Leeds United are doing little to rid themselves of the Dirty Leeds tag with the worst discipline record in the Championship so far this season. 

The Whites have already collected three red cards, which is more than anyone else in the division and are guilty of more fouls and yellow cards than everyone except Portsmouth who come in second.

Making a surprise appearance in the bottom three is Cardiff City who committed less fouls than anyone else in the division but lose out on the August fair play award to Birmingham City who have picked up only four yellow cards to Cardiff City’s seven.

Scoring system: Foul = 1pt, Yellow = 5pts, Red = 10pts.  

Fouls Yellow Red Total
Leeds United 61 13 3 156
Portsmouth 80 14 0 150
Leicester City 56 12 2 136
Brighton 60 13 0 125
Millwall 58 12 0 118
Blackpool 49 11 0 104
Ipswich Town 49 7 2 104
Derby County 52 10 0 102
Crystal Palace 55 8 0 95
Watford 48 9 0 93
Barnsley 57 7 0 92
Middlesbrough 47 7 1 92
Bristol City 49 8 0 89
Coventry City 49 6 1 89
Hull City 46 8 0 86
Reading 51 5 0 76
Southampton 50 3 1 75
West Ham Utd 54 4 0 74
Nottm Forest 52 4 0 72
Peterborough 45 5 0 70
Burnley 38 4 1 68
Doncaster 37 6 0 67
Cardiff City 31 7 0 66
Birmingham 38 4 0 58

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    • TSS

      Leeds topped the chart last season too – can't blame the ref when the lack of discipline is so consistent.

  1. leedshippriest

    Dirty Leeds. It does what is says on the tin.

    That said, we have had some stinking referees so far this season, you could almost think they were hand picked by the Football League with an agenda in mind.

    • jay

      Leeds and dodgy referees…seem to go hand in hand my friend…especially in European finals!

  2. kev

    howsons sending off against boro and whites sending off on sat, were they not down to linesmans decisions,which is strange as they were both 50 yards away when the ref on both occasions was 15 yards away,always defend Leeds but the quality of the officials just lately have been shocking!!

    • TSS

      Just recapping August. I was going to mention discipline stats in the August Review post, but it was a bit lengthy and a worrying talking point in it's own right. Suspensions are going to be a running theme this season I suspect

  3. number1inyorkshire

    this is down to lack of leadership in this matter and the league table is no surprise to most who do their thing on here ,howson is too young and inexperienced to be getting stuck into senior pros i like howson as captain but one of the more senior pros would have been a more sensible option .
    Then there is the likes of snodin who could fight himself at times a real grumpy ,gnarly little dwarf ,then there is the thought and i have heard it said that a player with a high foul rate lacks quality and ability .
    it will cost us gradel got sent off in arguably his biggest ever game to date that could have been a real disaster if we had lost that and not got up .
    i feel to be honest ,howson and white were unlucky a real ref cock up but brown more than once has been lucky and gradel too this season ..

    it needs addressing now before it is too late

  4. mattbb1

    we are top of the leagu, we are top of the league, woohoo!
    I'll take what i can.

  5. Chareose

    Hate to say it but surely its a coaching issue ?

    Maybe the powers that be only know one way to make the team harder to beat – by kicking lumps out of the oposition

  6. JohnM

    It would be interesting to see the table recalculated without the effect of the Middlesbrough game where the ref clearly lost the plot – it would probably put us mid table. Has anyone got the stats to do it?

  7. Peter

    it's going to cost us many more points this season and it's embarrassing to watch. Just wish the officials would be more consistent with the oppositions fouls and handballs against us which officials always seem to not see.
    Maybe officials should be fined and banned from games just as Managers and players are if they make such obvious cock-ups, which ofyen lead to more fouls and even full on fights between clubs leading to the clubs getting fines as well!

    • Marc Butterworth

      "Maybe officials should be fined and banned from games just as Managers and players are if they make such obvious cock-ups"

      There wouldnt be any refs left after the first weekends fixtures………….lol

  8. John Salkeld

    Our disciplinary record might improve now that we've lost last season's best player. I think the responsibility placed on Howson is too great for a player so young, hence his lack of discipline. The captaincy should have been given to an older, more experienced, player – another example of poor judgement by Grayson.

  9. Jeff Hopkins

    nice to see we are top at something! Howsons and Whites red cards were both jokes though!


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