what the club could do with transparent owners who take the huge fan-base with them. Sure, LUFC is a good investment but not whilst Bates is there.

  9. mattbb1

    i think the message we give out is `our club, not Bates'' Bates' approach is as ludicrous as the head of Yorkshire water claiming he owns The River Aire. Dead right TSS, therewere other buyers, and ones who may have made a better stick of it, they certainly offered more cash up front to the administrators. I think youre being naive though if you think Bates wouldnt throw a strop and wind the club up if he reached the point of no return, Just watch it happen, at that point he is so bl**dy minded I'm sure he would. Bates needs to remember there wouldnt be a club without the fans as a 60%> contributor of cash we are the major investors.

  10. nevglufc

    what bates saved us from was liquidation. If he hadnt had got the CVA through the system (the original one the football league) appealed against, then te club would have folded period. so lets all write to our mps and get us investigated, I am sure all the other clubs supporters will write as well, any point deduction will only benefit themselves. I want succes as much as every other leeds supporter but we have been so close to the end we would be mad to go down that avenue again

    • TSS

      No he didn't. He was the only person who ever threatened liquidation, and the only reason we were in that position to start with is because he rigged the admin process and pissed HMRC off. They were understandably annoyed that his derisory offer was accepted over more substantial ones.

      This notion that the FL wanted us gone too is absolute BS as well. The FL created new rules to ensure Leeds United remained. We make them money, they're not going to end that.


      @nevglufc you really need to get your facts right over Bates’ take over. He threatened to put the club out of existence if he didn’t get his way through the administration process.

      The only saviour of Leeds is, and always will be, the fans. We are financing the club entirely and Bates is taking a nice healthy chunk of our money and then sticking two fingers up at us from his tax haven in Monaco.

      The guy is as dodgy as they come and it’s disgusting that he is allowed to own such an important institution as LUFC.

      Financial prudence is fine, but we don’t deserve a tosser like Bates who shows absolutely no respect to the fans.

      We can’t boycott games because that means we aren’t supporting the team, but we can hit him in the pocket in other ways. If only the club could be owned by the fans like Barcelona and run by a fit and proper board that is accountable for their actions.

      This isn’t just about our lack of activity in this transfer window, it’s about the way Bates is abusing his position as the owner of our club.

    • oldlufc

      The original CVA was 'rigged' with new creditors being found to push the CVA through when the vote was on a knife edge. HRMC challenged the CVA so Bates, with indecent haste and to avoid further scrutiny, went for the Straight Sale option. It was this route that brought about the -15 point penalty

  11. Crippleona mission

    I was thinking about a RED CARD Protest at Brighton. I was going to have 2,500 red cards made up and give them out as we have sold all our allocation

  12. nevglufc

    The fact that the football league opposed the CVA (first one ever opposed by the FL) caused us to go into administration and hence the 15 point deduction, the other choice was no deduction and relegation to league 2.

    • Daddy Pig

      The Football League didn't oppose the CVA – HMRC challenged it (due to football creditors being given preference) and Ken Bates said he would rather liquidate the company rather than fund it through a court process that would drag into the new season. The Football League were prepared to give us dispensation to play until that case was completed.

      KPMG forced it through and The Football League fined us for not having an approved CVA.

      The blaming of the Football League was a dummy that Ken Bates sold us to create a smokescreen. Can you not remember how criticised the club were for even trying to challenge The Football League's decision? We didn't have a leg to stand on.

    • Marc Butterworth

      nevglufc – It was the HMRC that blocked the CVA, not the FL. The 15 point deduction was because the 11th hour objection by the HMRC meant that it was going to have to go to court. To avoid this (probably because they knew it was all dodgy) KPMG took the decision to sell the club outside of a CVA, but interesting they would only sell it BATES (oh sorry, a secret offshore company that had no financial ties to BATES at all)

  13. John Hunter

    I really don't get this Bates will sell us when we we're back in the Prem line of thinking. We're not going to GET back in the Prem without a decent, competing squad. It's all so fuc#ed up!!

  14. Chrisb

    Who are these great saviours of our club that are going to come in relief of KB? Where were they when Bates originally took over? There will be no interest until we are in the Prem so deal with it!! Cup games are the only realistic games to boycott in view of season tickets having already being purchased, and especially this one due to the rediculous pricing.

  15. Bluesman

    I agree with the article, but you cannot stand by and not do anything. You need to form a Leeds United defence group to oust Bates. But work within the law. Form a committee and get professional people on it to advise you. Contact your MP and ask for the issue to be raised in parliament; ask for a league enquiry; contact businesses and ask them to support you to boycott hospiality boxes and advertising. Don't use the club shops and bars. Mobilise and work together for the benefit of the club. Ask for more active involvement of the supporters in directing Leeds United's business. Hard work, but it would be worthwhile.

  16. Marc Butterworth

    To all those Bates Bum boys claiming that the club will be punished if Bates has committed fraud….. Get a f@*king grip, you stupid morons….

    If Bates did commit fraud in the process of buying LUFC, then it is HIM who has committed a crime, not the club….Do you want me to spell it out in a language you will understand:

    N O T T H E C L U B

    The crime would have been committed BEFORE he bought the club (i.e. in the lead up to him buying the club so at the point he would have committed the crime, he wouldnt have owned the club so the club couldnt be punished.

    It's really not that difficult to understand. And FFS, stop it with your ridiculous spoutings of "Bates saved the club" "where would we be"….blah blah f*@king blah

    If anyone saved the club, it was the people who bought it….. Bates didnt own it before….Did he? He was just the face in the front window…..

    Now get a f@*king grip on life and release your grip on his wrinkly little cock…..

  17. Andy Barker

    You need a balanced and well thought out approach to get Bates out (which is the only solution unless he starts meeting the Ghosts of Christmas in a few months.

    if you put Banners up saying 'buy our club' – Bates puts the price up and nobdoy will buy.
    Arrange lots protests and boycots – nobody wants to buy the club due to the 'perception of 'trouble maker fans'.
    The action that the fans take must be constructive – it will take time i.e. one event won't trigger a Bates sale.

    So get your thinking caps on and let's come up with something that a) doesn't affect the team, b) doesn't put off potential buyers and c) makes it as annoyingly uncomfortable for Master Bates.

    • Gryff723

      Sounds like we need professionals looking into Mr Bates' ownership. That's the only way we can succeed given those limitations.

      The problem is, I'm willing to bet The Guardian have done some minor digging, and HMRC haven't looked into Mr Bates despite the pressure to do so.

      Perhaps if we get hundreds of fans to write letters to their local MPs, the MPs will see it as something easy to curry favour with the fans through, and take up the slack.

  18. Stuart

    Disagree totally I'm afraid. It is the fans that continue to pay Bates' ridiculous ticket prices, sign up to his superfluous membership schemes, pay to watch reserve matches on LUTV and buy the tat in the club shop that keep him going. Bates is a ruthless businessman, pure and simple, and only when it becomes clear LUFC is no longer a cash cow will he walk away.
    Sometimes things have to hurt to get better and if that means the fans turning their back on the team, so be it.
    As for this idea that proving the second takeover was illegal will somehow force him out – that's just wishful thinking I'm afraid.
    Despite the efforts of a few MPs and a lone Guardian journalist, I don't believe there is any real appetite among the football authorities to investigate this. It's old news and should be left in the past. Even if Bates' was found somehow culpable for any wrong-doing he'd only drag it through the courts or try to deflect the blame onto others. I also wouldn't be surprised if the possibility of a points deduction reared his head again if the takeover was deemed illegal – just because it's Leeds.

  19. felix slackbladder

    Lets get this petition started. The sooner we get this clubs administration /butt pirate Bates takeover properly investigated the BETTER. Dont let the nevs and bates is the messiah preachers convince you that the club will be the worst for it or kicked out, points deducted etc etc. Corporate law is clear Ken ‘jesus’ Bates will be the one in parkhurst jail showers with his back against the wall. Leeds United will prevail and these tits will vanish back under their rocks. Now how we going to get this petition started and draw attention to it?

    • grayman

      Anyone out there know the proper legal way to go about doing a petition? Saying something about the owner of our football club not being fit and proper. That we are unhappy about the way he purchased our club and want HMRC to check out its legality etc. I truly believe this is his weak spot – he knows he has lots to hide. Protests mean nothing – he will just laugh. But he is terrified that someone will find out the truth of how he made his millions and when they do, i suspect his kingdom will fall apart. And dont worry, there will be plenty of good people ready to take up the reins once Ken's out of the way. Did someone say there is already a petition? What does it say and where can we sign up?

      • mattbb1

        you set one up on the 10 downing street website (I'm serious) and then it gets presented potentially for debate in the house of commons.

  20. IrishWhites

    As per posts above, there is no point boycotting any matches, as this will achieve nothing. I think we should have a Spanish style protest for all live games i.e. hand out white hankerchiefs and get everyone to wave them for most or all of the game. This will make for a great "SKY talking point" plus will look great on TV as the commentator cant but mention it, if enough people are doing it. It will also make Bates aware of exactly how many "morons" want him out. If there is a shortage of "hankies"in Leeds, I am sure a white sports sock would have the same effect but there needs to be a large proportion of the crowd involved.

  21. oldlufc

    I find it amazing that so many people think Bates saved Leeds Utd, in fact what he did was saved his and his mysterious backers money, the creditors who would only do business with the Bates bid are 1 and the same. There was no way these people were going to accept the offer being made by the other bidders, they had too much to lose. It is these people who have been siphoning off the profits of £10M in the past 2 years. It is these people who have 'allowed' Bates to buy the 70% controlling interest.

    The bluster about not knowing who the owners were, the failed buy back of TA, building of hotels etc etc have merely 'muddied the waters' along with the convoluted offshore trusts has all been about hiding the real truth. I honestly believe the recent ownership saga of Leeds Utd should be the subject of a Serious Fraud Office investigation, after all HMRC were one of the biggest losers in all this, not to mention all the smaller local businesses. I don't see the football authorities rushing to hold the inquiry recommended by the recent committee of MPs, then again why would they? They are as much to blame as anyone because they apparently conducted the Fit & Proper test and have stated they were happy with the ownership questions at Leeds United. Because of this they would find it very difficult to impose any kind of sanction on the football club if it does indeed turn out that Bates & Co have been 'naughty'.

    Finally, it any Leeds fans still remain to be convinced that Bates is a 'robbing barsteward" the pricing for the Scum game which will in effect be Scum Reserves and will bring in a TV fee, is clear evidence. Bates could not give a fig about the fans and is abusing their loyalty yet again.

    Having been a supporter since 1963 I refuse to put any more of my hard earned cash into Bates's coffers and will not return to ER until he has left the club. As stated in earlier posts the only way to get rid of this regime is by 'forcing' a full investigation into the buy-back of Leeds Utd after the administration debacle.

    • Mark__R

      Good post OldLUFC. The lack of investment in the squad & salary cap = a hard financial place due to :
      a) Money being taken out of the club
      b) The banks looking unfavourabley on the current senior management / track record
      c) Any potential investor not wanting to work with KB
      Against this backdrop SG has worked well to get us where we are, and keep his tongue in his head.


      • Matthew

        I agree with OldLufu and Mark.

        Just wanted to add to Marks point. Players want to play for Leeds United, just with Ken Bates incharge we're unable to offer a championship level wage that can compete with other teams in the league.

        Just imagine, if you're a great player and Leeds have offered say 12k, and someone else has offered 15k and Leeds won't budge, where would you go?

        It's upsetting to see Uncle Ken ruining the name of the club and making us the joke of the Transfer market.

  22. lowfields end pen

    Really Felix. I honestly wouldn't blame him or resent him for doing it, I on the contrary I think it could be a good thing in the long run, I think like many I am resigned to the probability that before we move forward, we will take backwards steps, rather now than later.

    Man up simon, tell the stinking old rat where to stick his party line, your one of us lad!!!

  23. Andy

    Anyone noticed how the usually prolific official website has not issued yet one story today? – something's afoot I tell you, something's afoot

  24. rwhites

    Got mine paid for. Like f*ck i'm going to miss it.
    If you must don't buy anything in the ground, programmes and merchandise but not going and shouting on the team would be a disgrace.
    Also try to remember that most of the stuff put on message boards is put on by school kids or sad middle aged men who have fuck all else in there life and don't even bother going to the games. They just go on waccoe and shite sites like that to annoy people and feel part of something because they don't have any real friends to annoy on facebook.

  25. normangunston

    Death aside, Bates will only go when he wants to go. You can be sure if he's in any way forced out he'll make hell for the new owners, eg. suddenly putting the padlocks on ER and forcing the club to play elsewhere. He has no shame and will not go quietly.

    As Wenger says, everyone thinks they've got the prettiest wife at home but it's a constant mystery to me why a one-town club like Leeds hasn't been snapped up. We've got brand name value over the world, a large and loyal fan base, I can only conclude that Bates has actively deterred outside interest unless it's on terms greatly favourable to him.

  26. saltburnwhite

    has anyone noticed that the yep have released an ususual amount of random stories to keep us entertained ? on whos orders ? hmmm let me see , honestly he must think we are right muppets ………something HAS to be done !!

  27. trueyorxman

    Its rumoured another French club were also after Max Gradel but I'm not Sochaux (just trying to lighten the mood!)

    • mattbb1

      i have reas that on a number of rumour sites, but i think it could well be speculation. I would find it hard to swallow if I were Grayson and Bates had banked the amount of money he has to then likely be told – no nothing for team building. most of our rivals would love to see Grayson at the helm so it is a consideration – will Grayson walk? Hes a better man than I am, because I would have walked long ago.

  28. Fred the red

    Your Cup FInal and you don't want to watch – make the most of it, its not often you see a full Elland Road and get to get to watch the Champions Youth team play.

    • jay

      Remember what happened the last time we played you in the cup…was full of the youth team that day as well wasn't it…….LOL.

      • lufc obiwan

        Now that really is sad. A scummer posting on a Leeds thread. Get a life son, seriously.

  29. Jenny Talia

    Brand name all over the world, jk lol we are Leeds, Leeds, Leeds – since when did you last see someone with a Leeds shirt on other than in Yorkshire ?

    • Matthew

      In my travels around the UK, and Europe I've seen Leeds shirts, even when there's no games playing that day.

      Jenny, I'm guessing you're a jealous supporter of a little tinpot team in the Championship that has come to laugh at our problems(Ken Bates) and to make up crap to annoy us. Go away.

  30. pwm

    I agree with Stuart and will not be going to the Man U game, hitting him in the pocket is the only way – difficult I accept for season ticket holders for league games . Bates is a clever businessman without any feeling for the values and heritage of Leeds United – I have been watching Leeds for over 40 years and as the song goes there have been lots of ups and downs , but this feels one of the worst downs because of Bates lack transparency and he just does not seem to care about the club or its supporters . He seems to forget ( or not care) that we are his customers, any other business run in this way would not last very long – its only the loyalty of the fans that keeps it going.
    In the end Bates needs Leeds to be a well supported club to further his financial aspirations for his investment and anything that can be done to adversely effect that should be done. I don't know how Larry works with him , it must be a nightmare, who knows how much more he can take.

  31. West Stand Rebel

    Some great posts here especially oldlufc. One of the great mysteries about ER and our beloved club is how many individual companies own little bits of it . There are 3 at least involved in the football club itself. Then there is the radio station and the company that runs the conference centre. No doubt a new company owns the new East Stand development. The ground itself is owned by some offshore outfit. I'm not sure who owns the club merchandising arm.,Thorpe Arch is owned by another company to whom we pay rent.
    There is certainly room for some research here to find out how many companies Bates owns or participates in in the running of Leeds United.
    One thing we know is that the majority of the money to run these companies is coming from our pockets!

  32. trueyorxman

    @Fred the red, you won't be at the game either cos apparently Scum have said you can only apply for a ticket if you are ACTUALLY from M********r. Also it'll be nice to see a M********r based team winning the Prem for the 1st time this season

  33. Yeboah21

    Seriously who do you think you are? You position yourself as some sort of martyr on a crusade representing the views of Leeds fans around the world. You've condemned the season to failure before it's even got going. Why don’t you spread some positive sentiment for once, focus on the matches and encourage people to get behind the team?

    We are a championship club with little money and that is the reality. Yes, our squad isn’t as good as others, yes Bates hides the truth from the fans and yes we don’t spend any money but we still have a fairly good team to support and it’s now time to get bet behind the lads and enjoy the season. Without doubt it will be a rollercoaster ride but isn’t that what being a football fan is about?

    • TSS

      I'll be behind the team every step of the way mate – hence the above post which is AGAINST boycotting games because it also affects the team.

      • jay

        Agree with you TSS and bates knows this as well…the saying "got us by the bollox" springs to mind.

    • oldlufc


      "We are a championship club with little money and that is the reality"

      It is common knowledge that Leeds made profits totaling £10M for the past 2 seasons – how many other clubs, including those outside the top 4 in the Prem, have achieved that? A Season Ticket at ER will set you back £612 which is higher than all but 4 Premiership clubs. The big question is where is all that money going? Not on the team. not buying back TA and ER? Bates is taking the piss big style!

  34. Nigel Martyn

    Has no one thought to push Bates down a flight of stairs at ER?

    He'll be pushing up the daisys before long but I think someone should give him a helping hand…

  35. Siralexknowsbest

    Ha ha ha ha haaaaa
    I couldn’t think of any fans who deserve this more the the Leeds monkeys.

  36. bigal

    If we had kept Beckford and payed him the going rate we would be playing in the premier league now and instead of letting him go for free we would have had a £4 million pound player . Great business Mr Bates!
    there an old saying `IF WISHES WERE HORSES……

  37. Lindsay Lambrini Butterworth

    I see the jellyfish Grayson is on the official site commenting about 3 signings that we "just missed out on" on deadline day…….

    Turn the fucking record over Grayson, you are boring me….



    • number1inyorkshire

      tss you should be banning this red fucking monkey boy .
      creep in a hole you fucking prick

  38. Whitefanman

    You ain't going to find out how many companies Bates owns because he owns most of them anon via offshore routes. Great article TSS. I don't know how old you are but you have a very mature head on your shoulders. Well thought out and well worded and to the letter I totally agree….

  39. Vasil

    Hey there fellow Leeds fans. First of all i`d like to apologise, cause my english isnt that good, after all i`m Bulgarian. But lets move to the main theme. Couple of years ago my hometown club was in the same position as Leeds United are now. Botev Plovdiv had this ridiculous chairman who got, once great club, the Canaries to absolute zero. Botev Plovdiv had no money at all, no summer signings, no nothing, we even lost our stadium, but that doesnt matter that much, im trying to get to my point, which is, Botev plovidv fans Boycotted every single match, including the big hometown derby, but that didnt make the chairman leave, even though he had absolutely no money. He was in serious debts worth hundreds of thousands levs (Thats a Sh*t load of money for a bulgarian club). But guess what, he still didnt want to leave. So the fans made their own Botev Plovdiv… Thats how this nightmare ended . So my point is, Bates wont leave unless he wants to. Boycottes wont work.

  40. Jeff Craven

    Name me any other business that calls it’s paying customers ‘morons’ for nothing more than showing genuine concern about how the club is run. I am a life long leeds united supporter and not a gullable mug,. I refuse to carry on funding the bates empire while he obviousley has no intention of doing right by the club. The man utd game means nothing in the grand scheme of things. Of course you will still get a large crowd for the game as there are still fans on these pages that are so deluded and think bates is the right man to take us forward. While ever we keep throwing ridiculas amounts of money at the club nothing will change and as far as trying to prove his takeover was illegal, it’s been over 4 years now and it will never happen. He will be laughing all the way to the bank again but at least i can sleep easy knowing i am not contributing to the this disease at our once great club.

  41. John Fickling

    So you are a fan but you will no longer go due to bates?! Whatever bates does/says/implies will annoy people, but being a fan means supporting Grayson and the lads on the pitch. And let’s not forget, we’ve got a decent team still! Feel sorry for larry finding rough gems continuously on frees, only for bates to cash in. But bates isn’t going anywhere so get behind the team!


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