Max Gradel appears to be the stalling point in a £7m deal that would see Sochaux midfielder Modibo Maiga sign for Newcastle United.

Sochaux chairman Alexander Lacombe told Sky Sports he will only sell Maiga when suitable cover has been secured and that negotiations with a view to signing Max Gradel are at an “advanced stage”.

With the transfer window due to close Wednesday night, it looked as though Max Gradel would be staying at Elland Road with Ken Bates reassuring supporters that he had no intentions of selling Leeds’ star winger.

But all summer long Max has been the subject of constant transfer speculation and it seemed only a matter of time until someone produced the “silly money” Ken Bates has been waiting for.

If this deal does go through, the big question is whether Leeds will have a replacement ready to come in before the transfer window closes?

Update: Andrew Haigh at The Sun has chased this up and it seems Leeds United have REJECTED the offer. More here

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  1. Gryff723

    The question is, what's the pricetag?

    Schmeichel was being sold for £1mil in our media, £250k in Leicester media. And nowadays most people (now that there's less interest in it) people say about £750k.

    If Gradel goes we'll probably never know how much for. I just hope we don't get rid of him for less than £5mil. He may only have one year left on his contract but he's that good. Just think what he was like vs. Arsenal when Snoddy was locked out of the game by the same defence…

  2. _dje

    Hmm, does the loan window close on Wednesday too? There's the answer regarding replacements.

    Let us just hope that we at least get Ken a million or two as at least someone will prosper from it.

  3. Sean

    2 active days before money transfers are done and dusted. Not surprised that Max' name has surfaced again – if he goes and a good fee comes in I would not be bothered if it was re-invested in the squad. Trouble is – it never is :-(

    Leeds United = feeder club and £2m / year pocket money for KB :-(

    • ross mccaramac

      plus more sky money for the scum game, still if we stay up im sure ken will be more than happy.

  4. Tim Campbell

    Don't think the loan window closes on wednesday, but theres been so much said about this potential deal that I have to believe it will happen. It may be me reading too much into what max is thinking, but he looks like a guy with a lot on his mind. The real issue here is will our loveable chairman release any of the transfer fee for new recruits. I believe nunez if given a good run in the team could turn out to be even better than max – only time will tell

    • SAV

      The problem with that is if Nunez does get a run in the team and does well Bates will say he has no intention of selling him either and suprise suprise he will be gone in the January transfer window along with any player that is having a decent season, a strange lack of ambition this season i have never seen the like of this before

  5. Bluesman

    Do they have any choice but to sell him when he is out of contract next year and could walk on a freebie. There does not seem to be any interest in giving him a new contract at Leeds. Perhaps there is a master plan. The secrecy and keeping cards close to chest is not working for th club. There communication and relationship with the fans is rubbish! Who was it that said that Leeds don't need any more players, because they have competition in every area?

    • Sean

      No one knows for sure what has transpired with Max Gradel and contract negotiations. One year ago Simon Grayson stated they were going to sit down with Max' representatives and iron out a new contract. One month ago Simon Grayson stated that they were still going to sit down with Max' representatives and iron out a contract but signing new players was the priority and in between there have been several rumours that Max' agent has stipulated what was required and it was a lot higher than our wage structure allowed. Max has stated that he wants to stay which is a positive but possibly it's just not possible with the wages he wants OR alternatively Ken bates will take any decent offer for any player. As much as we hate the idea we are now a club with a modest profit (subsidised with player sales) and with our current carefull/miserly (delete as required) board are not likely to trade any season in the red so if the fee is decent I think he'll go and if it's only £1m or there abouts up front he'll stay.

  6. Tare

    My gut feeling; White in the left flank, Nunez in the hole and pick of Becchio/Keogh/Forssell in the front. That means full back recruitments.


  7. AD

    I tell you what my fingers are crossed this is nothing more than a rumour! Ok Nunez & Aiden White can both cover the left wing, but it’s another of our top needed premiership quality players on the out! Any players who show top flight quality & ambition at Leeds all seem to leave! Cuz it’s getting more & more obvious we’re further & further away from Promotion! Unless this deal is stalling some of our own deals (doubtful)! I think it’s another example of Bates & therefore our clubs lack of promotion ambition! It’s far to late in the window to really be good news!

    • Sean

      As well as Nunez and White we also have Lloyd Sam. On the flanks we are quite blessed with five decent wingers undoudtedly Mad Max is the pick of them all. Up front we have Becchio, McCormack, Somma and for the time being Keough (we can also play Howson or Nunez in the hole if Becchio, Somma or Keough play if required) – personally I'd get rid of Painter and it looks as if Grella has now been paid off and gone. In the middle of the park we have Howson, Clayton and when he gets a bit more match fit Brown (personally I think we need 1 other squad player here). Across the back we have Connolly, Lees, O'Brien, Kisnorbo, O'Dea and White (again I would let Bruce, Parker, Besone and possibly also Bromby leave – some would even argue about O'Brien and Connolly but I still believe they can do a job when match fit) and this looks very lightweigth. In goal Lonergan and Rachubka look fine. In short I'd sacrifice Max for a decent left back, central defender and one more midfielder and let a few from (Bruce, Bromby, Painter, Besone, Parker) go to balance the payroll

  8. Matt

    I'm not sure about the translation of Sochaux's comments (can you speak French to a level which eliminates any ambiguity?), but that doesn't mean it's not true.

    If we get decent £, I am happy… if we know the money is going into the squad and not the East Stand or Ken's back pocket.

    All of a sudden Grayson will be thinking "Why did Bates stop me signing Mendy?".

    • TSS

      I'm using Sky Sports' translation mate. just going off the information they've published and the way they presented it.

  9. Whitefanman

    You can bet your bottom dollar that the fee will be undisclosed i.e. 2.5 million. Its only ever undisclosed because its derisory and SG and KB wont want to piss the fans off….
    Same old bullshit, different day!
    Nunez is not a direct replacement for Max in that we dont exploit his strenghts when he is out on the wing. First half against Donnie proved that! Tend to agree with Tare if anything….
    What really pisses me off is that we rescued that little shits rotting carrear at Leicester and gave him an opportunity and at the first sign of a pay rise he is out of the fxxxing door!!

    • Bowden

      He's still a Leeds player and has expressed his desire to stay at Leeds for a long time; he loves playing for Leeds. If there are any little ****s involved in this, it's one or all of: Bates, Max's agent and the tabloid reading, gobs**te spouting divs jumping on a bandwagon that doesn't have any direction. Direct your anger towards the right people in the right way and a positive change could be made, talk bollocks and you're just another 'moron'.

  10. henry_v

    TSS "If this deal does go through, the big question is whether Leeds will have a replacement ready to come in before the transfer window closes?"
    The money could be used to pay for the Premiership loanees wages?
    Nope!! That would make us go over budget!
    If it is true it is perfect timing for Ken!!
    "Too late" was the cry!
    They will say the money was too good to turn down, but they won't tell us
    anything about the deal.

    Twas ever thus!

    Ken and Simon have said "we have kept our top players" let us hope they do!!

  11. Craig

    I know I’ll b classed as mad for this comment but if gradel goes, I believe Nunez will and can fill the gap. Very influential player, just needs to be given a proper chance, not 20 mins here and there. Has played well in games he has started

  12. mattbb1

    The answer is we dont need a replacment, we have lots of tricky wing / attacking midfielder types, Nunez, Snodgrass, Sam, White. Arguably no direct replacement because Gradel is simply a cut above. The problem is he knows it, and his heads been turned by his bl**dy agent. On the face of it Sochaux are not a big fotballing concern, they certainly arent as a big a name as Leeds United in world football, but as per usual Bates wont stump up the extra wages and we can Kiss Gradel goodbye. Is there a replacement? well as per the above `party line' no, though we can no doubt expect a new defender or holding midfielder for a fraction of the amount we receive for Gradel.

    • _dje

      If White is so good on the wing then why aren't we already playing him there? Nunez isn't a winger. That leaves Sam and his injury record and Snodgrass who can blow hot and cold. As has already been said above, where's the competition for places, and why didn't we take on Mendy as a possible replacement/ utility man.

      It depresses me to say it, but I think Grayson will go back to playing Howson on the left hand side of midfield and use Brown/Clayton as midfield and Nunez in the centre when he plays 4-5-1 – which is only a matter of time.

  13. Pete Sasqwax

    My only issue with this is that Max was given too short a contract which has made this scenario completely inevitable. As soon as he got into the last year of his contract, this was always on the cards. Let's hope Nunez gets a decent length deal soon.

    Is there a reason none of you (unless I missed it) have mentioned Lloyd Sam? A very good player who was unfortunate with injury last term and is without question a ready-made replacement.

    Would you swap Max for a CM (Lansbury?), new contracts for the likes of Nunez etc. & Sanchez Watt, maybe? Personally, I think I probably would

    • _dje

      Sanchez Watt would be a terrible step backwards and an admittance of it. If he couldn't force his way into the starting XI with two decent opportunities he shouldn't be offered a third. Unless we are desperate; we shouldn't be desperate.

      • Pete Sasqwax

        I'm not suggesting he's a Max replacement – both Sam & Nunez would be ahead of him there – but there's a fair chance he'd be available very cheaply and I feel he'd add some depth to the squad. I don't dispute that he's not the finished article yet but I wouldn't expect him to be given the dearth of first team games he's had.

        In light of what mattbb1 said, I'd revise it to:

        Max for Forsell & a CM

  14. mattbb1

    In fact, the gradel money would fund a contract for Forssell or signing Keogh on a permanent deal, just thought of that..

  15. Tare

    Call me old school man but I do really like it!. Okay players/managers come and go, Chairmans' come and go but the LU/community stays and that is the fact. Read this article in YEP about Bill Fotherby and he had some wise words to share. We still need a player like Gordon Strachan, a true leader who made every other players look good or even excellent. In the spirit of 20th anniversary.


      • Tare

        Ok, point taken, some irony perhaps :).


        Still have to say that what excellent team of HWs winning team was. Thrashing Owls 6-1 and Lee Chapman in his form of life (playiing triangle with Gordon, for God's sake).

  16. henry_v

    If Max goes we may have a better chance of keeping 11 players on the pitch?
    We may find someone who can take a penalty!
    Up front we are OK.
    We need defenders!!

  17. Roger Ramjet

    Michael Brown, cuckoo cuckoo

    doesnt matter what happens you lot will still be kissing kens bum bum

    get the parasite out – now

  18. Leeds Lad

    I never really liked Gradel, yes he scores a lot of goals but i think he is a liability (Bristol Rovers comes to mind). I also think he is a very selfish player, who will shoot and miss when he could have passed and then it would be an easy goal. I think my opinion of Gradel is summed up by one of his first games for Leeds at Carlisle when he had a go at Kilkenny- arrogant player. However i would rather him stay, but if we can get a decent replacement in time i'd rather he go. That won't happen because of our chairman.

    • Bowden

      You'd prefer Kilkenny over Gradel; oh my days!! And if Gradel is arrogant then Kilkenny was just a full weight c**t with naff all energy and not much more talent to back it up (Have a look at his tracking back and effort at a tackle, I think you could call it an effort, for Bristol at the weekend). If you have talent you can afford to have an edge or attitude, if not, as was/is the case with Kilkenny, it's much better you focus on yourself instead of giving everyone the high-pitched hairdryer treatment and throwing your toys out of the pram when you get frustrated at your own limitations, projecting your incapabilities onto your team-mates and sapping morale. Good riddance!

    • TSS

      It's Andrew Haigh that's written that, he's a Leeds fan so I'm guessing he used The Sun's resources to chase the story up for his own benefit as much as the newspapers. In other words, I'd put money on it being accurate.

      Crisis averted – for now.

      • _dje

        And if Gradel is Newcastle's back-up if they don't get Maiga from Sochaux?


        <——- us

        Hard place

  19. Pete

    Max gradel was are player of the season last yr. He works his socks off 4 the team he’d be a massive loss have never seen a winger win the ball back as much as this lad. White n gradel have been working really well together n building up an understand. Which a doubt we’ll get with nunez. Stump up ken n pay the lad wat hes worth

  20. Marc Butterworth

    Hang on a minute guys….. Fingers off the panic buttons….. Didnt Bates say himself on Yorkshire Radio only a few days ago "Max Gradel is Going nowhere".

    Now i know Bates is a tosspot, but I cant believe he would make that comment if Talks with a buyer were far enough down the line for them to now be at "Advanced Stages" ????

    Or is it just me???

    • dalesteel

      yeah your right mate. As much as a toss pot bates is, I do believe him when he says max is not for sale. Lets be honest if we believed the tabloids Gradel would be playing for about 6 different clubs right now!

      And for people who are worried about length of contract. remember Beckford……. Bates could of sold him then but didn't (and lost fee's) so I have to agree with him in someways, (but not many).

    • number1inyorkshire

      it seems its just you never mind hind sight is an exact science

    • nostradamus

      Did Bates really not want Gradel to leave? Imagine the following scenario.Bates receives a reasonable offer and wants the money but doesn't want to further damage his public image so he contacts Gradel
      "Max old chap we've had this offer for you from France would you like to go?.If so why not put in an official transfer request then I can say that you forced my hand leaving me no alternatve but to release you.Then I can put the blame on you and I emerge with with my hands clean and no damage to my highly esteemed reputation" Devious fellow our Ken !

  21. Mark

    Really don't understand some of the comments on here. Gradel has been Leeds stand out player for the past 12 months, and a new contract should have been sorted out during pre season. The fact a new contract hasn't been forthcoming (for whatever reason) has left a feeling of inevitability that gradel would be sold before the end of the transfer window, no real surprise that its happening this late in the day either (if Leeds had sold up in the summer it would have been difficult for the club to justify his sale if the proceeds weren't used to improve the squad – and lets be honest who really believes they would have been??).

    What i really don't understand is the "we wont miss him", " overrated", "have ready made replacements" comments that have started to appear, just don't see it that way at all.
    If Gradel goes Leeds will undoubtedly miss him. Agree he has a combustible temperament, however his pace, goals, work rate, passion have all contributed to Leeds progress over the past 18 months. Nunez looks good but is definitely not a replacement for Gradel. He is an attacking midfielder (similar to Howson) and would not be as effective as a left winger, how many times has Howson failed when played in that position in the past. Agree Sam has been unlucky with injuries however that aside there is little in his record to suggest he is a par replacement for Gradel, reasonable back up option I agree but a quality replacement he is not. The idea that White could fill in that role isn't really worth commenting on at all, appreciate we all like to support local born players however the reality is he is nowhere near good enough to replace Gradel.

    Leeds will not reinvest any proceeds from the sale of Gradel into the playing staff other than what is already in hand (if anything). Although Nunez isnt a replacement I suspect the spin from Leeds will be that he is, time will tell i guess. Based on Graysons comments a few days ago that Leeds work in the transfer market was all but complete I dont see any new additions to the squad this week, even if Gradel does go (I would love grayson and Bates to prove me wrong on that though). I suspect we will see the normal influx of a couple of loanees in September/October, really don't expect much more than that.

    Leeds progress last season was based on the teams healthy attacking options and limited by its poor defence and lack of central midfield options. Are we any better off this season? If we lose Gradel our attacking potency is reduced, central midfield is still thin (what happens if Howson or Clayton get injured?) on the ground and defensively nothing has changed at all. I wasn't convinced Lees (or Clayton) would make a difference however I have been impressed by both of them however, Lees cannot paper over the wholes in our back 4 on his own. I believe Leeds still need a CB, LB, RB and DCM to add to the current squad, if Gradel goes add a LM. Will we get them, I hope so. If the club does sell Gradel for a few quid there is no excuse for not improving the squad, no excuse at all.

  22. Tim Campbell

    nunez has shown a hell of a lot more commitment to leeds than gradel has. He has given up his chance of playing for his country, has remained patient while others have been given many more chances than he has, and since the start of the season has exploded to the forefront with his goals. Gradel for his part looks at odds with himself and everyone around him and as someone else said has a greedy streak that runs down his back has not always benefited the team

  23. Shakamoto Industries

    Forget the £7m sochaux player who no-one has heard of, nufc should just buy gradel for £4m and keep £3m in the bank.
    I’ll expect my £100,000 consultation fee from nufc, in the next few days.

      • Fly Shakamoto

        tim – on hols and site doesn’t let me login properly via my nokia mobile so i have to post whichever way i can!!

  24. number1inyorkshire

    take the money it makes sense and to be fair we are thinking that gradel should show some loyalty we where is his new contract it has to be 2 ways .
    As i said before bates and co would sell gradel on deadline day so we can't spend the money on anyone else don't be surprised if snodders dunt go either and paynter for other reasons .
    at least its not to another UK club i am not so convinced that max Alain gradel will ever have another season like he did last time out and i don't think he was ever gonna sign another deal ,so we have to take the money we will end up with premier league kids next week when loan window opens when in reality we need some experience and quality

  25. Chareose

    Sean, dont be nieve mate, we arnt a modest club. We pay the 5th biggest ticket prices in the country and that includes the Premiership………we get plenty of TV money and weve sold players for good money. Theres no excuse for not seeing substantial investment in playing staff or at the very least keeping the decent players at Elland road…. Gradel going will damage our season, perhaps not now but certainly when injuries and loss of form kick in.

    • Sean

      i'll grant you that everything you've posted is true but ….

      1) there are 20 premiership clubs with guaranteed sky payments of 30m per year from sky plus additional revenue from sponsorship deals corresponding to their status and profile in the premiership.
      2) there are currently 6 teams in the championship 16m parachute payments per year
      3) there are currently 5 independently wealthy clubs (owners with money no object philosophy)

      Our match day income from gate receipts is approximately 15m per year and if we guess an average wage of about 10k per week per player then our squad salary per year is approximately 13m. Now we also have sponsorship, merchandising and TV revenue for championship matches and cup runs but this money is probably eaten up nicely by coaching staff, ground staff, policing costs, business rates, ground lease and professional costs like accountancy, lawyers and agents. so actually yes compared to at least 30 clubs our income stream is modest, our profit small but admirable considering nearly every other club in the championship runs at a loss and we are not one of the big boys in town any more. having said that i agree losing Gradel would damage us as I consider Max to be the 2nd most influencial player in the squad after only Becchio. Like I said before if the offer is small they probably won;t accept it. If it's 4m+ they probably will and I won;t argue too much if they invest that money in a decent CM, CD and LB to increase the depth and quality of the squad.

  26. adriantag

    I put my sudden rapid hair loss down to the stress of supporting Leeds United!

  27. lar

    whos next..thats the this is ken bates idea of rebuilding leeds for the future.

  28. Simon

    If Sky Sports News is to be believed, as of 19:38 terms have been agreed with St Etienne and he's off for a medical tomorrow…

    • number1inyorkshire

      sochaux are out 2 million rejected ????? does anyone know the facts , i assume st Etienne would be a better club aint french footy a little like the scotish lot a few good teams and the rest make up the numbers

      • number1inyorkshire

        just looked on st Etienne website it was in french obviously and would not translate but i think they are saying a deal in principle has been agreed with leeds unitedto sign gradel (medical )and a chap called nicolita ,steed malbranque has joined too earlier

  29. Tim Campbell

    Goodbye maxi thanks for your service – step forward ramon nows ur chance

  30. Chareose

    Hes gone to St Etiene, its on the leeds website —- for an undisclosed sum…………(in otherwords Kens keeping how much he pocketed secret so the fan revolt is limited when we dont spend any of it)

    Please also be aware that the club will put the best possible spin on this, please dont be nieve. the truth is we could and should have signed him up to a long term contract ages ago.

    We now have a tiny squad of decent players. Seasons as good as over, we have no chance of promotion

      • pnxb1019

        I doubt it will be Snodders, he is out of form.
        More likely Nunez, Bates could rustle up a few quid for him I am sure, and when you add the 'Undisclosed' fee for Gradel with the ' Undisclosed' for Nunez , the 'Morons' can hardly moan because Bates will have 'Undisclosed x 2 ' in the coffers….cushty!

      • number1inyorkshire

        none of our players are safe from sales .
        that is the one thing they need to stop UNDISCLOSED FEES who they hiding from tax man ,Leicester (sell on fee???) grayson or just us
        no ambition alright he asked to leave but if there had been a deal in place it would have been signed GAME OVER

      • Chareose

        maybe ? ho doesnt seem happy does he….. and nothing would suprise me where Ken Bates is concerned……. Really hate all this, wish I could wake up tomorrow and Ken Bates life sapping tenure was just a bad dream………

        We need to ask the UN and Nato if they would provide air cover for the Leeds rebels as we try overthrow the evil blood sucking dictator….. I will give Haigue a call

  31. pnxb1019

    Never mind French sites…it is on the official Leeds site guys ! Gradel is history, by tomorrow he will be 'rubbish' anyway once Peter Lorimer 'writes' his piece defending the sale and Simon Grayson has a press conference. By Friday LLoyd Sam will be the 'ready made replacement'…….so predictable The fee by the way is…wait for it…..UNDISCLOSED.

    • Sean

      If he put in a transfer request what chance would you have given on him signing a contract extension pre-season. I think he has eyes on what he believes to be something bigger. He was signed on a two year deal one year ago after a successfull loan period. what do you want the club to do, sign players on 5 year deals, on decent salaries and hope they'll be good for 5 seasons even when they have been bloody awful for their previous club ?

      For what it's worth Wikipedia details " Leeds revealed that Gradel had handed in a transfer request and he joined French Club St. Etienne, with the fee believed to be £7.5 million." and even if it was only half of that the club were probably right to take the money rather than let him see out his contract like Johnson and Kilkenny (Beckford was a special case and probably worth retaining rather than lose him for 2m)

      • number1inyorkshire

        we had no choice he was going 7.5 million i doubt maybe 3-4 , 3 probably it is good money in real terms
        grayson should be able top spend tomorrow
        please not WATT

      • Mark

        We did with Bessone and Paynter, its why they are still at the club i.e. Grayson cant shift them because of they wont get better contracts elsewhere. Defend Bates and his illegitimate son Grayson all you like, fact is this Leeds have given lucrative contracts to average Joes and failed to "keep our better players" as we have been promised we would do by Grayson and Bates all summer. Not an ounce of integrity anywhere in Leeds boardroom or management team, not an ounce of respect or faith left in this supporter in Grayson or his sugar daddy.

      • number1inyorkshire

        if that was a reply to me ?? i hate bates wish he would kick it and not in his sleep i will never defend him ,but gradel was gonna leave at some point if not now later , in 8 months he walks for free we can't have that again .
        at least its not to a UK club its good money in real terms

      • Mark

        No was a reply to Sean's comment about players contracts at Leeds i.e. crap players that are not good enough on 3 and 4 year deals (Bessone and Paynter) whilst Leeds better players contracts (with the exception of Becchio and Snodgrass granted) are either short term or allowed to run down. It smacks of incompetence in giving average joes long term deals however i genuinely believe it is the clubs strategy with any player that will attract a good fee to allow contracts to wind down and thereby attract bids from other clubs which Leeds can then accept using the players contract expiring excuse. Leeds supporters played for mugs by Bates for a long long time and unfortunately grayson is part of the problem, he has no integrity and would never dare challenge Bates for fear of losing his position, instead he trots out cliche ridden drivel that backs up Bates "regime". Maybe Grayson is a good coach and or manager, unfortunately, for me anyway, that is completely undermined when i see him acting as Bates voice in a tracksuit. Leeds fans deserve better than Bates and Grayson.

      • Sean

        Bessone was a mistake in hindsight but he looked pretty decent when he played for Swansea and Paynter was a mistake waiting to happen I'll grant you (bought on the back of one great season at Swindon where everything went well and his partnership with Austin was magic). The club managed to get Snodgrass and Becchio to extend their contracts even though both could play in the premiership but failed to keep Johnson and Kilkenny – it could possibly be that players run down their contracts simply because they know that their agent will get them good salaries because they are free transfers (for Johnson it worked – for Kilkenny it didn't). One thing I am strangely enraged about is the mandatory "undisclosed fee" – is it to make sure other teams don;t know our spending power or to distract supporters from how much is available to spend but isn;t – I don;t know

  32. Lewis g

    offer accepted after transfer request around 2.5mil i think, but hopefully it may spark a bidding war after the request,.. heres to hoping

  33. mattbb1

    wow, who'd have thought it? Mac Gradel will apparently be playing keyboard for the late 90's brit-pop synth rockers? I always thought St Etienne were sh1te anway.

    • _dje

      Always had a soft spot for their version of Only Love Can Break Your Heart. Never a Neil Young Fan. I blame Sarah Cracknell; we'll probably sign her up as Gradel's replacement.

      • mattbb1

        i think grayson might buy the two gimps who sat behind the roland synthesisers, at least cracknell would improve the scenery.

  34. mattbb1

    I wouldnt worry too much, Graysons got an eye for an attacking midfielder, its the dreadful boz eyed, lummocks that he finds for centre backs that worry me, I guess Bates will be briefing him on the newly available funds, a nice `round' figure as usual.

  35. Lewis g

    what are the odds on us bringing watt in on loan until january as cover for nunez, or that he will make mccormack work there so he can incorporate beecchio back into the team when fit again

  36. Sean

    The question now is what will the club do with the cash ? This has been dragging on for so long I'd be amazed if there weren't irons in the fire for team strengthening and maybe we'll hear more about the salary negotiations with Max agent now that the club won;t be worried about upsetting one of their star players.

    • Mark

      Prepare to be amazed then Sean because no of the Gradel money will be spent on the playing squad. Nothing will be happening on the transfer front until the loan window opens and even then Leeds normal practice is to leave it until the last minute.
      Stronger squad than last season my arse.

      • Sean

        You could be right or you could be wrong but yep I think the squad is more balanced and stronger than last season – admittedly not entirely because of signings.

        Out Kasper and Higgs – In Lonergan and Rachubka (I think stronger)

        Out Lichaj, McCartney, Bruce and Besone (first two were loans and last two won;t play again) – in Lees, White, O'Dea, Kisnorbo (OK so 3 of the 4 were our players anyway but 1 was injured and 2 were out on loan)

        Out Kilknenny and Johnson – in Clayton and Brown (same as above for Clayton)

        Out Gradel and Grella – in Keogh

        Yes I think the squad is stronger and I also think if Somma and Bechhio were not injured we'd be sitting pretty at the top end of the table.

        All a matter of opinions I know but I'm not blowing my brains out yet, I think we have a really decent squad.

  37. Chareose

    Someone above said we already have Sam ready and waiting lol And if hes sold we have got Mavis "the official Leeds United Underpant washing lady"………

    Wheres TSS ?? On the Shitter ? Big news like this would normally mean a new TSS post within seconds. Can someone wake him up please

    • number1inyorkshire

      gone to Manchester airport according to twitter tss that is not gradel

  38. Duval

    If for some strange reason we buy a replacement, Jason puncheon would be my choice, think hes still available?

  39. mojoluafc

    Big big big loss imo, only proper menacing attacking player we had, proper gutted, thanks Ken.

  40. Carl Pearson

    That little wanker didn't give 2 fks about Leeds united so fk off and take anyone else with similar feelings with ye ,pricks like him acting above his station thinking he's pele , he wasn't fit to clean the boots of many a player who has graced our club In 18 months time people will be saying remember that black lad who got sent off against Bristol what was his name again …… Shut door on way out!

  41. Dave

    The only positive to take from this is that it gives Nunez a real chance. We may as well write off any cash raised now as we all know fine well it will not be invested in the squad. Bates will spin the same drivel that Grayson will have the cash to spend in jan, then we will see the inevitable trickle of loans and freebies…. Yet again.

    This whole scenario was so predictable. There has been interest from day one of the window, but had we sold him earlier master bates would have been under allot oc pressure to actually spend the money (not that it would have made a blind bit of difference). This way he thinks we have more chance of forgetting about yet another wad if cash sitting in the bates vaults.

  42. number1inyorkshire

    do you now its funny , oddly i was really pissed when beckford went but every player since i couldn't care less there is no point any more being pissed alright we are but bates does not care about football , hotels etc yes but not football ,

  43. Tim Campbell

    Like I said before Uncle ken and his italian scout cum (boy)friend have a wealth of foreign targets just waiting to jump upon the good ship titanic. I do take what mr chairman says with a spadeful of salt since promises from him are as good as monopoly money in a whorehouse

  44. kev

    did u see on sat when McCormack scored gradel was 5 yards away and didn't even go up and congratulate him,he new he was off then,gona realy further his career in france isnt he, bollocks too him !!

  45. Matthew

    As I said on the other post, Goodbye Max, best of luck.

    And Uncle Ken will likely use the money on his hotel.

    Also to those saying buy Sanchez Watt, he only works if we play 4 – 5 – 1, he isnt a 4 – 4 – 2 player and I wouldnt trust him on the wing, he isnt the finished product.

    Nothing against Leeds buying him, but he needs a nice long contract and a few years to build in quality, like Clayton had.

  46. Colin.

    Sam is a better player than Gradel,and as I have said in other comments to stories, Gradel has got his wish and possibly held the club to ransom.The undisclosed fee is probably next to nothing because I suspect that Gradel was bleating hat he would not try for the club if his contract was held over by Leeds so they are reluctantly dispensing with his services.The fee is probably derisory and a lot less than was tabled amongst other offers.It won't be mentioned so it won't upset the fans and I suspect make West ham's offer look good.

    • Mark

      "Sam is a better player than Gradel" is based on what evidence. I think Sam is a reasonable squad player, better than Gradel, i think not, certainly not on the evidence of any games i have been too (season ticket holder West Stand for over 20 years).
      Loyalty in football is a bygone notion, it has been for a long time now. If Leeds had sorted out a new contract for Gradel and he turned it down then fair enough move the player on. If Leeds havent offered Gradel new terms then not sure what the guy has done wrong.
      I am lucky enough to have a good, well paid job that i enjoy doing, i work hard at it and (hopefully) my employer appreciates my efforts, i certainly appreciate the help and support they have given me in developing my career to date. That said if a rival employer contacts me in the morning and offers me a job that will double, triple or quadruple my salary there is no decision to make, i would make it happen. If the same scenario happened but i was only offered the same terms or a marginal increase then i would likely stay where i was. The reality is that Leeds (Bates) cannot or will not compete with the wages players are able to attract elsewhere, unfortunately its a situation we are all going to have to get used too, it wont be changing any time soon.
      Can any supporter on this forum honestly say if a rival employer offered to double their current salary for exactly the same job they would turn the offer down, i suspect not.
      Good luck Max, thanks for your efforts in a Leeds shirt. Unfortunately we are a poorer team without you.

  47. mike

    bates fuck off and take sg the puppet with u this is leeds united yee two fucks are play n with all leeds fans stay away till that fuck n leech is gone people will say he will sell our best players if we stay away but the leech will anyway hope the bbc and mp get that cunt out asap


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