It appears Keith Andrews has snubbed an approach from Leeds United in favour of a move to Ipswich Town – the same destination as former Whites target David Stockdale.

The agent of the Blackburn Rovers midfielder revealed to the Yorkshire Evening Post that “Keith won’t be coming to Leeds” with widespread speculation suggesting Andrews decided Ipswich Town would be the better move.

Simon Grayson has also missed out on another reported target in Jonathan Spector as the United States international signs a two-year deal at Birmingham City.

There have been some reports this week that the Andrews deal had stalled because Blackburn Rovers wanted Leeds United to pay £15k of his £22k per week wages – a figure the Elland Road management were unwilling to meet.

It stands to reason that wages will have been the tipping point in the race to sign Jonathan Spector too with Birmingham City and their parachute payments capable of offering more money than Simon Grayson and his tight-fisted chairman.

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  1. Graeme Hesk

    I am getting increasingly irritated by the cup half-empty brigade. Average Premier League players, wanting ridiculous wages. Sounds sensible for Bates and Grayson to bin them. You want players to come to Elland Road to play for the shirt. Let's be honest, playing for the shirt of Ipswich, Birmingham or Leeds and you are Premier League player with an ounce of football knowledge, who would you choose? But no, they head for the place with the biggest wage. Yet, Leeds have missed out on two more players, and Bates is a tw*t. To top it, I am not sure Leeds mentioned interest in either of these players. But it's a sure thing that if they did, their agents will have been on the phone to 8 other Championship teams letting them know of the interest. Grayson has not missed out on these players, it just didn't work out, if he had any interest in the first place. Keeping Gradel and Snodgrass should be applauded, but we won't mention that.

    • PAUL

      graeme wake up and smell the coffee, are you related to bates? its people like you that allow bates to continuously take the piss out of every leeds fan. he is taking us all for mugs. he ha not interest in going up that is blatently obvious for all to see, he is not injecting any cash, but expects you and i to inject more cash hence the hike in season and match day prices, he will gladly harp on about breaking salary caps coz thats his golden ticket for not investing. it is common knowledge in football business that the place to make money is playing in the championship and getting large crowds (now which team fits that bill ?) so the longer he is in the championship with crowds averaging 30,000 the longer he will be happy. as for keeping snodgrass, for your information he agreed personal terms with norwich a few weeks ago they are just haggling over the fee, leeds want 5m they are only willing to pay 3,75m and that is fact, wake up fella you are deluded. BATES OUT BATES OUT BATES OUT

      • Delia

        err, i'm a norwich fan and no, we have not agreed a fee with your club for snodgrass. leeds asked for £8m, we offered £4m – end of story. we then signed pilkington from huddersfield instead. don't go making stuff up now paul…

      • paul

        Dont patronise me delia or whatever ya name is. have u dpoke to snoddy coz if u haf then he wpuld tell u exactly as he tlod me. lambert had snod ay livingston and he loves hom

      • Pete

        I dont get this at all!! Everyone complains about bates and grayson not spending loads of money on what to be fair are actually sh*t players.
        Yes we all wanna see big name players coming to Elland Road but to do that you have to break the bank, Which we shouldnt be doing! Our out goings are huge because we messed up in the past, All of our money that we spend is going to pay for the rent on Elland Road and Thorpe Arch thus bates is trying to gain extra income to subside this ie concerts new coperate, museum hotel bars etc etc.
        I dont like the guy but look at actually what he has done for Leeds – 1 was the only person to come in and buy us 24hrs before we shut the gates for good, 2- Invested in better entertainment around the ground ie Pavillion, Billys, Howards etc 3 – Sneakily got rid of our debt so for any potential buyers in the future our books look good as we are one of a handful of clubs that actually make a marginal profit.

      • Pete

        So yes we want cheap seats, better players on big money, own our ground and training facilities and to be in the Premiership but its not going to happen over night and we need a structure to support that investment which isnt there at the moment.
        We need to stop moaning and actually go down to the ground and see the players we do have because against Newcastle it was like we had 5 new players – Lonergan, Paddy, Clayton, Brown and Mccormack and we played bloody brilliantly.
        Snoddy and Gradel aint going anywhere because we are that stubborn we'll let um go on a free to keep um for as long as possible. So everyone stop moaning and actually get behind the guys we do have and you never know!

      • oldlufc


        Where have you been for the past 5 years? Do you really think Bates 'saved' Leeds? "24 hrs before we shut the gates for good" are you being serious? Marginal profit? Where is the money from the Delph transfer, Play-Off final/Semi-Final, recent cup ruins with TV money? How has he managed to find £7M to refurb the East Stand which the club does not 'own'? When he was unable to finf the money to buy back TA at a really advantageous price. Where did Bates find the money to recently buy the club from people he did not know? And so it goes on!! The real 'truth' is that the unknown off-shore investors put money into Leeds, Bates is on record as saying that he did not put a penny in and he did not know who the beneficial owners were.He was the only person to the offshore creditors would do business with, why was that? Could it be that he really was the major creditor after all?

        Bates has done absolutely nothing for Leeds Utd and the sooner the official inquiry into his business methods is conducted the better. Whilst I agree that it is high time clubs started standing up to these agents and their outrageous demands I just cannot support Bates who is actually bleeding our club dry!!

      • martin day

        I remeber Leeds in the Pemiership. I went to Elland Road in the Pemiership. Cr*p beer that was horrible, food inedible, cr*p facilities, really sorry looking ground full of genuine supporters who were then, in my opinion, having the p*ss taken out of them.
        Now the cider tastes of cider, you can get good food in the pavilion, the screen works, you can buy a programme in the ground, you drive downthe M621 and see your spiritual home not the dump you go to very other week.
        All you Bates bashers sound like spoilt kids lately.
        Perhaps there is a bigger picture and perhaps, iinstead of bemoaning the lack of signing we should do what god intended, MOT

      • Numpty Detector

        you havent got a clue son. i doubt you ever went to the premiership games you were probably sat with bates at chelsea
        back then the ground was full of people watching premiership football for less money than what we pay now.
        the facilities are no better, other than we have no seats to sit on and hes painted everything blue, still same pies and burgers, draft lager and cider still shit but we pay more for them
        the ground is exactly the same from the m621 other than at the moment it looks like a building site so that comment is utter nonsense.
        what is the bigger picture to lose our training ground, to not open half the east stand, to build a nightclub and hotel. how is this benefitting us is howards restaurant and billys bar paying for us to get the best players in this division ….NO we still dont compete
        Time for you to get off the gear its doing you no good at all
        Sooner you get of the crack and start realising what is happening the better

      • leeds_lad

        Excellent comments …… Bates must be thoroughly investigated, whatever penalties may arise. The club will never move forwards until questions are answered, and many loyal supporters will never return to watching on match days until reassurances are received/

      • Pete

        I've been down Elland Road the last 5 years actually, Yes he did come in at the last minute as it was well publicised that no one else coughed up the cash (including all the Arabs and Duncan Revie)
        Yes we do on the books that you and i can view make a marginal profit, We had a turnover of £27.46 Million with a profit of £2 Million so yes marginal. The money from Delph is split in to payments so we didnt get one lump sum of £7 Mill so that gets watered down, I agree we should have bought back Thorpe Arch but we couldnt get the necessary loan due to our bad credit history so we needed The council to help out but wouldnt so we again missed out.
        We know he really owns the club and the offshore stuff is a load of tosh but thats Bates he likes to play games – BUT the fact is he does have us in a good financial position
        Anyway lets keep the finances in the Black and Bates isnt going to be here forever but i do think he has done a good job at leeds in comparison to most Chairman in the country. Who knows a Sugar Daddy might come along but better the devil you know

      • oldlufc

        Pete – take off the rose tinted specs – When Bates arrived the debt was down to circa £20M, but 18 months later it was £37M and Bates put the club into admin. Remember, no other interested party was allowed to 'inspect' the books hence no other firm bids. "Could not get the loan for TA" even LCC refused to do business with Bates, since however, he has managed to find £7M for the East Stand!! How do you know the club in a good financial position? We fans are merely fed what Bates wants us to hear. Bates has alienated the fans, supporters club, local TV and media, slags off players and agents in public – is it any wonder players do not want to sign for Leeds. Remember Bates stated priorities are/were Buy back ER & TA, attract investment – YES – he's doing a great job!

        "Bates likes to play games" – yes, and this is exactly why no one wants to do business with him. His stupid 'games', court cases and verbal diarrhoea only 'damage' Leeds Utd Football Club. If Leeds United are fortunate enough to gain promotion it will not be down to what Bates has done!

      • macinge

        Well done Pete, somebody speaking some sense at last!! These so called supporters obviously have very short memories. Before Bates we were millions in debt and only going 1 way. There is no doubting he is a coniving arrogant so and so, but he has saved our club millions and he doesn't want to get back in that shite again!! Of course we want top quality players at Leeds, playing for our club, but again everybody must realise for 99% of players it is a job and like most of us money comes top

      • Matthew


        What is it with people like you spouting garbage like do you love Bates, are related to him, work for him, part of his PR team? because you can't put a decent enough point to someone on here.

        Its posts like yours that bring down this website, could you not respond to him like a normal person? Everyone below you has.

    • Roger Ramjet

      and im totally irritated with people who stick their head in the sand and continually make excuses

      stockdale said live on radio leeds couldnt even get to the negotiation stage with him, bates said he was meeting with a midfielders agents on monday. day after they have turned leeds down, you dont have to be sherlock bloody homes to work it out. Leeds dont mentione their interest because they dont talk about deals until they are done (well except when they do)

      average premier players are a damn sight better than the average championship & league 1 players we have been signing.

      and have they kept gradel and snodgrass, gradel hasnt even been offered a bloody contract WAKE UP FOR GOD SAKE

  2. saltburnwhite

    Hes shit anyway lol…plenty more fish in the sea….i would like to add that grayson has a transfer budget of around 1.5m left after kasper money and initial transfer pot , this includes wages as well as transfer fees .

    I have a sneaky feeling that grayson has had a high earning player on his radar as his top priority signing above all else , which is why he is being so frugle when offering other contracts to players . i dont want to stir the pot even more but i can only conclude this is the reason why we are missing out on players .

    i would speculate that this player is alan smith , if grayson has budgeted for 20k a week for alan smith with newcastle topping up the rest then this would come to 960k to have smith for the year , which even in alan smiths book is still very good money . however due to alan being an insider at the toon he has probably known the shit has been stirring for a while regarding rats jumping ship and he could probably see an opening in the midfield which is why hes been stalling grayson and why grayson has been tight with money just incase he says yes .

    if grayson did sign him he would in effect only have 500k left to spend on others which would amount to 2 extra squad players at 5kpw each or one run of the mill fairly good player like keith andrews if you could bag him for 10kpw and this would have to be players signed for free.
    This is all purely speculation in my head …but it does make sense when you think about it , and why we are losing all these run of the mill players

    • nostradamus

      Don,t despair for I hear that signings are imminent in the north east.A reliable source tells me that Bates and Grayson were,alledgedly seen entering the Pound Shop in Redcar.Incidentally is it true that in future
      all membership cards are to carry the phone no.of the Samaritans?

  3. Rex

    Whilst I don't think that either of these are much improvement on what we've got, it's still disturbing that we seem to be continually outbid in the wages dept.

    Good to give the young ones a chance, but we need some depth to the squad.

    What has happened to the two 'rather good' midfielders KB was talking about last week?

    Loan signings ahoy I fancy.

  4. Paul C

    Arghhhhhhhhh Smith Again…..right where my coat? I am outta here! FFS

    • Jmo

      I have your coat… I saw the S word and left before you and it was raining…

  5. Mersey Whites

    To pay 15k a week for Andrews would have been total nonsense.
    Its one thing if the player is going to add quality, but if that is the price for your average squad player in the Prem, then I for one would rather give youth players , and our squad players a chance, before paying crazy wages for below average players

  6. saltburnwhite

    @ paul c didnt want to mention him again but my theory does make sense does it not? it may not be smith it could be joey barton lol …just trying to find a reason why we are not even getting average players to sign and my theory is the only reason i can come up with

    • Paul C

      Just sick to death of seeing his name pop up everywhere. He to me is not the answer , he is from the past. I am more concerned with the future.

      I am not bothered we didnt get Andrews or Stockdale. Average players from lower end of premiership. By failing to get them it sends out a negative meessage. . What I am bothered about is the continued humiliation of a once great club. If we cannot afford average premiership players …FFS stop trying to sign them. If we can only afford 1st and 2nd Division players – thats the place to go looking.

      I know I cannot afford a new Mercedes….I do not go looking for cars in a Mercedes garage!

  7. sim

    Thats a fair comment and I am inclined to agree but the other side of the coin is that Ipswich Town will be a tough nut to crack this year as will many others in this division. You cant blame footballers for going where the money is, they are footballers and not Leeds fans! You have to pay more for the better players and 8 times out of 10, teams with the better players will do better!

    There has to be a happy medium though, do we want to compete on an even (ish) keel or do we want to have no debt and some more sparkly corporate boxes that we wont sell anyway. i dont think you can have both and thus we are choosing not to compete on an even (ish) keel and have a positive bottom line….

    Its very frustrating and it does show a lack of ambition somewhat but we best get used to it as this is Chelsea under Bates part two – cant wait til the Russian Gangster arrives !

  8. mattbb

    ok so we accept that we're sensible, and using Simion Grayson as our source in the Mirror – we arent a financially `big' club – his words not mine – so how then do we finance £7m of building works? got to either be a loan or else a direct payment to the construction firm. thats why the `cup half empty' brigade are so p*ssed off, and I'm a card carrying member as long as we continue to waste our money this way. The engine for investment in our club is the football we play, and the level we play it at, the longer we refuse to accept that – the longer we spend down here in the sh1t.

    even spending £4m of that on either good new signings (free or otherwise) their wages, or boosting the wages of the current squad would have been money well spent – when we go up – sure – spend the money on exec boxes.

    Keith Andrwws – what a t*sspot, didnt want him anyway!

  9. Come on u BLUES

    As for what Graeme Hesk said about playing for the shirt of Leeds being in anyway better than either Ipswich or Birmingham what a load of tosh, Ipswich have been just as successful as Leeds over the last 10 years ie: they have won nothing and as for Birmingham they are the current holders of the league cup something which any leeds supporter could only dream of!! so this so called leeds are bigger than them or there shirt means more is total b******s the last time a leeds shirt was worth wearing was when they were trying to buy the title with players like Bowyer who also chose Ipswich instead of Leeds so this can only tell me that Leeds are a club who think they are better and bigger than they are!

    • James LUFC

      You obviously have no clue whatsoever, go anywhere in Europe or the world for that matter and see which of the 3 clubs mentioned any1 actually know of, it won't be Birmingham or Ipswich and that's a fact, hell, Birmingham aren't even close to being the best club from the Midlands and Ipswich, well let's just say they are nothing special. Deny all you like but the fact is Leeds is a far bigger club with a huge fanbase across the world.

      • James LUFC

        Oh and for the record, Bowyer chose Ipswich for personal reasons, not because he didn't like Leeds so that's all that you know.

      • Martin

        Birmingham you are a really small club with a tiny fanbase. Even Ipswich is so much bigger than you. You hardly exist! Congrats on the League Cup… Are you ever won a League Title? Like we won in 68/69, 73/74, and 91/92? or a single FA cup? You are at besr the third team in your own city far behind from Aston Villa…
        Leeds have supporters all over the world, ike me, an argentinian LUFC fan, you pretty small even in you own city…

      • Ignorant Leeds fans

        Your seriously deluded fella . Leeds have not achieved half what Ipswich has, have you not forgot 11 consecutive years conquering Europe under sir bobby. The bottom line is you are not and have never been a big club. Bowyer, Stockdale and now Andrews who joins Chopra, Cresswell, Ellington, Igamarson and Jay Emanaul Thomas etc,,, chose Ipswich because they have more ambition, more money and better stadium.. And don't even think to compare to Birmingham,

      • ross mccaramac

        wtf did itfc win in 11 years conquering europe? 1 uefa cup wasn't it? leeds are as big as anyone in the championship no bigger, no better.

      • Martin

        your a joke, dont even deserve more attention…11 year in Europe?? winning what?? flying tickets? And you don´t undesrstand the argue whit the Blues supporter who named Ipswich…

      • SuffolknGood

        Let's face it Leeds, Brum and ITFC have all seen better days. But at ITFC we're punching well above our weight, especially in terms of fan base and cups won. We're a TOWN for god's sake with a population of around 120,000, not a major city, so to attract the crowds we do is an achievement. And I'm guessing here, but our European history more than matches Leeds' and definately Brum's. We're the only club to have supplied TWO England managers who also just happen to be the two most successful England managers, the legendary Sir Alf and Sir Bobby. Anyway I don't wanna waste my time getting involved in a 'we're better than you' argument, I have more interesting things to do….like laughing at those yellow inbreds from Nobitch.

      • Andy Flynn

        You’re a town in the middle of nowhere so you have a massive catchment area of fans.

        There must be at least 500,000 people in Suffolk who don’t have a lot of clubs to choose from so that’s a crap argument.

        The fact your nearest rivals are Norwich and you’re miles away from one another says it all.

    • mattbb

      youre about to taste administration, and it isnt nice, dont be so smart.

    • ross mccaramac

      leeds tried to buy the title with players like robinson, woodgate, kelly, harte, mcphail, smith, kewell…. not that money had anything to win with brum tin pot cup win last season…….congrats to itfc on signing so many good players this summer im sure they'll be up there challenging for promotion.

      • your mum

        haha, so we "tried to buy the title with players like Robinson, Woodgate, Kelly, Harte, McPhail, Smith, Kewell"……all of whom, um, came through our youth ranks, and so didn't cost a penny to buy………

        but let's not let pesky facts get in the way of a misinformed bit of ranting and unthinking tabloid-pinion-as-'fact' regurgitation eh…

  10. number1inyorkshire

    you have to laugh !!!!!!

    we are right to have a wage structure or are we there is one thing ,its costing us .
    or is it bates ,or grayson or us the fans or the tea lady .
    one thing for sure "summets rong wi us " my mate who sells programs has even transferred to Huddersfield .
    there has to be something what do they know we don't ????

    • TSS

      Haha, it's bad when we're losing programme vendors to Huddersfield. My God, what is the world coming to?

      • number1inyorkshire

        to be fair i think he thinks he might get a game but still!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Tyler75

    You can read Andrews comment about his 'developing his career' more at Ipswich being that he is likely to be playing more regularly for them than he would for us – I doubt SG would have guaranteed him a first team slot. Jewell's a very good Manager and Ipswich will be right up there challenging this season.

    • Frank (just say no)

      you absolute dreamer, yeah hes going to a club who are buying decent players but he'll get in more there
      absolute drug problems from some leeds on here

  12. Bigwardo.

    Lets be honest folks,as someone said earlier its time to smell the coffee..who wants to join a club with no ambition,no money to speak of and a manager who is only a puppet for Bates bank balance.MOT.

  13. Martin

    Out of topic, what happened with Hatfield? he´s gone? is in a season loan? why doesnt have a shirt number? last seasn he ear the nº 37…

  14. Joe C

    would like to some up and coming player signed from league 1 or 2 instead of dis premiership player whos gonna ask for more money than hes worth anyways.

  15. Dave Howson

    Every comment here has a point to make….Its a concern that we perhaps can't compete with other clubs on wages, lesser clubs or otherwise….Our concern should be Leeds..They are a great club in a great City with fantastic support. They are still in business thanks to KB, even if it is to make a buck or two. He didn't get them into the position they found themselves in and I personally can't for one minute think that KB can wait to get Leeds Back in the PL and tell everyone how HE did it. Feet on ground..lets see how we do in what will be a terrific championship season for the spectator…Just remember that night in Milan and hope somtime we get back to that level…in a financially healthy position….

  16. Paul South Wales

    If we signed big money players they would only be defenders, because who would they displace in midfield/attack. I don't particularly like Bates, but without him where would we be now? I think we'll see two/three in very shortly making us a decent prospect. Becchio's back soon and we'll be flying. I agree with some earlier posts in that Leeds shouldn't be held to ransom for some thirty odd year old players, they will always go for the most money as their career's are coming to a close. I sincerely hope Smith doesn't come back, he's way too dear and injury prone. Saying that Bowyer would have been a great capture. RB/LB/Mid and short term striker on loan MOT.

  17. Big Pants

    "Jewell's a very good Manager"

    FFS. No doubt you'd like Smith back too?
    Games Won Drawn Lost Win%
    527 207 125 195 39.28
    Perennial flirter with relegation/relegator. Unable to motivate a dressing room. Also a scouser with bad hair.

  18. Matt wright

    As far as I’m concern I could give a shit about Andrews. Woopsie fucking do. What pile of shite we supposedly going after next. I’d rather get my moneys worth from bates and whack him in as a holding cm!

  19. Matt wright

    Would if my phone didn’t ruddy correct me and end up spelling stuff wrong


    Right now I’d rather we invested in getting Gradel and Howson on long term contracts than waste £20k per week on an average premier league squad player.

    I think we should ask Gary Mac to loan us Delph for the season with view to a permanent signing if we get promoted. It’s the sort of box to box midfielder we need so Howson can play slightly higher up the pitch.

    We desperately need a top notch left back to give Parker time to develop, but apart from that I genuinely believe our squad is good enough for a top six finish.

    As for the money being spent on the stadium Bates states that he could only obtain finance to put into building works because it has to be secured against a tangible asset and you can’t borrow money to spend on players.

    Perhaps if he wasn’t such an tw*t and paid the fans respect by being transparent about where our money is going he wouldn’t be so hated.

    If we GENUINELY can’t afford to buy the players we need without putting us back into debt then I’d accept that.

      • TSS

        Not so sure about that one. You don't spend £7m on something you don't own. We don't know who owns ER, much like we didn't know who owned LUFC.

        My reasoning is, that I wouldn't bolt a conservatory onto a council house… would you?

  21. Mark

    Who are all the youth and squad players i keep reading about that deserve a chance. I think we have a reasonably sound first 11 (Lonergan, Connolly, Kisnorbo, Obrien, Parker, Brown, Clayton, Howson, Sondgrass, Gradel, Paynter (until Becchio is fit), subs to make an impact would be Nunez, Somma (6-9 months away), Sam and McCormack – central midfield cover is as bare as a playboy centrefold.
    I think Andrews could have done a really good job for Leeds, he's not coming so we move on but Leeds need to find at least 1 more central midfield player and two new full backs if we are to "last the whole season", another striker wouldnt go amiss either (on the basis paynter and ginger have only managed a couple of goals between them since they arrived at Leeds last year).
    Fingers crossed for an injury and suspension free season!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Matthew

    On the plus side guys, he clearly wasnt the kind of player we need, we need players that actually want to come to Leeds United, not ones that will take an extra grand or two at a crappier club(like Kilkenny did).

    Lets invest in our better players like Gradel and Howson who will be out of contract in the near future, instead of players who are only coming to us for the money.

    I would take Gradel and Howson signing new contracts over any new player, any day.

  23. Tim Campbell

    I'm not overly concerned with the midfield at the minute – lets face it nunez and new boy brown would probably be more able than who they are replacing namely johnson and kilkenny. Our real concern at the minute is the left back position with striking options in the short term being another niggle. Get these problems sorted and we are flying

  24. Brian T

    We have brought in a lot of loanees and free agents and most of them have turned out to be pretty average or poor. Its obvious that we are not going to splash any cash for some better players so it looks like its going to be fairly much like last season although it could be that we find it a lot tougher considering that there will be some better opposition.

  25. mojoluafc

    Im actually quite positive about the season, i`d like Eric back and maybe a LB as Parker was poor and i dont think he`ll get any better. We`ll just have to see how the season pans out at the start, Jonnys improving all the time, hopefully Brown will add some strength in the middle, Lonergran seems better than Casper and weve still got max and snodders. Lees should come thru well and with Nunez breaking into the team im happy. Granted up front without Luco to me we are light, Ross needs to find his scoring boots and Billy, well im not happy with Billy, he`s league 1 to me.

    Glass arf full for me, just needs topping up a tad.

  26. EllasLeeds

    Calm down. Bates is trying to build the infrastructure and scaffold to build the future. None of the players mentioned were better then the current starting 11

  27. Riviera Kid

    Keith Andrews was playing League 2 football only a couple of seasons ago and has not made the grade in the Premiership. Granted there have been others at his level who have gone up to the Prem and performed, but he has not. The propaganda spouted from Leeds about class players being targeted is exactly that; propoganda to try and appease a restless crowd.

    I think it’s frightening that we’re linked with these players in the first instance. Keith Andrews is not the player to take us to the next level. However, what worries me is that these are the players on Grayson’s target list; these are the players he wants and we still can’t get them. The truth of the matter is that Leeds aren’t able to trade off the name we once could up to only a couple of seasons ago. We have been overtaken by teams who are showing more ambition and are not run by chumps such as Bates and Grayson who can’t get their own house in order first (contractual issues, letting Keepergo without replacement…).

    If I were on the outside looking in, trying to choose a club then not sure Leeds would be my first destination. Who wants to play for Grayson or Bates?

  28. Robbie

    I have heard rumours around sheffield that we will sign montgomery soon, apparently we offered paynter as a swap earlier in the transfer window, but paynter turned them down. (This is only a rumour but it does come from within Sheff Utd)

    I went to the Newcastle game and considering we havent really spent any money I think Grayson has done a fantastic job with what hes got, (Cant beleive people are slagging him off) we looked fit and full of fight, Clayton and Parker were the only doubts for me, clayton has a good eye for a pass but lacks the strength and Parker needs time to build up his fitness and confidence and its pretty obvious that we will get another midfielder before the transfer window closes and maybe Lihaj to play left back?

    Has everyone forgot last season when Boro spent big and nearly got relegated, teams like Blackpool (remember the team that Grayson created) played for each other and as a unit thats why they got promoted because they had players that are hungry. If Andrews wasnt that bothered then f**k him, Mcartney turned out to be a d**k last season so the less of these loan players (even if it is for the year), the better. Apart from Lihaj who has the passion and wants to play and isnt just in it for the money.

    • Matthew

      McCartney will never wear a Leeds shirt again. He left on bad terms with Grayson/Bates.

  29. Georgies Best

    It saddens me as a middle aged Man u fan who remembers Revies great proud side and with a leeds mad son, to see Bates crushing the very soul from Elland RD. To see Grayson floundering round in the transfer market. I hope leeds get promotion but lets make this clear it will be in spite of Bates ,not because of Bates.

  30. mattbb

    i think the best thing Leeds have going for them right now is Simon Grayson, who quite simply must completely Love everythng about Leeds United. To suffer the indignity of a chairman who on the one hand stands there straight faced telling him hes got £1m this summer to spend on players, and their contracts, plus any sale proceeds, and sorry mate but theres no more….. and on the other hand tells the city that leeds had a turnover in excess of £22M, made a £3M profit, and then goes on to spend £7M on upgrading executive boxes.. puts season ticket prices up to £750… well Simon Grayson deserves a bl00dy medal for his restraint.

    If I was the chairman of Fulham, Wigan or indeed Blackpool I'd be very tempted to put him out of his misery. Here's hoping that Mendy and Bodor are two more rough diamonds in the mould of Becchio, Somma or Gradel.

  31. kev

    we also have the new accolade as having the most expensive programmes in the whole of football according to the bbc at 4 quid a time,whats next bates going to charge us for taking a piss in the fancy new toilets,we are the ryanair of football !

  32. mattbb

    if he started charging us to use those then taking the p*ss just wouldnt cover it. But thats something he seems to excel in.

  33. John C

    Fans have a right to expect better player investment when, amongst other areas of exploitation, £4 is being charged for a programme (TSB is better all round and miles better value). Having said that, neither of the players mentioned here were ever going to improve our squad much. I'm longing for more midfield cover, both attacking and defensive, even if the first choice XI seems reasonable. So many players were and still are available – if we can't source one or two, then there is no chance of a repeat of last seasons play-off contention.

  34. mattbb

    just seen SSN – No Contract offer even made to Gradel yet – here we go again..

  35. Clarke8

    Not bothered about either of these players really. Average Prem players on fat wages, no thanks. I'd rather we offered Gradel a contract and secured his services for the future. So even if we do sell him next season we will get decent money for him. However, we are still short off a couple of defenders and a centre midfielder for this season. Without reinforcements we will struggle this season. Clayton may have had a good pre-season but to expect him to dominate the midfield every game is unrealistic. Brown will be solid but will get suspended and Howson is inconsistent, one game great, next game not there. I'm hoping McCormack can fill his boots up front but it is worrying we are missing the big man Becchio for so long. Shame for Somma too as he may have got his chance. Come on Grayson make some signings. Although something tells me it ain't Grayson's fault we're not signing players. We can't compete financially in the transfer market.

  36. halifax white

    everyone wake up smell the coffee!! this particular season we will be very lucky to finish mid table!! all this bitching and whinging gets us nowhere! the plain simple truth is that there is no and will be no major investment in the playing squad while "improvements" are being made to the ground (can anyone tell me what benifits club staff are going to have with a bigger desk??) new posh boxes for posh leeds "fans" and a reduced capacity!! did you know that the upper tier will not be opened unless demand is there!!! which means maybe 3 times this season….all we have to do is what we allways do, go week in week out put up with average football shite manc beer and crappy pies!!! anyway its only 4 month to xmas! ho ho ho!!!!


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