Anyone hoping that yesterday’s woeful performance against Southampton would be the tipping point which sparked a late spending spree is in for more disappointment. 

Instead, Leeds United appear to be sticking to unattached players and loanees.

Felix Luz, Dennis Grote and Ibrahim Mararoufi are three unattached players who all featured in yesterday’s friendly against Farsley Celtic.

In fairness, the combination of trialists and reserve/youth players faired an awful lot better than The Whites did in Southampton, with Felix Luz netting a hattrick in the 4-0 victory. Of course, netting a hattrick against Farsley Celtic doesn’t mean he’s going to be any good in the Championship, but I imagine he’ll do a lot better than Billy Paynter!

Midfielder Ibrahim Mararoufi’s claim to fame is that he was the second youngest person to ever appear for Inter Milan. He played about 10 minutes of a Serie A match against Livorno and made five appearances for the Italian giants in the Coppa Italia. Since then, his career has been a slightly confusing one with the midfielder signing for clubs all over the world and leaving soon after.

The third trialist, Dennis Grote is a German left winger/midfielder who has spent almost his entire career so far playing for VfL Bochum. He has also made 14 appearances for the German U21 side and was part of the team that won the 2009 Championship beating England 4-0 in the final.

Alongside the three above who were confirmed by the Offical Site, it’s rumoured that Leeds United also have Senagese left-back Boukary Dramé on loan. 26-year-old Dramé has previously played for Paris St German and FC Sochaux and was linked with both Newcastle United and Nottingham Forest earlier in the summer.

And finally, it’s also rumoured that Leeds United are hoping to bring Chelsea’s Ryan Bertrand in on a season-long loan. The left-back has had previous loan spells at Norwich City, Nottingham Forest and Reading and played at every youth level from the U17’s to the U21’s for his country. At just 22-years-old, Ryan is an extremely experienced defender who has amassed well over 150 professional appearances. This one does seem unlikely however given Ken Bates’ relationship with the club.

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  1. mark o brien

    Celtic left back just broke his ankle , wonder if there is return clause in O’Dea’s contract.

    • TSS

      I thought he got better as the game went on, but the majority seemed to think he was poor.

      • TSS

        You have to remember it was his first game. He'll need time to grow into the team and figure out what the rest of our defence were attempting to do. Very harsh the criticism he's receiving considering how bad the entire team was.

      • Colin

        Bessone was never given time – he was crucified by Grayson. Why should O'Dea get any different treatment?

        He was lucky not to get booked for dissent for clearly (on TV) calling the linesman a "F'ing Pr1ck." I'd have booked him. Actually, I'd have kicked him up the arse.

        O'Dea's shit. Get rid. Quick.

  2. orangina

    perhaps it’s more of a reflection on how well saints played…either way I’m still pretty disappointed. We need more passion and determination when the going gets tough. Nothing has changed in defence. Things can only get better, just makes me depressed that a so called not good enough traitor is hanging around at the circus that is nufc we need someone like him ok he’s not the complete answer but someone who knows how to get stuck in and play for the shirt. Don’t shoot the messenger…..

  3. mark o brien

    I didn’t criticise, I’ve seen him play loads for Ireland and Celtic and always more comfortable at centre half. Andy O’Brien is really struggling at Leeds and paddy well off his former best. Obviously this should have been seen on training ground before we put them together at a pumped up St Marys. Snodgrass looked very lethargic aswell but on a plus side Clayton done well.

  4. Marc Butterworth

    Yesterday was shocking and embarrassing to be honest. I really hope that this is not a sign of things to come this season or we are in for a really long hard season and probably in for a delegation dogfight. let's just hope yesterday's performance was a blip and not the norm……

  5. Henryv

    Last season we may have got a 3 -3 draw.
    Our worst Leeds nightmare is a reality!!!!!!! :-
    Defence still crap, BUT no one to score a goal!!!!!
    Simon looked a beaten man!!!

  6. @banditsteve123

    Will people plz calm down yes it was poor but its one game on minus points obrien looked way off snoddy looked like he was playing the lead in his boots and brown not sure wat he was upto now the plus points we looked better when brown went off ,howson and clayton who i thought was MOM for leeds were much better,im not sure we can play with 2 wingers we are far to open not sur wat the answer is

  7. mattbb1

    bjezus the above article fills me with dread. What happened to signing lichaj? or forgive me… even alan smith… a list of bizarre and exotic midfielders who've played for FC Sauernkraut B Team and at U18 for Bosnia Hercegovina is not the sort of qualitty we need to fix our team. If ken wants Fawlty Towers to attract any exec guests then he'd better spend some cash on a decent player?….. how much longer will paynter get? not long i think, certainly not of danny wilson wants him back..

    On the positive side, saw a picture of felix luz on wikipedia, and whilst he may not play like becchio he certainly looks like him. Worryingly one of those photos was at the opening of some `gentlemans' club called die ritze… Taxi for Herr Luz…

  8. number1inyorkshire

    bessone would be better played now give him a go ,seems Parker is finished ,don,t think he will get a new deal .
    someone has said already this is similar to when we had 40 odd players of differing nationalities when we went down .it does not work .
    we as it stands are the laughing stock alright its early doors but a defeat Tuesday to city will be interesting and with our star players out gradel and snodgrass what will we do .
    might well be a blessing Sam should start .

    we are a long way from promotion and it might galvanize the team but it was the body language of the gaffer which said a lot too ,he was a lone figure out there Saturday night , he will know what the squad is and i am 100% sure aside from becchio that was his best 11 and subs

  9. ADIY69

    the team was poor o dea was not up to the job team should have been for me
    lonergran rb bromby ch kisnorbo ch lees lb parker mid gradel howson mccormack snodgrass
    fw grella nunez subs used in the second half brown and clayton

  10. @banditsteve123

    Lets at least give odea a chance i would play him alongside paddy the chance that paynter missed are never easy i dont know why he just did not smack it like he did at preston but i think that miss finished him.Any one else think that snoddy looked like he did not want to be there none of his tracking back,looking forwerd to seeing nunez on tues if he does well drop snoddy,one last thing i thought lonrgan did ok and clayton miles better than killa

    • mikelufc

      Just as well most of the posters here are not playing as they cant even string a sentence together.

      If we cant teach our people to speak and write their native language then how can we expect our players to play proper football?

  11. Peter T

    Signing O'Dea aday before 1st and playing out of position
    Playing OB abd Snoddy when both had little chance to return from injury and are not fully fit
    Smacks of desperation
    Not sure the new tatic of hoofball to a midget striker is going to work either


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