Ever found yourself wondering what Simon Grayson, Alex Ferguson, Arsene Wenger and other top managers do throughout the summer? Well, we think one of The Scratching Shed’s readers may have found out…

Perhaps this video goes some way to explaining why two of the ‘Chippendale Management Crew’ have since parted company with the Premier League’s so called ‘big four’.

Grayson need not worry however, we know only too well that Ken Bates loves a bit of slow arousal.

Thanks to Colin for bringing this to our attention. 

5 Responses

  1. Kevin O'Connor

    Oh God, my eyes… tarnished with the image of a half-naked Alex Ferguson, crawling towards me, smiling, leering… *brain bleach*

  2. yorkwhite1

    I’m rapidly going off this site TSS. Firstly I had to digest the idea of Ken and foreplay which means I haven’t eaten for week. Now I’ll have to live with an image of Fergie the red nosed to$$pot swinging his booty, no hope of any sleep now either. Well done the team at West Ham MOT

    • TSS

      LOL, sorry mate. You can't blame me for the Bates one though, we all suffered through that one.

  3. James Holdsworth

    I Know I dont speak for all Leeds supporters but isnt it gratifying to see playes like White, Lees, Howson and Clayton all plying their trade in a Leeds shirt. I wonder if the likes of Sprake, Reaney, Cooper, Bremner, Charlton, Hunter,Lorimer, Gray,Madeley,Yorath, Greenhoff would have been given a chance nowadays or would the fans be calling on the chairman to open his wallet and spend as we all know it is impossible to win anything with kids especially the ones you havent spent a small fortune on to buy.


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