Another day, and another Max Gradel rumour. Well, two actually.

This time Leeds United’s Ivorian star has been linked with moves to French side Sochaux and fellow Championship side Nottingham Forest.

The news comes in the form of a “ understands…” article we’ve seen so many of this summer and that alone has been enough to excite the Nottingham Forest fans across the social networks and forums.

Forest fans would be wise to lower their expectations a little here. It’s unlikely that Gradel would move to Forest since he wants to play at the highest level and there’s no guarantee of that at Leeds or Notts Forest.

Fans should also be aware that have “understood” a lot of Max Gradel rumours over the summer yet Gradel remains at Elland Road. I strongly suspect the constant speculation is being manufactured by Max Gradel’s agent who is trying to use it as leverage to negotiate a better deal, or as publicity to alert bigger clubs to Max’s availability.

It’s likely that Gradel would leave Elland Road if the right offer came in, but I’d bet money against him ending up at Forest. Some would say a move to Forest is a side-step – I’d personally consider it a massive plunge downwards (but then I am somewhat biased).

  • More of the lazy and frankly shit journalism that we've got used to these days!!!

  • gareth casey

    Id cash in if the money there talking about is right. 8.5 mil for a player in his last year…….yes please. As for forest fans stop kidding urself.

  • Kevin O'Connor

    Oh please, if West Ham don't have the money for Max then Forest definitely don't.

  • Matthew

    No way he'd go to Forest, I doubt any of our decent players will go there.

    If Gradel really does go, IF it'l be to a Premier league club.

    I honestly think he'l stay if we go up, we'l likely have a busy few months getting our talent back into contracts if we go up this season, but it'l happen.

    • sonia

      whos your other decent player ?

      • Matthew

        Ah, a Forest fan. Watch Leeds play sometime, you'l see what decent players look like.

        • connext

          hahahaha. Lets see shall we.c

          • Matthew

            I expect a mass flood in Nottingham after the game. A mass flood of tears originating from the Nottingham forest fan forums when we(Leeds) hammer you again.

            You lot really spit your dummys out when losing. It's hilarious, especially after we hammered you live on TV last season, so many cry babies blaming the ref for your teams crap performance LOL

            Next game against you lot(My predictions, score and scorers)

            Becchio two goals. Gradel one goal, Nunez one goal. for a 4 – 1 repeat win.


  • mr g

    hes staying at leeds so fuck off forest

  • glenn

    why wont r star players sign new contracts

    • Matthew


      1. Bates has no intention of offering them new contracts
      2. They want money that Bates doesn't want to give.
      3. Point 2, if someone is on £7000 a week and wants £14,000 Bates may say no and they leave.

      In most cases its not the players, its Ken Bates.

    • Dunc

      As bates wont pay the going rate when it comes to wages

    • Ken Bates

      Cos you're sh1t. U Reds.

  • truthnorumours

    He has a medical scheduled tomorrow at the City Ground for 11am and is in his own words 'confident of a move to Nottingham Forest by Saturday' you heard it here first.

    • SimonG

      Ken Bates is going to Forest?…………….doubt if he will pass the medical

  • Husky

    I'm a Forest fan and fuckin trust me when I say 99% of the Forest fans don't believe this shite. Chances are we'll make a £500,000 offer then be confused as to why you want more.

    Although when you say moving to Forest would be "massive plunge downwards" I'd just like to point out which team got the playoffs last season??? ;)

    • Matthew

      To be fair, we(Leeds) were on course to easily take an automatic promotion spot, we lost countless games we could of won, and ended up giving teams own goals that either leveled games(resulting in a draw and dropping 2 points) or gave the oponent team the win by sheer stupidity.

      Examples here
      2 points lost

      3 points lost

      Another 3 points lost

      I could name more.

      Point being, you only got the playoffs because our defense was an utter joke, and we tend to go off the rails randomly. We dropped countless points against crap teams when, if we were playing like we should. Would of easily gone up.

      • connex

        You didn't get in the playoffs cos your luck ran out.

        • Matthew

          No. We don't win games by luck, we win games by skill.

          We just went off the rails. That's all.

      • terry

        Some excellent examples of why Leeds failed last year so well done on the research but ask any fan of any club up and down the country even semi illiterate sub human pond slime could make the same excuse for our own clubs downfall the season before(me included)so the only fair way to say why some one did or didn't get in the play offs is how many points they got,and last time i looked Forest got more but in the grand scheme of things it made no difference as were both in the championship still playing teams like Doncaster and Direby so lets enjoy this season and hope the best team gets promoted that plays its football in Nottingham lol


      great you got to the play offs! YOU´RE STILL IN THE SAME WANKY DIVISION AS US MATE! what a strange thing to be smug about! you may as well have not bothered! At least we got a rest. You can have Gradel anyway, massively overrated IMO, and just seems like a typical greedy bastard footballer with ideas above his station. Take the cash and reinvest Leeds…. BUT please Batesy actually REINVEST!

    • jay

      Got into the playoffs and failed miserably….JOB DONE…LMFAO!!!

  • Dele adebola

    Fuck off you bunch of muppets.


    • ls10

      scab Scum

      • Mick Duggan

        ha ha you original cunt. Dirty Leeds

  • truthnorumours

    P.S An intitial £1.6 million fee has been agreed with an additional £450,000 coming Leeds way upon Forest getting promoted.

    • TSS

      We believe you. Honest. ;)

    • Matthew

      That extra fee would be valid, if Forest could actually get promoted.

      We have more chance of seeing Huddersfield in the Premier league along with us, than you lot.

  • cloughie44

    he's not good enough for the reds

    • TSS

      Yeah, I'm sure you'd struggle to find place for a winger who scored 18 last season.

    • Mdomo

      he was good enough to ping 2 passed you boys last season.

  • Brad

    seen him earlier looking at houses in nottingham, he said he needs to get away from that shitole leeds

    • Mdomo

      Now i know you're taking the piss, why would anyone choice to live in Nottingham

    • dunc

      Who let the miners down ?

  • Laid back Red..

    Eh? Just cos Sky report some spurious shite doesn't mean Forest fans are getting worked up over it. This is the first I've even heard of it!

    • TSS

      I linked to one example of your lot getting worked up mate. You should also spend half hour on Twitter – it's comical.

      • Magpies

        Leeds fans have nothing to get excited about…. and instead, you have to write about a small minority of Forest fans getting excited about being linked with a good player. Even if it's not true, stop preaching on your high horses and admit it's because you've got nothing Leeds related to talk about. Otherwise you wouldn't be wasting your time getting bitter and talking about Forest.

    • Mdomo

      Ahh the fact that a bunch of your fans on a leeds blog wishing he would come would say otherwise… contradiction much?

  • truthnorumours

    What I have posted is the real deal as you will see tomorrow at about 7pm

    • TSS

      We believe you. Honest. No need to convince us. ;)

    • Deco

      4 dayz ago hahaha n still fuck all? U need 2 get a life LOSER!

  • glenn

    what a cock

  • truthnorumours

    Max is sitting her next to me now! What amuses me is all of you mugs on here wont believe a word I say! If you only knew lol. Come back to me tomorrow. I await the responses!

    • TSS

      See you tomorrow.

      Bless. Who knew they let the mentally challenged use computers these days?

      • Mdomo

        Bit harsh on the mentally challenged!

    • glenn

      u carnt even spell go 2 bed muppet.

  • truthnorumours

    LOL he's not happy with me lol Max chill out mate ha ha! I tell ya what he's shit hot on pro evo!!!

  • campbellog

    "He has a medical scheduled tomorrow at the City Ground for 11am and is in his own words 'confident of a move to Nottingham Forest by Saturday' you heard it here first."

    Please come back on Sunday so I can call you a tool again. You tool.

  • truthnorumours

    I could get in trouble for this!! lol

    • Andy

      why? Past your bed time?

  • Revie was a crook

    a move to Forest would be a step backwards? Really?? I know you point out that you might be a bit biased, but that isn't bias. It is pure stupidity.

    Leeds have a plank for an owner and have literally done nothing to improve from last season. Gradel sees the writing on the wall and wants to go to a club with ambition.

    Same ignorant dirty Leeds fans. Pathetic.

    • TSS

      At best, it's a step sidewards. Did you see us against West Ham? Or the demolition job we did on Hull? The only reason we didn't beat Boro is because the ref was ridiculous and sent two of our players off.

      Basically, we've had one bad game so far this season (Saints, opening day). The rest have shown we have the potential to do just as well – if not better – than the likes of yourselves.

      As I said – at best, a step sidewards.

      • Revie was a crook

        You really lose all credibility when you start complain about the refs. Once you do that you just sound like a cry baby fan boy that can't see the truth for what it is, but I wouldn't expect anything else from the person that authored this piece of drivel.

        • TSS

          Only problem there is, Boro had the same complaints.

          My article was entirely fact-based by the way. Not sure what rattled you all?

    • Matthew

      Don Revie is a legend. You just suck Sir.

      • Revie was a crook

        You are soooo right.

        His willingness to take bribes bungs and bring the game into disrepute is Legendary!

        He is a legend, just not in the way he wanted to be.

        Besides all that, he taught his players to play like filthy scum. Revie was one of the worst managers the sport has ever or will ever know, but you lot treat him as a god. It is because of him that Leeds is called dirty Leeds and is so universally disliked. So yeah….he is a legend.

        • Matthew

          Awww. It's okay, one day Nottingham Forest will have someone actually worth speaking about, someone that people remember and regard as a legendary figure.

          But for now. Don't act like a jealous idiot because we Leeds are a bigger club than you.

          Looking forward to the Home and Away demolition job we'l be doing on you.

          Can't believe someone has the nerve to attack The Don..

          • Revie was a crook

            Have you ever heard of Brian Clough mate?

          • TSS

            Not ringing any bells? ;)

          • Revie was a crook

            You might want to tell your mum to let you get out of the basement from time to time to get some fresh air and sunlight. And if she is feeling especially charitable have her take you to a library so you can read some books and then maybe just maybe you could write an informed article that doesn't sound like it was written by a slow witted dirty Leeds deluded fan boy. wink wink

          • Matthew

            Brian Clough isn't in the same league as any Leeds legend, think of it like this, people like Billy Bremner and Don Revie are Premier League, Brian Clough is Blue Square Conference.

            You seem to hate Don anyhow. Quick suggestion, stand outside Elland Road on Saturday with your I hate Don Revie Banner. Seriously, or aren't you man enough?

          • Revie was a crook

            people like Billy Bremner and Don Revie are Premier League, Brian Clough is Blue Square Conference.


            I'm sure lots of people outside of Yorkshire would agree with you……prat.

            I'll be at that cesspool you call a stadium on March 20, 2012 mate. You and the rest can try to take a piece out of me on that day if you want. I'll be your huckleberry.

          • Matthew

            Looks like I struck a nerve. You're getting upset haha..

          • Revie was a crook

            Revie was a scummy manager for a scummy team and just because of your local revisionist history, it does not erase the harmful things he did to the game. Pretend he did nothing wrong if you like, but most of us choose to live in the real world.

    • Matt

      All of the above might be true, but Forest ain't "that club".

  • Tony

    I always had Leeds down as one of the big clubs but this article comes across as incredibly 'tin-pot'.

    **'Hey look everyone, Forest have been linked with one of our players!'**

    I haven't read such tetchiness since we were linked with a Barnsley player.

    • TSS

      Oh c'mon, have you seen how many of your lot are scurrying on over here to tell us how great you are? I was just commenting on a current story. Hard to resist when you get this kind of reaction.

      • Matthew

        Too many jealous Forest fans on here TSS, they're trying too hard.

        Can't blame them, they after all have a little tinpot club that won't ever achieve anything.

      • Tony

        What reaction? All I see is an explosion of rage from Leeds fans because Sky had the temerity to link one of their players with a Championship club.

        • Matthew

          Read this whole topic, lots of kneejerk reactions from Forest fans attacking Legends like Don Revie(See someones name) and random child like insults.

          It's not our fault if your club has no legendary figures. If anything you lot one day aspire to be as big as Leeds I'm sure.

          It was reported quite recently actually about internet searches for random things, take football, that Leeds rank in the top 10 most searched teams in England, and by this we rank amongst all premier league sides AND higher than Manchester City.

          • Tony

            Matthew, you seem to have taken Sky's tenuous piece of 'news' quite badly. I know you're a very big club and I know under Revie you had modest success, which makes your touchy reaction all the more odd.

          • Matthew

            Modest Success? We're Leeds, the Champions of Europe Sir.

            Who the hell are you?

          • Mick Duggan

            what HAVE you been smoking???? lol

  • gaz

    he's not happy in ***thole leeds? and a move to nottinghams going to improve his mood? its 1 of the most dire places i've had the misfortune of visiting, i actually prefer middlesboro!!! and as for you truth whatever your name is, did you do badly in your gvse's? trying to cheer yourself up, aww poor little lamb

    • TSS

      Yes, the barred windows on bars, bullet-proof glass on KFC counters and abundance of hooded youths walking round disguising their faces just in case they decide to stab someone would really make me want to live in Nottingham. Doesn't it have a gun problem too?

      Outside of London, I can't think of many places I'd rather visit less.

      That said, the area around Forest's ground isn't bad and the stadium itself is pretty good – although the home fans don't make much noise (bad acoustics apparently lol)

  • gareth casey

    I love this banter its great haha. we are leeds and we are great

  • Brian T

    Does anyone remember last seasons score Leeds 4 Notts Forest 1.

    I think Max does…he scored twice that day.

  • glenn

    forest is a shit hole why would he want 2 go 2 yr club.

  • glenn

    well said brian T that might shut the cocks!! up

  • mattbb1

    yes Sky Sports understands clearly not much… why in gods name would gradel go to notts forest, now Leicester – there's a team (sorry couldnt resist notts fans) lets face it youre as potless as we are, but have a cr@p manager with a penchant for umbrellas and toupees, whilst we have a great manager with a penchant for badly fitting tracksuits. Max will stay for Graysons sartorial advice alone.

    Sochaux? Sock-Who? what tosh.

  • bake

    Sorry dirty Leeds but just keep him. We’re after quality not just sum fucka dying 2 get away from a dying/dead goin nowhere mid table side x

  • dino

    Your having a laugh. My bros a Leeds van and hes also a muppet. Think you might find its your team thats never won oat of any importance. Youve clearly got more ambition than us as players coming up for contract are being offered new deals and you have made a host of new signings pre season :-)
    Thats the incentive for your super players to stay and play for the super Ken bates. I for one couldnt find a place in our team for any of your players oh and how many European cup finals have you won. Brian Cloughs a football genius

  • Mdomo

    When a Sky article starts with 'Sky sources understands' or equivalent it may as well read ' My Granny says' because they'd most likely be right an equal amount of times!

  • dino

    Can remember Forest winning 4.1 at Elland Road and Keano ripping the piss out of the scummers. And that was against 11 WITHOUT any help from the officials
    Totally Yer deluded little Yorkies

    • Kaputz

      That spells FORERST u dumb twat.

      Epitomizes the rest of your clans dumb posts however.

  • brianclough

    totally outplayed and outclassed you at your own ground last season… but for a MAD referee decision we wouldve taken 3 points with ease……can't wait to kick your arses this season

    • glenn

      get off the site prick

      • dino

        who you

        • glenn

          no you

    • Revie was a crook

      It won't be difficult. Leeds are rubbish this year and they know it. Why else would they freak out over unconfirmed rumors? Their owner is a clown that is hated by pretty much everyone that ever lived, so they have that going for them. Their s0-called big club is on a fast track to League 1 and they are starting to panic.

  • sim

    dear oh dear – i was actually born in Nottingham and i thank my dad daily for getting me out of there at an early age. Inbred chavs who call everyone duck – so glad i dont live there, anymore, suicide city of the meaningless midland

    • dino

      whats that got to do with football you dick

      • glenn


  • JonnyBee

    Im a Leeds fan of 21 years and moved to Notts

  • JonnyBee

    almost 2 years ago. Nottingham isnt a crime rife city its pretty fuckin tame actually. Nowhere in Eng'land is anything approaching crime ridden. Me and my partner are thinking of moving to the meadows, cos compton acres bores the shit out of us and the meadows has a modicum of multi-culturality and something worth lookin out the window for. However it aint rough, and there certainly aint no KFC's wiv bullet proof glass lol.

    • TSS

      There bleeding is!

      OK, so it might not have been bulletproof glass, but we went to a gig at the ice-rink and called at one somewhere on the outskirts of the city and it was like the tills in Post Offices where you slide stuff under.

  • JonnyBee

    In relation to the topic in hand, I will personally bet any of you lot any amount of money Max aint coming to forest – isnt there a site where you can do such a thing? Is it betfair? dunno but I gladly put my money where me mouth is. Truth is we arent likely to sell Max for anything less than £7M, and when was the last time a championship club had that kinda money to spend? These links are pulled out of the arse of any journalist who cant be fucked to write a proper story, as soon as one numpty says it every other web journalist in the land copies the story and quotes the "source", and before you know it naive little pricks on forest forums are spouting shit about gradel coming to the city ground!

  • JonnyBee

    Its comical, but its also what makes the world spin. And tomorrow you'll see "Max Gradel fancies Forest Switch" plain for all to see in black and white – in the mirror! The shitty, crap filled mirror. Max will stay with us, and I reckon he's got a pretty good chance of fulfilling his ambitions of playing at the highest level, for the Mighty Whites in the EPL next season. Enjoy another play off heartache forest fans…oh wait but u gotta finish 6th first! check back in May and tell us how well Gradel's done for you lol

  • Manuscum

    That sums it up Sim

  • Jack

    Ok forest fans we are obviously a bigger club than you hense the bigger stadium, the most televised matches and the most fans. No you’re not better than us for getting 3 more points than us hense the televised 4-1 destruction of your crummy team where max gradel scored twice. Your team is pretty much destined to fail as you’ve sold your best striker. You are a poor attacking team as our 3rd top goal scorer had more goals than your top. Can you please leave this chat so some proper fans that support a big club can have a conversation about their player who, by the way definitely wouldn’t want to move to shottingham possibly one of the biggest shitholes i’ve ever been to.

    • Pelchy

      Who's this best striker Forest have sold ???

  • dave cyprus

    i think you reds should count how many times you have watched your boys on tv over the last few seasons lately compared to us? (its a sign of how big a non prem team is i think) or how many fans you take to away games compared to us? or how many players in your squad are internationals and what are they valued at? how many players in your squad are wanted by prem clubs? and finally, who has (as their manager) the biggest clown and joke, ever to manage england?

    • Geoff Wettingthorpe

      Internationals – Chris Gunter (wales) bought for £2m would not sell for less than £3m
      Lee camp – Northern Ireland turned down a reported £3m in the summer
      Robbie Findlay – USA – hard to put a value as he was a free and only played 2 games but played in world cup and at a stab over £1m
      Players wanted by premier league clubs (bids or enquiries in last 2 seasons)
      Camp, Chambers, Gunter, Majewski, Moussi, McGugan.
      Fully agree about steve mc being a joke as England manager but then has capello a world respected manager pulled up any trees? The job is a joke job looking after basically a bunch of knobheads. By the way if you only judge managers by what they did for England where does that leave Don Revie.
      As i've already put i see no need for any of this based on a tenuous link on sky. We finished above you last year therefore we were better over 46 games, that is a fact. As for who is better this year we will find out in April.

  • Hougham Red Dog

    Sorry Leeds fans but can't think of a player you've got that we'd want, Max Gradel included at that money!
    As for £8.5m with only a year left on his contract? dream on……………….
    Skysports certainly don't understand Forest's transfer policy, if they're pushing this rumour.
    You may have noticed that both your own Ken Bates & our own chairman Nigel Dougherty have been reserved in their spending this closed season with a planned view of meeting next years Fifa expenditure to income ratio rules that are due to be enforced from next season. As Nigel Dougherty said " Leicester don't seem to have read the memo!" referring to them spending too much on average players (£5m for Matt Mills?!)
    Agent led PR, but it must be a worry when one of your better players doesn't want to sign a new contract.
    Good luck.
    Brain Clough was a football genius!

    • FROST

      Brian Clough was an average manager who took all the credit away from Peter Taylor. Taylor was the genius, not Clough.

  • Red Dog

    Just come from a very reliable source from behind the scenes at Forest – Gradel will be a Red by Tuesday morning in a 3.2 million move. It’s nice to hear you Leeds scum are desperate for a meer few million quid! Well done Mr Doughty & Mr Pleat!!!

  • Geoffy Pissbreeches

    Forest fan here, not sure where all this hatred and bollocks has come from, we have been linked with one of your players. We are not going to sign him as we don't do signings like this. If we are "linked" we don't sign its as simple as that. A lot of teeth gnashing for a non-event story. Grow up and good luck this season, can honestly say I would like to see Leeds back in the Premier League (as long as it is not at our expense of course)

    • K Harratt

      theres more chance max Gradel going to Forest as I have platting Fog.
      Marching on Together and Brian Clough WAS a piss head last I heard

      • Baddog

        Brilliant mate, someone comes on from the forest side explaining why this is a load of balls and you wade in with the insults. Yep cloughie was a piss head didn't stop him winning more than Revie. Who was a corrupted cheating backhander taker who sold his country down the river. Think i'd rather have the piss head ta very much.

  • Jacko

    Leed fan here! Agree with the last Forest fans (Geoffy) comments. Lots of rubbish been spouted on here by both us and Forest fans. 2 big clubs with big history, both of which would make the Premiership better if we returned. Personally I would like to see us both up. With regard the issue of Gradel going to Forest, seems very unlikely unless they were paying mega wages, other than that I don't see the point as I feel Forest don't have any more chance of promotion than Leeds. More likely move would be a premierleague club or staying at Leeds.

    • Geoffy Pissbeeches

      Well said mate, I can't see it happening similarly that I couldn't see Leeds signing one of our top players it just wouldn't make sense. All things being equal we should both be there or thereabouts at the end of the season so a move would not make sense unless it was all down to money. As I can't see our 2 clubs having very different wage budgets its just a non starter. If he moves to another championship team it will be Leicester who will pay him £30k a week!

  • Husky

    I find it so funny that people who live in Leeds are calling Nottingham a shithole. I'd rather live in a council house in Liverpool than Leeds.

  • I am Leeds Scum

    Forest fans remember you didnt get promoted fairly to the Championship, Leeds accumulated more points than you and Leeds should fave finished second……. Cheaters never win!

    • Geoffy Pissbeeches

      Which is exactly why you didn't go up, cheaters never win. You broke the rules you got punished simple as that. Put it another way how would you feel if this season a side, lets say leicester, go into adminstration at xmas due to thier overspending but don't get a points deduction and finish 1 point above leeds to take 2nd spot? They have managed to keep all the players by going into administration. You would quite rightly feel cheated.

      • I am Leeds Scum

        I would not feel good going up knowing that we were not as good as Leeds were, also Leeds were punished the season before, they lost 10points for going into administration

  • Ash

    Lads this bickering is pathetic cheap shots at eachother. We both support big clubs who have aspirations for top flight. As a Leeds fan the Don is a hero to me and Brian Clough ain’t but he’s Forest hero because he suceeded there it don’t grind my gears. I believe Leeds are the bigger club because of our bigger stadium larger fan base and more recent prem status than forest but I will say forest as a club in prestige etc should really be in the prem too considering the likes of wigan and swansea are in the prem!

    • Geoffy Pissbeeches

      Here here, well said that man.

  • derbyred88

    Moving to Forest would be a a step backwards???????? What league were you in 2 years ago and how many European Cups have you won ???………Doh!!

    • I am Leeds Scum

      We should have been in the championship having acrued more points than Notts F. Also seem to remember Cloughy took you down and you only beat Malmo and Hamburg in two lucky wins.

      • derbyred88

        We've won the European Cup twice……….have you ever been in it??……Easy wins ! You were deducted points for cheating !……'nuff said. !

        • TSS

          We reached the semis in 2001 mate. A year you should remember well. Can you remember Forest being in the European Cup? No, you can't.

          You were good once and have done absolutely nothing ever since, yet your fans that can't even remember those days spend all their time going on about it. Get a grip for Christ sake.

    • TSS

      So predictable with this nonsense. You weren't even alive to see it you idiot.

      All that stopped us winning a European Cup was a bribed referee, do your homework and stop citing history that has absolutely no relevance to you whatsoever. Like most Forest fans, you're living in a past you can't remember.

      • derbyred88

        I was born in 1950 you half wit and saw my team become back to back European champions in my twenties whilst your shower,Hunter ,Bremner etc were busy practising kicking anything that moved ,sunshine !!

      • Revie was a crook

        A bribed ref? Ha Ha! TSS banging on about refs again. How incredibly pathetic you are to make excuses like that. The sad thing is that I am sure you truly believe that rubbish.

        First off, I have never heard of anyone besides you say anything so daft as we would have won the Euro Cup if it hadn't been for those meddling refs. It really does makes you sound like a paranoid boob with Yorkshire tinted glasses.

        Secondly, why on earth would a ref ever be biased against Leeds United?….Hmmmm….Let me think……You don't think it might have something to do with your squad playing like a bunch of rabid mongrels most of the time do you? Everyone that lives on the surface of the planet know why Revie's rats were called Dirty Leeds…………..Everyone that is, except you TSS.

    • He_mase

      The same league you spent years in, when were you last in the premiership? You went up the season you did because we had been docked points and over that season we accrued more points than you.Well done on the two european cups but we could reel off a whole load of honours which are not the point at this time.
      We have a bigger stadium, higher gates and as already stated get more tv coverage. We beat you 4-1 last season ( cue the ref was on our side argument). Forest are one of the iconic and most historic football teams in England but you are stuck in mediocrity while we are on the up.
      Derbyred hey, always thought Nottingham was a small town in Derby.

  • Mike

    Oooo dear now what’s your excuse gonna be this year then . Whiney bitchy Leeds fans . Gotta love em We lost games we could of won . No sh’t

  • Martin

    Leeds fans dissipated up their own arses years ago.
    And, with respect Leeds, from a neutral point of view Nottingham Forest are at least as big as Leeds United, but without the contempt for every other football league club.

    Ask most neutrals, which club would prefer to be playing at the top level of English football..the answer is a resounding Forest. Most of the posts reflect that pathetic yorkshire chip on the shoulders.

    • He_mase

      I have never met anyone who would say that. Everyone tells me they hate Leeds but cant wait to play us again or see us playing in the top league.

      • Revie was a crook

        you might want to travel outside the confines of your council house.

  • Rich

    Wow Forest fans are getting a right load of sand in their vag over the posting of their precious forum link.


    Stop crying pls, haha

    • TSS

      Leeds is a shithole? Have you ever even stepped foot in Leeds?

      Sure, there's the rough patches on the outskirts, but overall Leeds is a modern, cosmopolitan city. Nottingham meanwhile is one of the biggest, crime-ridden wastelands I've ever had the displeasure of visiting.

  • gazzalew

    Martin, I bet if you ask the majority of people they will say the exact opposite. When was the last time Nottingham Forest were in the top flight? They have been gathering dust in the football league for around 12 years now and there's no signs of that changing in the near future. If your club was so big then surely you should have made some sort of progess, but, you havent.

  • Shane LUFC

    you lowlife sick inbred bastard! get off leeds website and climb back in bed with your sister!

  • Matthew

    I think we can all agree that this article is making Nottingham Forest fans far too emotional lol

    • Chris

      I think youll find its the Leeds fans throwing their toys out the pram! He won't come to us, and nothing to do with side stepping or not liking the city, we simply wont be able to fork out the ridiculous sum Leeds will put on!

  • Alex.

    Don't care if it's a rubbish rumour or not, we''re only getting giddy because it's annoying all the Leeds fans! As long as it annoys you, may it long continue!

  • Richard Luafc Gray

    Theyve been doin my head in on twitter, sad tw@ts

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