Sky Sports are today claiming that Coventry City and Brighton are planning a last minute swoop for Billy Paynter. 

The former Swindon Town striker has had a torrid time at Elland Road failing to reproduce the sensational goalscoring form he did in Wiltshere with just 1 goal in his 24 appearances to date.

His goal drought at Leeds has seen him dubbed “Barndoor Billy” by the Leeds United fans, and there has been constant calls for the manager to cut him loose and free ourselves of his expensive wages.

Paynter must feel the writing is on the wall for him at Leeds. Despite the long-term injuries of Davide Somma and Luciano Becchio, Billy is going to struggle for minutes on the pitch with Ross McCormack and loanee Andy Keogh playing so well. He also has Ramon Nunez for additional competition who has already scored five this season and can’t make the starting XI.

In other news, Mike Grella has been released by Leeds United so he can sign permanently with Brentford.

  • Matt

    I think you owe more to Grella than "in other news" at the bottom of an article about Barndoor.

    • TSS

      Covered it the other day. It's only the finalisation of the deal, he was already there on loan.

  • FL455H

    Please Lord let this be true, this would be fantastic news!!

  • John Hunter

    A shame Grella has gone…to my mind he was always treated pretty badly by SG whilst giving his all for Leeds. Certainly better than Barndoor anyday.

    • TSS

      Larry gave him loads of chances, look at how many appearances he made – he just wasn't good enough. But Grella didn't believe that. In his mind, he was the greatest thing to ever grace the hallowed turf of Elland Road.

    • stonemonkey

      I agree John, we all know that Mr Bates threw his toys out of the pram when he walked out on his loan. Lad should have got some game time in on loan but he wanted to get back to leeds. At a time when we could have really done with him a few weeks back Grayson would not pick him because this would have upset Bates. Lad was treat appallingly as was Kasper. Getting sick of it tbh.
      Good luck Mike Grella, come on you whites!

  • RobFlit

    I have £5 on BP scoring at least once against us in the next 2 seasons. Would also be very unsurprised if he moves and scores more goals for either his new club this season than either Keogh or McCormack. 1: This would reflect the lack of luck we have and 2: This reflects the unnerving level of pressure that we put on our players as soon as they pull the white shirt on. Remember this fella scored more that Beckford in the season we put him on a very high pedestal.

    • Sean

      Unfortunately this was his one and only (ever) good goalscoring season. His record stands as 83 goals in 11 years and 335 appearances (35 of which were in that season). Apart from the magical year when Austin and him really hit it off his record is 48 goals in 10 years and 290 appearances (all at the lower levels of football) – worth a free transfer gamble just in case his 35 goals a season wasn't a flash in the pan but to be honest now we know it was – he has to go (anywhere) even if it means paying him to leave like Grella

      • normangunston

        and – so I've heard but too lazy to check – a decent chunk of those Swindon goals were penalties.

        We bought the wrong Swindon striker, as Charlie Austin showed the other day

  • Twice Nightly

    Now that would be like signing a new player getting rid of a few pounds (Take that in either context), Hopefully he will be the make weight (Again take that any way you wish) in the Cling on deal with Cov

  • YorkshiremanInDublin

    here's hoping coventry and brighton don't read about 'barndoor bily' on the scratching shed, his nickname might put them off somewhat ;-)

    • TSS

      Maybe I should change it to "Coventry and Brighton chase prolific goalscoring sensation?"

      • YorkshiremanInDublin

        …pie-faced assassin ;-)

    • Same thing was going through my mind.:p

  • mattbb1

    Apparently Coventry have now pulled out of the deal, opting for a goalscoring striker from Norwich.. now come on Gus? think of all the adulation you had from Leeds fans, one last favour….. and what about you Sven, you've got all that wadge burning a hole in your pocket? surely every side needs a player in the role of what i like to call Striking `decoy' your basic central defender cant tell the difference between a striker and a convincing replica – like our Bill. Deploy him to drag defenders out of position – little do they know their goal is in no danger from him and wham – your real strikers goes in.

    • Sean

      Glad we've freed up Grella's wages, I liked him and his work ethic but he wasn't better than a long list of Bacchio, Somma, McCormack, Keogh, Nunez so best he leave the club and get football elsewhere. I'm not sure Paynter will leave or that there is any interest from anyone – apparantly Coventry are not interested which leaves on Brighton (supposedly). Made up paper talk ? Leaked info from LUFC to encourage a nibble ? Either way getting rid of Grella and (fingers crossed) Besone, Paynter, Bruce and Bromby would be great news if freeing up their wages meant signing two or three players with the Gradel transfer fee – just wishfull think, I'll get my coat :-)

      • number1inyorkshire

        bessone , Bruce ,paynter have no real future with leeds ,however to be fair Bromby hasn't done much wrong when he has played ,rather him than O'Brien at the min .
        to be honest and i hope i am wrong i don't feel we will see somma again either .
        the squad is high in numbers but low in quality in in depth in all areas

        • Sean

          I have nothing against Bromby – he does his best whenever he pulls on his shirt but he is just a squad player (available when we have a few injuries). I would rather have a new defender capable of challenging for a first team shirt and pressurising a regular for their spot. O'Brien has been chronic this season (and Connolly not much better) but I'm not sure if this is because he had no pre-season behind him OR if it's an extension of the poor form from the back end of last season (when our whole defence looked shambolic). What I do know is that Connolly and O'Brien have at least shown during their time here that they know how to defend – they just need to remember what they did so well as the start of last season. I also admit that I am one of a minority where O'Brien is concerned but it's all about personal opinions :-)

  • number1inyorkshire

    we have a knack of turning decent scorers into sh*#te none scorers we did it with Fowler .Ian rush Keane ,healy mccormack and paynter last season .
    still i can't say paynter would be missed his lack of mins on the pitch makes it that way .same with grella

  • SimonG

    What worries me is that many Leeds fans have been nominating Gus to replace Larry – if this rumour is true what does that say about his judgement.

  • lufcboy

    Some good news at last :)

  • number1inyorkshire

    i see beckford is on his way out of everton looks like he will be back in championship
    id take him on loan
    Leicester looking like the destination

    • Sean

      Strange one this – wasn't he Everton's leading scorer last year ? Are they also under pressure financially. Worth a gamble from them and worth a gamble from Beckford (at least he can now say he played at the top level for at least one season and scored goals against good teams)

      • mattbb1

        dream on, beckford will have been on close to £20K at Everton, we'd never match that, even with the £3m> that weve just banked…. as per usual our self imposed restrictions will prevent that. Expect no movement today, then emergency loans, and come the summer it'll be as if the £1M for Schmeicel, and £3M for Max just never came in…. the only transfer I'd like to see is a new owner in, and i wouldnt mind seeing bates go for nothing, but that wont happen.

  • felix slackbladder

    I understand Everton want Beckford to get games under his belt and Leicester will take him on loan til xmas.

    • Matthew

      I think this is because Everton can't afford his wages, well most of their players wages at the moment, aren't they going broke or something?

      I remember reading the paper about their chairman, no idea if there was any air of truth to it.

  • Dean

    We must be the only club in the Football League that hasn't been linked with ANYONE today! It's always the same, I actually look forward to the week after deadline day, to see what emergency loans we get in.

    • TSS

      Oh we've been linked with players. I just didn't believe any of them, aside from Clingan.

      • Bowden

        Not one rumour on Sky Sports today, and the couple that have been quoted on our fan boards etc (except the yawn worthy 'Monty! Monty!' calls) have gone to West Ham. All the while, loads of premiership reserve and youth players have gone to lower league teams and we've got rid of three players; tremendous ambition!

  • Matthew

    I have nothing against Billy beyond the fact he took up valuable space in first team matches that could of gone to someone else.

    However if he leaves for Brighton, there's like 40,000 + Leeds fans that will offer him a free ride there, just to get rid of him lol

  • Colin

    @mattbb1…..How did you arrive at the 3 million pound for Gradel….It is supposed to be a closely guarded secret….It was less than that ,thats why there is no one coming in.The team will remain as it is until Christmas.Mr bates will pay off some of the bills ,SG will get nothing.

  • Matthew

    By the way, I can understand the Coventry being linked with him but not Brighton. Brighton already have goalscorers and Coventry look set on Relegation if things don't change, one makes sense, the other doesn't.

    Also, speaking of Paynter, he was made to look good by his Striking partner Charlie Austin, why oh why did Grayson not see that and get Austin instead? Both would of cost the same, one has talent and can score goals, the other is out of his depth in the Championship(Paynter)

  • Leedsdisliker

    Surely Billy could help stave off relegation for you load of cheats in white ???

    • Bowden

      Explain how we've cheated Charlie Big Spuds…

      If you call cheating two, possibly three, red cards that never were, both resulting in us losing, and an appeal being thrown out by the FA for Aidy White when the footage clearly shows he was fouled, then I can only assume you're a Town plank or a Scum fan referee from somewhere with a tinpot team you should be supporting; do one dickhead!

  • lar

    so gradel has left the cradle,next paynter,come january there be a few more,its a shopping mall at elland road.whos next…any guesses…..a white in january.

  • Gary Beckett

    I wonder if Poyet sees something in Paynter that Grayson does not….

  • John Hunter

    Shame about Grella. Certainly better than Barndoor.

  • Robert Dineen

    I’d heard that billy and jon parkin were signing for the rhinos next year as our new props ;)