The new season is almost upon us, which means it’s time for the new  TSS Prediction League to begin.

Last season, Craig stole the show and stormed to victory by quite some margin. Can anyone stop our reigning champion in 2011/12?

If you haven’t predicted before, the rules are pretty straight forward. You need to predict the score and first Leeds United goalscorer of our next fixture and are rewarded points based on accuracy (more on that here).

To take part, you’ll need to register for an account on the TSS forums. Once you’ve done that, you can post your prediction for Leeds United’s first game v Southampton here.

One of our forum regulars has also started a Texaco Fantasy League. Anyone interested in that can find details here.

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  1. Tim Campbell

    Not making a prediction but read a snipet in The Sun this morning that says Larry is going to part with £1.2M in a double swoop on the blunts for Montgomery and Quinn

      • Tim Campbell

        And no vibes from your blunted mades on Quinn TSS

      • TSS

        No, they all just seem convinced Monty is on the way. I visit the Sheffield store about once every couple of weeks as part of my rounds, and it's football talk from the moment I enter to the moment I leave – not once has anyone suggested Quinn may be on his way here.

      • _dje

        I think you overlook how much relegation can raise the doom and gloom level of fans, TSS.

        Both sets of the Blades and Wednesday fans that I know compete with each other over which of their best players can go for the least amount to the teams they'd least like to see them leave for. Aside from the respective other Sheffield team, us and Barnsley are the two teams they seem to think will be taking their best players for nowt.

        I think McCabe has enough financial clout to resist cheeky offers for the exact type of player who will get them back to the Championship soon enough.

      • TSS

        I know they like to have doomsday competitions, but the Monty rumour does make sense. They have a couple of trialists the manager is reportedly keen on but has yet to sign up. Rumour has it, that they're waiting to clear Monty's wages before they can, and since Simon Grayson has admitted interest before, we're a very likely destination. No other club has expressed interest to my knowledge.

      • Tim Campbell

        Not that its pretty, but many a team has 'shafted' us in the past as regards getting our players on the cheap – so I say bring it on. If we can get them in for next to nothing so much the better!!

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