Ken Bates hit back at Leeds United fans who protested against his running of the club by calling them “morons” in his programme notes for Tuesday nights Championship victory over Hull City. 

If it wasn’t bad enough that the Whites fans had already been charged £4 for a programme – more than anyone else in the Championship – they were then insulted by their own chairman;

“I’m saying I’m unimpressed by the demonstrations of a few morons on Saturday and ain’t going anywhere soon. Some fans may not like me, or agree with me, but you’re stuck with me.”

He then went on to call himself the ‘saviour of Leeds United’ – a title I imagine will be carved beneath the statue of him in the new museum we’re all so excited about.

“I saved your club in 2005 and 2007 when nobody else would.”

Ignoring the fact there were plenty of other people bidding in 2007 who all offered more than Forward Sports Fund, and that by “saving” us in 2005 he had to put us into administration and relegate us to the lowest point in our entire history, didn’t Ken tell us he had nothing to do with the 2007 buy-out? Wasn’t that the totally unattached Forward Sports Fund?

And if Ken Bates calling himself the saviour of Leeds United isn’t enough to turn your stomach, this last bit should do the trick;

The rebuilding of Leeds United is a bit like sex. In an age of instant gratification, Leeds United is having a long, drawn-out affair with plenty of foreplay and slow arousal. We’re in this for the long term.”

Words fail me.

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  1. @DolfanPhil

    Sounds like senility has finally caught up with Kuddly Ken. One moment he's the Messiah, talking about saving the club, twice (if he's so clever how come he botched it first time round then?) next minute he's morphing in to some geriatric Swiss Tony and rambling about sex? Yeah, cheers for that mental image Ken. Ah well, I can't wait for the film of this era in the clubs history. Carry On Ken anyone?

    • he_mase

      Agree, he has finally lost the plot completely. He has gone from talking about minority dissidents to calling us morons. You do not insult paying customers, which is what football fans are, that is bad business.
      Time to go to the home Ken, matron will look after you.

  2. henry_v

    Carry on Ken!!
    Until someone better comes along!
    I don't see anyone on the horizon.
    Because he has spent time and energy on our club he is bound to be
    Protests are a waste without any alternative on offer.
    He should not have called you morons, but that is
    what you get with Ken.
    I don't remember anyone in 2007 offering 'more' TSS?

    • Horsforth White

      Henry V – don't you know how he pinched the club in 2007?
      TSS wll put you right

      • henry_v

        You are not suggesting we would have been better off with Redbus-Morris
        are you?

      • Horsforth White

        I'm suggesting we would have been better off with any offer other than Bates because they would be more likely to run the club properly instead of using it to take money out

      • YRA

        You don't really believe anything you read in the Guardian, do you?

      • TSS

        Yes. More than I believe the nonsense spouted by Ken Bates.

        Regardless of that, this is common knowledge. The other creditors revealed the bids on the table and Ken's was the lowest.

    • TSS

      Everyone offered more Henry. Bates had the creditors in his pocket. That's why HMRC were so annoyed and refused to agree to a CVA. Which was followed by the 15 points.

      The only reason Bates won is because our biggest creditor – an untraceable offshore trust – refused to sell to anyone accept Bates.

      • Irving08

        Ultimately it depends on whether you think someone with Bates' experience of the strange world of running football clubs is more or less likely to do a decent job of ensuring our club's long-term future than a person or persons – who may or may not have had solid money behind them – with no experience of running any sort of football club let alone one of our stature.

      • TSS

        "No experience of running any sort of football club" is extremely speculative. We still, to this day, do not know who some of the accepted bidders were. Bates and his army of apologists only ever mention Morris, but the administrators said there were other offers.

        But that doesn't matter anyway. The bloke who recently bought out the company I work for has never done anything in retail before in his entire life, so he appointed a highly respected managing director who has a proven track record. Football is exactly the same, you appoint a chairman with a credible background – something I disagree Bates has.

        Chelsea were in a worse financial state than us, which was, in no small part caused by the debt incurred by Chelsea Village (all well documented). He's had Leeds in admin twice, oversaw our relegation to the third division and now claims he's made progress despite the fact we're in the same place he found us seven years ago. There's nothing on Bates CV that would make me appoint him Chairman if it was my money on the line. Bates talks a good game, but it's all smoke and mirrors. His brilliance is nowhere near what he claims it to be.

        Bates' record is one of stagnation and accumulating debt.

  3. derbyshirewhite

    Ken's picked the wrong county for his rant. Maybe he hasn't seen seen the 4 Yorkshiremen sketch..

    "Originally living in what you would call today a "sink estate" near the Elephant & Castle we were re-housed on the Riverside Estate on the site of the orphanage where Charlie Chaplin was brought up."

    Estate did you say? We used to dream of living on an estate! :D

  4. DrewePeacock

    Is this in the papers today? This weekend? it should, then the world could see how mad the old duffer has gone. Is this a proper person to be running a football club?

    And imagine if Larry got fired and Holloway was appointed. The programme would be like Forum each week.

  5. YRA

    He wasn’t insulting Leeds fans in general, just a tiny proportion of ne’er-do-wells.

    The real problem with the whingers is they damage the club’s morale – and for no gain but their own.

    Good win last night. Who cares what Bates said about a few moaners?

  6. Oxford Leeds

    I have not been anti-Bates. I disagree with some of your past threads. I think he has been good for the club. I would like someone with deeper pockets to take over now. I would like to be able to express my opinion… as were 300 ‘morons’

    This attack on the freedom of speech is disturbing but what has unnerved (but not surprised) me as a businessman is Bates’s utter contempt towards feedback from his customers. That in my opinion Mr Bates is pig headed, ignorant, stupid and destructive, but then I am probably another Moron who happens to spend hundreds of pounds each year supporting your business.

    • LeedsForLife

      He doesn't ignore feedback from customers. The crowd size is his feedback, and it tells him he's doing okay.

      The black-or-white nature of all this really gets me down. Doom and gloom blogs like this (which isn't the worst, by a long way) go on and on about how bad Bates is in every way. He isn't. He saved the club from extinction and has it on the way back to where it belongs with a sound financial foundation, whether TSS and other Bates haters want to accept it or not. But he's not perfect, by a long way. He's rude and arrogant. He's probably set the wage limit too low. The new development seems unjustifiable in comparison with money spent on the squad. Thorp Arch seemed like a blunder. Yet, in order to argue against the blinkered, myopic, sweeping, hatred-based criticism of him (which I, too, think is moronic), it's apparently necessary to defend him across the board, which I don't want to do.


      • LeedsForLife

        It's just not as simple as this blog and others present it. In huge and essential ways Bates has been good for the club and still is. Instead of just hating him and criticising him automatically for everything, it would be so much more sensible, useful and supportable if these blogs put their prejudice aside and fully acknowledged Bates' success and value to the club – thereby leaving them able to discuss the fewer real concerns without the dominant appearance of being blinded into irrationality by their hatred.

      • OxfordLeeds

        Not sure you bothered to read my post, hardly myopic as I open by stating I think Bates has been good for the club. I stand by him calling customers, even a minority morons, egotistical & damaging, unless they are fighting, looting etc rather than just disagreeing with him, I also feel suggesting all paying fans support him is wrong. but you are right it's not simple & it is emotional, cos we all love Leeds

  7. @Bradleylomas

    Ken should definitely start thinking about writing erotica novels, as a hobby. I don't know about you guys but " Leeds United is having a long, drawn-out affair with plenty of foreplay and slow arousal" is a best seller line. If it works, he might take up this hobby full time, then have to leave Leeds for good!

  8. MJF

    Is it moronic to want to know who owned our club since 2007 and why Bates was able to buy their stake in a profitable club with huge potential so quickly and discretely as soon as questions were asked about ownership?
    Is it moronic to want to know exactly what happened with the administration in 2007 and why our chairman threatened to liquidate the club and why other offers were blocked?
    Is it moronic to want to know who owns our stadium and why we pay so much rent on it, and rather than try and buy it back, we are spending money on ground improvements?
    Is it moronic to wonder if Bates has some vested interest in the company that owns the stadium and the company that used to own the club, and if that would make his dealings illegal?
    Is it moronic to question where £10mil profit in the last 4 years has gone? New home in Monanco Ken?
    Is it moronic to ask where the money from the delph transfer went and why we were unable to buy back our training ground?
    Is it moronic to ask why ticket prices are higher than ever when the quality of football and the league we are in is lower than it should be for Leeds United?
    Is it moronic to ask why nobody will invest with Bates when we are a sleeping giant with huge potential?
    Is it moronic to ask why when I walk around my city, I can buy merchandice from scum chelsea liverpool etc but my club, Leeds, won’t sell official shirts outside Elland Road so that they can fix the price so high?
    Is it moronic to ask why we pay £4 for a programme? More than anybody else!
    Is it moronic to think that rather than squeeze as much money as possible out of those that will pay, we should be looking to attract new people and kids to the club, and try to maximise the potential of this huge, one club city, when there are no premiership clubs in yorkshire and we have a great history? Don Revie wanted to be the English Real Madrid, Ken Bates wants us to be like Norwich or Burnley???
    I’m sure I’ve missed a lot out too! This anti-Bates feeling is about so much more than ours transfers this summer, his chelsea connection and one bad performance at Southampton. Its about a fear that this man is milking the club and us the fans for all we are worth!
    Is it moronic to care about the long-term future of this club the we have all invested so much time, money and emotion in to?

    • @DolfanPhil

      Excellent post, well said MJF. I'm not a "Dissident" but I also didn't come down in the last shower. Ken won the bid for the club but the 2007 deal was extremely dodgy and the lack of any interest in investment since then from anyone outside the club speaks volumes. Ken did a good job stabilising the club but now he's heading down the same route he did when he almost ran Chelsea out of business with hotels, shopping centres, etc.

      It's most certainly not moronic to ask questions about where the money is going and why. In fact, given our track record since the turn of the milennium I'd argue it'd be more moronic not to ask. MOT.

  9. Soho White

    MJF – that is a perfect and succinct summary. Of course you could add more; mine would be "Is it moronic to ask why our club has fallen out with national and local media in a way no other club has, thus cutting off yet more access to the club we love and depriving fans of the future any media connection?"

    I'd also add that if he really thinks this is a tiny minority, he really has lost touch with reality. At Southampton, the anti Bates chants were sung with gusto by 90% of Leeds fans.

  10. henry_v

    I do not disagree with a lot of the points made here but we won't get the answers we would like.
    Ken owns the club, and until he sells up we are 'stuck with it'!
    Until there is a viable alternative to Ken, we must just follow our team and hope!!
    We are good at that.
    Being Anti-Ken with no other solutions on offer is a waste of time!
    As for his original take-over, it is' better the devil you know.'
    Did you really want Redbus-Morris??

  11. mark

    Rebuilding Leeds is like sex?
    If that is the case we are unlikely to manage a Semi.


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