Ipswich Town manager Paul Jewell has revealed that Leeds United pulled out of a deal to sign Tamas Priskin on loan at the last minute. 

“Tamas was lined up to go to Leeds and at the 11th hour they changed their mind

“It’s disappointing for Tamas and disappointing for us, it would have given him games and put him in the shop window.”

With Luciano Becchio and Davide Somma currently out injured, Leeds United have been left short in the striker department with Ross McCormack playing Leeds’ opening two league games alone up front.

Misfiring Billy Paynter has also had some injury problems which left Simon Grayson in desperate need of alternative options.

Several players have been brought in on trial including former Chelsea striker Mikael Forrsell, whilst The Whites have also been linked to numerous other unattached players and potential loan signings.

But it was Andy Keogh from Wolverhampton Wanderers that came to Leeds’ rescue, signing a loan deal on Monday and going straight into the team for the 4-1 victory over Hull City on Tuesday.

Andy Keogh’s impressive performance against Hull, and the decision to extend Mikael Forrsell’s trial by another week could have been factors in Simon Grayson’s decision not to take Priskin.

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  1. Matthew

    We don't him, some reasons why

    1. His goal to game ratio sucks.

    2. Becchio won't be out forever, he'l be back soon thus his place in the squad is redundant

    3. With Nunez and McCormack showing goalscoring potential, especially Ross who will likely be gaining confidence with each goal, we don't need a Striker of Priskins level.

    4. Point 3, he is no better than what we have already.

  2. mikelufc

    Exactly so Matthew.

    Can we have some proper jokes TSS if we have to have any

    • TSS

      How about this…

      Big Brother is back. Lots more money to be made from phone lines. To save Kerry, add 01. To save Jedward, add 02. Or to save yourself, change the channel.

  3. Tare

    News from the Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat 19082011 (Helsinki News, "The Times of Finland) says that Miklu is negotiating with LU in a good spirit. He just want to play soccer in a big club. Let us hope for the best outcome of this, fingers crossed!


  4. Danny21

    maybe simon heard santa cruz was interested? either that or forsel is looking like a good play.+

  5. felix slackbladder

    If he’s not good enough for Ipswich then he is certainly not good enough for LEEDS UNITED. We need quality and to show ambition. Something we will never see during the reign of the cockney crafty butcher Kenneth Bates. Anyhow i hear hes been busy with his new venture in the adult entertainment industry filming with sohos loveable Bell end Ben Dover! The problem arrived when our Ken was asked to provide “the money shot”!

    • yorkwhite1

      Sh1t I haven’t eaten since KB started talking about foreplay. He’s not going to make it compulsory is he?

  6. Colin

    There's another possible option as well – Paul Jewell might be talking out of his behind.

    It wouldn't be the first time.

    • number1inyorkshire

      Paul Jewell always talks out of the A – HOLE he lived close enough to me whilst city manager for me to have 1st hand knowledge A COCK

  7. kev

    glad we didn't get him,makes paynter look good,surely we can do better than this,can't get a game at ipswich then how can he bring anything to the Leeds side !!

    • Matthew

      Exactly my point. His record since 2006 has been dreadful for a Striker, with 127 appearances for various clubs, he only scored 20 goals. Hell Gradel beat him in one Season almost.

      Basically since 2006 he turned crap. And has proven he is unable to score at least 10 goals a season. Its not too much to ask from a Striker, we dont need more Billy Paynters.

      And Ipswich sound like they're using Leeds to get interest in the player from other clubs. If thats the case I agree with the club saying no for that reason too

  8. number1inyorkshire

    STATS ,STATS ,STATS ,not worth the paper they are written on we can all come up with them biggest stat been that wolves came up with a striker .we took him instead ,there will be another stat ,there will be others we pulled out of at that time ,

    • Matthew

      I have more time for Andy Keogh, as he can play as a Winger/Striker, that and he's a good playmaker. His goal/game ratio is almost on Priskins level, however the past few years for him have been kinda rough, he hasnt had the games. I'm expecting a dozen goals from him before christmas, if he doesnt get injured.

  9. Chareose

    Glad we are not getting Snake Pliskin………………however i was a bit alarmed at Graysons latest interview and the comment about how hed be willing to sell Gradel if an offer closer to the market value came in……………. Thats either called hawking your wares or hes a bloody moron for continuesly talking about selling Gradel all the time…………… So larry gets 8 million for Gradel…..but oh the transfer window has ended so we end up with an even weaker squad and oh….then Ken bates grabs the cash and hands a fiver back to Larry……………..idiotic comments

  10. sparkx

    hey sometimes the face just doesn’t fit. we took gradel on who couldn’t get a game for Leicester. we have also bought a keeper who wasn’t first choice at preston. sometimes quality players just need someone to believe in them, get a run of games and build their confidence. priskin despite not getting a game for Ipswich may have been in this category. he is an international after all.

    so what’s the difference? aren’t gradel, somma, becchio, McCormack etc all someone’s cast offs?

    oh and finally anyone who thinks Santa is coming is bonkers. he’s on £90k a week. we wouldn’t even pay £15k for Smith!!!!


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