Leeds have confirmed that Max Gradel is on the verge of completing a deal to join St Etienne. Following an announcement on the French club’s website, Leeds released a statement of their own, outlining that an offer (for an undisclosed fee) has been accepted after Gradel submitted a transfer request.

Following plenty of speculation including an offer from West Ham, Ken Bates claimed that Gradel would not be sold and it had seemed that the winger would be staying with the club. However, on Tuesday Gradel was the subject of a bid from another French club, Sochaux, which was firmly rejected before St Etienne made the announcement.

The official statement on the club website highlighted Max’s desire to move to his “native” France. The Ivorian is set to undergo a medical on Wednesday before the move is complete.

It will come as a disappointment to many Leeds fans who had hoped Gradel would stay after his valuable contribution of goals and assists last year. However, with the player’s contract up in the summer, the club has felt it best to cash in now.

With the transfer window closing at 11pm on Wednesday it leaves little time for Simon Grayson to bring in a replacement.

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  1. dazza1984

    We should surely tie up nunez to a longer contract?…. if he does indeed turn out to be gradel's worthy replacement then we are in the same position come Jan?!

  2. Jambo

    Lets hope Mr Mendy is still available, afterall he's on a free and therefore our only hope.

    • _dje

      Chesterfield have already snapped him up. They've got their heads screwed on right…

    • Matthew

      Mendy signed for Chesterfield on a 1 year deal weeks ago I believe.

      Kinda confused as I can't see him on their team profile list at this time? Unless they're just slow to update. I do remember seeing his name on a Squad list on Sky Sports News recently.

      • paulg

        Mendy's only just received clearance to play, I believe.

        If he's so good, I do wonder why he's ended up at a team that's likely to struggle in League 1 this season …….??! No queue of Championship clubs lined up for him …..

  3. Matthew

    Goodbye Max Gradel, no idea who the hell will replace you, if anyone, but best wishes.

    Speaking of which, with Ross McCormack scoring goals now, you might be able to play him on the Wing if you partner Becchio and Keogh together, or go 4 – 5 – 1 again.

    • Matthew

      Oh and I'm glad he's gone to a non English club, if anything selling him to a Championship outfit will only come back to bite us in the arse.

      Now I think we all know Uncle Ken will use the money for his glorious hotel right?.. Glorious being sarcasm..

  4. j123leeds

    Do we know if we actually offered him a new contract? Im gutted to see him go, as I just don't feel we'll replace him now. All summer this has dragged on yet we decide to cash in the day before deadline day. Kasper also 'highlighted his desire to leave' if I recall. Hard to keep faith with this regime now.

      • Chareose

        lol really ????!!! your sure about that ?? Just like they had a replacement for Schmeichal ?? Took grayson months of begging to get Lornagen………. We have two days…….we wont get anyone….well perhaps some cheap – naff loan player at best.

        5 million in the pocket for Ken, I bet he loves our club

  5. lufc1987

    Bloody sick of it and the Bates apologists.
    Strangely, I don't blame the club for selling him and I'm please he's not gone to a more ambitious championship club. But we won't be told the transfer fee, we won't see the money reinvested in the squad and we were told by Bates that he wouldn't be sold. And so the deceit and duplicitous dealing continue and the dedicated Leeds fans will continue to inadvertently line Ken's pockets through their unwavering commitment

  6. sveifors

    They never learn, when are they going to get our players under long term contracts AND renew them in good time. If we are going to build a new team surely we must keep our best players, otherwise we are just another farmer team for "bigger" clubs with more ambition than us.

    • j123leeds

      Well the spin on the lng term contracts issue was that Bates didn't want to commit to players he may want to to replace when we get into the PL yet the fact we've lost Gradel et al, who could probably cope, totally contradicts this. I don't know what is going on. It's very disappointing.

  7. Tim Campbell

    Go on PROVE me and all the other 'morons' wrong and spend a wodge of cash before 11pm tomorrow night mr chairman – pissing into the wind again unfortunately!!

    • Matthew

      It's kinda obvious none of the cash will go on buying players, we may get lucky and bag a few loanees, maybe Lichaj in the next few months and nothing more.

      Expecting Ken Bates to speand on the team is like expecting Ken Bates to behave like a normal human being. It just won't happen.

  8. paulg

    The reports I've read say that Max handed in a written transfer request. IF that's true, then I don't see what option the club had other than to sell …… however, this looks very much like our own version of the Arsenal / Fabregas affair – Wenger has buried his head in the sand all Summer and said that he wouldn't go – only to sell him 10 minutes before the end of the transfer window ……

    The positive (if there is one) is that it should mean Nunez gets a decent run in the team – and on what I've seen this season, I think he's looked better than Max, and a lot less volatile.

    I really don't know where the blame lies on this one – I'm not sure I beleive Gradel (or his agent) when they say he wasn't offered a new contract, as I've always thought he was angling for a move – although I thought he would let his contract run down and move next year. Hard to believe the club, either – although it does seem to me that they were between a rock and a hard place. Say "we won't sell" and you look stupid when you DO sell; but the alternative looks like you're putting him in the shop window ……

    • Bowden

      Wouldn't you put in a transfer request if the club you won player of the year for the previous season made no effort at all to offer a better, extended contract!?! This is why the request, if one was put in at all (I don't believe a word anyone who works for Bates says anymore), was received on Tuesday; if he really wanted to leave he would have put in a request in the summer. Don't let the prick who's running (ruining) our club make you question your judgement and rational thought. Bates out! Grayson grow a spine, be a man and have showdown talks with Bates, and make it known to your real employers, us the fans. Or walk and whistle blow like fuck! Carry on as you are and you can go for me too.

      • Chareose

        Spot on Bowden….. If Gradel had been offered a competitive contract (yes sadly the sort of contract Leicester would hand out) I beleive hed have stayed at Elland Road but I beleive Leeds wanted to sell him, probably to fund Kens property developments.

        As for Grayson, I actually think hes in a strong position now…………if he walked now I beleive that would finally galvernize the fans, it would show everyone once and for all the truth of what was going on. Bates knows this……… I dont think he will want Grayson to walk

      • paulg

        I don't necessarily believe what the club tells me, either …… but I don't take what players or their agents say as gospel either …….

  9. mike

    wats the point best player gone more money into the leech s pocket sg started tis before the w ham game would u give him funds after his dealings

  10. oldschoolbaby

    Bates is going to get it in the neck. If your financial practice is opaque you leave yourself wide open to any accusation, wild or otherwise. However, on this occasion, with a transfer request on the table, he may have done the right thing.
    Grayson will get it in the neck. Inevitably, not every Leeds fan will be happy with his rejigging of the midfield or adoption of an alternative system. But he wanted to hang on to Gradel. Wouldn`t Mendy be on board if Gradel had revealed his hand ?
    Gradel, though,is avoiding the flak. When did loyalty cease to be a virtue in the mind of the football fan ? Where is the decency in submiiting a transfer request 36 hours before the deadline ? And why do we mindlessly swallow this "short career" bollocks ? Who gave footballers the divine right to retire in their thirties?
    O.K he put in some good shifts in a Leeds shirt but he was rescued from treading water in the east Midlands, given first team football, fantastic exposure and by the standard of the overwhelming majority of fans, and everybody on the Ivory Coast, paid extremely well.
    In return Leeds deserved better. He can choke on his croissant

    • Chareose

      Can i borrow your rose tinted spectacles after your finished please ??? They should have offered him a contract END OF. All arguments fail otherwise. Theres no excuse for the way our club is being run and its down to Bates!

      • oldschoolbaby

        If you pay the postage. However, when you grasp the new economic reality. When you realise that players, and their agents, have become way too powerful on the back of a completely unsustainable football bubble. And when you recognise greed to be a distasteful vice. You might realise my spectacles are tinted with some reality

        There will be plenty of Leeds fans in Afghanistan at the moment prepared to give their lives for their "team mates". Is it too much to ask Gradel not shit on his team mates by agitating for a move at the eleventh hour

  11. Brian T

    Another big disappointment. I feel Max had become a very important part of the teams drive in a lot of matches. Now that we've lost him, who knows what will happen.

  12. Mersey Whites

    Most effective player gone….How can we be so short sighted in the lenght of a players contract ,or is it just
    poor business planning , and there is no excuse. Personally i think that is Shaun Harvey and Larry fault.

    If you are confident enough to sign Becchio and Sonddy on long term deals , then they must have seen
    something in Gradel , that made them think twice… Or is it just plain incompetence,..

    Would I be crazy to expect Landsbury to sign up by Wed pm

  13. Kevin O'Connor

    I really don't think we need a replacement specifically for Max. He was the reason Ramon Nunez didn't start against Ipswich and now Ramon should go straight into the first team. He'll bang in a few more goals by the end of September and Max won't be missed.

    • _dje

      Different players, different positions: square pegs, round holes.

      We need to stop the 'make do and mend' attitude and start planning for the future, one in a higher league, or else we will literally be going around in circles in this league for years to come.

      • Chareose

        Nunez is pretty untried…….. Gradel dominated the midfeild almost as much as Clayton does, Nunez is a goal scorer, absolutely no evidence that he will have that much impact………and then theres the size of the squad, its threadbare, we have perhaps 11-12 players who are ok, the rest cant really cut it. Mid-table at best, thats my prediction unless we magicly sign players

      • Kevin O'Connor

        Nunez has stated himself that he likes playing either behind the striker or on the left?

  14. Lindsay Lambrini Butterworth

    This is very bad news and basically ends our season in one fell swoop. I'm afraid this is a sign of things to come at ER. As I said earlier, why would players like Gradel, Snodgrass, Becchio et al want to play for a club that has no ambition? No one can blame Gradel. Only Bates is to blame.

    • @ASurivo

      I'm sorry Lindsay but I must have missed something here…. isn't the only game we have won this season, the 4-1 thrashing of Hull, when Gradel DIDN'T play??

      • Andy Flynn

        Good point, badly worded. I don’t think you can blame Gradel for the other results though – everyone was turd against Southampton.

        Yes, his second booking against Boro was a bad decision, but it was a genuine mistake. The referee handed the game to boro on a plate with the Howson sending off.

        Gradel was 2nd best player on field after Clayton at West Ham and part of a great performance by the whole team at Ipswich that was ruined again by a dodgy ref.

        However, I totally agree, we were great without him. That’s more a testament to the players that came in rather than a bad reflection on Gradel though.

        Here’s hoping we can shore up the defence and bring in cover for centre mid tomorrow.

      • Matthew

        Speaking about the quality of the team, I think that comes down to confidence more than anything, when moral is high, and everyones happy and the results going our way, we play like Kings, like the best team in English football almost even, every flaw almost vanishes with our defense and we look like the Leeds fans dream to see.

        This is one of the things I love about Leeds, we're either World Class, or Complete Shit, with most teams you have either the former, or the latter, yet we're so unpredictable. I love this when watching games, not knowing if we'l win or not. It makes it exciting.

        We're a damn good team with or without Gradel when we want to be, but make no mistake, he will be missed. Hell I miss Gradel.

      • Chareose

        Hull were shite. Clayton and Gradel were our best midfeilders. Nunez is a goalscorer, he wont bound around all over the place like Gradel did. Wake up Leeds fans please………….

  15. AD

    Problem is Nunez isn’t a winger, he’s an attacking midfielder or maybe even a striker… I hope he can adapt to the wing! Maybe Aidey White could move back up to the midfield although our left back problem needs addressing tomorrow then! May struggle for out & out replacement on the left but think we could cope till Jan! We need to get spending tomorrow though i think with this cash now, it’s clearer more than ever, a strong paced leader at the back, preferably left footed, a paced quality winger, although gradels goals have been great don’t think we’ll miss them too heavily. & possibly a goal scorer, a finisher! As far as blame goes.. I hate old Bates, but tbh the club saying ‘he’s not up for sale’ & ‘he’s going nowhere’ has probably waggled us lil extra cash! Just hope it’s Graysons cash & not Bates’ hotel fund!

  16. lufcnutt79

    going to be watching sky sportsnews all day tomorrow and fully expect use to bring one or two in….
    Im sure something will happen and also think we will lose a few fringe players as well….
    This is what our summer boils down two,(PANIC BUY’S)

  17. Colin

    It pretty much sums up what LUFC is about when our player of the year decides that he’d rather be at a club that finished 10th in a mickey mouse league than at LUFC.

    I don’t blame Gradel. I blame our board who manage a massive club with massive income and massive ticket prices and run it like some tin pot no hope football club.

    It takes the biscuit when our best player chooses St. Etienne over Leeds United. And will get a much bigger wage to boot.

    LUFC is no longer a football club, it’s a money making business outfit.

    • Matthew

      Well said Colin.

      Ken Bates needs to stop playing Monopoly with his hotel building, and start investing in the team.

      It worrys me, I have no idea who the hell will be an effective replacement for Gradel.

    • number1inyorkshire

      again spot on colin.
      the players will talk to each other of that i am sure they will pretty much know each others wages etc ,and what the club has said to them about moving forward etc etc .
      bates is using the money for his building program
      LET ME SAY THIS AGAIN "ken bates at Chelsea never bought players it was the likes of Harding and co bates built Chelsea village "this is the same at leeds ,the club is the ATM for bates to draw cash to build .
      can i just say had gradel signed a new deal alright he wouldn't have put in a transfer request but had a big offer come in he would have still been sold ,the fee will come out as it has to be registered i think "with the accounts so whats the point

  18. from the bunker

    the next twenty three hours will show us what the real intentions of mr bates are, he's invested too much money in this football club to just go pocketing it. that would do nothing but lose him money in the long term, now lets see what materialises; more players or more ways to get money out of our pockets.

    one thing strikes me about this transfer, ITS TO FRANCE! French football doesn't pay like the premiere league, and St Etienne have been also rans for along time over there! So i don't see this transfer been more than 3million, at the most! and this leads me to another point on how many business do you know that can organise a 3 million investment in the drop of a transfer request, and how many businesses do you know that would let an asset go (mr due diligence bates) at such a short notice??????

    it stinks! I hope mr bates can confound us all and come up with some last minute transfer day moral boost for all, because ive gotta say this is depressing me now. the one one thing i can do to get rid of bates is take my money from the bottom line of the accounting sheet at elland road, am sick of being mugged off by the club and him.

    • Bowden

      Ken Bates hasn't invested a penny of his own money in Leeds United, his words not mine, and now he'll have a few more million in his sky-rocket; Cunt!

      • Chareose

        yes but more importantly he wont invest OUR money in the club either !

  19. Andy Flynn

    I want to see what happens tomorrow before passing judgement. He’s got to pass a medical first and sign a contract. If the team is stronger by end of transfer window I don’t think I’ll be too bothered because we are strong on the flanks.

    Disappointed he has handed in a transfer request, but then if I had one year left of a contract and someone offered me more money on a longer term deal I would take it. Perhaps he is wondering what he has to do to earn a new contract at Leeds!! Or perhaps he genuinely wants to live in France.

    I do wonder whether these new rules in the premier league about having homegrown players has put british clubs off bidding. Can’t believe no one would put an offer in considering how he performed last year.

    Glad we have refused to sell to a rival club at least. Would have been a bitter pill to swallow to see him lining up against us this season!

    I’ll be very angry if there’s no one else through the door tomorrow!!!

    Especially now Bates is getting another bumper payday from a sell out against scum and more TV money!

  20. Matthew

    No idea if anyone feels the same, but I would love to see Gradel release a statement that either confirms or denys he handed in his transfer request, and if he was offered a new contract, or was Bates just being underhanded?

    Bugs me that the players are banned from using twitter, this would be something most of us would be asking Max.

    Because of this, I wish Max nothing but the best, as with Beckford, great guy, he will be missed. And that's all I have to say on the subject lol

    • Bowden

      Oh I really hope he does, I feel exactly the same and wouldn't be the slightest bit surprised if no contract was offered and no request was submitted. If that's the case, Bates, Grayson, Harvey can all go, or watch their backs very, very carefully as i'm sure someone would be willing to take the hit for us… MOT!

    • Andy Somers

      Maybe now he is not a Leeds player anymore he will reactivate his Twitter account @MaxGradel and then we can ask him the questions we want answers to.

      Disappointed that he has left and will see if there is any significant strengthening of the team tomorrow which I doubt.

      On the plus side, for me anyway, St Étienne are the team that I follow in ligue 1 so I will still get to see him most weeks on TV here.

  21. lufcnutt79

    SG and KB had better not be in bed a kip,,They better be on the phone trying to sort this out…

    Fingers crossed one or two in tomorrow.
    I will be happy to see a (MC) and a (DL) i think that should do the trick…

  22. Mark

    Loyalty in football is a bygone notion, it has been for a long time now. If Leeds had sorted out a new contract for Gradel and he turned it down then fair enough move the player on. If Leeds havent offered Gradel new terms then not sure what the guy has done wrong.
    I am lucky enough to have a good, well paid job that i enjoy doing, i work hard at it and (hopefully) my employer appreciates my efforts, i certainly appreciate the help and support they have given me in developing my career to date. That said if a rival employer contacts me in the morning and offers me a job that will double, triple or quadruple my salary there is no decision to make, i would make it happen. If the same scenario happened but i was only offered the same terms or a marginal increase then i would likely stay where i was. The reality is that Leeds (Bates) cannot or will not compete with the wages players are able to attract elsewhere, unfortunately its a situation we are all going to have to get used too, it wont be changing any time soon.
    Can any supporter on this forum honestly say if a rival employer offered to double their current salary for exactly the same job they would turn the offer down, i suspect not.
    Good luck Max, thanks for your efforts in a Leeds shirt. Unfortunately we are a poorer team without you.
    I have no doubt the club will use one of the following spins on this:
    1) Ready made replacements already at the club (no there are not)
    2) Too late to bring in replacement so close to transfer deadline but no point keeping player that doesnt want to play for club
    Leeds had every intention of cashing in on Gradel, its simply been about waiting for either a good price or the player to crack and say he wants out. Leeds supporters deserve so much better than the directors and (spineless) management at the club. Grayson may be a good coach, unfortunately his silent support of Bates regime suggests completely undermines that for me. We have a crook for an owner, a spineless manager with no integrity and still 25, 000 of us turn up at ER every two weeks. Maybe Bates is right, perhaps we are all "Morons" after all.
    To save time next year I would like to wish all our players in the final 12 months of their contracts next sumer all the best at their new clubs too.

  23. halifax white

    were the famous leeds united and we sell all our best players!! its cos we glow in the dark and they can see us coming!! wot a bag of s****e!! we are going nowhere this season apart from down!! its the wenger syndrome 2 little 2 late!! if we get any joy this season i will eat my hat (its a kevlar helmet!) what is it with this season? crap owner/crap away kit/crap improvements/crap performances at the start!! whats the betting that SG will be a prem manager in the near future and not with leeds!!! oh bring a rich russian or arab to leeds!!!! ps its nearly christmas!!! smile!! MOT!

  24. Ron Galea

    Anyone surprised by this has been living in a hole. We should just be happy that we have not received (yet) a suitable offer for Snodgrass or else he would have gone also. Bates is amassing a war chest to take on HMRC and the FA that much is certain. My only solace is that I am young and will therefore support Leeds a lot longer than Bates can stay alive. Let's not let these embarrassing dealings stop us from getting behind the team as unlike the current regime, we know LUFC is bigger than any man or development proposal. MOT

      • pnxb1019

        Absolutely…Nunez , Snoddy and Howson are all available…..cushty

    • number1inyorkshire

      there is time for others to go snodders ,becchio, mccormack, nunez ,.
      this is my wish list
      modric ,cahill (Tim &Gary) crouch tevez (loan ) lichaj
      lol .lol.lol.lol.lol


    I remember reading that Gradel came from a really poor family that emigrated to France and he was the only bread winner for all his siblings. He may have chosen to go back to France for family reasons, which if true we can’t hold that against him.

    Bates could still have done more to keep him, but if the fee is enough to allow us to strengthen in other areas then it might prove the right decision.

    The problem is that no Leeds fans trust Bates and he doesn’t even have the decency to be honest and transparent with us. We have every right to expect some good new signings before the window shuts or the arrogant knob wont be able to dismiss the ‘morons’ protests as a minority.

  26. Captain Birdseye

    Good luck to Max he done well while at Leeds, I hope the move works out for him and I hope that he got the £25K he was rumoured to be looking for!

    He handed in a transfer request so he wanted out, let him go he wont be missed. This time last year he was not a vital player in the Leeds team, had Lloyd Sam not got injured he would of been on the bench. Plenty of talent to replace him as well as those that will come in (I hope….)

    • Chareose

      lol he was our player of the season last year………. Its like you guys are standing in the mirror Telling yourself this again and again in order to make yourselves beleive this was a good move for leeds………its not, gradel had turned into a classy midfeilder and thats why st ettienne wanted him. end of.

  27. felix slackbladder

    typical and as per f*ckin usual the cash will vanish and theres no time to get a replacement. F*ck off Bates and stop raping our club we don’t want you and your lying coniving regime!

  28. Matthew

    Summing up my thoughts.

    Max Gradel – Leeds Legend.
    Loved by the fans, great player, victim of Ken Bate's lack of ambition.

    • Captain Birdseye

      Leeds legend is a bit much, great player, great passion but he put Max before Leeds

      • Matthew

        All we have to go on is what the club says, not what Max has said, we don't know if he was offered a new contract, or if he was forced out by Bates to make some money.

        That said I said the above because.

        1. Max is well loved by fans.
        2. Max is universally known by fans to be a great player.
        3. Max is well known by clubs and fans we have faced.
        4. Max is wanted by pretty much most fans of teams in the Championship.

        You know, Max has had a huge impact on Leeds fans in his time here.

      • Captain Birdseye

        I agree he had a great season and an half and done great, Lees was also great for him as well.

        The club couldnt issue a statement saying he handed in a transfer request if he didnt, he could take a good chunk of the transfer fee of the club in court!

        Because of Max's great season last year and with only a year on his contract he was looking for a huge pay increase. His agent was rumoured to have said he wanted £25K per week, no way could the club pay that kind of money or else they wuld be heading back to playing the likes of Yeovil & Hartlepool!

  29. merseywhites

    On the positive side as a team we will be harder to beat , but we will score fewer goals.

    I for one would not mind a few 1-0 wins

  30. Carl Barnes

    well as long as leeds got over 3 mil then leeds can strengthen the areas needing players . maybe lansbury from arsenal or eric Lichaj from villa or evan both

    • felix slackbladder

      dream on pal. Bates will carry on fleecing you and his other disciples. Let me say this slowly. There will not be a penny of that or any cash spent on strengthening the team. Loans yes. Bates fuck off and take your pathetic board and sackless followers with you. You saved us from jack shit!!

  31. AltrinchamAndrew

    Cannot wait for KB excuse after saying Mad Max was "going nowhere". Clear to see that Bates is "asset stripping" which normally happens before you sell the Business: can only hope.
    My biggest complaint against KB is that he has FAILED to bring in new investment ( unlike little Leicester) that would allow us to move us to the next level. To me, he wants a price no one willing to match hence why we"ll dance with relegation this season.
    Whilst I'm on my early morning rant, unhappy with SG: he,s now tried 9 different defenders with same result: we either have 9 bad defenders or a Manager who can't coach defenders! What does Snodin do by the way?.
    The only positive is that life is never boring as a Leeds fan!!!!!

  32. lufcboy

    Undisclosed fee, probably did not get much over £2mill. Will we miss him? maybe, need to add some pace to the side. I can't see us challenging this season. Think we over-achieved last season and this will be just a season of consolidation – you can't sell your better players and challenge.

  33. bangorboy

    What a joke……..would the last person out of Elland Rd please turn off the lights

  34. JP Leeds

    Big demo needed. Turn your back at the start of the game with shoes help high – walk Bates. Then support the team for 45 mins. Turn your back etc for half time then support your team. At the end mass demo's. Bates out but support the team.

  35. number1inyorkshire

    lichaj is out for 4 months so he won't be coming got injured last week in Carling cup got result yesterday

  36. mattbb1

    so we arent a selling club eh ken? Kilkenny, Johnson (well i suppose we didnt sell them in theory…), Schmeicel. We wont sell our best players…. erm Gradel, Beckford, could go on, the best of all, we wont deal with `poxy' agents – and then we find out we spent £750K on agents fees…..

    Give us a break please Ken and Simon and stop the rhetoric, we are a selling club, we cant compete for the best players, and theonly thing worth anything at Elland Road is our fast vanishing reputation. Look at the clubs these guys go to Norwich, Bristol City, Leicester, St Etienne, not exactly footballs leading lights. Shame on you Bates and your empty corporate boxes.

  37. mattbb1

    allow me to brighten everyones day and inform you that Sky Sports News is telling us Coventry & Brighton are bidding for Paynter!

    • Adrian Marsh

      Sorry Billy, but I hope it’s true. The injury may have hampered his time at ER. I do not think he is up to it. Might prove me wrong at another club, but he needs games but not at Leeds.

  38. Adrian Marsh

    All great views & respected. I hate it when Leeds fans fall out amongst ourselves. The truth about Max leaving may never come out. We fans do not truly know what has been said, done behind closed doors. Money talks, KB liked the offer from St Etienne, Max liked the terms they were offering & Max is going. It’s tough being a Leeds fan at times but I still am trying to be positive. There is plenty of prophecy on the forums, let’s wait & see. United we are not, Leeds we will be forever. Get behind the team. MOT

  39. mattbb1

    let me cheer you up even further. Wayne Bridge spotted at Leeds Station this morning. Now hes an ok left back, but imagine – Frankie Sandford at Elland Road.

  40. banditsteve123

    I have to say max this season was on a one man mission to sell himself he did not play for the team only himself,on last season yes he scored 18 goals great for a winger but his crossing and team play were terrible at times,i cant help but think the dressing room will be a happy place now he has gone,lets hope we now spend some of that money on either clingon or monty sign up howson nunez on long contracts and maybe give clayton a better deal and build the team around him

  41. henry_v

    I think Simon and Mr B wanted Max to go.
    I will be surprised if we got more than £2.5 million for him.
    When Lucciano returns I expect to see Andy Keogh out left, in Max's place.

    • Mark__R

      Good point about Keogh's place in a front line with Becchio, Henry V. Max had a good season and a half or so with us, and really turned things around after his sending off vs. Bristol Rvrs in the Lge 1 promotion match. 18 goals last season (?) was a great return in the Championship – though playing as a winger his distribution & crossing was woeful. Thanks Max for the contribtuion. However we must hold onto Snodgrass & Becchio. Now it's time to move on and hope we get a couple of players in to strengthen the squad. MOT

  42. mattbb1

    a good shout Henry, i also think we will sign Keogh today with the gradel money, or some of it…. If weve turned down £2.5M from West Ham and £3M from Sochaux, then we have to have received a larger or at worst a cash up front offer. If we offload Payntr today too then it oils the wheels so to speak, and our only obstacle(s) are the lack of time, and Grumpy Uncle Ken.

  43. Irving08

    Mad Max seems to be living up to his name. Why St Etienne ? It can only have been the money. Sadly, I suspect that this is the last anyone will hear of him as he disappears into the mediocrity of the French League for I think he is rather limited as a footballer and required a stage like ours (perhaps just like ours) to make the most of what he has got to offer. Still he has secured his financial future and I wish him well. And he willl be among fellow Ivorians in that part of France, which probably counts a lot for him too.

  44. Mark E L Wilson

    Good luck t lad…@ least we got a fee for him unlike Kilkenny and Johnson.. Hope they. use the money to buy at least a decent center half. MOT

  45. Craig Woodhead

    Bates is a fucking disgrace. Will use excuses that wage demands were too high blah blah blah. Hard worker with a touch of class and we let him go for prob not a lot and have no one of the same class to replace him with. We’ve seen bits n bats if Nunez but he hasn’t proven he’s got any consistency. Why would Snodgrass, Becchio etc wana stay? We r a joke, Bates just FUCK OFF!

  46. Paul Newman

    We are showing no ambition, come on Bates supporters and Grayson put a positive spin on this move!!! Bates out

  47. Neil Ormsby

    Love the Bates out stuff. No one else wants us guys! No bids, no buyers, no interest. No Bates would have meant no Leeds Utd . No one wanted us except a guy who is now in prison. Gradel’s agent should be knighted!! St Etienne, really???

  48. Wayne Clare King

    at last, leeds have realised you cant give decent players away for free, now use the money and buy a shit hot centre back and a strong midfielder.


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