Ipswich Town came from behind against ten men Leeds United to claim a fortuitous victory at Portman Road yesterday.

It was all going so well for Leeds, in front from a Ross McCormack goal and dominating completely before Aidy White was sent-off early in the second half.

My instant reaction was that Aidy would walk. However, after seeing the replay this morning the challenge looks more clumsy than it did cynical.

Nevertheless, Aidy White did deny Ipswich Town a clear goalscoring opportunity and after consulting with the linesman, the referee decided that it was a straight red card.

Leeds dug in well and remained in front until the 78th minute when Jason Scotland – who has a habit of scoring against The Whites – struck an excellent equalising goal from range.

To rub salt into the wounds of already sickened Leeds United fans, summer transfer target Keith Andrews netted a late deflected winner to give Ipswich Town a largely undeserved three points.

Once again, the lads performed well and deserved nothing less than three points. After going 1-0 up, the Ipswich fans were already on their teams back and there looked to be no way back for Town.

But the red card decision changed the game completely. Regardless of whether it was a deserved sending off, that’s six points Leeds have dropped now for clumsy challenges. Simon Grayson is right to praise the lads performance, no one can dispute they were the better team, but he seriously needs to address the sloppy red cards we keep picking up.

Even with the replay I’m still struggling to argue against the decision. Aidy’s desperation to stop the oncoming Ipswich Town player does cause him to trip, but he takes him down with him ensuring he can’t get through on goal. Had Leeds been denied a similar shooting opportunity by the clumsiness of the opposition defence, I’d be expecting the same retribution.

Only five games in and I’m already wondering if the points dropped at home to Middlesbrough and these against Ipswich Town will come back to haunt us in May. On and on…

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  1. Tim Campbell

    Please please tell me someone what happened between gradel and nunez. I hear there was some sort of friction between the two – could there be underlying tension between the two, both seeking the adulation of the fans PS Still feel larry should start with nunez

    • Col

      Nunez and Gradel exchanged a few angry words after Gradel chose to shoot from a silly angle instead of passing to the much better placed Nunez. He did same against Doncaster in mid-week.
      That sort of thing happens all the time. It was no big deal to be honest. It summed up a frustrating afternoon for us. Why Grayson chose to wait until more or less injury time to introduce Nunez was a mystery? It was his negetive tactics that cost us. I know we were down to ten men but playing so defensively just played into their hands.

  2. Lee Lettin

    white was pushed in the back causing him to fall and the big gangly striker ran into him ??? then rolled around as if he had been shot by a sniper ??? he continued until the dodgy linesman made the decision 4 the ref ( ie dodgy he made a mistake by giving us a corner witch wasn't 1 in the first half so the tractor boys gave him continuous stick until he re-payed them with a few shambollick decisions of his own )

  3. Joshua Crewe

    I was at the game and it was a game of 2 half's for Dur'so. First half the Ipswich fans wanted his head, the second they wanted to make him a king. . .
    Leeds controlled the first half without even letting Ipswich create anything in our half. They only got back into the game when Aidy was sent off, which in my opinion was a bit dubious. Yes he had a chance to clear his lines but there is a blatant push in the back which takes his moment down. After that we chased shadows, had the odd counter attack. I was gutted to see Ross be taken off he looked really lively and at times better than I have seen him play before, Keogh was top notch again holding up and linking up…
    Nunez should of been brought off the bench sooner for some fresh legs and urgency, instead he was brought on straight after the 2nd Ipswich goal, after 89 Minutes, now someone explain to me the logic there?!?!?!

    I live and work in Ipswich so I have got a huge amount of stick already for yesterday's result although they are all agreed in that we were much better than Ipswich, Dur'so changed the game with some bizarre decisions. I guess that is football for you. The Away fans as usual were out of this world, filling up the away end and another 2 sections of what should be the 'home support' haha, in full voice for the whole 90. I still believe if we can play like that and get Becchio back playing soon we will do just fine this season.


  4. jay

    The game should have been won at half time…it wasnt and with bad luck, poor ref decisions and grayson getting the subs/formation wrong we got done…football can be such a bitch at times.

  5. banditsteve123

    Very unlucky yesterday i still yhink we are only a couple of players short of a very good squad a left back and another midfield player get becchio back and this team will start to turn things round,agree about mcCormack by taking him off grayson handed the game to ipswich

    • nostradamus

      Yes,a certain amount of bad luck yesterday [largely self inflicted ] but we dropped the points mainly because we were not ruthless enough in the first half and then hit the customary panic button in the second.The game should have been put to bed in the first 45 mins.,then the sending off would have been less significant.We hear about 'improved performances' but the abysmal points total is what concerns me.
      Nothing can the well documented weaknesses at full back and central defence,but any football student knows that true dominance stems from midfield control.We have 2 players currently in the centre of the park; one,relatively inexperienced who gives 90 mins.of application and endeavour,the other with an armband,who appears to think the game lasts only 30 minutes.I'll leave you to identify which is which.

  6. Chareose

    agree with TSS, we need to get the discpline right or watch this season slip away from us along with the majority of our midfeild at the end of the season

    • number1inyorkshire

      our discipline is poor we concede too many free kicks for a start and make too many rash decisions which have cost us this and last season
      thats the part i feel jonny howson is a little short in his captaincy how can he tell brown and some senior pros
      not a fan of stats but looking at yesterday 50-50 possession they had more shots had 1 less sent off and scored more goals

  7. number1inyorkshire

    i agree with jay the amount of chances and stuff before half time the game should have been out of sight before any dodgy sending off .It was a dodgy sending off too .i was speaking to Paul jewel 2 hours ago and he agreed . HE SAID he would have been pissed off had the decision gone the other way ,but they needed some luck so he would take it all day long at the moment as would we ,he said how good we were .

    we are 19th 4 points from 15 you can think positive you can think negative ,but the league don't lie and i know its early but that is a return of 40 points ish if that ratio carries on .

    are the young lads ,white ,lees gonna need replacing with some guile and experience I PERSONALLY THINK YES

  8. _dje

    I think we called it wrong when we went to ten men. Bringing on wobbly O'Brien and moving the excellent O'Dea to left back was asking for trouble.

    Why oh why didn't we have Connolly on the bench? It'd have made more sense to either bring him on and shift Lees to centre back with Kisnorbo and O'Dea as left back, OR be brave and go three at the back (Kisnorbo, Lees and O'Dea are all centre backs in their own right) and sit Snodgrass deeper on the right, and bring on Sam for Gradel as a left wingback type player. that way we could have stuck with our dominant midfield of Howson and Clayton and kept them pegged back with Keogh and McCormack still upfront. It would have asked for a lot of running from Sam and Snodgrass, good cover work from Claton with Lees and Howson with O'Dea but nothing beyond them.

    Once we set up to defend the last forty minutes by bringing on O'Brien for McCormack we were incredibly unlikely to come away with a clean sheet (christ we can't even do it with 11 on the pitch!). As it was we were unlucky not to come away with a point, which would have been a good enough result at 3pm.

  9. _dje

    As to red cards, once it was given as a foul then White had to go off. With hindsight he would have been better to have stayed on his feet and not challenged Emmanuel-Thomas. Even if they had scored I still reckon with 11 on the field we'd have won or drawn at worse. Can't fault White for any regrets though and all teams will pick up red cards in those ways.

    Less justifiable are the ones we picked up against Middlesborough for two yellow cards. Bad refereeing or not, you just don't put yourself in that position once you already have a yellow card, especially if you've already had a player sent off!

  10. banditsteve123

    One problem at the moment is the bookings are starting to mount up i think clayton has 3 so 2 more and he is suspended so we need to get cover in the next three days will define our season sign 2 at least we have a great chance to do something please ken bates i beg you i plead with you spend some money and watch us go

  11. Graham

    Thought Aidy was very unfortunate. Clearly got a shove in the back that caused the whole incident. To get sent off for that is v harsh in my opinion. Bad refereeing – how can something so debatable as to whether it was a foul the other way end up in him seeing red?!?

    On a more general note I get increasingly frustrated with football nowadays where there are so many sending offs. Surely a red card should be reserved for some kind of extreme foul play – players shouldn’t be sent off so easily for so little. I know punishment is required but maybe it is time for the sin bin?

    Finally, what do people think of gradels reaction to mc cormacks goal yesterday? Muted is an understatement.

  12. Carl Pearson

    Come on lads it's all hindsight , the clever money when a man down is shore the job up if we had come away with the points it's well done sg , it didn't work but it was the right thing to do , but to bring a match winner on so late was crass utter pointless I think you even risk the guy getting injured by trying too hard too soon when his body isn't up to temperature/pace of the game IMO!

  13. banditsteve123

    On gradel i dont think he wants to be here he has had one good season so far this season his crossing shooting have been poor sell him play nunez invest the money in 2 or 3 players CB LB MF

  14. Horsforthwhite

    Looked a clear foul to me and their striker went off injured from the incident soon after; once it was given as a foul, white had to go. We were unlucky, but they were at very low confidence after shipping 12 goals in 2 games, we should have finished them even before white got sent off.

    • number1inyorkshire

      are you sure
      have you seen it , it was a clear foul you are right ON WHITE
      he brought him down after been nudged in the back he even tried to stay on his feet

  15. Chareose

    Grayson : "My squad is almost complete" 24 hours later and shit its panic stations again " i need a fullback and some cover" I like Simon and i think hes had almost no support in the transfer market but I always find him to be reactionary rather than proactive visionary…..he doesnt think ahead.

  16. Chareose

    Not the mark of an empire builder is it :o( Wheres Martin O'Neal these days anyway ?

  17. mersey whites

    Best performance of the season , really good quality in all areas of the field.
    One area of concern is that we are not taking the excellent chances being created, its still the hardest part of the game , putting the ball in the net…..but we really should not need so many opportunities…

  18. Ron Galea

    Let's not forget that Ipswich have been getting trounced of late, so looking good against them is hardly noteworthy. I agree with TSS that our points tally thus far isn't good enough and although the West Ham performance was encouraging, we are still leaking too many goals and perhaps not taking our chances as Mersey Whites points out. For a former defender, Grayson seems to have trouble signing any. This Kelly loan whisper would be lovely, as would another CB. I have a feeling Gradel will be sold in the coming days. Shame it's come to this, but Nunez is ready to roll and we can't have unhappy players in this squad. It's an honour to play for Leeds, so let's move on.

  19. normangunston

    Was willing to give Aidy White a chance but, along with the stonewaller he should've conceded against West Ham, that's twice he's shown poor judgement. We need someone much more solid in that position, the defence is letting us down bigtime again this season.

    • number1inyorkshire

      that was never ever ever a red card the ref and linesman will be embarrassed when they rewind that , it was a free kick to white if anything ,it was a poor decision , but 10 men have won before and graysons management of the team at that point was poor too

    • mattbb1

      what else could he have done? there was no support, the ipswich attacker pushed him inthe back? i suppose hed have been a bad defender if hed let the guy run down on goal and not make a challenge. Not Whites Fault.

      • normangunston

        take another look at that incident here

        Aidy White with his pace should've got to that ball first and blasted it into Row Z, instead he hesitated and let Emanuel-Thomas in. Whether it was a penalty or not I don't know, but White should've cleared it.

      • number1inyorkshire

        you can look at clips of that all day every day forever ,yes he should have kicked it into row z but it was never ever a red card it was poor refereeing or linesmaning (is that a real word ) the ref only gave what the lino said .
        they are talking about appealing they should and i feel they might win

      • normangunston

        a good defender deals with that stuff before it becomes a problem. the first scum goal on Sunday was because Djourou faffed round just like Aidy did.

  20. mattbb1

    Does anyone else think we've reverted to Plan A? ie how we played last season with 4 defenders 5 attackers, and one vaguely defensive midfielder? White was badly exposed when Emmanuel Thomas got past him, and for me that should never be the case, the left side of central midfield should have picked him up. But as per last season there was erm… no central midfielder. SO tactically that cost us, not the referee, as w wouldnt have been in that position. Surely to god away from home – unless youre Barcelona, you stoutly defend your one goal away lead? I'm not sure if new players is the answer, a tactical rethink is the answer, one which might see some mediocre to poor results as it beds in, but one which wil pay off long term.

  21. tim campbell

    I never thought I would be saying this but I think gradel should be sold and a couple of decent players; possibly a LB and MC brought in. I of course am dreaming that our chairman would release all the money from the sale of gradel for new players!!

  22. mattbb1

    looks like you may get your wish, Sochaux claim they are at an advanced stage in signing Gradel.


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