Sheffield United’s Nick Montgomery is once again being linked with a move to Elland Road as Simon Grayson looks to add the finishing touches to his 2011/12 squad. 

Montgomery 29, has spent his entire career at Bramall Lane making 372 appearances for The Blades.

The Leeds-born midfielder has been linked with a move to Elland Road numerous times before, but following the relegation of Sheffield United at the end of last season, a move seems evermore likely as Blades manager Danny Wilson tries to balance his wage bill.

Simon Grayson is known to be a fan of the defensive midfielder and is believed to have made an approach last season, only for Montgomery to turn The Whites down in favour of an extended contract with Sheffield United.

Over the last 24 hours or so, the rumours have started up again with Sheffield United fans claiming the deal is almost complete and could go through in time for Leeds’ first game against Southampton on Saturday.

When the same rumour did the rounds earlier in the summer, it was claimed Leeds United were looking to part-exchange Billy Paynter to secure the services of Monty, but this now seems unlikely as Grayson will be missing both Davide Somma and Luciano Becchio for the start of the new campaign.

There’s definite logic to this deal taking place now rather than earlier in the summer. Sheffield United were believed to be asking for around £1m when Leeds made the initial approach, but as we get closer to the end of the transfer window with Montgomery still taking a hefty slice of Wilson’s wage-bill, that fee could have been dramatically reduced in The Blades desperation to offload.

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  1. mattbb

    cue f**king Sven Goran Erikson to sign Montgomery in the next 24 Hours….. Sven if youre reading this dont bother he's rubbish, and So are Gradel & Snodgrass.

    • Matthew

      Hey Sven, if you're reading , Paynter is a great player who you should totally sign and give us a few million for. You heard it here first.

      • Jez

        Yes Sven – Paynter – top player. You know why he's called Barn Door? Because he's that easy for the wingers to find. He's a snip at £4.5m…

      • Matthew

        £4.5 million you say? We couldn't possibly let someone of that quality go for such a low price, but for you Sven, because we at Leeds love you, we will have to take the loss.

  2. Chareose

    Yeah I heard Sven just reads the Leeds transfer rumours and then buys up anyone we are linked with out of peverse bitterness that he isnt our manager

    • mattbb

      Shame he wasnt leicester manager last summer when we were chasing Bessone and Collins. He probably does support Leeds, it wouldnt surprise me.

  3. @Bradleylomas

    Not to sure about this, but then again, this summer has been one big 'get your hopes up, then get let down' so why not one last time with one more player, before the start of the season!

  4. Rikton

    monty burns ahem i mean sven a leeds fan that would be funny !

    I dont know whether we should go after montgomery think how many times he's had the chance to play for his hometown team and he chose to stay with the blunts…………… doesnt exactly inspre me !!!

  5. Dje

    Personally, I've not seen any rumours regarding this latest move for Montgomery. I'd welcome it, but I feel you are hoping and reasoning as much as passing on any particular inside information about a possible deal, TSS.

    • TSS

      Not claiming inside info or anything of the sort here mate. The speculation is amongst the Blades fans mainly. I work with a few who seem to think he's on his way to Leeds and it's on all their forums too.

      Admittedly, the link is a little weak without any "official" source, but it wouldn't be the first time fans of other teams have alerted me to a rumour linking one of their players with a move to ER and there's been truth in it. Where there's smoke, there's fire and all that…

  6. Martin

    Montgomery & Lichaj in, and maybe we can reach the play-off… We need both players, Brown doesnt have natural replacement, Parker fall injury every time & Bessone isnt good enough…

  7. Monty

    He is terrible! I used to work in Sheffield and listen to "Football Heaven" on the way home. Can't pass, can tackle, but spends most of the time tackling because he gave the ball away in the first place! Batty he is not. Totally agree too, he has had too many chances to come to us and then said no – let him eat cake in League 1 and bankrupt the team I hate even more than the Scum.

  8. Colin

    If he was good earlier in the transfer market, we should have got him then. Now he’s just a player at the bottom of a leeds wishlist and now all the good stuff has gone, we’re left picking up scraps.
    When we were in L1 it was all about getting players from the division above. Last season we were all about getting quality players from the PL. Now we’re signing players from L1.
    I don’t want us to sign 34 year olds from pompey and now a 29 year old from the 3rd division. Keep the cash and either spend it on quality or don’t spend it at all.

    • TSS

      He was one of the stand-out players for them in the Prem and is highly experienced in this division so calling him a League One player is a little misleading.

      • Colin

        But i don’t like his lack of ambition. He could have joined a big club like leeds last season or the season before. He didn’t. Why? Because he probably signed a massive PL rate OTT contract and that’s why he stuck with sheff utd. And that’s one of the reasons they’re skint and he’s stuck in a 3rd division team.

        He’s followed the cash, and i don’t have a problem with that, but no way should leeds start throwing stupid money at him to sign him.

        If was really good, then west sam, leicester or ipswich would have gone for him. They haven’t and neither should we.

    • Matthew

      Brown was bargain of the year as far as I'm concern, such a top quality player.

      Brown is a tough tackling guy who you wouldnt like to be up against in the midfield, something we've lacked as Grayson was intent on playing that no talent wannabe Kilkenny last season.

      Our defense has a lion infront of it now, instead of a mouse(kilkenny, johnson etc)

      • Colin

        i think you meant was not is.

        Against sheff weds, all their young players simply jogged past him. As a result there was nothing for him to tackle. He’s 34, his legs have gone and his only attribute is that he is a good passer of the ball (which is useful to be fair), but a midfield run around the pitch like a loon for 90 mins, he is not.

        He hasn’t been able to do 90 mins consistently game after game, for years. We’ll get 30 full games out of him this season if we’re lucky.

      • Matthew

        He'l come good for us, I think he is one of the best midfield signings we've done in years.

        I'm mostly judging by his track record prior to coming here, and personally think its far too early to be judgemental against him until the league officially starts, lets wait and see until Saturday.

        That and some of our players seem to up their game against better teams lol, I mean, even people like Becchio, Snoddy, Gradel, Howson, Kisnorbo have had bad games where they seem like no talent wonders, but actually arent.

    • Tyler75

      If the rumours are true he's been at or near the top of SG's wishlist for some time – his sole function in the team will be to win the ball and give it to somebody who can run and/or pass it and we've got a few of those. Brown is a good solid signing but he's not an out and out defensive midfielder although he will add considerably more bite than Bradders or the misnomer that was 'Killa' – that's where the Monty move makes sense. Lichaj back on a season loan, a left-back from somewhere and a loan striker to cover Becchio's absence and we're done. MOT !!

    • Gluegun

      "The teams that spend catch the eye, but there's no guarantee that gets you up. It's more important you have good togetherness.
      "Some of the clubs have bought good players, but they come with egos as well and if things don't go so well, as has been proved in the past, it can be difficult. There's no guarantee just because you spend money.
      "I don't envy the West Hams or the Leicesters. The one thing that is important is the togetherness that we have here, and that comes from the manager. I think we have good players here as well."

      Montgomery would be perfect. Hope we sign him

  9. Apers

    If he is such an high earner at Sheff U, how are Leeds gonna afford his demands with our salary cap?

  10. stein

    don`t blame sven .blame the smurf (bates) this season will be disapointing for every leeds fans.

  11. Chareose

    we wont sign him, it will stall……..

    Ken Bates : " The boy had un realistic wage demands and he didnt want to move down from London when there was another club closer in the home counties"

    Interviewer : "Err Ken, Nick Montgomory is at Sheffeild United……"

    Ken Bates: "ok the truth is the boy is simply not to the standard that we are looking for, we are talking to two other midfeilders who are far better, Keith Moon and Phill Spector"

    Interveiwer: " Arnt they both dead?"

    Ken Bates " Oh just piss off ok !"

  12. Chareose

    yes but Monty will still have to be able to afford petrol so he can drive from his home in Leeds to Elland Road. Will the wages Ken offers really cover that ???!

    Ken: " Cant Simon pick him up on his way through ???"

  13. mightywhite83

    why would we want to sign someone who in the last couple of seasons has turned us down twice…he didnt want to play for leeds then so why should we be his get out of jail card….sorry let him stew with the blunts!!!

    also leeds are close to signing o,dea from celtic on a season long loan so see the montgomery signing highly unlikely now…..although maybe signing this guy is a dig a bates from grayson with his surname…..shouldnt it be oh dear not o,dea hahahaha

    • Gluegon

      O'dea is a defender so why would that effect midfield?

      Monty was showing loyalty to a club hes been at for years, wouldn't you ask the same of howson or snodgrass? think about it mate. He's just what we need

      • mightywhite83

        i know….i was taking the piss….get a sense of humour man

        and i still dont want him as the only thing he showed loyalty to was his bank account…if he wanted to play for the mighty whites he should of signed when he 1st had the chance!!

  14. Tim Campbell

    One of the reasons we let so many goals in last year was because our midfield did'nt have enough bite and were over run at times, putting our fragile defence under severe pressure. With that in mind a player like montgomery would provide plenty of ball for our more creative players – SIGN HIM UP WITH A GOOD LEFT BACK!!

  15. Jojo

    nice to read some genuinely funny comments after such a painful and dull summer for us leeds fans, all i hope for this year is for it to be either dramatically good or dramatically bad and get rid of grayson, this total mediocrity is killing me

  16. Tim Campbell

    Well as O'Dea is a left back that takes care of that part of the equation lol

  17. Ash

    I would argue the opposite over the argument he’s turned us down already therefore we don’t want him…I’d argue it wasn’t him turning us down it was him being loyal to his current employers something we all like to see in the game more often…loyalty. This is the exact sort of character we need surely! Would be decent buy CM is the position that most worries me in terms of depth atm aswell as fullbacks

    • Matthew

      I think if he doesnt come here he'l be in league 1 for a while. I can see Huddersfield and Preston coming up this season, Huddersfield have been patient enough with their ridiculusly bad luck and I feel this season could be it for them.

      The 3rd spot going up will go to a wildcard team, someone no one expected to do it.

  18. Gluegun

    Rather have O'dea, Michalik and Mongomery than the other players that the press have claimed we lost out on (other than Clingan).
    The squad is tight with enough quality, we just need a few more numbers, If we get those 3 then i'll be well happy.

  19. Gluegun

    Mendy, Montgomery and possibly Bodor likely to sign contracts, then add O'dea on loan for the season.

    Over three weeks left until the transfer window shuts (the time when most of the best Prem League cast offs go out on loan) and we could be in very good shape.

    Think I might have £20 on 12-1 for making the playoffs!


    • Marcus

      Indeed, If any of you like a season long bet, Leeds will not have any better odds at promotion than they do right now.

      14-1 are the best odds for promotion from the championship!.
      We are in far better shape than that for the top 6…….

    • Cumbrian White

      Dont bother wasting your money on us making the play offs . Not a chance . We will be lucky to avoid relegation and we all know the sort of luck that we have , put it on us being relegated instead . Papa Smurf will blame SG and sack him by November. Or team will not improve until a new owner takes over.
      I really hope i am wrong !!!!!!!!!!! But with following Leeds for 40 odd years my glass always seems to be half empty when it comes to Football . MOT

      • St0memonkey

        Oh Didums! Cheer up chap. Bet your single too eh? Bit of positive energy coming your way this season, honest!

      • Cumbrian White

        No i am still married mate and have been for nearly 25 years but god knows how with the doldrums that Leeds United have caused me over the years . I really hope you are right with some positive energy this season . Anyways i will still be treking Across the A66 to watch the whites as often as i can . MOT. I just feel that we lack some quality . !!!!

  20. TopBoy

    I hear he just needs to agree personal terms now although that may be a sticking point. A season long loan has also been muted.
    He’s a great tackler and one of the best man markers out there but can’t head, pass or shoot. Play him in the right way and he’s class, expect him to do anything else and he’s awful.


  21. COL

    Forget Mongomery. He had his chance to join us last season but chose to stay with the Blunts.
    We should leave his to rot in League 1. Bollocks to him!!

  22. Sam

    Desunt championship player no doubt about it. However if we are hoping to compete at the top of the championship i would hope for better than a ‘desunt championship player’ Afterall we are competing with the likes of west ham with Nolan and parker & Leicester with Danns, Fernandes & king. Once again showing a lack of ambition just like with the kasper sale ( no doubt he would have signed long term if we’d have gone up) Delph – loan? Henry – Milwall? Livermore -Loan? Koumas – Free agent? Mullins – pompy? Mutch – Birmingham? Meyler – loan?

  23. stanley norman

    10 days ago Grayson said the squad wasn't good enough and had a rant. This week he says he is happy with the squad (which failed to make the play-offs last season). Two of Grayson's big weaknesses are his indecision and his risk aversion. Firstly, this means that no young players will break thriough into the first team this season. Any likely prospects will have to go out on loan in the lower leagues first. Secondly, it means that we will end up with an under strength squad because Grayson can't make his mind up about transfer targets. His indecision in the January transfer window cost us a playoff place and this transfer window just seems to be unfolding in the same way. Any players who do come to Leeds will have to be over 30 – so Montgomery is probably a bit too young.

  24. Colin

    I just hope SG rotates his players properly instead of sticking to the same eleven each week.


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