Leeds made it back to back home wins thanks to another late winner from in-form striker, Ross McCormack. Simon Grayson made two changes to the side that beat Crystal Palace with Adam Clayton and Aidy White returning to the starting eleven. The game also saw the return of Neil Kilkenny to Elland Road.

The whites got off to a perfect start thanks to a 3rd minute goal from Adam Clayton. Clayton, returning to the side from injury, fired Leeds ahead with a fierce left footed strike into the top corner, after some good work from Robert Snodgrass. Leeds threatened to double their lead moments later when Andy Keogh was put through on goal, only to be denied by ex England stopper, David James.

Leeds were made to pay and on 11 minutes, the inevitable happened. After some sloppy play in midfield, the ball was played to Neil Kilkenny, who uncharacteristally lashed the ball off the crossbar and past Andy Lonergan on his return to Elland Road. Kilkenny wasted no time in heading towards the West Stand to goad chairman Ken Bates. Leeds had the better of the chances towards the end of the second half with McCormack having a shot deflected wide and Keogh being inches away from scoring his first Leeds goal after a dangerous ball in from the lively McCormack.

The second half got off to a relatively slow start with a few half chances for Leeds, so on the hour mark, Simon Grayson decided to bring on Luciano Becchio for Ramon Nunez, hoping for the subsitute to have a similar impact to last week against Crystal Palace. Moments later though, the game took a turn for the worst when Paddy Kisnorbo saw red for a foul inside the area on Bristol striker Nicky Maynard. Maynard stepped up to take the penalty, which he hit straight down the middle, only to be saved by the legs of the impressive Andy Lonergan. This spurred on the crowd but Leeds were always going to be up against it with 10 men. Leigh Bromby was brought on to bolster the defence and then Simon Grayson brought on Finnish international, Mikael Forsell with the hope of grabbing all three points.

The game seem destined to end as a draw but with just over five minutes to go, Becchio headed a Leigh Bromby throw-in into the path of McCormack who poked his fifth goal in four games past David James. A nervy few minutes ensued as Bristol piled on the pressure, but Leeds held out for another unconvincing home win.

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  1. Mattk

    Loving Macca’s goalscoring instincts, if he carries on like this he’ll be in 25 goals+ territory for the season. Might build a very effective first-choice partnership with Becchio.

    Concerned about Howson though, again it sounds like he’s going missing for long periods, which we can’t afford without a third ‘central’ midfielder, and I’m not sure that we should go back to 451 as our ‘standard’ formation to accommodate that. Or do we play Macca as this year’s Gradel in an advanced left position in a 451, with Becchio up front? Some people are saying Macca will still bang the goals in from there but I’m not convinced about that. Not ruling it out tho. Might even be an idea vs Man U to avoid total midfield overrun??

    Wouldn’t be surprised if Howson plays much better vs s.c.u.m. but overall he could use some benchtime, captaincy or no captaincy (and incidentally I don’t think he’s there yet as captain material, but then who else would get the armband really?)

    Looks like putting Nunez may not really work wide left either so are we then talking White/Pugh?? Nunez is supersub material.

    Worried that Kissa may have shot his bolt- possibly too early to say but signs are not good! Would like to see Lees move to CB but it’s a shame we’re then relying on loanee O’Dea to be the older more experienced ‘leader’ at the back- we really should have bought a solid central defender in the Summer- without one and with Kissa losing it we look awfully light (and lightweight) at the back. Bromby’s OK but we have to aim higher.

    Given we’ve arguably only fluked 6 points in two home games against ‘also-ran’ teams, I dread to think what Man U could potentially do to us and frankly we’ll be lucky to getaway from Brighton with a point unless we really put a West Ham-type shift in and make every shot on goal count. Fingers crossed seeing as I’ll be at the AMEX and meeting up with my increasingly bolshy Albion mates afterwards…

  2. Anonymous

    mccormack looks every bit a proper player he is getting the service and the goals its making mi cockles warm .
    white was man of the match yesterday but we could do with playing snodders on the left or SAM cos Nunez aint no defender .
    well lonegran is probably the best keeper we have had since Robinson
    howson sadly needs to be getting dropped to the bench or even out of the team altogether  ,

    defence defence defence  ,we need to sort it lees is a centre back Connolly is a rightback now we can argue all day but lees just isn’t better than Connolly , he isn’t before you all start !!!..
    now for me play him instead of paddy whilst he is banned at centre with odea and play Connolly  at right back .then bring in Pugh ,push white forward and leave Ramon as a sub impact player ,

    back to jonny i like the lad ,he is not getting worse but he is  not getting better and he is simply going missing not for bits but quite a lot we need to play 2 up front so we cant go back to 4-5-1- to suit him .

    this manager lark is easy it must be there is hundreds here

  3. mulletcalves

    Question for everyone…

    I’ve only been to the West Ham game this year and thought we looked really impressive then, and yet most reviews I’ve read since then we’ve looked poor (maybe except the Ipswich game, when we apparently hard done by).

    For all you who go week in week out are we really looking so unconvincing?

    • Shakamoto Corporation

      mullet, we’re missing Max Gradel, badly. On top of that, we’ve used 22 players so far this season which is leaving us disjointed. Our pre-season is still ongoing. The team changes every game. Howson and Snodgrass are looking at best, confused and frustrated, at worst, disinterested. Keogh huffs and puffs but delivers no goals. Lees is an inexperienced CB who plays at RB, O’Dea is mediocre at best and Kisnorbo is slow. Becchio isn’t match fit, Nunez isn’t a left winger, Brown is slow and awful. Lonergan has done well in a similar way to Schmeichel at the early part of last season but that’s got as much to do with the opposition peppering shots at him as much as anything else and he’s let in 12 in 7 games. We still can’t defend set pieces.

      Apart from that, Clayton and McCormack look promising and Aidy White’s been okay.

  4. Shakamoto Corporation

    Sorry but I haven’t watched the same game as No.1inYorkshire orMattk.

    The cause of the penalty and the Kisnorbo sending off was the fact that Lonergan completely shanked a kick (under no pressure and with no players around him) low and straight to a Bristol City player. O’Dea was between the Leeds goal and the attacking Bristol player but lost complete control of his brain, body and legs and performed a move best described as ‘falling arse over tit’, leaving a chasing Kisnorbo with not much option but to put in a challenge from behind which was just outside the box, but momentum carried him and the Bristol man into the penalty area.

    Lonergan made the initial schoolboy error of immediately smacking the ball with his left foot when he had enough time to control the ball, take his time and pass to any of his defenders or stop the ball and then smash it up the field. That was piss poor goalkeeping. But what O’Dea did was comical.

    As for the penalty save – it wasn’t a save – the Bristol player hit the ball low and in the middle and hit Lonergan’s foot. 

    Despite the above, some choose to berate Howson and Kisnorbo and laud Lonergan when he was clearly at fault for the goal and make no mention of O’Dea’s calamitous balls up.

    Okay Kisnorbo is slow and Howson hasn’t been as great as last season, but has anyone actually watched any of the games? They’re the least of the worst offenders this season. Can anyone tell me that Snodgrass has been good this season? He’s been poor, but I’m not about to call for him to be dropped.

    No.1inYorkshire & Mattk – You’re both lunatics if you think Howson should be dropped from the side?.

    • Anonymous

      lunatic calling in why shouldn’t howson be dropped , oh i know he is leeds through and through !!! well that means jack if you are that and not playing well .which he isn’t now that might be for other reasons but even when he was clearly ill last week he was still playing its like he is graysons”” rent boy”” …
      there are better players than howson and snodgrass at the moment not playing ,
      now you say that you were watching a different game shaka to me and others well what about the countless dozens of others who have said this lots of whom are professional writers where were they Saturday   ,it was busy at the bar i know but thats because there was after 10 mins f#@k all worth watching

      • Radebe

        I cant believe there are suggestions to drop howson- despite arguably having a dip in form he is clearly the most talented player in the Leeds squad and was without doubt Leeds’ class act last season! Howson is a quality player, arguably too good for the championship- I would be incredibly disgruntled if after paying the astronomical ticket fee if I was not too see him play! So im with Shaka- No.1 and Mattk you must be lunatics if you think he should be dropped? 

      • Anonymous

        radebe its about opinions your opinion is that although he is playing badly ,had a dip in form he should still be playing and is too good for this division ,howson is blessed with the same local lad hero worship of others before  latterly one Alan smith but our player of the season 2 years ago kisnorbo cos he aint a leeds lad can be dropped ,or bessone who had 2 bad games and never played again for leeds .my opinion is he isn’t playing well and hasn’t all season and will do him no harm to be dropped to the bench

      • Radebe

        Number1 of course it is about opinions- the lunatics reference was used to tie into what shaka said and I use the term (incredibly) loosely! Kisnorbo is now 30 and seriously slow which is why he should be dropped, he is (in my opinion) no where near as good as Howson. My ‘favouritism’ towards Howson is not because he is a ‘Leeds lad’ but because he is gifted football! While I dont particularly agree with this statement but I guess it is in part what im arguing is that he is ‘too good to be dropped’ while in reality no-one is too good to be dropped he is currently performing well enough (just about) to remain in the team and this is without taking into consideration his potential and ability. Fingers crossed he puts in a last season performance tomorrow and we beat scum and noone will have to justify his selection!

      • Anonymous

        AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHMEN TO THAT cheers radebe we march on together !!!

  5. halifaxwhite

    in one word “rubbish” we play like that tomoz night and the scum are going to roll us over gudstyle and with a second string team!!! im starting to question graysons tactics and team selection! why didnt he start bromby or lloyd sam? as for lonergan hes begining to show why pne put him on the bench! crap kicking cant control his area etc!! never mind 2 hard games up and coming!! MOT!! and as an after thought regarding lonergan, one of me mates knows his family and straight from the horses mouth (his mum!) he would rather be in the championship with preston! loyalty eh!!

  6. Notts White

    An inept performance from Leeds however on the bright side “a wins a win”. Confused with Grayson’s tactics, started the game with the same team (apart from Clayton and White) that performed so poorly in the first half against Palace. IMO Kisnorbo is a liability due to his serious lack of pace and Howson drifts in and out of games far too often. It would also not hurt Snodgrass to start on the bench as his head is in the wrong place. Grayson needs to spot procrastinating and sign a quality defender on loan to sure up this leaky defence

  7. Bubionwhite

    Another lunatic here Shakamoto … Jonny Howson is not a central midfielder, never has been and never will be and until we find a partner for Adam Clayton our midfield will continue to be overrun if we continue to play with two up front … here’s hoping Mika Vayrynen is what it says on the tin and that SG has the courage to play them both together. The only home game of the season where we’ve looked reasonably comfortable was against Hull, and where was Jonny Howson … suspended along with Mad Max. You say that Howson and Snodgrass are looking frustrated or disinterested, which is, in my opinion, justification for leaving them out of the side but I find it difficult to criticise either wide player until the CM issues are resolved.

    • Matt

      Snodgrass is struggling because Tom Lees is not a right back and does not bomb forward like Connolly. It leaves the left midfielder and left back to double up on him.

      I think we should give Conns another chance, maybe put Lees to CB against SC United of Manchester?

      • Anonymous

        think i said pretty much the same in a few posts play lees at cb whilst paddy banned .lees is not a right back Connolly is END OF …….
        really white aint a left back and with him and nunez defending together that is where Bristol got all their success Saturday.
        i like lees and white they are the future but not in those positions paddy could be suffering because he is looking after the kids ………

  8. Anonymous

    With Kisnorbo’s sending off SG will have to rethink his back 4. I have not spoken to any Leeds fans who think Kisnorbo has been a success this season and why SG continues to play him every game is a mystery. IMO, he has ‘lost it’ after such a long lay-off he is not the same player. Surely SG can see this? SG continues to play players out of position and many of his signings are now surplus, like Paynter, Bruce, O’Brien, Connolly et al . This time he may actually get it right and we will see an improvement in the back 4.  Yet again we have SG only makes changes because circumstances, i.e. suspension, means he has no choice; not because he is a tactical genius.

  9. Matt

    Does anyone else agree that O’Dea looked a lot more composed alongside Bromby than Kisnorbo?

    • Anonymous

      yes he was ,odea and lees or O’Brien  ,bromby ,the chap who ‘s dad is manger at Sunderland whose name escapes me ,,,Bruce  ,me and odea would be better than paddy and odea at the min .
      i do not know what bromby has ever done wrong he has done as good as anyone else when he comes in and as we saw Saturday has a fantastic throw ,which got us a goal 

    • Radebe

      It has nothing to do with the fact that he is a Leeds lad- it is to do with the fact that he is a class act! When someone of his calibre is available for selection form or not (which I dont agree is lacking as much as others on here) he must be selected especially when the quality of the replacements is taken into consideration! If we stick by him, I will predict that give him a few more games and he will back to his best!

      • Anonymous

        he is a class act but not at the min he is out of form now it happens to the best look at 50 million quids worth of Torres yesterday ……
        he can not be above being dropped though its about the team not the local lad  to be fair if he was not the local lad he might not get in the team now  ..right now at the Minuite i honestly do not think any of our players would be playing in the premier league based on the 1st 7 matches ..if the season ended now lonegran would be our man of the season that says it all for me .
        going back to howson he would be the 1st to aknowledge he is not playing well .and to be fair mccormack could play in the prem at the moment …..

  10. slovakls11

    kisnorbo hasn’t got the legs but you can’t lack his committment. From what i’ve seen this season, that won’t be enough.

  11. Anonymous

    just thought i would also add we have played more players than any one else this season now we know what happened last time we did this ……down ,down deeper and down !!!there are other status quo tracks available and indeed other rock bands e:g guns and roses

  12. Anonymous

    on a more serious note killkenny has had a real go at bates and selling players etc at leeds now we can bemoan it as fans but people have said some players look out of sorts could this be the reason ,that other feel the same

    • Shakamoto Corporation

      Bing! Correct Answer No.1.
      The other players aren’t just your team mates, they’re your mates. 
      Imagine you’re Jonny Howson – there isn’t a single player left at Leeds that was there when he played his first game for Leeds. Not one. On top of that, he’s had 4 managers as well.

      That amount of player turnover maybe okay if he was 35 and had played for Leeds all his career, but he’s 23.

  13. trueyorxman

    Kilkennys best 3 performances: his last 2 games for Leeds (funny that, looking for a new contract was he?) and Saturday. Hope he ends up in League 1 nexts season

    • Shakamoto Corporation

      If Bates wants to go public and bad mouth players, then he’s fair game and I applaud Kilkenny for his gesture and for his comments. 

      • Anonymous

        apparently bates had a fan thrown out the west stand too on Saturday for bad mouthing him ….
        now let me just say i am a fan of howson he was fantastic in league 1 and played OK for the most part  last season i am not saying sell him but somerts wrong i know he was a really good pal with bradders ,but the lad is struggling he was ever present last season and has only missed 1 this it would not be a bad thing to give him a match on the bench keep him as captain etc etc because it might not help him if he carries on like he is and gets a game every week ,where others are being dropped rachubka for instance did nothing wrong pre season but isn’t playing
        as always shak opinions we march on together

  14. Jimmy one eye

    Is there such a thing as an unconvincing win when its 1-1 and your a man down with half an hour to play? To read comments on here you would think we lost 5-1. The team is adjusting to life without Max, and it is causing a few problems, not least the opposition been able to mark snoddy out of the game in the knowledge he is our main threat with nothing down the other flank. Perhaps pushing White up to left mid and Taylor at leftback is worth a try for the Man U game and also maybe give both the finns a start? If it doent come off, well never mind, the more important game by far is Fridays at Brighton.


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