Wolverhampton Wanderers have confirmed a loan deal has been agreed with Leeds United for Andy Keogh to join The Whites until January. 

Remember Andy Keogh? It’s no real surprise if you don’t, because he only ever managed one appearance the first time he played for Leeds United and that was as a substitute in a Worthless Cup game.

These were the crazy days of Kevin Blackwell when inadequate players were simply thrown onto the scrapheap (aside from those he put in white shirts and allowed to run around for 90 minutes of course). Nowadays these very same players have become the bread and butter of our squad.

In fairness to Andy, he was only a kid when he was at Elland Road the first time and Kevin Blackwell is to football management, what Carlton Palmer was to England’s midfield.

But since Keogh left Leeds his CV hardly proves our former manager wrong. This is a player whose goal average ranks him alongside Enoch Showunmi for Christ sake. Last season for example he was loaned out to Cardiff City and then Bristol City, where, between the two spells he managed 3 goals in 25 appearances.

I don’t mean to be too down on the lad, but we were supposed to be finding cover for Luciano Becchio and Davide Somma. This is more like crashing your Porsche and being sent a Fiat as a courtesy car – it’s embarrassing.

Did you ever think you’d see the day that our own rejects were begged to return to save our behinds from a good spanking at the hands of Hull City?

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to ‘Living The Dream’ Ken Bates style!

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  1. YorkshiremanInDublin

    How about we give him a chance and judge him on how he plays? This isn't a signing to set the heart racing I know, but I think we should at least wait until he pulls on the shirt a couple of times before we either slate him or praise him as his performaces merit!

    • TSS

      Fair point. My problem isn't really with Keogh in fairness, it's that this is what Bates expects us to be happy with.

      • YorkshiremanInDublin

        I hear ya :-) I'm not 100% happy with the (loan) signing of Keogh either, just saying that the whole situation at Leeds is not his fault and has nothing to do with him personally in fact, he's just evidence and further proof of a continued lack of investment in the squad, so given that he hasn't actually done anything wrong whatsoever and is after all just a young(ish) professional footballer trying to get his club and international career back on track a bit shouldn't we maybe get behind the lad a bit rather than slating him before he's even pulled on the shirt?

      • TSS

        Oh, don't worry, I'll be behind the lad (if he plays) tomorrow night.

        The above was meant as a dig at Bates, but describing the players career was necessary to achieving that.

      • IanLeeds

        I'm growing very weary of the negative spin you put on everything in order to push your 'anti Bates' message on everyone. He's an international for pity's sake. He isn't the first player to leave Leeds and have a decent career. Denis Irwin, Davis Seaman, Micah Richards, released as a school boy, even O'Brian!

        Please stop the Bates crap now, it isn't achieving anything. It's time to start being positive. All this negativity is just as much to blame as Bates himself for the cloud that hangs over us. Bates time will come… sooner rather than later i feel. So put it to one side for a change and start being more positive…please

        COME ON!

      • Irving08

        You are not the only one who is tired of the anti-Bates line of this site. My attitude to the editor swings between admiration for his moral purity to smiling at his naivety. But my advice to him as a former editor, is to keep neutral, and let the site take its natural course. I have no views on Andy Keogh, for I have never seen him play; but I do have a view on Aidan White who if he isn't playing on Tuesday would be well-advised to seek a club where his talents are appreciated.

      • lar

        is that not a sad story that the like of rep of ireland,wales,scotland,n.ireland have no choice but to pick there players from the last three tiers.by the way hes absolutely shit for the rep.

  2. paul

    plays as a winger for ireland apparently. think hes a good player, certainly championship standard, only problem is he doesnt score to many goals (problem for a striker i know) rather him than billy though, sooner we get rid the better. another midfielder needed along side clayton should be next as brown has failed to take off so far. hopefully keep tom lees in there too!

    • beanie

      seen him play for ireland a few times. not as bad as you might think. lively and puts himself about a bit.

  3. YorkshiremanInDublin

    @ paul – no, he isn't exactly prolific, but perhaps the bit of extra height and simply having someone to play with up front might open a few doors and create some more chances / goals for McCormack…he's lost up there the way we are now, working hard and full of running but he needs some help!

  4. Rex

    TBF – he's hardly a reject, being sold in a vain attempt to balance the books. I was sad when he left, as I always thought he had a lot of potential.

    Got to be better than nowt (or Paynter, whose cameo at Southampton was one of the worst displays of centre forward play I have ever witnessed – and I've seen Enoch and Michael Ricketts!)

  5. Tim Campbell

    I can only pray that andy has a new lease of life returning to his roots with a point to prove!! Thats me putting a positive spin on it if you did'nt realise lol


    So, who did you think we would get on loan? Michael Owen?
    At 25 years old he still (hopefully) has his best years ahead and we should get behind him. It's easy to criticise, but I'd rather Keogh than a lot of other 'journeymen' available. We've had the likes of Freeman, Dickov, Ormerod etc. etc.

  7. Coggs

    Just seen a video of Keogh on You Tube and he looks alright. Can hold the ball up, pretty good in the air, clever on the ball, think he will create chances even if he doesn't score loads, and he has a point to prove! Surely can't be any worse than Sumo Paynter!

  8. Rex

    As I remember he's a livewire with a lot of running and hustling to his game. Should give us some of what we've been missing upfront.

  9. Tare

    In Sunday Times was news article that Mikael Forssell is training with Whites. he certainly has been prolific striker for Finland. He has been in Birmingham PL team and last years in Bundesliga Hannover team. If SG has some Soccer nose, he would try also check Alexei Eremenko Jr. because this pair has internal radar between them. Just guessing of course regarding those mystery trialists who were supposed to play in last Friday's behind the closed doors- game.


  10. henry_v

    He is not a prolific scorer but he is good on the ball.
    I only hope Simon does not play him up front on his own!!
    It was a rush signing, 'cause we always leave things to the last minute!!
    I wish him all the best!!

  11. Bubionwhite

    Glass must be nearly empty by now TSS … SG was trying to get Berbatov but Sir Gobshite didn't want to play. Providing Keogh can lead the line and be a provider for others we should all support him, and who knows he might even score a goal or two … remember Becchio's arrival? At the moment coming to Leeds as a player must be like entering The Colosseum and being thrown to the lions… they are immediately judged by the baying crowd and given the thumbs down, ala Darren O'Dea. All we need now is for Paynter to be PX'd for Nick Montgomery, hopefully this afternoon … keep the faith.

    • TSS

      Think O'Dea has done well under the circumstances. CB playing LB – "Are you Hughesy in disguise?"

  12. mark

    With cardiff and the likes, was he not always played on the wing?

    I dont think he's played much up front

  13. mattbb1

    I for one am reasonably happy with Keogh's signing. If I'd seen us sell Paynter and Buy Keogh in the Summer then that would have been even better. He's got good credentials with Wolves in getting promoted from the Championship, and I think as a previous poster sad he will allow McCormack that extra ability to play off a front man in a 4-4-2, like wise Gradel. I have a feeling we wont see BEcchio for some months still, so vital we made any signing.

    I do remember Keogh from last time round and thought Blackwell didnt give him sufficient chance, he went o n to score plaenty at Scunthrpe and Wolves, so give the guy a break TSS. Remember we Hate Bates not the squad, in fact we should start a charity off `Buy Billy a goal…" for our hopeless centre forward.

  14. @OlMaGough

    This is harsh:

    "he was loaned out to Cardiff City and then Bristol Rovers, where, between the two spells he managed 3 goals in 25 appearances."

    I remember quite well that Cardiff played him out wide most of the time, and it was Bristol City :D who were poor last year. A few years ago he looked good playing alongside Billy Sharp, lets just hope Larry realises he works better with another striker next to him.

    • TSS

      I get them two mixed up all the time lol. They're both as pointless.

      I'm not convinced football benefits from one Bristol team, but two is pushing your look way too far Brizzle!

  15. james

    as long as he can be playing as a target man then thats what we need. I like McCormack's work ethic but he has no chance up there by himself.
    Im just getting annoyed with the negativity of a lot of fans now. I was at the game on saturday and thought in the end we werent too bad. However once we went a goal down we lost it but i dont think the fans helped too much. They just started with all the Bates out stuff which i agree he needs to go but at times liek that when the team are down on their knees they need the support of the fans to be shouting for them not for Bates. Leave the Bates bashing for before and after the game, but whilst the lads are out on the pitch all the attention should be on them.

  16. Mark

    I agree the lad deserves to be judged on what he does on the pitch, unfortunately his goal scoring record throughout his entire career and most notably the last 12 months on loan to championship sides suggests we shouldn't expect too much.
    Although we are only 3 games into the season I think every Leeds fan has a right to question what is going on at ER. I have posted several times during the summer about Leeds apparent lack of any strategy or long term plan in the transfer market. Yes we have injury problems up front however we already had problems with Becchio and Somma out before the start of the season yet Grayson constantly told us a new striker wasnt a priority (as the team needed strengthening elsewhere). Now Paynter is out for a couple of weeks grayson hits the panic button and brings in yet another "average joe" as cover – what a complete and utter shambles.
    It may be a matter of opinion however i do not believe the current squad has been strengthened from last seasons, it may be no worse it certainly isn't any better, and now we find ourselves desperately scrabbling around in the loan market for cover – what a mess and an appalling indictment of the way Leeds have managed their transfer activity. Two league games in and we find out just how wafer thin our squad is.
    My views on Bates are well aired – he is a crook, liar and cheat and nothing more. He didnt save Leeds despite his recent propoganda to the contrary, he took us to the brink of oblivion and through financial slight of hand and blatant fraud fixed the administration process so only he could purchase the club back minus its financial liabilities. I would love to see the back of him but am resigned to the fact he is going nowhere anytime soon.
    I am equally clear on Grayson, he isn't good enough to get a team promoted to the premier league whether that be Leeds or anybody else. I don't doubt his love for and commitment to the club, unfortunately it isn't enough. I have no idea what the truth about Leeds player budget is however i do know that grayson has not managed it well. His record in the loan and transfer market is poor, if he was given more money we would just end up with even more duds. Leeds defence was awful last season and graysons answer so far has been 2 new keepers (neither of whom have a better track record than the players they replaced), a 34 year old midfield has been and an average joe defender that has spent most of his career out on loan to no real effect – result the defence looks no more secure than last season.
    Our owner is a crook, our manager is a secondary school PE teacher and our playing squad is thin. No plan A, no plan b, no plan at all. No vision of the future, no long term transfer strategy just more of the same bates and grayson fairy tale of average joe's, knee jerk loanees and 30 something has beens recruited and sold to supporters as hidden gems – unfortunately many Leeds supporters just not buying into the happy ending anymore.

    Bates interview last week said he would be disappointed if Leeds didn't at least make the lay offs this season. You and 30,000 real Leeds supporters Ken, difference is you can do something about it we just have to sit, watch and suffer.

    • Mark__R

      A good summary of how the squad has remained static Mark. SG I think said that his main concern with regards to the squad was to ensure Gradel ( Inconsistent & his head not quite right ) & Snodgrass ( still unfit after injury) remained at Leeds. There is little evidence of a vision or ambtion in squad building as the squad hasn't been improved from last season. Lonergan I think will prove a good signing. The issue with the back 4 beggars belief and should have been sorted out last season – points to weakness in our training set up and organisation.Clayton & Howson are effective.We've been unfortunate with the injuries to Luciano & Somma – and we can only question why SG said this area of the team wasn't a priority for recruiting. Poor planing and no investment money.To end on a positive note things had improved vs.Boro – and Nunez & Howson's absence gives an opportunity to Nunez & Sam & Keogh & McCormack up front.

  17. mattbb1

    Well said mark, Bates has no right to sit in judgement over the failings of his team and manager when he is the chief cause of our squad's deficiencies. I dont believe a jot of what he said about how its all down to Simon Grayson's management of the budget that we have the squad we do. If so then where is the money saved on Bradley Johnson, Neil Kilkenny's and Kasper Schmeicels wages, plus the £1.5M of cash Leicester gave us for schmeicel? What about Elliott Kebbies compensation money. Are we to assume that Grayson was handed then no transfer budget at all? How can any manager be expected to work under those constraints?

    • normangunston

      We were only due compensation for Elliott Kebbie if Barcelona had signed him on a deal, which seems unlikely right now.

  18. simonorourke

    I think he'll bag a few goals to be honest. The Cardiff spell had him coming off the bench half of the time due to being kept out by a then England International (Bothroyd). Cut him some slack. From what I have read about his Cardiff spell, he did really well, having a hand in quite a few goals and chipping in with a couple of his own. They wanted to keep him but Big Mick called him back to Wolves in order to loan him to Bristol to get regular football.

    At international level, he is backup to Keane and Doyle and has done well when called upon.

    I think he'll bag 6-7 goals between now and January, and have a hand in quite a few more. I see him, actually, as a good foil for Ross McCormack. Ross clearly needs a bigger lad upfront with him. Signing Keogh may produce the best results from Ross.

    When Becchio comes back, he'll need time to regain match fitness. Even when starting he'll probably only last 60 minutes or so for a while. Andy Keogh, at just over six foot, will be the man who comes on for him.

  19. normangunston

    Think this could be an ok deal for us. He's got a point to prove, not just to Wolves but to us for letting him go.

  20. _dje

    To be honest, what team is going to loan out, so soon in the season, any of their strikers with a better goal to game ratio than 1 in 4? How many are likely to be knocking about on a free and still looking for a club?

    I don't think Keogh is the answer, but he helps us out at a difficult time ~ so welcome on board, I say.

  21. YorkshiremanInDublin

    Reckon we'll see him tomorrow. No doubt SG will probably do something totally different, but I'd go with…

    Keogh McCormack
    Nunez Clayton Brown Snodgrass
    O'Dea Kisnorbo Bromby Lees

    SUBS: Rachubka Connolly Sam Grella

  22. felix slackbladder

    I hear St Dunstans star striker has hit 7 already in 3 games. He would be a steal ,costing only a small charitable donation. And with Leeds playing in white! Exactly Bates’ type of signing.

  23. YorkshiremanInDublin

    Official site has just confirmed Mikael Forssell is in training at TA. At 30 he's far from past it, has an impressive scoring record and plenty of experience, is another 6 footer (like Keogh) and I reckon he'd get goals at Championship level. My initial and fairly instant reaction is 'Sign 'im up Larry!', but I believe he was a trialist with West Ham before arriving at our door though, so I'm wondering why they didn't take him?

    • Tare

      I read of this West Ham issue in Finnish tabloid and the story was like this: WHs some present strikers was supposed to move on before they would have signed MF. This never happened and therefore MF decided to move on.


      • YorkshiremanInDublin

        hopefully west ham's loss becomes our gain! i really think forsell would get us goals in this league. promising that the official leeds site put up a story about him and named him specifically amongst other unnamed trialists immediately after the keogh loan signing was officially announced. i'm just hoping that this one doesn't go the way of the Mendy deal, or most other deals we've (allegedly) bungled this summer for that matter! he won't play for peanuts so throw in a few raisins too y'muppets ;-)

  24. ludlowleeds

    Always rated Forssell & a good signing at this level IMO. Looks like the writing's on the wall for Billy P.

  25. Tim Campbell

    Billy would do well for the blunts in league 1 and montgomery would do the same for us at championship level; happy all round. Forssell and keogh or McCormack up front would be good at championship level

  26. Colin

    Paynter's confidence is at rock bottom.the introduction of Keogh and Forsell would be two terrific aquisitions.The defence has now been sorted, the combination of Lees,Bromby,Kisnorbo and O'Dea looks the business.On the Gradel issue, if Sam or Nunez was to follow on from the Bradford game Gradel wouldn't have started and got sent off.S G should have started with the eleven that finished the Bradford game.

  27. number1inyorkshire

    Keogh might be what we need he might score a few goals and i think if it goes well looks like he will stay forsell has been on trial at west ham and its usual for players to look at options elsewhere so it wasn't they didn't sign him he might have said he would come here too i remember rui marques and other did the same with us . now if your asking me to choose , let Sheff utd have billy bunter sorry paynter for free and sign forsell and keep Keogh til Jan and beyond if it works out then we have 4 strikers also release grella , somma will hardly play this season if ever again for leeds

  28. dess

    O'dea looks the business at left back?
    I like the player but thats not his position and he does not have the pace to play there. Better than parker and Bessone i will agree though.

    Remember Bradford are a poor side in a lower division. What manager would simply play the finishing 11.

    and for anyone not liking TSS anti bates stance nobody is forcing you to be here. If you dont like it switch channels.

    • TonyYeboah21

      Personally I am getting tired of the anti-Bates stance solely for the reason that it won't achieve anything as he is the epitomy of stubborness and as such and anti-Bates protest will only serve to unsettle the team. However I do appreciate the professional and insightful analysis of going ons at ER here by TSS but would love to see positives picked up on where ever possible.

      As for Keogh – Give him a chance. He may be shite, he may not be. We'll soon find out.

      Forsell – Seems a little left field but I'm open to it.

      Hopefully 3 points tomorrow will help develop a little momentum.

  29. Chareose

    Nice title TSS, you sure know how to make new players feel welcome at Elland Road…..

  30. Paul South Wales

    My mate's a season ticket holder at Cardiff, says he was a real work horse, and will give 110%, so let's give him a chance first, as for "cast- off", that's a bit harsh

  31. Irving08

    What sort of response is that ? Posters are free to say what they like, but not the editor: her job is to moderate where necessary and edit text. The 'editor' at present does neither: he pushes a 'party line'. Were I not the trusting sort, I could suspect her of a hidden agenda. As for switching channels, that's not the way to address supporters no less bona fide than your good self. We are in danger of falling into crisis of sorts, I sense, to which the best response is to pull together and let the appropriate authorities to address the alleged legal wrongdoing. We should be able to debate KB's business stratregy and our Manager's footballing know-how without every time turning into a hatefest, in the one case, and an exercise in demeaning ('secondary school PE teacher'), in the other. As for insulting players, that is just bad manners.

  32. frank ethiopia

    In all this there seems to be no comments on Graysons tactics. I was at Southampton. We made no attempt to play passing football. Every time our new goalie got the ball which was a lot, he hoofed it as hard as he could. We barely ever strung more than two passes together. We were outclassed by Saints passing style. I live in Africa and only get to see games rarely. Does Grayson always tell the team to play like this ? Last game I saw was Sheff U at ER last September – just the same, long ball nearly all the time tho that day it led to one mistake and a 1-0 win. Is it the players or is it Grayson ?

  33. Marc Butterworth

    Jeez TSS…. Bit harsh mate…. I remember before last season, Bechio wasn't exactly "prolific" but he brought lots more to the team than just his goals. I and a lot of other fans still believe he was the driving force behind Beckfords success.. Maybe Keogh will bring more than just his goals as well?


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