The Most Ridiculous Football Rumour Award is always a hotly contested and much-sought after accolade in the world of journalism. Much like a war correspondent hasn’t truly “made it” until he’s been in the line of fire, or a 3am girl can’t say “I’ve lived” until she’s slept with Russell Brand, the MRFR Award is what truly separates the chaff from the wheat.

Previous rumours that have been nominated for this award include ‘Patrick Viera to Leeds United’ (circa 2010) and ‘Alan Smith to make shock return’ (2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010). As you can see, the level of competition is intense.

But this years winner scales heights that past nominees can barely imagine. In one clean swoop, this man has risen from merely a tagline on a website to football immortality.

Ladies and gentleman, I give you Mark Ham and his winning rumour… Leeds United and Fulham battling it out for experienced winger!

Leeds United are preparing to make a sensational swoop for former star and now free agent Harry Kewell.

It is understood that Fulham are also very interested in Kewell, often regarded as ‘Australia’s finest football export’, but may offer him a ‘pay as you play’ deal due to his susceptibility to injuries.

Kewell, now 32, could be interested in a move back to the Premier League if Fulham boss Martin Jol is prepared to make an offer for him.

However former club Leeds, where Kewell won the PFA Young Player of the Year award, will attempt to hijack Fulham’s move for the Australian and tempt him back to Elland Road.

Kewell has been the subject of a lot of transfer speculation already this summer with Premier League new boys QPR, and Australian A-League clubs Melbourne Heart, Sydney FC and Newcastle Jets all interested in Kewell’s signature.

However it looks like Fulham and Leeds are the two clubs who are most likely to sign Kewell, but he will have to make the choice between playing in the top flight of English football or returning to a club where he was once a fan favourite.

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  1. Mdomo

    This guy has clearly never spoken to any Leeds fan about that $&^%^&$ who's name i won't even mention

  2. Craig

    This has to have been written by a web-bot! No intelligent human being could have made it up!

      • lufcnutt

        lol…the betfair blog is so full of crap…i never seen so much BS in all my days…last season they took the mick.

    • Matthew

      Nothing surprises me anymore, considering we were linked with every known goalkeeper on the planet but were actually just after one all along.

  3. dannylufc

    If he come back I wouldnt pay to watch leeds ever agen, the dirty f**king c**t wouldnt be aloud back in westt yorkshire after what he did, The biggest judas in foot ball worse than smith

  4. leeds_lad

    Bring Kewell back, it would be great to be able to give him a slap !

  5. rex

    What a hoot. Games would never be played as the Leeds crowd lined up to punch him in the head. He must be the only man that Leeds fans hate more then KB !

  6. kingbilly

    i recall an even better one ,some time ago .

    one of the tabliods reported that leeds were about to sign "drum roll"
    liam brady and kevin keegan

  7. Matthew

    We dont even need another winger either. We have 2 of the best in english football, and if one or either gets injured, we'l just change formations or stick someone crap on the wing and hope for the best lol

  8. ramblinjohn

    yes you're right…definitely the best yet…historically though does anybody remember the 'maradonna to sign' thing in the 90s?…mind you, i have heard from a good source in the club (who I can't name) that tomas brolin is being lined up as our new fitness fact i saw him in a chippy near Thorp Arch with Frank Strandli and Paul Okon…coincidence?

  9. bazza

    This is not true the biggest bull #### I’ve heard ever was ken bates to spend more then a pound on a good player?

    • Matthew

      Lonergan is a good player. Bates paid for him, probably the best goalkeeper we've had in years. Well since we crashed out the premier league lol

  10. Dave

    Maybe we should sign him, just so that we can all storm the pitch and kick his silly little (very big) head in. I hate no other footballer more than I hate this man, and I’m sure most of you would feel the same. Maybe we could sign with a clause in his contract that if he gets a serious injury then his deal is terminated; then howson could break his legs (preferably his neck) in his return game… Thus ending the little ausie pricks carreer… Then we can all storm the pitch just to stamp on him whilst he is writhing around in agony with two snapped legs. If is no more than he deserves.

  11. yorkwhite

    Apparently he’ll only come back if and when Alex Fergusson accepts the offer of Leeds life President.

  12. COL

    I know everybody is desperate for news of a landmark signing but most of the ridiculous rumours are not even worth mentioning on site like TSS.

    • Matthew

      We won't get a landmark signing until either we have a new chairman, or if we reach the premier league and Bates ups the pay to around 30-50k a week.

    • TSS

      Most of them we don't bother with. Some are just so ridiculous, it's hard to resist sharing the amusement.

  13. kev

    met kewell twice and both times a complete twat,realy rude and arrogant said he was too busy to sign autograph for my son,most hated ex player what do u think ??

  14. Lowfields71

    very insulting to be honest, get what folk say its so ridiculas you have to shake your head.
    Disgustingley lazey jornelism.

  15. Jez

    Genius writing.

    And even better are some of the Pavlovian responses. I guess the Daily Mail readership has Leeds fans too.

  16. pabs1983

    I mentioned something about this in the forums about 6 weeks ago when the Smith, Bowyer and Woodgate stories began to pick up weight…

    I also mentioned that Nigel Martyn was going to put his gloves back on to replace kasper, so my intel may not be up to scratch

  17. Clarke8

    Best rumour was Fringes to sign for Leeds from Bremen. Really??????????


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