The Yorkshire Evening Post’s Phil Hay has today called for Leeds United fans to cancel the protests planned for tomorrow’s game against Middlesbrough at Elland Road. 

Hay argues that disquiet amongst fans is often most prevalent in times when Leeds United are struggling on the pitch, citing the disastrous 2006-07 season as an example. He does however dismiss claims that the protests at Southampton were born of frustration from a poor performance, acknowledging that Leeds United fans were already voicing their anger at Ken Bates in pre-season.

Any suggestion that a fans revolt against the owners leading to poor results on the pitch can be instantly shot down by the success Manchester United have had under Malcolm Glazer. Aside from the regrettable jeering of Andy O’Brien on Tuesday, Leeds United fans have gone to great lengths to ensure both Simon Grayson and each and every player understands our protests are not in anyway caused by themselves, but by the confused priorities of our Chairman.

Hay’s article also reveals that ticket sales account for 63% of our turnover, which is a remarkable stat when you consider how much Bates likes to harp on about his business model being one that makes money 365 days a year. To hear Bates drone on about the “best conference facilities from Manchester to Newcastle” and the (allegedly) vast sums of money Leeds United make from the prawn-sandwich eaters, you’d think the noisy fans sitting in the cheap seats were nothing more than an inconvenience.

In today’s Yorkshire Evening Post Bates once again speaks of a high wage bill to try and excuse our lack of spending. This argument would perhaps hold more weight if he hadn’t spent the entire summer moaning about the wage demands of Simon Grayson’s targets.

Leeds United fans have reached the end of the line with their willingness to accept Ken Bates’ tired and predictable excuses. When hard-working fans like myself are contributing over 63% (inc. merchandise etc..) to the club’s revenue, we don’t want to see that money wasted on a bunch of pointless executive boxes the club can’t fill. We don’t care about conference facilities, we had plenty of watering holes before Bates arrived and we definitely don’t want a bleeding hotel in one of the most rundown areas of Leeds.

All we care about is the team, and as such, we expect a proportionate sum of OUR hard earned cash to be ploughed directly back into it.

Phil Hay makes a lot of valid points in his article. In fact, he shows himself to be more in touch with the Leeds United fans psyche than the club has been for many years. His calls to cancel the protests are understandable, but what do we do instead Phil?

Our frustrations with Ken Bates have hardly materialised overnight, as you yourself acknowledge. You say in your article that our actions must be ‘deeply regrettable’ for the club, but do you genuinely believe that?

Why then, are we branded “dissidents” and “sickpots” by our Chairman whenever we raise our concerns – those are not the actions of a club who think our disagreements with them are ‘regrettable’. Those are the actions of a club who think are disagreements with them are irrelevant. Those are the actions of a Chairman so arrogant, he believes anyone who dare question his judgement is nothing more than a mindless idiot.

The truth is Phil, that as fans we’re tired. Tired of spending vast sums of money for little reward. Tired of being insulted by our chairman. Tired of our concerns falling on deaf ears. Tired of being beaten to players by the “mighty” Ipswich Town. Tired of the legal worries and much, much more besides.

But most of all Phil, we’re tired of our Chairman dismissing the views of fans before proceeding to put some Peter Mandelson-esque spin on them that is then reported to the wider public. Does our opinion count for nothing?

Those frustrated with the current regime have tried everything to get our points across. Tomorrow’s protests will symbolise a disillusioned fan base who have simply ran out of options.

Only a “dissident minority” Bates tells us. I guess we’re about to find out.

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  1. luke h

    excellent response to phil hays article tss, i like you have had enough now, we as supporters arent getting value for money, ken bates might be stubborn but i can only see things getting worse if our poor form continues, i agree that protests arent good for morale, but like you say what else can we do? sit back and keep getting ripped off? will you be partr of the protest tommorow tss?

    • TSS

      Hopefully. I don't finish work 'til two, so it's going to be a mad dash to Elland Road, praying they're still in progress.

  2. TimCampbell43

    The most outstanding statistic Hay produced was that the supporters paid 63% of the clubs income – the frustration at Bates ruinning (not a typing mistake!!) of the club only continues to grow

  3. pabs1983

    Very good response. Any chance we can get the 'highlights' of the YEP interview on here so we can mock and ridicule the old c*** later on.

  4. Gaz

    Although Hay's article had substance,the one thing he failed to mention was that Bates is quite happy to spend a proportion of our 63% on executive boxes etc but not on players(transfer fees & wages).The more succesful we are on the pitch,more fans will come through the turnstiles etc,then he could look at developing a ground he does not own,ass about face springs to mind.

  5. Craig1919

    Have you read Ken Bates response in the YEP?? what a load of bollocks! Even though the council advise that the East Stand is £7m he reckons it's £300k, he also genuinely believes our wage bill is in the top 6 which I cannot even believe will be the case considering how many actual pro players we have on the books at ER. He also states that in 2005 and 2007 nobody was coming in for Leeds and that he's a saviour of our club… if I remember rightly in 2005 there were 2 bigger offers than Bates had?? Bates has clearly started to believe his own bullsh!t

    • TSS

      My favourite part is the bit where he said 'no Yorkshireman would put his hand in his pocket' to buy the club.

      Ahem, Simon Morris Mr Chairman?

      The fact remains that we had several suitors who all offered more than Bates. He simply scammed the admin process.

      • Craig1919

        The issue with that senile old pillock is he thinks we will swallow every line he feeds us, after 6 years of it he's as transparant as a window and he needs to understand that nobody believes the lies and half truths he spits out. He must have had his feathers well and truly ruffled as normally he's get his mouth piece Lorimer on the case but he has defended himself this time. I'm just tired of his lies and excuses and the fact that he has treated us as second class citizens this whole time whilst he lines his pockets. He states that he gives Grayson the kitty and it's his decision how it's spent, yet he steps in and blocks moves and tells agents to p!ss off as wages are too high which shows that that is nonesense Grayson clearly has no power whatsoever.

      • Duval

        Scary thought but better off with bates than Morris, horrible I know!

      • Andy Flynn

        Yes not a good example TSS. Not a fan of Bates, but had Morris taken over we would have been well and truly screwed.

        He is a real crook!

      • TSS

        No more so than Bates, but that's beside the point. I was simply highlighting another Ken Bates lie.

  6. pabs1983

    He's a six star cock!!!

    Although, i like the thought of him not been alive when the academy players break through… can't wait for that day as he'll be out of the club!

  7. Wat Tyler

    Hays thinly veiled attempt to side with the supporters (you aint fooling me phil) is as wishy washy as his papers pandering to this tyrant. 63% its 100% because without us and our club he wouldnt be getting any other investment.

    The time isnt for calm or restraint its for all out revolution.

    in fact all leeds fans should be just like bates – REVOLTING

    Viva La Revolution

  8. leeds60

    WE kinew that Bates would come out with the usual rubbish but he will get the message loud and clear tomorrow you can,t treat people with disdain without getting a backlash I reckon we take £16m in gate receipts over theeseason in the league alone so how much is our wage bill . We have lost including loanees at least 10 players and briought in 4 signings so on his fag paper calculations that means we are at least £3m better offand if the likes of IPSWICH AND BRISTOL can outbid us is a sorry state we are in I suggest he sells up and let someone else take chargewho has the interest of the club at heart but no doubt he will want his pound of flesh you mark my words at least £100mthats what its all about

    • psteel

      To be precise, since this time last season we have actually lost 23 players with a squad number:1SCHMEICHEL,12HIGGS,25A.MARTIN,30J.BROWN,31ALNWICK,D.GONZALES,5COLLINS,6NAYLOR,20CROWE,20LICHAJ,22A.HUGHES,28MICHALIK,29MCCARTNEY,8KILKENNY,16B.JOHNSON,17A.FAYE,17LIVERMORE,18S.WATT,25BANNAN,38DARVILLE,35T.ELLIOTT and 13GRELLA and21BESSONE who will never play again! All "replaced" by 2 average goalies, a veteran midfielder and a defender, who's not good enough for the SPL. A nett loss of 19 salaries have crept under the radar!!!

  9. @LUAmericas

    More Bates obfuscation in regard to the wage bill is that the player wage bill or the total LUFC wage bill how about a breakdown no need for individual details such as wages spent of Players/Coaches, Yorkshire Radio operations, Kens tent etc. I somehow doubt our player/coaching wage bill is anywhere near the top 6. I think the Phil Hay interview is very disturbing as he takes Bates answers on face value without follow up, he basically says what he wants & is allowed to I expect this from the fop Fry but expect better from Hay others!

    • TSS

      With how closely our club try to control the media, it wouldn't surprise me to learn Hay has to submit questions beforehand for vetting and that he can't follow-up.

  10. pabs1983

    What ever happened to Revie's lad or that Sainsburys bloke? They were both interested a couple of years ago.

  11. bert

    Protest !!

    If ticket prices were cheap i would not complain, but the fact is we pay a lot of money have a high attendance at ER (for championship) yet spend nothing on players.

  12. michael

    Bates full article in the yorkshire evening post just demonstrates that all he's concerned about is keeping Leeds in the black. It begs the question that if leeds finished bottom half for the next five seasons but we were consistently in profit would he really care? There's a distinct lack of ambition. As a club we're simply treading water, standing still and heading no where. You have to speculate to accumulate in business, and perhaps if he went above his precious budget then the money we could gain from high finishes or promotion would ultimately make more money. The fact is bates is quite happy where we are, and for a club like leeds thats just not good enough!

  13. Carl Pearson

    He says the decisions on buying and selling are sg's but he has a budget and has to work within that ,he doesn't say how big the budget is or more importantly how much we have left for obvious reasons . If it's that tight maybe we should sell someone ? Kept mendy sold a big earner ?

    The east stand is interesting @ £300,000 has anyone got caddicks phone number I would like a new house building ( I didn't but I do now).

  14. JamesLeeds72

    If i was there on Saturday I would definitely take part but do you honestly think Bates will give a flying fuck about this protest? I don’t think so. Stop people going into the pavilion and the store, maybe he’d take notice but that would be an impossible task. And where does it end? Eventually will we be bycotting going into Elland Road???


    TSS, perhaps it is now time to have THE poll. Who do you hate more? Bates or Ridsdale…

    I never thought we would see the day that anyone could challenge Ridsdale’s Satan title.

    • COL

      Bates is a million times worse than Ridsdale ever was. Reasons being, Leeds United's troubles under Ridsdale were largely down to financial incompetence.
      Bates on the other hand is a devious thieving old bastard!
      I hope there is a good turn out for the ani-Bates protest.

      • COL

        Where do I start..? Bates stole from hundreds of small businesses when he put the club into administration. As a supporter, we're all getting shafted. He rakes in piles of cash, yet spends f-all on the team. What happened to the Delph transfer money? What happened to the money from the FA cup run two seasons ago? He's a thief alright. He has total contempt for supporters. We are just turnstile fodder in his eyes!

  16. bigal

    My god , who says these web sites dont have any power!
    You`ve certainly dragged a responce from the old codger hes spouting all sorts of drivle .
    Be proud to be a DISIDENT

  17. dalesteel

    £300,000 for the east stand? I can tel you now, as a decent contractor that a project that size would swallow about £300k, in designing and health and safety compliance. Let alone just the cost of plant Hire! Its utter bollocks. I reckon more around £4 Million Mark, especially with the 'museum' and such like.

    Bates mentioned that season tickets covers only half the wage bill @ 11,000 sales, so budgets are somehow determined by that. Correct Mr Bates lets double that as an average attendance, plus tickets sold individualy are more expensive than if you buy a season ticket (+7%??), So basing 11,000 sales covers half + another 11000 (+7%) covers the wage bill, plus OBVIOUSLY 3.5% combined.

    Lets not forget that season tickets do not cover cup matches etc… So lets say another 10 matches there, in effect 1/4 of a season, so again based on bates figures another 1/4 of the wage bill.

    TV Rights???? Advertising???? BOXES???? Merchandise?????

    Is he pulling my pisser. Bates you need to get up earlier to pull the wool over my peepers!!!

  18. jimmy

    the most expensive tickets in the league and one of the highest attendances?! what more does he want from us!

  19. simon cole

    i,m going to the match tomorrow does anybody know if the bearded tw%) is showing up because i think the protests against him will be loud and clear hopefully before and after the game and not during the match as i don,t think its right I cannot believe how little we have done in the transfer market we have a weaker squad now than last yr so how the hell does he expect us to finish in the top six he is either stupid or deluded

  20. JonnyBee

    £300,000 for the East Stand redevelopment etc?Thats 300,000 reasons to hate Bates right there, though we all know there are at least another six million reasons to.

  21. COL

    As has been mentioned before, the best way to hurt Bates is in the pocket. This season I am boycotting the club shop, bars etc…. I am still going to all home games & my usual 15-18 away games but I will not spend a penny on anything else at Leeds United. It would be fantastic if all Leeds United supporters could do the same. That would be the most effective form of protest and would have the biggest impact.

    • lorralorimer

      Col, what kind of a protest is that? You're still giving your money to Ken Bates!

      • COL

        If everybody stopped spending any cash at Elland Road on Beer, shirts,food ect then it will hurt Bates. Regarding match tickets, I am a 20yr SEASON TICKET HOLDER with aprox 14 seasons remaining so I paid for my season ticket years ago. I won't have to renew my ticket until 2023-24 season so I reckon Bates will have disapeared by then!

  22. Will23

    As Bates rightly states in the YEP, there was no Yorkshireman willing to buy LUFC – where are they now? Silence.

    Interesting to also read Bates in YEP say Grayson controls the whole allocated player budget – transfers AND wages.

    Cannot think for one minute Bates would allow SG to control wages.

    Anyway as for protests tomorrow it should be against SG and probably will be as we get our backsides whipped 3 or 4 nil.

    Another decision of SG’s gets my goat – appointing Howson as captain!

    The guy is no where near leadership material as evidenced week in week out.

    Once again SG’s decision making borders on the bizarre.

    • derbyshirewhite

      Sorry Will have to disagree about Howson. Played every game last year and runs himself into the ground every week. OK he's not a Bremner or Strachan but there aren't too many of those in our squad at present. MOT

    • COL

      There were several interested parties but they were over-looked, even though they were offering a better deal to creditors.
      How anybody can defend this thieving scum is beyond me!

    • dalesteel

      Why does it have to be a 'Yorkshire man?' What a stupid old prick. What he is trying to say is the good people of yorkshire are 'tight' Lets try to convince Mr Morrisons to buy it!!! Keep it Yorkshire and away from southern wankers like Bates. He is a Chelsea man through and through. Leeds is just about money. Just like a Leeds fan buying Chelsea. You wouldn't care about the team…. Just the money!!!! Admit it people!!!!

  23. George Osborne

    While understanding the frustration generated by KB's stance, I wonder what planet some are on.

    Whether or not Mr. Bates is prepared to sell is highly questionable, but to suggest [as some have] that the club could be taken over by the likes of Simon Morris, Mr. Sainsbury, Revie Jnr. or. even Grasner and Co. denies credibility.

    Whether or not we like his approach, KB is at least running a business that is solvent – unlike 60% of businesses in the UK in an economy that is struggling to avoid double-dip recession [even depression]: such a situation makes KB look like the Chancellor

    For the record,t he only name that keeps coming out of the hat and has any crediblity is Adam Pearson. and he may have lost interest.

  24. sam

    You cannot believe very much of what Ken Bates says as its all geared towards his objectives

    The truth is I suspect that the club is not making enough money to incur an extra £3-4 million in player wages>NI>agents fees etc. We need to offload the crap we have which clearly is difficult as no one wants our out of favour players. Loan players with part contribution from their parent club seems to be the solution for the time being. The million dollar question is can we find suitable players. At least we have the chance to see if they can perform with a view to a permenant deal later. Dont forget Ipswich received 8 million for Connor Wickham and are probably using those funds to entice the players that have joined them.

    Lets not forget that there is an economic crisis going on around us and while football has been immune so far it may soon have its own economic problems to deal with. We may have the last laugh in that respect.

    Meanwhile SG has to show us that he is a good manager and deal with any problems accordingly. We did,nt see Paul Lambert moaning about his players last year. A fighting spirit is what counts as much as individual talent.

    Marching on together !!

  25. Champions92

    Anyone thinking we have a raw deal from Bates – and we do, considering the ticket prices are higher than many Premiership clubs – should shudder at the thought of us being owned by Simon Morris. Elland Road would have become a block of flats

  26. TSS

    Just to be clear, I wasn't suggesting we'd be better off with Morris – although, let's face it; had he won ownership, we'd have only been resold when he went bust and not have Bates – I was simply pointing out Bates' tendency to ignore facts.

    • Andy Flynn

      There wouldn’t have been anything to sell on. He would have ruined the club.

      I’m not a fan of Bates. He’s scum.

      I’m totally frustrated by the lack of investment in team, but I do feel we’re all jumping the gun with protests and chants. It’s almost like we want Leeds United to fail.

      No way is Alan Smith worth paying £1m in wages for and even though a lot of clubs are throwing money at their team to get out of the league and we havent, I’d rather support the honest bunch we have got rather than a load of mercenaries.

      Time to get behind the team we have and forget about who owns the club.


      • TSS

        You mean like the ground we own now that we can sell on… Oh wait…

        Still, there's always Thorp Arch…

        A football club is about the supporters. That's where the cash comes from, the rest is just fancy trimmings.

      • Irving08

        TV money, sponsorship deals and the like – just fancy trimmings ? What world are you living in ? One can disagree with Bates' strategy for turning Leeds into a profitable football club – but if you want to be taken seriously, you have to recognise that there are difficult choices to be made in trying to run a football club like ours on business-like lines. Of course you can deny the premise – but we have seen from our own club and many others where that leads. The real problem for us is that Bates' choices make him – and in the long run the club – less dependent on our support. In short, we come to count for less, which is a tough thing to have to accept….the way forward, I suggest, is not to 'hate Bates', but to invite him to a serious discussion on alternative forms of football club ownership (eg the Barcelona model). Fanciful perhaps, I agree, but no less fanciful than the idea that any other single owner (or consortium of owners) would not seek to run the club more or less along Bates-type lines (although they may not have quite his arrogance).

  27. Joe C

    you should email Phil Hay for a responce on this artical. which is more realistic than than Phils wonderland

  28. @leedshippriest

    I cannot for the life of me understand why any self respecting Leeds fan would defend that odious criminal Ken Bates.

    We are being used by this thieving old cockroach, OUR money is being stolen by Bates. Why does he not answer when asked where all the money is going ? Delph money ? Chelski money ? Even Schmiechel money ?

    Larry has fuck all money to spend on players or wages.

    In my opinion, Bates is hanging Larry out to dry, and like a fool Larry goes along with every move his master makes.

  29. Barry

    Although I will not be coming to ER till there is some investment in the team, I don't think having a go at the players will help. The stick B Painter is getting must have robbed him of any conferenced he had.
    We had a player a few yrs ago Derick Parlane he had a couple of bad games and the hassle he got was stupid, he did'ent stay long and went to Man City where he showed how good he was. They have been a few more but being in my 70s my mind can not remember them all. What i am trying to say is give the team a chance and stop the barracking because that is all we have.
    Who will want to come to a club that is always moaning. Bates is the problem don't give him any more of your money.


  30. Cheesy Fingers

    All this aside……does anybody know if the burger vans will be open at 13:30?? Only, protesting can be hungry work!!

  31. lar

    bates is winding up the fans,as for the protesters i hope it goes long as there is more than 20k in the ground thats all that counts as far as bates is concerned.the sooner this investigation takes place and the truth comes out the better.leeeeeeeeddddddssss.

  32. mattbb1

    i just hope that those protesting today keep it sensible TSS. It will only give more weight to Bates' argument that we who question his despotic regime are mindless idiots if things turn nasty.

    There are planety of agent provacateurs types out there gith now, so lets all keep a level head. Angry yes, but as civilised as we Leeds fans can be!

  33. Paul South Wales

    I'm a construction manager for a principle contractor, and a project of that size (albeit small in construction) would probably cost circa £ 2-3 M. Who were the main contractors? Check their accounts at companies house. KB's price is pure fantasy.

  34. number1inyorkshire

    HAY and the Yorkshire post have a vested interest to be another propaganda vehicle for leeds and BATES .
    they are in affect the only local?? paper that has the ear of the people at leeds united and unlike the examiner,echo and T&A ETC who give up space to local teams the main team for the post is lufc ,it sells them papers .

    Bates is no different to any other chairman or anyone else connected with club football at the pro level .when we are reading "the fans were fantastic tonight" "they don't deserve this " "I only came here for the fans " "what a fantastic fan base" and my particular favorite"marching on together "well i have a degree in the translation of bullshit and they all mean "take their money ,treat em like shit , piss them off and if we can , kill them " oh and tell them nothing !!!.
    we as country put up with it . h
    I see when i go to leeds 20-45 year old who would rip peoples head off for not topping up their beer or just bumping into them by accident but for reasons best known to us and i am one put up with all sorts of other stuff ,when i go somewhere and its shit i don't go back , i go back there every other week year after year, 29 years to be exact ,
    now that said there are people i can moan at if me electric bill is too high there are no people you can moan at in football , leeds united customer charter means F – ALL ,the league are clueless and the F-S-F are useless so we are left with dissident t-shirts and chants at bates and whatever happens today
    i will not be there so good luck dissidents ,but keep it clean and legal lets see what the Yorkie post have to say come tonight and Monday .
    bates has already dismissed it and he will with nearly 30.000 through the doors lets hope they all sing together ,the same song

  35. oldlufc

    Phil Hay failure to question Bates means he comes across as a Bates ‘apologist’ and in the process he completely misses the point! The frustration felt by so many Leeds fans is not because of last week’s defeat at Southampton nor the lack of transfer activity during the close season. The frustration comes from having had to endure 5+ years of Bates ‘bluster & spin’ and a total lack of transparency at ER, the ‘rigged vote’ in the CVA process during the administration, the Thorp Arch buyback saga, the -15 points debacle, the “I do not know who the owners are”, the banning from ER anyone who dares to question what has gone on at ER, the “Simon has a transfer warchest”, the waste of £m in legal fees in the -15 points appeal process, investing money in a stadium the club does not ‘own’, not knowing where the money (profits) is going (although we have a good idea – offshore trusts anyone?), the failure to achieve the ‘priorities’ publicly stated by Bates, i.e. buy back ER/TA, attract outside investment, return to the Premiership.

    My real fear is that when the ‘truth’ emerges on what has been going at ER, off the field, it will be Leeds United Football Club who will bear the brunt of any ‘punishment’.

    People like Phil Hay praise the ‘Arab Spring’ uprisings where the people are protesting about corruption, freedom of expression etc. Well, the protest at ER is in a similar vein – we just want to know what is really going on at our club.

  36. Jeff Craven



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