Simon Grayson has moved to quash yesterday’s reports that a move for Alexandre Mendy was blocked by Ken Bates. 

Instead, the Leeds United manager claims he was the one who decided against signing Mendy because Leeds United are well-covered on the wings.

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Why give him a trial in the first place if we don’t need wingers? Have we reached a stage where Leeds United don’t check the position of players before they bring them in for a trial? Do we just take a list of free agents, call them all up and hope for the best?

By claiming he was the one that didn’t want Mendy, Grayson contradicts a previous statement made only last week where he said;

“We’re looking to see if there’s something we can do with him because we feel he’s got potential.

“There’s a few complications but he’s impressed us. There’s an option if we can get him that we might send him out on loan to learn the English game but he’s done himself no harm.”

Perhaps I’ve misunderstood the statement but ‘there’s a few complications’ tells me that Leeds United were already looking at contracts. Furthermore, talk out of Elland Road throughout his trial suggested it was all just a formality and he’d be signed up shortly. Did that suddenly change when Grayson realised he was a winger?

It’s be comical if it wasn’t so incredibly depressing.