Thanks to Lewis Mitchell from, a new Ipswich Town digital fanzine, for taking part in this week’s interview. You can also find Lewis on Twitter as @teditfc

You’ve gone through a bit of a sticky patch in the last few weeks, how do you think you’ll fair against Leeds on Saturday?

I think the signings of Jimmy Bullard, Daryl Murphy and Ibrahima Sonko have lifted the mood somewhat. Supporters will arrive at Portman Road with a little more optimism than they perhaps would have had without fresh faces following the humiliation at Peterborough.

You signed ex Leeds man Lee Bowyer in the summer, how’s he looked so far this season?

To be brutally honest, he’s not stood out as yet. But I’m led to believe he barely had any pre-season due to his wedding and visibly looks to be playing catch-up at present. I’m not sure he will be playing this weekend due to a hamstring injury.

Is there one current Leeds player you’d like to see in an Ipswich shirt at some point?

We are certainly very light on the ground for pace throughout the side. Max Gradel would certainly remedy this and add some creativity from the flanks.

Signing up Jimmy Bullard and Ibrahima Sonko must boost your confidence but who else should we be aware of in your team?

I think Michael Chopra is the obvious danger man with his ability to score goals out of nothing. Jay Emmanuel-Thomas is also a precocious talent and is equally capable of having a stinker or a “worldy”.

You lost young star Connor Wickham in the summer to Sunderland, was it inevitable and are you happy with how the money has been reinvested?

I think with 11 new faces and a couple more to come it is safe to say the money has been reinvested well. It is just going to take some time for the team to gel.

The Championship is as open as it’s ever been, where do you realistically expect to finish this season?

With the money we’ve spent Ipswich should certainly be challenging for a playoff place. I envisage a slow start but a strong second half to the season and we’ll see where that takes us!

Finally, what’s your prediction for the game? I’m going for 2-1 to Leeds.

3-2 Ipswich – We’ve got to break our home hoodoo for the season and with the atmosphere lifted by the presence of Bullard we’ve got a chance.

Thanks again to Lewis and best of luck to Ipswich for the rest of the season.

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  1. kev

    Leeds have a good chance of getting 3 points sat ,Ipswich are all over the place at moment and there there for the takeing there gona be very nervous after last weeks mauling !!, 3 games in 7 days like to see Nunez start and McCormack on the bench,just hope we don't concede any stupid goals in first 20 minutes like at West Ham,1-2 to mighty whites !!

  2. jay

    Fancy us to win but with our back 4 we will no doubt concede…3-2 to the Leeds.

      • Colin

        I can hear Simon Grayson now – "Jonny – a captain's gotta do what a captain's gotta do. Make a run into the box, you don't need to score, that's not the aim. What you need to do is this – take on Sonko and 4 words – get a yellow card."

        I'm not saying that Grayson will tell Dirty Leeds to hurt him…..But Dirty Grayson will tell Dirty Leeds to hurt him.

  3. Ben Sayers

    i dont see bullard being a massvie game changer at this point, i go to uni in hull and been there over the summer working which was good when we smashed them, and from what i can tell from my hull city mates bullard is a shadow of his former self and not been training that much with them at all, because he was getting drunk and turning up to training still pissed from nights out in London, so i dont think his fitness level will be up to scratch, i say this know and it will prob bite me on the arse but i dont think for this weekend he will be a threat to us, and i think its more of a bust to hull city fans then to ipswich ones because there most expensive and laziest player has left good look to you ipswich lets see if you can control him

    • Matthew

      I can't see Bullard changing the game either, some players are just over rated.

      Kinda like how Taarabutt didn't do jack against us when we played QPR, yet he was rated by many as being some kind of god(Well not rated by Leeds fans) but random fans from other teams, as well as the QPR fanbase.

  4. FL455H

    All this talk about Bullard today but, I can’t see him getting the better of Clayton in the midfield!

    Time will tell I suppose!



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