The Mirror are reporting that Ken Bates has infuriated Simon Grayson by refusing to sanction a deal which would have made Alexandre Mendy his fifth summer signing. 

The French midfielder impressed both fans and Simon Grayson alike during his pre-season trial with the club and his transfer was believed to be nothing more than a formality. Some complications were reported earlier in the week, but Grayson seemed confident these would be resolved and Mendy would soon be signing for the club.

Considering the positive comments made in the press, The Mirror’s claim that Simon Grayson is ‘frustrated’ by Ken Bates’ decision are entirely believable.

Following the disappearance of our “transfer warchest” and continuous stories of Ken Bates refusing to meet players wage demands, you have to wonder whether all is well at Elland Road.

Certainly, the performance against Southampton this weekend could suggest growing unrest behind the scenes as Simon Grayson becomes evermore frustrated with the club’s inability to secure the players he wants.

I’m sure Mr. Chairman will put a different slant on things in his next eagerly awaited Radio Bates interview.

UPDATE: Grayson contradicts himself on Mendy deal