The Scratching Shed brings you our first ever t-shirt, inspired by Ken Bates’ now infamous “dissidents” rant. 

Priced at just £12, the t-shirts are available in a range of sizes and can be shipped worldwide.

To celebrate the release of the ‘Proud Dissident’ t-shirt we’ll be giving one away free on our new Leeds United Forums later today. Follow @ScratchingShed1 on Twitter for further details.


  • ErniW

    Selling merchandise now ???I guess the next step for you is to build an executive box on the back of your council house and sell watery beer and meatless pies at £3.50 each.

    • TSS

      That's the dream mate.

  • leeds_lad

    Great idea, but is £12 just a little to expensive ? ….. maybe this should be aimed at selling "quantity" rather than "quality", ….. the simple aim should be to get as many people out there wearing it and "spreading the word".

    • Nottswhite

      Totally agree about the price. Great idea and design though! Well done TSS.

      • TSS

        They're printed and distributed through a third party so I have little control over price unfortunately.

        • leeds_lad

          OK was not having a dig ,…. just think cheaper ( even if quality is not so good ) means more out there. Anyway , well done mate for taking the initiative.

  • Let the Revolution begin…mot

  • mattbb1

    the sooner Bates p*sses off the better, I'm just so fed up with his rants now that i kind of switch off whenver i see his name appear on Newsnow. Bates is all about his self righteous topic of the day, and not at all about football. How many other chairmen have an opinion on tactics, and team selection? do you ever hear the glazers, or Abramovich go into the detail that Bates does? they just either back or sack their managers. ____Bates rants are like those impotent ramblings you hear in pubs across the country, he has opinions on the Premier League, FIFA, the England team, yet he and his team simply dont matter when it comes to them, because hes driven us to the edge again fianncially with his ridiculous executive boxes…

  • pabs1983

    already ordered mine. I thought the price was reasonable given its a custom design. I'll prob not get mine before tomorrow so will be wearing it at Ipswich

  • Carl Pearson

    Be nice on the eve of an important game if we backed the team think they are going to need it tomorrow!

    • TSS

      Hence the "Love Leeds" part. The team, the manager and everyone else knows who our protests are aimed at. We've gone to great lengths to ensure that. Southampton away for example we stayed behind to cheer the lads off despite a 3-1 hammering – is that not backing the team? Chants have also been in support of Larry and the lads.

      • Carl Pearson

        Fair play but we need points asap can't detract from that!

      • Irving08

        Regrettably or otehrwise (depending on which side of the argument one is on) I don't think the better players will care much for the distinction: they will know that such protest spells instability and will be off as soon as the opportunity arises.

  • optimist

    sorry guys but I've missed this Dissidents rant, can anybody fill me in please

    • TSS

      Bates said that those who were opposed to his leadership and management were just a "dissident minority"

  • sveifors

    Great Idea,I have just ordered one to me in Norway just now

  • awake__

    Can we get these shipped to Australia? Wont have the same impact i know, but i still want one

    • TSS

      Doesn't look like they can unfortunately. It says "worldwide shipping" but it seems to be limited to certain countries.

      • awake__

        Awwwwwww :( £10 on top of the cost to anyone who buys one n ships it to me?

        • TSS

          Delivery to Australia will be available in the coming days. Keep an eye on the site and I'll post when the option becomes available.

  • Ordered

  • Cheesy Fingers

    It's not completely relevant but while the topic is articles of clothing linked to LUFC……is it just me or is the quality of Leeds Shirts these days plummeting???? I bought my lad the new home shirt, he rolled in the mud, she washed it and most of the E has disappeared……about par for the course you might think but I pulled out my "original" RFW shirt (had it since I was 5 or 6) and the material, sponor and overall everything is massively better!

  • mojoluafc

    I like the colour black and luminous yellow, we should do a kit like that, erm hang on a minute.

    • TSS

      It's navy :-p

      • Borders_Whites

        Shirt arrived today mate,cracking quality,worth every penny. And,you know what,even better,not one single penny is going to Bates.

        • TSS

          Good to hear mate. MOT