Just when you thought there was nothing to smile about, Leeds United are once again getting our hopes up with news that a new signing is imminent. 

As ever, Leeds United are being as vague as humanly possibly and revealing no clues whatsoever as to who the signing may be. That doesn’t stop the speculation of course – how else would we set ourselves up for a massive fall when Simon Grayson unveils some 35-year-old has-been or a Unibond player “with potential”.

Amongst the growing list of players suggested are Sheffield United’s Nick Montgomery, Ryan Bertrand (loan from Chelsea), Adam Le Fondre of Rotherham United fame and as ever… Alan Smith.

The chances are it will be none of the above, but you can rule out the trialists currently with the club as Simon Grayson (via @ThomKirwin) said a deal with another club has been agreed, which suggests we’re actually paying money for someone! Wonders never cease…

Of course, it could be another loan too!

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  1. @kieranneedham

    id be happy with a loan. if its a loan of a quality player. lichaj was a create loan last season . doyle a couple of years ago was another great loan. nothing wrong with a loan if the players improves the team.

  2. dskimcbski

    Hopefully Lichaj or Bertrand, although Snoddy and Maxi both tore him to shreds last season if memory serves me correctly.

  3. @GilFisher

    If terms are agreed with the other club, but it is down to negotiations with the player, does that not preclude a loan? My guess would be Monty.

    • TSS

      Could do I suppose, although making sense of Simon Grayson interviews is like deciphering a newly discovered language.

      Do like the idea of Monty though. Always rated him, he was one of Sheffield United's best players the year they were in the Prem.

      • TimCampbell43

        Agree with you on that one old bean. Montgomery is just the right type we should be investing in i.e not 35yr old plus!!! He will offer some steel (no pun intended) in front of our defence

  4. Jonathan Maclean

    Monty or Lichaj on a permanent deal and i'll be quite happy with it.

  5. dalesteel

    lets face it, unless its lionel messi, its not going to improve that shower of shonk!!!

  6. ADIY69

    Tevez and Mario Balotelli on loan. not much chance
    anything more than a £200,000 player is too much for us

    if we are just going to mess about we might as well
    get rid of old and rubbish players ,brown ,paynter
    Paul Connolly,Alex Bruce,Andy O'Brien,Leigh Bromby,Ross McCormack
    dont loan in any players blood youth of our own have everybody
    on long contracts but sell if price is right
    find and buy good young players from lower leagues
    and just become a feeder club
    i would be happy with this
    as at the moment we are losing player for nothing
    n.k j.b and b.j might not be that good
    but i would have liked some money for them
    and reinvested it in the team
    and loaning $^^*^* that just helps
    other clubs players and white and parker
    do not get a chance

    • TSS

      McCormack was one of our best players Saturday, he never stopped moving. Shame the rest of the team didn't show a similar level of enthusiasm. He also can't feed off balls sent 20ft above his head. Smallest player on the pitch being served by hoofballs against 6ft defenders – I'm no football manager, but that's never going to work.

      O'Brien is clearly not match fit, but including him in that list is harsh. Bromby has never really done anything wrong, just doesn't get played. Connolly was one of our most solid players last season, Bruce has done little wrong either. Too soon to comment on Brown.

      Extremely harsh view on the players in my opinion. People need to focus their frustrations at Ken Bates, because this is the best you can get with no funds and very limited wages.

      • TimCampbell43

        Nunez was another who should have started on Saturday. The guys form has been outstanding from the tailend of last season until now. He just needs to be trusted to step up to the plate

      • TimCampbell43

        I hear Crouch is looking a move or maybe we should sign up Lee Chapman again, hes bound to be cheap lol Seriously however the 'other' striker we did'nt sign from Swindon Charle Taylor always impressed me

      • dskimcbski

        Do you mean Charlie Austin. He's playing at Burnley now, and scored at the weekend.

      • TSS

        Agree. Said the same thing when I was interviewed by TalkSPORT yesterday.

      • lufcnutt

        the thing is our team is far to small..we where second to everything…back four are so slow…could be a long season people…hope im wrong…

      • number1inyorkshire

        bromby for me has been alright every time ha he has played he should have played instead of o,brien ,now that is graysons fault .he should have known he wasn't fit and to have Bruce playing at farsley ,

        players we have are not world beaters and we are lacking signings BUT Larry has picked the wrong personnel on many occasions too that is his fault

  7. Kev Geee104k

    I’ve been told it is …

    Sanchez Montlichaj

    A black, hard tackling, USA full back.

  8. Paddy1992

    To be fair TSS I know bates is the problem and the players we have can’t be faulted on not been good enough. Also agree on McCormack Connolly and bromby to an extent but if SG wont play him then should sell him. As for Bruce last time he played he was MOM at Swansea only to be dropped and never return. He did well last season. However since OB got injured around the time he signed permanently he just doesn’t look the same. Worryingly this is what happened with naylor. One injury at a similar age and his legs were gone.

    I do agree with ADIY69 though that there needs to be a cull of the squad with the likes of bessone grella paynter Sam(controversial I know, but just don’t rate the lad) and the aforementioned o’brien and bromby leaving. It is my opinion that these players are taking squad places and stunting the development of our youth players. E.g. Lees replacing bromby. As I said some players don’t deserve to be on this list however if Grayson only gonna pick his favourites he should get rid of fringe players. Quality not quantity.

  9. OxfordLeeds

    Paynter part x with a Fiat Panda would improve the team (movement, moral & probably goal scoring too)

  10. Joe Tetley

    PROPAGANDA!! As Clingan rumour to try and slow down the fans seeing through him.

  11. Leedstheoffside

    Bloody good source at the club has told me Leeds will never sign Monty. I wanted him in, will do a job and if he signs I’ll be happy. But the source is a good one, and I’ll be surprised if he’s lying.

  12. mattbb1

    as much as paynter is a non-scoring striker, he alone for me just gets too much stick, you know deep down if and when he goes to barnsley, scunthorpe or mk dons that he'll score 40 goals in 1 season.. lets lay off the guy, and criticism where its due – Mr Chairman.

  13. mojoluafc

    Im not getting my hopes up, probably the usual crap but lets see. Lichaj would be nice.

  14. Carl Barnes

    why would leeds want to sign monty when he turned leeds down last season i would just leave him where he is and laugh at him

  15. Cumbrianwhite

    i agree with mattbb1 we should lay off Paynter a wee bit , the lad was a decent player until he came to us and i think given a bit of time and confidence he may well come good ( hopefully) I know most of the fans are getting on his back, but try and be patient because i don't think even Messi would look good in that team at the moment . Get behind the lads like we always do and hopefully we can turn this around . I know that greedy old scrooge has give us F All to shout about in the way of new players but we need to back what we have , even if they are shi** and eventually he might sell the club. If that does happen then and onle then we may be able to move on , because under Batesy i don't think we will ever get out of the football League.

    • grumpytyke

      Iagree re Paynter last season was injured at bad times for a striker see Torres but the season before in the same division as us he scored more goals than any of our players and having seen all the pre season games feel he led the line very well,also think Lees should be given his chance and Clayton has taken his chance.

      • Cumbrian White

        totally agree and i would really love to see him turn his Leeds Career around and start banging in some goals for us , As for Lees i thought he looked class the other night but it was only Bradford we were playing. I just hope that the season is not a total washout because the way we performed last Saturday was a disgrace. We will just have to keep backing the boys and hope Batesy eventually sells the club and someone decent takes over and invests some proper money. Our fans deserve better than what we have had to put up with over the last few years. MOT

  16. pabs1983

    Monty would be quality, but i saw today that Hodgeson is looking to farm out Ismael Miller for a few months to get his fitness/confidence back.

    I would love to see him playing for us, but dont feel its where the problem lies at the moment. Monty or Clingan for me.

  17. mojoluafc

    Monty aint a striker, he`s just another Brown, doesnt sort our lame striking force out.

  18. TimCampbell43

    Tomorrow night is a real chance for players such as nunez to showcase their talents. Another I would like to see given a chance tomorrow is Tom Lees. He did very well when out on loan last season and now deserves a chance of a few run outs with his hometown team

  19. WeRLeeds

    we are leeds, we are leeds, we are leeds, we are leeds, we are leeds, we are leeds, we are leeds, we are leeds, we are leeds weeee are leeds.

  20. John Evans

    Christ I can’t stand all the hype anymore when will it all end another false Dawn me thinks

  21. Mark__R

    I think it's propaganda to buy time. A convincing victory against a hyped up Bradford – will be difficult – but not unreasonable. However our ineffective scouting network has not turned up any player worth his salt over summer, so I wouldn't hold my breath now.
    As the club player recruitment policy is about 'unearthing hidden gems' rather than investing in proven talent then it will take some extraordinary motivational and tactical management from SG, and some real coaching expertise from his staff to turn the current squad into a team that has real potential for promotion and encourages hope and belief in the fans. He has his work cut out.
    Hand on heart I hope SG turns it around from tonight and onwards into the league matches.
    We'll see.

    • Martin

      Finally we sing two new players: Adam and Andy Trialist, brothers, not twins (because we have twins alredy…)

  22. ADIY69

    we have a new player tom lees
    please grayson drop aob
    and play this lad all season
    he is only going to get better

  23. @TheFatRob

    Thom Kirwin on twitter not long ago-'SG told @Yorkshireradio tonight he was close to a signing yesterday but players club changed their minds'

  24. will atha

    I hope its a new centre back, get rid of that shit head andy o'brien and BUY somebody decent like wes morgan or miguel vitor, somebody who can tackle and not score own goals. perhaps need a new right back who is not a freebie or on loan (and under the age of 35). SPEND SOME MONEY BATES YOU STINGY TW*T! also grayson, players under 27 would be nice!


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