In his latest Yorkshire Radio interview, Ken Bates today revealed that Leeds United have only received one offer for Max Gradel. 

Speculation about the future of Leeds United’s Ivorian star has been rife all summer, but despite alleged interest from numerous clubs, only West Ham United have so far submitted a bid.

The bid Leeds United rejected was believed to be in the region of £2.5m, but Bates said the fee offered would have been paid in instalments and that West Ham United simply cannot afford to buy Gradel.

Under the terms of their offer, Bates said the Hammers would still be paying Leeds United off after Max Gradel retires from football.

  • adriantag

    Well, we all know what its like to be skint! Wonder which high profile team is going to go pop soon? Wont be Leeds because (And I know some people don't like to hear it) because of KB!

    • John Hammer!

      Or because you already went bust and defaulted on your debt, scummy club, scummy fans, scummy bates!

      • White Light

        John have you lost your mind? scummy! your fans are disgraceful…….i interviewed a hammers fan for a job and he boasted about beating up a tramp before a game, needless to say he didn't get the job!
        I honestly don't know how Leeds are going to do this year. I think West Ham fans will be sorry come the end of the season, your manager only has a mediocre record with Bolton and dreadful record with his most recent clubs…..You might not be going down but your seriously going to struggle going up!

        Oh and Dale, there's a difference between ambition and stupidity. Ambition is striving for something better (like you wanting Max Gradel) and stupidity is spending £50,000 per week on Kevin Nolan to take you straight back up.

        Howson and Clayton Destroyed your 5 man midfield, including Parker, Nolan and Noble all star players for you…………Max also made schoolgirls of the rest, luckily you dragged a world class keeper down with you! Saved your ass'!

      • ls10

        Scummy club yet you’re on our site! you’re a one song team and its a crap song at that. biggest team in your manor are millwall. hammers died. . . Walt a minute you’re never has beens never will be’s. later looter

      • YorkshiremanInDublin

        Sour grapes, we made you look like a bunch of amateurs and bossed your midfield 'star' men, what are their names again, didn't hear them mentioned much in the commentary, all I remember hearing was 'Howson', 'Clayton', 'Clayton', 'Howson'. Still, Big Sam will have you playing dazzling Barcelona style football in no time so at least you've got that to look forward to…you can watch it all on your freshly-looted HD telly. Proper scummy! I'm forever looting Curry's, burning local shops for fun…

      • YorkshiremanInDublin

        West Ham 1 ALDERSHOT 2!!! John mate, that must feel proper scummy, ha ha :-) As we won't be seeing any more of you in the Carling Cup I guess we'll just have to wait until you come up to Elland Road before we kick your asses again. ALDERSHOT!!! Oh man, that's gotta hurt, ha ha. Do you feel a bit embarrassed like mate? I would! If only you could afford Max Gradel ;-)

      • YorkshiremanInDublin

        Just in case you were wondering, Aldershot are 20th in league 2 at the moment John, three points away from Blue Square…

      • number1inyorkshire

        and besides that your shite you have just been dumped by aldershot town YOU MUPPET

      • jay

        Looks like THE LEEDS softened you up sunday for the mighty ALDERSHOT to seriously embarrass you last night…MOT

    • dalesteel

      yeah you cant go pop when you have no ambition, because you dont spend anything!

  • _dje

    Sounds like Bates is disappointed that West Ham couldn't pay £2.5m upfront and that's why they were knocked back, sort of "Offer us £2.5m upfront Fulham, and the lad is yours".

    Not helpful.

    • TSS

      He did add that he was staying with Leeds, but it was in the context of unacceptable offers. That bit was open to interpretation I felt.

      • Matthew

        You could also take Bates comments on him gambling on promotion and offering Gradel the contract he knows he wants as a result.

        Basically Bates thinks he has a good hand(Imagine a card game) and letting it ride.

  • Bubionwhite

    According to a good friend of mine who is a journalist and an Everton fan, it will probably be Everton unless they can attract some outside investment. They have probably been quieter in the tranfer market through the close season than we have and also have the vultures circling for some of their better players, and of course Jermaine Beckford.

  • These comments are designed to put Gradel in his place – "Don't get too carried away by your own importance son, the offer was derisory".

  • Peter Evans

    interesting, going out in public talking about other clubs finances, shouldnt happen, but we know bates likes to speak first think later lol

    • You are assuming he thinks at all – how magnanimous of you!

  • Adrian Marsh

    Leicester, Ipswich have brought loads of players in, where are they in the league? Money doesn’t always bring success. You might not like KB but our great club is run properly, the bubble has burst & players plus their agents need to get real. Leeds United needs to have revenue other than matchdays, this extra income will give us the edge in years to come. Wait until the new UEFA rules come with regard to salaries in relation to income. More patience required.

    • You are totally right about money not ensuring success.

      • dalesteel

        The bubble has not burst. Look at today, Nasri £23 Mil… he only had a year left on his contract, look at leicester. Dont listen to Bates crap about the 'bubble bursting' Maybe the same could of been said when leeds went pop? Did the bubble burst for everyone or just us?

        There will always be some clubs that struggle and some that don't. No bubble bursting, just the ups and downs of club football!

        • oldschoolbaby

          If you open your eyes the bubbles are bursting all around you. Man City are not in a bubble they`re suspended beneath an Arab hot air balloon fuelled by dollar bills rather than propane. When you look skyward tomorrow morning you will see no hot air balloons over Yorkshire and none over the rest of the country beyond eastlands and stamford bridge,

          The scum ( shit floats ), Liverpool, Arsenal, blah, blah, blah are bobbing about on oceans of debt. Banks aren`t extending overdrafts so the likes of Everton aren`t spending money.

          Leeds, it would seem, are walking on water hopefully attracting the attentionof the Sultan of Brunei or Bill Gates

          • dalesteel

            Why would anybody pick Leeds?? Because they have no debt? Why not buy a team in premiership already? Debt is not a problem for someone who is a billionaire and I doubt a £100 Mil debt would put them off a club do you? The economy is made up of debt, that's how banks make money!

    • adriantag

      Im with you there Adrian, should be interesting when the rules come into force, Would imagine greedy agents/players are trying to get a quick buck as soon as because salaries in effect will be capped.

      • Adrian Marsh

        Adriantag, glad someone agrees with me. There will be a shake up of how some football clubs are run. Leeds United are run to a good financial plan, if we can balance the off field investment with on field investment then we have a great future. Visionary is a word that comes to light.

        • adriantag

          Trouble is short term is in the minds of many!

        • Matthew

          Adrian your comment would make sense if we had a Chairman that wants to invest in the club realistically, not speaking about someone who would buy Nasri, Fabregas etc, but someone who will do what it takes to keep the teams best players within reason and add strength to weaker areas.

          Not too much to ask mind you, thats all fans want. No ones asking for huge big money signings that will cripple us, just that our best players are kept.

  • Teeth

    Why doesn’t grayson and bates just stop discussing publicly how much the lad is worth and sign him up for another 3 years.
    He needs stability and not gossip- rest assured his head will turn if Leeds can’t be bothered to show how important he is.
    For that matter nunez should be put on a 3 yr deal straight away along with a few others

  • Adrian Marsh

    Not listening to Bates, we are not playing or trading in the Premier league, perhaps I should have qualified it further, money doesn’t always bring success, we are not Man City & KB is not some Sheikh. Get real, below the Premier league elite football league clubs are trading players for small tranfer fees or loans, I’m talking about the majority. That is what has burst, big contracts, big transfer fees etc. Nasri???? Just shows how far we have fallen, £180k a week is it?? On these forums some fans are very emotive. God help us when we do get back to the Premier league. Some of our fans will be expecting us to buy big, big, big. Look at of how Stoke are building slowly, slowly. We have to do the same in the championship.

  • Nick WHU

    No one wants Gradel, he is certainly not worth 5 million let alone the stupid figures being bandied about, KB is right we can't afford him but even more we don't need him, Junior Stanislas is just as good if not better and Barrera is three times the player, Fat Sam has already let Zavon Hines go which is another mistake. Gradel is a headless chicken in the mould of SWP he needs about 5 chances to score against decent opposition and he has an over inflated opinion of himself a bit like many of the bentley brigade we formerly had so I hope we don't sign him.

    Adrian Marsh is right, although KB is a horrible grumkin of a man, he is very shrewd, Chelsea were in a very similar place when he bought them for a penny, look what happened to them and they are a small club in terms of support, if you give him time it may take a few years he will establish you back to a decent level and you can then be bought by some oil rich twat from the middle east who wants to pay stupid salaries just to launder their illegal money through football, look at Manchester City Thaksin the Thai, Birmingham – Incarcerated Yeung or whatever his name is, Chelsea Roman dodgyovitych, etc

    • TSS

      No one wants Gradel, but West Ham put a bid in? Go figure…

    • adriantag

      I lived near Chelsea when KB started developing it from the toilet it was to what it is now, love him, loath him he is a visionary.

      • TSS

        You mean, that project that left Chelsea in more debt than Leeds were in under Ridsdale forcing Bates to sell before they fell to a similar fate?

        The only reason Chelsea was valuable is because of the land. Leeds don't even have that as a back-up.

        • Chareose

          Its amazing how quickly peoples opinions have changed about how our club is run just because Larry accidently tripped over a couple of decent players rotting away in the Leeds reserves…….

          Bates the bearded Mesiah !

          • Adrian Marsh

            Couple of players rotting in the reserves? You all expect too much because we are Leeds. Regarding KB & messiah? Well I don’t many other investors riding into Leeds. We are lucky to have a club to support. This club prior to KB had for too long been run like a joke. Ten bob millionaires, selling assets that fans had no say in plus Ridsdale mortgaging the club following a utopian dream that failed with no fall back if we weren’t in the champions league every season. Leeds united are now run right £5 quid in £4 quid going out.

          • Chareose

            Take a look at this and then tell me Leeds fans expect too much ?? With zero investment in our playing squad, in the championship and yet Leeds is the 5th most expensive football club to support in ENGLAND !!!!

          • TSS

            Plenty of people rode into Leeds – Bates rigged the admin process! Short memories some fans.

          • Irving08

            You really should stop repeating this nonsense. There were no realistic or acceptable alternatives to Bates. And how do you know he rigged it anyway ? Forget it and focus on the present.

        • adriantag

          But they didn't!

    • Matthew

      People want Gradel, but they want to see if he can repeat himself. No use investing in a One Season wonder that had one good season and several crap ones after.

      If he had 2 years on his contract and bettered himself this season, we'd have the likes of the top 6 Premier League teams making offers.

  • gary

    the salary cap will be a load of bollocks when it comes in just like rugby unions so called amatuer players, they will get their ten grand a week or whatever it is and the rest will be made up of so called sponsorship deals and backhanders, it wont work its all a conn

    • Adrian Marsh

      It might be a load of tosh, we will see. It works in Rugby league, Wigan have been fined & lost points in the past. It doesn’t get away from the fact that clubs have to balance the books. Going into debt these days is not an option.

  • banditsteve123

    If we can get anything over 4 mill for gradel then take the money i think his head has gone nunez is better for me and if we spend money maybe CB and MIDFIELD then this team is going up we look vibrent going forwerd this team looks hungry im really excited about this side it just needs a bit of tinkering with.its a shame we did not try for gorkss from qpr gone to reading today would have been a good player for us

  • Matthew

    What's the point of Bates saying West Ham cant afford Gradel? It'l come back to haunt us if Gradel leaves on a bosman at the end of the season if we cant give him enough money.

  • lufc forever

    Oh the mighty west ham, first they offer a quid a week over 48,000 years for gradel and then beaten at home by lowly aldershot!

  • number1inyorkshire

    BATES has just if anything shot himself in the foot ,shame it wasn't his head but ehhh .
    saying all these things has just made gradel say if the can't afford me that means i am worth a bit of money so therefore a good wage .
    all this talk would be futile if whoever it is that does contracts offers him one to start with so he can at least turn it down .why hasn't that at least started , its quite frankly astounding that leeds united have or will allow players to walk for free not so long after we got raped by teams circling like vultures . paying peanuts in real terms for our prize assets when we were in debt ,why have we not learned our lessons from those days

  • Jack

    yes I want instant rewards. I’m 93 and want to see
    eeds win something before I clop my clogs

  • Irving08

    For information: a WHU friend of mine (the Moore generation) opines that Max is a second Shaun Wright Phillips.

  • Whitefanman

    TSS is right – Bates rigged the Admin process and anyone with an ounce of business savy and in particular the way companies can be formed and owned will know exactly how he did it. Very clever , very shrewd and its this ability to be so shrewd that makes him unpopular. You just know that he operates in an under hand way in every respect but just staying on the right side of the law…. These people who say KB saved the club and we should be grateful need to grow a brain. Why would KB want to save our club? Does he have an affection for LU fans and Yorkshire? Do not belive for one minute that KB did not own and thus control the three Offshore compnaies that were owed more than 75% of the clubs debt, why else would these three compnaies accept a derisory offer from KB (FSF) when there were better offers on the table> There is only one possible explanation! He saw an opportunity to create a situation where he could by a great name and money making vehicle for peanuts. He new exactly how to set it up and execute it and he played a blinder….. brilliant Ken, you should be commended for being a very clever shrewd businessman….. now on to football, i will give you 10 million for it ?

    • Irving08

      Insults aside, personally I don't particularly care if it was 'rigged'. Bates knows how to run football clubs; none of the other of the so-called 'white knights' had any football business experience. As for not being a Yorkshireman, what does that have to do with it ? And it is risible to suggest that he is using us a money making machine. There are far easier ways of making money than running a football club.
      Bates' motives are both more and less complex than you suggest: he wants to show that he can still do it at his age and like many nearly men (not quite good enough to bea pro footballer) he has a chidlish affection for the game.

  • mattbb1

    cant believe some of the tripe I'm reading on here about how Bates is some sort of saviour and that west ham need to take a leaf out of our book? they've never been in administration, they own their own ground… they've even recently played in the premier league. DOesnt anyone remember that Bates nearly bankrupted Chelsea when his hotel building didnt pay off? that it was only abramovich's dough that saved them? Short memories.

  • Adrian Marsh

    I for one am not comparing us (Leeds) with West Ham or looking back at KB’s financial record at Chelsea. Leeds United is financially run right. We can argue all day about our past at ER but now we are in the BLACK & we will eventually challenge again, but without crippling debts. I know it is frustrating the lack of investment in players but be patient. We Leeds fans have invested in this club, some more than others and some have lost more than others. This is reference to who had shares in Leeds & lost the lot, me included. Many fans will always dislike KB but the future will be his epitaph, maybe if Leeds are successful he may win one or two of you KB haters over.

  • Ian Thompson

    he’s goading them into making a bigger offer, dont believe for a second he really believes they cant afford him, bates and his games much like the quote from today that he’s going nowhere… what tosh gradels off bates is just trying to milk more money from west ham.

  • Roy Durn

    that is funny. mot

  • Jonathan Ketteridge

    whilst I don’t wish to sound uncaring, when will Bates die? I was hoping it would be last season.

  • Paul Alston

    It’s all bollocks, if the money’s right he’ll go. Like Ian T. said, its all a big game 4 KB.

  • John Thorner

    Johnathon I hope he’s hangin on until Christmas that way we can celebrate both things as I don’t and won’t spend money on the old cunt