After the debacle that was Leeds’ performance against Southampton, fans were looking for a response against Bradford. But when Bradford struck on the 30 minute mark, even the most optimistic whites fan must have sunk into their seat. To be fair to Leeds, they had been passing it around better than Saturday but they still lacked that cutting edge.

Luckily, Leeds turned it around after twice being behind and secured a second round tie against Doncaster. Personally I think the reason we’re in the next round comes down to a few factors. Ramon Nunez was a breath of fresh air on the night. He looked dangerous, he gets into the right positions and you can sense the excitement in the crowd when he’s on the ball. Ideally he needs a run in the team, but I can see Simon Grayson dropping him to the bench on Saturday, to make way for the return of Max Gradel and Robert Snodgrass. However I would argue that Nunez should play instead of Snodgrass after his lacklustre performance against the Saints, but it’s not up to me.

Bringing Leigh Bromby and Tom Lees on for Andy O’Brien and Paul Connolly was a decision that was welcomed with cheers from the Elland Road crowd. All pre-season I’ve wanted Lees to start against the Saints and with O’Brien picking up an injury, I thought he was certain to get his debut for the club. However Grayson stuck with O’Brien and we all saw how that ended up. He was at fault again on Tuesday and to be honest he looks unfit and off the pace. After Grayson had made the substitution I can only remember the Bantams getting one more chance, which was superbly dealt with by Tom Lees. It was a bold decision by Grayson’s standards, but one that paid off.

Lees also supplied a perfect cross for the equaliser that supplied Ross McCormack with a chance to get off the mark. Now Lees is predominantly a centre back but he did play right back for Accrington Stanley when he was on loan with them a couple of seasons ago, so he’s certainly capable there. I believe he should be given another chance on Saturday in the right back spot and hopefully he can provide some more assists whilst staying solid at the back. Lloyd Sam looked lively too and his jinking run into the box supplied Nunez with the first equaliser. He is a great asset to the squad and a more than capable back up to either Max or Snodgrass. Adam Clayton looked the part once again. His crunching tackle in the first half embodied the true never-say-die attitude that the Whites faithful expect. He is quickly becoming a fan favourite and if he continues this form he will soon become a vital part of the team.

Overall Leeds will have to step up a gear against Boro on Saturday. We need to keep the ball better and pass it around teams, it’s no use hoofing it up to Ross, because it’s just coming right back to us. If we can match the intensity and performance levels of some of the matches last season, (QPR and Millwall spring to mind) most teams in this division will struggle to match us. Let’s hope Leeds can kick start the season with a performance that the Leeds faithful deserve.

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  1. Chrome Dome

    I'd play a standard 4-4-2:

    Lees Bromby Kisnorbo O'Dea
    Snodgrass Howson Clayton Gradel
    Nunez McCormack

    I know Grayson will probably play Paynter :/ but i'd like to see Nunez get his first league start and i doubt he will play in place of Snoddy, so….

  2. Tyler75

    Lees a definite starter for me – I'd like to see him alongside Paddy. His pace on the cover will give Connolly more licence to get forward and he'll pose an areial threat from corners, which we currently don't have. I like Nunez but for now, think he may be better as a Somma-type impact player off the bench. Sam also had a good game on Tuesday and I'd start him in one of the wide positions with Gradel upfront alongside Ross. Clayton is a given in the middle.

  3. paul

    zak you say you have the best supporters in the country or world. dont make me laugh. ok you sing and get behind your team when you are ahead but when leeds are losing you are either two quiet or slag the team the manager and everybody else so as far as other teams areconcered you have the worst supporters in football,
    you went behind against bradford and all you could here was stand up if youhate ken bates or get out off our club you *osse* we dont want you here.

    • tomwilko88

      Yeah, that 15 minute "We all love Leeds" at St Mary's when we were 2-0 down, and the "There's only one Simon Grayson" at 3-0 were probably nothing. God we're shit at times…

  4. derbyshirewhite

    Got to rest Snodgrass after his midweek exertions so Lloyd Sam and Gradel wide. He'll stick with Clayton, Howson and Brown in the middle with McCormack up front. Nunez on the bench again. Connolly will start with Kisnorbo, probably Bromby in for OB and anybody's guess at left back. Probably feels he owes O'Dea another go but hardly fair to the lad who looks like a CB.

  5. Dan Galley

    Painter is injured so he isn't an option! The obvious one for me is 4:4:2 playing Max up front with McCormack and leaving Nunez on the wing. Start with the back 4 that finished against Bradford.

  6. Joe martin

    O’dea is best at centre of defence so why do we play him there with kis! And put Connolly and lees at the either side. Midfield should be clayton and brown in the middle, Snodgrass and gradel on the wings and howson in the free role leaving McCormack BAA8 upfront. If we are struggling for goals we then have sam and Nunez who are attack minded to bring on.

  7. TimCampbell43

    I firmly believe that the guys that did well on tuesday night should be given a chance to cement their place in the team. They did nothing wrong and to drop them to the bench would send out the wrong signals to them. Let the other guys who were away try to play themselves back into the team. As adam clayton has been a tough tackling revelation so far this term, I'd defno drop brown to the bench, and let jonny howson hold back in the centre of the field. With ramon nunez allowed to the licence to roam and create havock in the hole behind the striker(s). Lees must defno start along with bromby, paddy and possibly O'Dea at left back.. Phil Hay says in the YEP that the supporters are paying 63% of the clubs finances – LETS HAVE SOME TRANSPARENCY MR CHAIRMAN WE AIN'T GOING TO LIE DOWN!!!


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