Simon Grayson has moved to quash yesterday’s reports that a move for Alexandre Mendy was blocked by Ken Bates. 

Instead, the Leeds United manager claims he was the one who decided against signing Mendy because Leeds United are well-covered on the wings.

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Why give him a trial in the first place if we don’t need wingers? Have we reached a stage where Leeds United don’t check the position of players before they bring them in for a trial? Do we just take a list of free agents, call them all up and hope for the best?

By claiming he was the one that didn’t want Mendy, Grayson contradicts a previous statement made only last week where he said;

“We’re looking to see if there’s something we can do with him because we feel he’s got potential.

“There’s a few complications but he’s impressed us. There’s an option if we can get him that we might send him out on loan to learn the English game but he’s done himself no harm.”

Perhaps I’ve misunderstood the statement but ‘there’s a few complications’ tells me that Leeds United were already looking at contracts. Furthermore, talk out of Elland Road throughout his trial suggested it was all just a formality and he’d be signed up shortly. Did that suddenly change when Grayson realised he was a winger?

It’s be comical if it wasn’t so incredibly depressing.

  • Like you said, Simon has contradicted himself again. If you can get past the usual mundane Grayson interview style, you can sense a an undercurrent of frustration and i believe it's directed at Bates. This summer has become a joke, not only because of the lack of significant transfers but the fact that players have turned us down to go too the likes of Ipswich. I'd also like to add that if Grayson was given money to spend and an actually competitive wage structure he would bring in quality players. People talk about tthe bad signings he's made but the truth is your very unlikely to bring in a quality player for a couple hundred grand and 10k a week.

  • Ian

    Could be that he decided after Bradford that we were well covered (playing devil's advocate)? Nunez and Sam did well.

    • True, but i feel that Mendy could have filled in up front .

    • TSS

      Could be, but I'm not convinced. You?

    • maybe if nunez gets a good run out in the team..bates can sell him off for 1/2 a mill in january to ipswich or leicester…money in the directors box!

      • Thats wonna make me cry my eyes out!

    • Wat Tyler

      its not well covered is it, sam can play there but hasnt covered himself in glory and nunez isnt really a winger. We need someone whos really going to push gradel and snodgrass otherwise you will end up with a load more performances like saturdays snodgrass effort

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  • jimmy85

    Getting sick of all this. Also in the same article on the official website it says about a striker nearly coming on monday and seen something somewhere that bates said a deal was done with club and player but the agent wanted more money at the last minute, does anybody know who this was?

  • Good Point TSS ! it is getting beyond a joke! We have heard this so many times this summer its embarrasingl! Fact of the matter is Leeds are offerring no where near what other "competetive" clubs are. Bates has only one thing on his mind with our club and thats making money!! What ever he pays players is utimately coming out of his pocket!! He didnt want us to know who the owners were so he could hide behind it!! Makes me wonder what would have happened if Johnson or Kilkenny had signed!? We need to secure the future of Gradel and by the looks of things Nunez too! Otherwise we will be relegated in the next 2 years. Bates is just in this to make MONEY! Simples!

  • Daniel Christopher Young

    Grayson is being made to be the fall guy here, it's plain to see. Everyone knows Mendy can play upfront, is a big lad and would have helped us through the injury issues we have. You don't play 5 games in pre-season when you already know we have four wingers. – this was a planned signing and it hasn't come off.

    Problem is, Grayson could speak out against KB and defend himself, and let the fans know exactly what is going on but by doing that, will fall on his sword and be sacked. With him being a Leeds fan, he probably feels he should be the one to move us forward, but it has to be frustrating getting constantly rebuffed by player after player because the chairman does not want to pay a competitive wage.

    I won't say Grayson is the perfect manager but he has done some good things at Elland Road and deserves better treatment, he is one of us at the end of the day.

    • TSS

      Totally agree with you. Bates is the problem, but Larry is suffering for it.

    • I agree – The Smurfs making it difficult to do deals because every time something falls through he slags off the club, the agent or the player, SG keeps saying we like to do business quietly -Its impossible with KB about – I don't think SG is good on Tv, he wants to re-assure the fans without appearing to be flogging a dead horse so to speak….I will be glad to see the back of the transfer window and lets see some football..

    • Ron Galea

      Well unless Grayson speaks out against Bates, he will be sacked soon if our form continues from Southampton. I don't feel sorry for Larry at all if he lays down and cops what is really happening here. Bates will be charged this year and hopefully the mess is not too great as to stop a new owner coming in and investing in us for a tilt at promotion. There is something obviously wrong with LUFC right this minute and it will all come out in the wash soon. In the interim, chanting Bates Out is the best we can do or better still, stand outside and chant. He's not getting my money.

  • Matthew Crumpton

    Maybe he wasn't confident on Gradel and Snoddy staying over pre-season, when, to be honest, none of us were either.

    • Good Point – Snoddys value went up last night……

      • _dje

        So did the likelihood of a bigger team than Norwich coming in for him now.

  • henry_v

    "It’d be comical if it wasn’t so incredibly depressing."

    Amen to that brother!!

  • Mdomo

    another worrying thought is how long is clayton contract, will he be the next player to come through and make a name at ER only be lost on a free!! Love Leeds Hate Bates

  • ianLeeds

    I must admit being a big fan of this site for a while now I read it almost everyday and posted a few comments every now and then under another guise. But I also must admit I'm getting a bit fed up of the negativity and conspiracy theory's that this site appears to be promoting. The reading between the lines to find hidden meanings. Maybe, just maybe Mandy would have been another wide man on the books taking up valuable wages while sitting on the bench?

    Maybe, just maybe we have made every effort to sign players but their agents are demanding ridiculous wages! If Ipswich and Leicester and Forest, etc., want to put themselves into massive debt in the hope that the premier league money will save them from administration then let them. We all know that this is a dumb approach.

    Yes we need players in but for once i think Bates has a point. there will be players available right up until the last day of the transfer window and they will have to lower there high wage demands. Then the likes of Ipswich and Forest will have players – quite old or injury prone i might add – on silly money.

    The season ends in May and we've only played one game so please less of the negative approach. Lets be more positive. How about an article about all the money our opponents have wasted on old and injured players. Bowyer's well into his thirties, Johnson hasn't played a full season in god knows how long!

    Yes, we need players in but not that many. we have a decent squad just a couple of key signings will be enough.

    also losing both Becchio and Somma was a blow beyond belief. any club would struggle without these guy's.

    • TSS

      Duly noted, but what you consider 'conspiracy theories' are widely held beliefs amongst fans I'm afraid. Granted, the financial troubles post this morning was speculative, but the basis for that speculation was solid.

      As for the above, it's Grayson's own words that were his undoing. I'm just highlighting the contradictions.

      • IanLeeds

        I understand the contradiction, which manager doesn't?

        But the widely held beliefs are instigated and brought into the fore by websites like this one.

        I do believe everyone is getting stirred up into a state over nothing. Like I said we've played one game. The transfer window hasn't closed. And clubs like Ipswich and Leicester and Forest are taking a great risk, firstly in paying players that might not last the season. And by paying them large amounts of money in the process.

        An air of calm need to prevail. What is it that people are going to demonstarte about. Gaining promotion then finishing 7th? Only missing out by a whisker. Or should we demonstrate about not being 'blackmailed' by parasite agents wanting money for crocked or old players?

        I know Bates isn't the ideal Chairman… but which one is? Whether they have Billions or not they still exploit the clubs they run! Would you rather be Blackburn, Portsmouth, Birmingham, Liverpool, Man U? Be careful what you wish for.

        We are doing good, and if it takes a bit longer so be it. Why the big panic?

        • leeds_lad

          Ianleeds, please open your eyes to reality ….. There has been a lack of financial support from Bates to sign the player, or, very poor judgement in even trialling the player by Grayson. The player was clearly a success on the pitch, so this points to very poor management at the club, be it by Bates or Grayson…… Unfortunately for Grayson, I feel is fast lining himself up to be Bates' fallguy.

          • IanLeeds

            Leeds_lad, we don't need another winger on the book, we've got more pressing priorities. It's as simple as that. That's not poor management it's good management surely?

    • _dje

      Fair point on Mendy on being another wide man not really needed, but you have to say that our continual inability to bring in any player of note this summer is very, very odd.

      Every season in the Championship there are clubs with parachute payments to out bid us on wages and fees (as if!), but there are so many mid-table teams also out competing us with a considerably smaller turnover, you have to ask why? With Bates at the helm there'll be no straight answers.

      Without those answers, speculation from the fans over the clubs financial position or faith in Grayson will persist. Sorry, but Bates can't have it both ways, and neither can the fans.

    • derbyshirewhite

      Yes there is a lot of negativity around but ….we would now be in the Premiership if we hadn't conceded so many goals last year, so that was the problem to fix. Bates and Grayson have clearly not fixed it, despite losing players off the payroll during the summer. We still have a defence made up of loaned players out of position. It's a 'fail' in anybody's language and the fans can see beyond the PR spin coming from the club. Let's not confuse negativity with telling it like it really is.

    • mikelufc

      One mans negativity is anothers REALITY.
      Get your head out of the sand.

  • Jonesy

    I've noticed in Bates' recent drivel on YR there have been a few sly digs at Grayson lately – the latest being his inability to sort the defence out and previously regarding signing players to sit on the bench. Re: Mendy I think Bates is right – Larry states he wants to send him out on loan and I'm sure Bates has looked at it and thought there's no point in signing the guy for him to get the Nunez treatment when wages can be spent on the areas we actually need better players for. We don't need another winger, we need a decent LB as a matter of urgency.

  • rwhites

    I think we gave the lad a trial thinking that we would be selling Max or Snoddy.
    We had early bids for both, turned them down and thought bigger bids would come and that we would then sell. Doesn't look like this has happened so we will keep them.
    I thought Mendy did well on trial but better than what we had is another thing.
    Why have 5/6 (nunez, white,maz,ross,Snoddy, Sams)people who can play in 2 positions when we need 2 full backs, a centre midfield and a striker.
    (I would have also said another centre back but think given the chance Lees will make that position his own)

    Not defending Bates or Grayson here but out of all the bullshit this summer this one actually makes sense.
    Just need Bates to provide funds to fill the gaping holes that everyone can see we have.

    • Ron Galea

      Good point re. coverage for a potential sale of Gradel or Snoddy. Sadly, Bates will sell them anyway if the right offer comes in.

  • Suspect SG pressured into the statement could be down to the fact he was expecting to loose Snods or even that Sam was too injury prone, what is for certain is that there is a dubious odor coming from ER these days!

  • Matt

    Jonesy- you're right about Bates' digs at Grayson on YR. That latest one about him being 'disappointed' by the fact that the defence is still a problem when Grayson identified that as the focus of attention to Bates in May/June is eye-opening… that really suggests that Bates thinks Grayson has failed big time on that front. Fact that he said it in public either means he was waxing lyrical and said more than he intended (a 'senior moment'?) or it's got to the point where he is starting to tactically put distance between himself and the manager (watch out Grayson!).

    It also suggests Bates feels Grayson has had enough budget to do the job, but who knows what Bates' idea of 'enough' is? Hard to say who is at fault more here?

    • Jonesy

      Totally agree – I think Bates is just making the points so that if he does sack Grayson he can refer back to them at will. I think it was pre-planned – as all his drivel is on YR, they're the most set up interviews going. He's no longer giving it the "Simon identifies the players, we go get them and never get turned down etc. etc.". We have 5 centerbacks on the books, plus had Collins & Naylor last season yet we still ship goals to a league 2 side and a newly promoted league 1 side.

    • TSS

      Has he had the budget though? Personally disagree. Moreover, you can't stop buying players if you're going to allow first team regulars to leave on a free.

  • _dje

    Why didn't Grayson try Mendy out as a striker when he was on trial? We had lost Becchio, we lost Somma when he was here, and then Paynter too before Mendy left. Instead Grayson will bring in a loanee, at expense, and will be none the wiser if he'll fulfill the role as much as Mendy could have. Tsk…

    • Carl Pearson

      Thought he was a striker originally ? Isn't that what we are after ? Anyone to keep paynter in his living room on a saturday afternoon !

  • ephemeraljoy

    This comes from a man who needed a central midfielder in January to cover Kilkenny's absence and went out and got Manchester City's 18th choice 'keeper. Why is anyone surprised? Bates and Grayson are both full of varying degrees of manure.

  • mattbb1

    i think rwhites hit the nail on the head. I think there was always a chance that gradel and snoddy were on the way out, and now it (famous last words) seems to be resolved, why sign another winger. On that basis i tend to agree with Graysons logic… but I am of course now eating my words of earlier that we'd sign mendy and that the mirror were wrong.. The nagging doubts i have are that as its rightly been said Mendy primarily plays as a centre forward, he's got form and scores enough to warrant a bert in a mid to upper chmpionship side – so why not sign him on a short term even as a lengthened trial? I am also growing in suspicion that Bates and Grayson are not enjoying a great relationship any longer. Bates prefers loans (he' said so on radio bates) to permanent signings Grayson wants to build a squad – you do that by signing players..

    • _dje

      As Gradel will technically be off this time next summer, and with our wage structure is more likely to go than stay, wouldn't getting Mendy in and sending him out for the season to a lower Championship team, or lower league team – alla Nunez, Somma, Lees – give Grayson a good chance of a free, and ready to go replacement for Gradel for the start of next season?

      Surely the free bit would have pleased Bates, surely the tried and English-tested part would have pleased Grayson, surely Mendy banging them in for fun at a Rochdale, or a Rotherham, would have wetted the appetite of us fans too and left us talking about not needing to spend on new players coming in as we have the exciting Mendy to return.

      We miss too many tricks.

  • Neil

    Grayson wanted him, Bates said no, Grayson was pissed off and said so, then the statement on the Official Leeds website, attributed to SG, but no doubt came from Bates, was that he wouldn't get close to the first team w/Snoddy, Max, Sam and Nunez in front of him. Total BS – Bates obviously asked the wisdom on getting in players just to loan them out. Ehh – maybe because we never buy anyone and need to think of the future, i.e. next season or in Jan when one of both of Snoddy and Max go. Our club is becoming a joke.

  • Fonts

    Was he there in case Snoddy and/or Gradel were sold?

  • sirquej

    It's obvious to me what is happening at our club:

    1) Bates owns Elland Road
    2) He is using the Clubs (and by definition, OUR) money to develop and improve the ground
    3) When he does finally sell the club, he can then sell the ground back to the new owners at a massively inflated price on the back of these improvements (that have been funded by us).
    4) Bates makes a massive profit

  • sirquej

    Bates doesnt give two monkeys shites about what us fans or the press think about him. He doesnt look any further than the massive amounts of money he is no doubt soon to get from the sale. The only way Bates will be stopped is with a full parliamentary (and possibly criminal) enquiry. This is the only thing he is worried about (hence the mad rush to clear up the ownership when they were prying, and the blatant attempts to undermine the MP's asking for the enquiry).

    Stupid protests at the ground are meaningless and counter productive. Bates wont even see them. The only people that will are the players and management staff, and this will just make things worse.

    I did post a similar comment on the Yorkshire Evening Post (or Yorkshire Bates Post as I call it), but they chose to delete it from the site. Maybe they know it's true and couldnt get Bates to allow the comment in, I dont know.

    • _dje

      Fair point about the fruitlessness of the protest this Saturday.

      Previously I thought the MP was a prick and it was a waste of time going over old ground just when the club was starting to go forward on the pitch, but after this summer I'm not sure. I'm starting to think that the best thing Leeds fans can do is take the gamble and throw their full weight behind the Parliamentary enquiry about our ownership and how it came about: e-petitions and letters to MPs etc (the dull stuff).

      It's a gamble, as the club might suffer in the process, but it'd be the best way of forcing Bates out of our club. Hopefully the BBC expose will set that in motion.

      Anyone else also thinking it is worth the risk?

    • TSS

      I disagree that protests don't achieve anything.

      All depends on what you're expecting to come from it. For me, the hope is that it'll be picked up by national media and keep us in the headlines – thus, forcing more and more people to pay attention and keep the pressure on Bates.

      Previous protests have already worked. Fans complaining to their local MP's prompted the select committee which has resulted in demands for a joint investigation between HMRC and The FA. When our MP's are hearing continuous complaints from their constituents about the way their club is run, they are forced to act or they'll lose favour with the voters.

      Our protests also got the attention of the BBC and The Guardian who have taken our problems to the wider public. When every one is putting two and two together and suspects Bates is not only robbing us blind, but the taxpayers too, someone has to take action or HMRC becomes a laughing stock and the public are left furious.

      It's slow progress but keeping the message out there is forcing the Government and HMRC to investigate further. The other benefit is that investigative journalists will start to take an interest (like David Conn) in the hope of uncovering something and making their career. Sooner or later, Bates will slip up. We just have to make sure the right people are watching when he does.

  • Martin

    This guy Mendy was and is a good player. we all saw that for ourselves. This is not right. Same as Bruce gives 100percent passes the ball well.

  • Mucker

    Sirqeuj just said what we’re all thinking…

  • Craig

    Sorry folks but I think on this occasion the speculation about who is falling out with who and whether the club is in peril is unfounded. I've just read Grayson's comment on the club website and I genuinely think he's seen enough of Nunez and Sam since taking Mendy on trial to conclude that 5 wingers is too many.

  • TSS

    The bit that everyone is missing, is whilst we technically have four wingers in Nunez, Snoddy, Gradel and Sam, we're missing two strikers who these players are going to be filling in for.

    Personally think Nunez will find his place where Howson has been played recently and that Sam will be rotated in more and more if Snoddy plays anything like he did last weekend and Max can't keep his head. We're hardly bursting with wingers like we are left-backs.

    • _dje

      God help us, don't use our left-backs (not even as left-backs).

      I think Mendy was worth a shout as an out and out striker – at least on par with Snodgrass in that role (ie. the one the club's offical site continues to class Snodgrass as a striker and not a midfielder. Gradel is classed as a midfielder and not a striker by the club site, even though IMHO he is a better striker than Snodgrass).

  • Puck

    Can everyone stop moaning and just try to enjoy themselves please?

    It's great. It's the start of a new season. We've got a great manager. Some talented players. We've been out mussled in the trasfer market and lost out on some of our targets. But I don't care! it will be more fun when we stick it to them! Football has a funny way of not working out as you expect anyway. I bet we get a couple of decent loan players for the weak spots in the team. Happy with that. Just you wait and see – SG has some sensible constraints, but he's been working his socks off and will find a way to make it work.

    Bring on Boro – hopefully a win – then maybe people will stop being so negative and support the lads. I'm not a sports psychologist but I bet we'll get better results with a bit more We Are Leeds! and a bit less Ken Bates Out!

    • Good post – Sam Clayton and Nunez look to be coming on, Paddy will need time and Becchio and Somma to come back. The new guys arrived late and need time. Lets not forget Southampton are a good side and would have been up there with us 2 seasons ago if not for their points deduction. Lets see what happens after half a dozen games. We still have a good squad. This will be a cracking championship season for the spectator with a dozen or so teams as good if not better than Leeds lets be positive…..bring em on…bugger Bates…

      • IanLeeds

        Well said Puck. There seems to be a surge of negativity that is unfounded. The negative panic is just making things worse. Like I said earlier, Bates isn't perfect but which chairman/owner is? People are deluding themselves if they believe that every chairman right through the history of football weren't making a quick buck out of this or any other club.

        Fans expect the same kind of loyalty that they show to the club, from players and chairmen etc., forgetting that mostly its just a job to them. Just like we do week in week out. And the idea of a job is to make money!

        WE should be… and will be shouting at the top of our voices in support of Leeds. Any negativity should be left outside the ground. If fans must 'protest', though I see no real reason to… Then do it in the car park after the game. Just i case your left with egg on your faces with a good result.

  • iamspartacus

    We can't afford 5 wingers. No one could. Any loan would still result in us paying wages. And we assume too much. Would he come to be loaned out by a championship club to a first division club? He's not a nipper. What if he gets injured? And, as for Bruce, he's never looked good except in the big cup games when everyone that's played has looked good. We can't afford this. Reckon Grayson is looking to ship out a lot in the next few weeks, including Bruce, Paynter, and Bessone, who must be the higher earners, along with Grella, before he can bring anyone in. As he says, it makes sense to loan a CF, buy the defenders.

    • _dje

      This '5 Wingers' line is a bit of a misnomer. When we play 4-5-1 – ie. quite a lot of the time, we play two wide men and one central midfielder in an attacking role. However you look at it, against Bradford either Nunez or Howson played that forward midfield role, the other was on the left wing and Sam was on the right wing. That's three positions. We didn't have an attacking sub on the bench. Mendy could have been used as either a winger or a striker; if we had him.

      OK, Snodgrass and Gradel will be back for Middlesborough, but that is then Sam, Nunez, Howson, Gradel, Snodgrass, and would be Mendy for the three positions of two wingers and an attacking midfielder. Three from six with at least two additional positions on the bench to change the game, and this is before we start picking up injuries or suspensions. I think Mendy could have easily been accommodated and not much great cost.

      Also, Paynter shipped out? Grayson wants to keep him.

      • IanLeeds

        Would you rather we signed Mendy? Or another left-back… Or a central Defensive Midfielder or a cover Striker? If Simon has only a limited budget, then we have to be shrewder in who we sign. Mendy would have been surplus – even talk of him going out on loan! Where is the logic?

        It seems that no one is using common sense at the moment. Everyone should reign there emotions in and think rationally.

        • _dje

          I stick with what I said – bring Mendy in and you have six players competing for three positions. I thought we were supposed to having competition for all positions, no? As to a left-back, I'd love one, but Grayson has never delivered in that position and now O'Dea is here on reasonable wages I can't see us moving for a permanent left-back with Parker, White and Bessone all already supposed to be a left-back.

          Defensive midfielder, I'd bring one in, but I reckon Grayson likes what he has seen in Clayton and as we played the entire season last year with only Kilkenny, Howson and Johnson in central midfield, I think we'll do the same again with Howson (/Nunez), Clayton and Brown and see if we need a loanee cover for any injuries (of which in central midfield we have been lucky in the last couple of years).

          Striker. We wont be buying, not with Becchio only out for a month, maybe two, and Paynter only a week or two out. Again, Mendy would have offered us a short fix there, but instead we will have to move for an unproven loanee and probably greater wage cost than Mendy would have been.

          As to wages. I reckon we have saved £25k a week by selling Schmeichel, and letting Johnson, Kilkenny, Higgs and Naylor go for free. Add to that the £1.5m we got for Schmeichal and take away the £200,000 or so that we paid for Lonergen and we have at least +£1m credit this summer. We wont spend any of that, we never do, not on transfer fees, but it does add an extra £10k per week for the next two years. So that is £35k per week on wages we are better off than we were in May 2011.

          I reckon Brown (£5k), Rachubka (£1k), Lonergen (£9k) and our part of O'Dea's wages (£2k) will add up to £17k a week we are now spending. £35k – £17k = £18k per week we have left to spend on wages before we break even with what we were spending last season (and in theory our wage kitty should have increased a few thousand on last year). How much do you think Mendy would cost us per week? £2k per week? £3k? So it'd still leave us with 15-16k per week to bring in utter dross loanees. Even if he was even only half decent and we ended up selling him on to Peterborough or the like at the end of the season for say £300,000 – that would still double all the wages we have paid for the lad to be here this season and made us a nice little profit. And you talk about common sense?!

  • Tyler75

    Also worth adding that SG sees Aidy White as a wide midfield player rather than a left-back. This could all be down to a change of priorities i.e. with Paynter now injured as well, the need in SG's words for a 'strong' centre forward as cover, rather than another wide player. Mendy may be a big bloke but impressing on the wing against Falkirk is one thing, but there's no evidence at all that he could play as a centre-forward in the Championship.

  • trueyorxman

    Time for Larry to walk away and then tell us all whats going on at ER, enough is enough

    • IanLeeds

      Nothing of any note… that's what. Trying to get players in where there agents are being reasonable. Instead of being ridiculous with wage demands. I for one, agree with the policy. These so called ambitious teams may well come unstuck when there wages is more than they're income. And the S@!T hits the fans like it did us. Some of you need to show a bit of calm and see how things turn out by August 31st before making ill timed judgements.

  • Funkygtc

    So what happened to the German lad Felix?? He scored a Hat trick behind closed doors just last week….as for b backing yr manager, just look at leicester compaired to us its a fek~#n joke &a pisstake 7mill spons on facilities that nobodies gonna use!
    WTF?…. We’ll probably end up buying Fabregasc! Senile old chelsea knife….sorry cldnt spell Cunt! ;)
    Lets face it he knows SG Loves Leeds & therefore prepaired to put up with more Shyte than most! Over the barrel Simon & say please and TA! Bates = Thief!

    • IanLeeds

      I watched the game – it wasn't behind closed doors – and Felix Luz and the wide man Grote looked good… against Farsley!! they need another game for them to make an assessment on thier ability, fitness and previous injuries. That's how we signed Becchio remember? why are folk so impatient? we could sign these guys up anytime, they are unattached and there fore not subject to the transfer deadline.

      When have we ever actually owned ER or TA? …Bates owns them both. He just can't say because he wont be able to take the rent – very clever Ken! You can't take the rent off of yourself, if he admits to owning them thats what he'd be doing. In good time he will admit it, when it's time to sell. Buyers need assets, that's the reason no-one is sniffing round us. In time Bates will 'buy back' ER and TA and when he does you'll know he has a buyer.

  • Carl linley

    Im sick to the back teeth of people blaming grayson. I’d like to see the people moaning about him go up to their boss and tell him something he doesn’t want to hear. They wouldn’t do it, its as simple as that. Grayson has brought good times to lufc and bates is just dragging us down.

    • Funkygtc

      Spot On! Ppl forget so quickly just how far we’ve come under SG let alone why Bates used to be called Dracula in the main press! Lets just say it wasn’t for his teeth! Ask Any chelski fan! Hotel motel holiday inn…. I personally think the mad old sod thinks he’s playing Manopoly! Yet we’re all happy to line his pocket cos he knows leeds Fans are Die Hard! Time to hire a hitman……VINNIE! “THERES A SMURF ERE CALLIN U A PUFF!” ;)

    • Agreed – SG did well when he took over, but we had point deductions and were knackered after Gus left us with Wisey, Then he got us up, and last year over achieved, and were it not for a drop in form of a few players we could/should have gone on to automatic promotion. The guys done good with limited resource. Some signings haven't worked out – shit happens, Every time a signing falls through Bates slags off the player , the agent, or the club – thats got to make future negotiaitions difficult – would you want to play for Bates ? Simons got a smurf on his back and is doing his best….

      • IanLeeds

        Bates also brought Chelsea the success they have now. They started winning trophys under Smurfs command first remember. He brought the likes of Gullit the the club and made them a force once again. They were a second division team looking at being a third division team with an awful old run down stadium. He did it there using the same model he's using here. eventually he will sell. But not before his assets are worth selling. every one calm down please. People seem to have 'McDonalds' mentality. We want it fast and we want it NOW!! …Even if it's carp and doesn't last!

  • John

    Martin O'Neill anyone?

    • Carl Pearson

      He didn't come when the money was still flying around so he ain't likely to now , and would the bed wetter pay £1 million plus to the manager or anyone else for that matter???

      • John

        Not sure MO'N is just money driven. Would be a challenge for him which he might just fancy…besides, paying MO'N a decent wage would surely be cheaper than several hit or misses in the transfer market and more likely to get us up.

        • Carl Pearson

          Know what you mean John but there is challenges and there's working for the bed wetting Santa , think I'd take the challenge route mate !

  • TimCampbell43

    Larry is walking a very fine line at present and I agree with you all that the situation regarding transfers has become farcical!! I will admit I bought into all that bates saved our club from extinction crap at one time, but now the scales have fallen from my eyes. Not meaning to offend anyone but the culprit himself, does'nt the Bible say somewhere that even the evil one makes himself out to be an angel of light at times – people BEWARE lol!!

  • number1inyorkshire

    when he banned twitter etc he should have banned himself from doing interviews of any kind ,his pre and post match interviews are just plain awful .The fella can not put 2 words together without stumbling and mumbling .

    what happened to Giles Barnes ,that Russian chap and others ooh i know there waiting to fill a flight to leeds Bradford and pick up a few Argentinians up at the same time .

    look we don't like slagging off grayson in many ways he has brought us along way but is it too far for him to take us further .Ultimately it will be him that takes the fall for the poor team and it is him who employed the back room staff .snodin etc maybe that needs looking at , they will be ready to renegotiate deals they should not be renewed i would like to see AIDY BOOTHROYD brought in instead of snodin to work with Larry

    • IanLeeds

      The Rumour Site isn't gospel. Most of the names banded about was pure speculation by other fans!

      Aidy Boothroyd? Are you kidding… Do you want to see the 'long' ball rubbish he adere's to? Has Aidy been able to keep a job for less than a season since Watford? No….. Grayson is a good manager. Your blind if you can't see that. He has to deal with loans and free's at the moment so his fingers will get burnt from time to time. Look at O'Brian, on load he looked good. As soon as he signed a contract he was crap! How can a manager legislate for that? With his O'B's experience he should be doing better without the interference of any coach.

  • Tyler75

    Maybe Grayson knows something we don't and he is prepared to outwait Bates. No point blaming SG, who the hell else would work with Bates and his 'budget' ? Martin O'Neil ? Do me a favour.
    I'd previously worked on the assumption that the only platform big enough to feed Bates and his ego was the Premier League and that if for no other reason he would put all his efforts in to getting LUFC there – I have now been thoroughly disabused of this notion !

    • IanLeeds

      Bates and Grayson will get us there, but not if we have to payback debts. whether it seems insignificant amounts compared to what we'd get in the prem. Wouldn't it be better in our pockets rather than our debters? Well that's how Bates would see it anyway. And he has a point.

  • We never had a problem in midfield so why then was Larry looking at Mendy in the first place unless the original plan was to sell Max or Snodders ?

    ER is fast becoming Leeds newest and biggest comedy club.

    Get the fuck out of Leeds Bates.

    And Larry grow some bollocks

  • Will23

    Grayson’s bizarre world of football management is a becoming more comical with each passing day.

    As if we need another wide player.

    WHat we need is a decent striker to replace Paynter plus anyone alive to replace the now renamed, O-so-sh*t-Brien!

  • Big Pants

    O'Brien didn't become shit overnight. A little less half time booing and a little more getting behind the team might just help more than hasty new nicknames for a decent player with a confidence knock…

    • IanLeeds

      Well said big pants.

      The negativity at the club is coming from the fans. They just don't see it because they're blinded by their own shit stirring!

  • Funkygtc

    FFS…have none of ya ever worked for a boss who’sa Complete & utter Wanker? Seriously if yr in a management pos.& the guy won’t let go of the reigns yr suddenly a manager who’s Not being allowed to Manage! Which means theres Sweet FA Larry can do! Seriously some of you really haven’t thought this through! He knows Larry would Bleed for Leeds Utd! Give it a few good games and suddenly its all forgotten except for R Larry who’s gotta look at them exec.boxes nearly every day & think to himself I could of built a squad capable to run away with Lge with that £7 mill spons! Or maybe hejust knows summat we don’t??
    Maybe we Should DO the same as our Red manc friends did and do a YELLOW & BLACK ANTI-BATES SCARF! in the EXACT Same Colours as our New AWAY KIT…& NAME IT THE B.O.B SCARF (BOG OFF BATES!) its Definitly a Public Statement thats Hi Viz!

    Lamby Telford White/Yorky in Exile! ;)

    • mattbb1

      the tshirts are a start, and yes its cr@p having a boss like Bates, I've suffered myself in that dept quite a few times. THe worst ones tell you who you can and cant fire.. I'm sure Bates has his opinions there about who Grayson can buy and sell.. I am amazed at graysons loyalty because the east stand must look at him in the face every day and be like a kick in the knackers.

      Absolutely – wear the t shirt, wear a new home knitted scarf or more tellingly choose a random colour – one that stands out from the north stand to bates – like green or yellow! as a visible message that we arent a minority, that we all want a team – not a hotel – march with me brothers & sisters..

  • Mark__R

    Anyone for a game of subbuteo ?


    • IanLeeds

      ha ha… It's Football Manager that's ruined football! everyone thinks they can do better because they won the premier in FM!!!! lol

  • Paul Gott

    2 words…………………batesy’s puppet

  • Marc Dodsworth

    Lies lies and more fucking lies!! Grow sum bollox Grayson and stand up to Bates

  • Lee Wilson

    Not in defence of SG, but just another thought; did Grayson maybe think that either Snodgrass or Gradel would no longer be at the club when looking at Mendy?

    Bates vetoing is much more likely, but as I say, just a thought.