Felt the shop was looking a little bare with only one design in it, so here’s our second attempt at custom Leeds United clothing. 

The new ‘Club & Country’ design brings together the seventies Smiley badge with the country of your choosing. Countries not currently listed are available on request.


We’ve had some requests from Australia (and one from Brazil) for the ‘Proud Dissident’ t-shirt, but the third party who handle the printing and distribution can only deliver to certain countries under our current agreement. However, we have worked out a solution and will be able to offer delivery to the rest of you later this week.

If delivery is currently unavailable to you, and you’d like to be notified when it is please drop me an email and I’ll keep you posted.

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  1. YorkshiremanInDublin

    always thought a nice design idea would be (and every leeds fan has done this) an upside-down calculator with '50337' (reads 'LEEDS') on the display…might look good on a really bold and simple / retro calculator design (with the design done in club colours perhpas?). not sure if this idea is kinda cool or a bit cheesy though…or maybe it's a bit of both at the same time, ha ha ;-) have been trying for a while now but can't seem to get either 'LOVE LEEDS: HATE BATES' or 'PROUD DISSIDENT' to work on an inverted calc screen, damn!


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