Ever wanted to hear our beloved chairman do a Frank Sinatra tribute?

You haven’t!

Oh dear…

I know what you’re thinking – “Who needs Rod Stewart?”

Thanks (or indeed complaints) go to Mikelufc for bringing this to our attention!

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    • mikelufc

      Have you heard Rod when he is pissed? I have in the early 60s, busking in the underground, at least I think he was busking :-)

      By the way I have a video of TSS under the weather which so far I have been too kind to post…

  1. Stewpot

    Looking at this idiot and his size small shirt. It Looks like he’s spent our transfer kitty on pukka pies!

  2. Nicholas John Hardy

    Bates is a cunt his wife’s a whore, Bates is a cunt his mum’s a slag (and she got her tits caught in the mangel)


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