Welcome to tonight’s Matchday Live event for the 19:45 Championship kick-off between Leeds United and Hull City at Elland Road. 

Below, our matchday viewer will allow users to interact with other fans throughout the course of the fixture. It will also fetch tweets from those at the game such as Thom Kirwin and Paul Dews, as well as our very own TSS (@ScratchingShed1).

Other features include live polls, scoreboard and updates throughout the fixture.

The event is scheduled to start at 19:00 GMT and will end shortly after kick-off. To continue discussing the game after this point, please visit our Leeds United Forum.

14 Responses

  1. paulg

    A spot of perspective, perhaps ….. especially as Southampton thrashed Ipswich 5-2 away. The same Ipswich who we've all been envying for sweeping up some of the players who were linked with Leeds …… also puts a slightly different spin on our loss at The New Dell, or whatever it's called.

    There's a long season ahead, and I don't believe that it'll be as black as some of the pessimists on here have suggested. Which isn't to say that it'll be as bright as we might have hoped …….!!

  2. Tim Campbell

    Loved the maych and felt nunez did enough to keep his place in the side for the West Ham game on sunday. What made some vomit come up into my mouth was what that old gezzer mr chairman said in the programme notes. First of all we are 'morons' but it was his description of self-gratification that wanted to make me hurl. It went like this '"I saved your club in 2005 and 2007 when nobody else would. The rebuilding of Leeds United is a bit like sex. In an age of instant gratification, Leeds United is having a long, drawn-out affair with plenty of foreplay and slow arousal' Perhaps 'Mater-Bates' IS the best name for mr chairman lol.

  3. Chris

    I was sat in the West stand tonight and three rows in front of me was Fabian Deph with a guy in a suite who looked like his agent, Was he just up in Leeds for the night and wanted to take in the game or doing a deal for a loan move??????

    • TSS

      Think he's a Leeds fan mate and he comes from Bradford so I wouldn't read too much into that

  4. sparkx

    whilst I’m no big fan of bates I thought his response to the ridiculous demos was proper ken lynch style! made me laugh.

    seriously tho tonight on paper a team with some first teamers, reserves, youth team and players who’ve hardly ever played together before… I was thinking this must be another beating!!! only I’m writing this after one of the best, most coherent, energetic, disciplined and creative performances witnessed in the last two seasons (especially given the virgin team!) MOT!! Hope the doom and gloom merchants and the bates out brigade P1** off now and let Leeds continue to build in the right way… without paying inflated prices and wages for prima donnas!

  5. Captaincrash

    All round team effort that, huge relief.

    Lonergan is very impressive.

  6. Carl Pearson

    Saw 90 minutes of crisis last night , roll on the good times lol, personally over the moon with that not perfect but bloody good well done the lot of em!……….snoddy ??? Not himself! IMO !

  7. mattbb1

    I'm as thrilled as anyone by this result, and i put that down to a team that grafts, and an excellent manager. We still need shut of Bates though, come on guys, he's shown us all what he thinks of anyone who disagrees with him? Morons apparently, additionally he decided to start using bizarre s*x… analogies, makes you want to wretch. We need premiership football, one swallow does not a summer make, to continue Kens euphimisms.


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