Just when you thought there was nothing to smile about, Leeds United are once again getting our hopes up with news that a new signing is imminent. 

As ever, Leeds United are being as vague as humanly possibly and revealing no clues whatsoever as to who the signing may be. That doesn’t stop the speculation of course – how else would we set ourselves up for a massive fall when Simon Grayson unveils some 35-year-old has-been or a Unibond player “with potential”.

Amongst the growing list of players suggested are Sheffield United’s Nick Montgomery, Ryan Bertrand (loan from Chelsea), Adam Le Fondre of Rotherham United fame and as ever… Alan Smith.

The chances are it will be none of the above, but you can rule out the trialists currently with the club as Simon Grayson (via @ThomKirwin) said a deal with another club has been agreed, which suggests we’re actually paying money for someone! Wonders never cease…

Of course, it could be another loan too!