One of the most irritating things at football matches these days has to be the music tinpot teams play after they score. I’ve been all over the country following Leeds United and the amount of teams that play Tom Hark, Chelsea Dagger or some other cheesy repetitive nonsense after they score is growing year-on-year.

It’s the seemingly inevitable Americanisation of football. Some bright spark saw the NFL and thought it was a good idea to try and incorporate some of those ideas into British sports. Rugby was first with Wakefield Trinity becoming The Wildcats whilst Castleford RLFC renamed themselves The Tigers and their stadium The Jungle. Inevitably, cheesy music soon followed as did idiots running around in daft costumes and face-painting.

Can you imagine an Elland Road filled with foam fingers, half yellow-half blue faces, Tom Hark played after every goal and a team of cheerleaders entertaining the Kop?

“Gimme an L…” OK, so one of those ideas was clearly a good one, but if you’re really in support of the rest we may as well rename the club now – The Leeds United White Sox anyone? How about The Leeds Leopards?

Whilst every football fan I’ve ever spoken to about this is strongly opposed, it seems I’ve somehow missed the majority! Burnley FC have already been sucked in by the goal music nonsense but following a series of fan complaints they ran a poll to decide whether it stayed. Worryingly, only 33% of those that voted were against it!

The question is this: Is the Burnley poll an isolated incident or are Leeds fans secretly in favour of goal music too?

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Had to update with an additional poll after the picture created more of a talking point than the goal music. Maybe there’s one thing the American’s did get right?

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  1. Hosty

    As a rugby fan yes the music is good there I believe but at elland i love the fact that we have our own chants to chant/sing that is our celebration we don't need songs being played over us

  2. TSS

    Someone on Twitter just described goal music as "naffer than a nafterooni in Naffland". I concur.

  3. rwhites

    How about having a poll on what music Leeds should come out to next season and send the results to the club?
    I think the dance of the pixies or whatever that crap was last season is the worst I have heard. Hoe's that going to get the team or fans fired up.

  4. karl

    we are the best supported team in england,regardless what anyone says. our fans make the most noise for 90 mins, winning or loosing. why would we want to ruin the buzz elland rd creates by putting some gammy,poxy and quite frankly annoying music when we score. elland rd gives me goosebumps everytime leeds score. even if im at home watching the game on telly i still feel the same way. so NO to goal music and i dont think im alone on this.

  5. Jim Kane

    This is something i cannot stand and as you say give the impression of a smaller club having to rely on it to encourage a celebration. It can also come back and kick you in the teeth like with Burnley last year when they were 2.0 up and we came back to beat them. However as with other Americanisms it may not be too far away, i hope not!

  6. Jez

    If they start playing goal music I will never, ever go to another match until they stop. I hate it that much.

  7. Lee B

    After I voted, I got the result-so-far on the screen.
    Very amusing when the yellow bar for 'No' punched a hole through the right-hand-side of my monitor and just kept going…

  8. Andy (Rotherham)

    After the relaese of that silly away kit, anything could happen !

  9. yorkwhite

    No no no no no no no no. The players score the goals, the fans create the noise.

    • TSS

      It's a good job I added the picture last or I wouldn't have being saying much at all. Had to scour through hundreds of cheerleader pictures to find some in all white outfits – "It's a hard knock life…"

      • Dje


        I am trying to work out what part of cheer-leading brings out such postures as those. I guess I now know what strippers do in their spare time on a Saturday afternoon.

  10. fozzy

    I live abroad and go to Ice hockey games.It sounds really crass when the music starts.I also went to an American football ('Football my arse`…not litr.please) game where they do the same thing.I walked out in embarrasment at both the game and the silly music.Leave the music to places that have no real atmosphere generated by the fans.That said , I´m sure that (without wanting to sound at all sexist and a perv) the pictured ladies would sustain a welcome relief to fans attending the toilets during half time ;-)

  11. Matt BB

    No, absolutely not, a Snodgrass half volley from 15 yards is music enough for me.

    As for those delightful young dancers at the head of the page..

    • Matt BB

      lets be honest if Bates paid for 12 of them to be on th pitch at half time his criminal lack of investment in the playing staff would be forgiven, thats how low my expectations and morals have sunk. In fact if they ran on the pitch every time we scored… watch Paynter turn into a goal machine.

  12. Adrian Tag

    Nothing more annoying, we don't need it at elland Road nor do we want it, cant stand all that cheerleading c**p either.

  13. Tyler75

    No – despite Ken Bates and the day the world turned dayglo away strips, we are still a proper football club.

  14. Craig

    The only ground I've been to where they use music to celebrate a goal is Norwich and it kinda works there because the atmosphere is so dull. There's no way it would be anything but a retrograde step at ER.

  15. Gryff723

    "the music tinpot teams play after they score."

    Summed up perfectly.

    If your fans can't make enough noise for an atmosphere then that's the club's problem (looking at you, Norwich!)

  16. Matt BB

    What about a suggestion forum for how we get Paynter to score.. Some thoughts.

    A King Size Twix per Goal? Get Danny Wilson to jump up and down on the sidelines so he can pretend hes back at Swindon (I think we could trump the blunts with a £15 offer)

  17. number1inyorkshire

    depends where the cheerleaders are gonna stand and bend ,no surprise in the vote though if its gonna be those 3 in the pic wahoooaaaaaaaaaaaaa .
    i suggest in this day and age the female supporters will want something too

  18. Chrome Dome

    No to goal music!!!
    Yes to cheerleaders :P
    White Riot by the Clash should be played before every home game :)

  19. LostMango

    Knowing KB, the music licensed out will be Joe McElderry B-sides and the cheerleaders will be 40-something, dinner ladies on loan from the nearest school.

    On a serious note, goal music works in hockey and other places where the atmosphere is increased with family friendly singalong music. You wouldn't want to regenerate this atmosphere at golf or tennis events. And certainly it is not needed at football where the fans provide their own chants and are one of the few supporters who can greatly influence the outcome of a game.

  20. trueyorxman

    Looking at that pic of the cheerleaders made me think they should play the theme to 'Snatch of the Day', by 'eck!!

  21. tomwilko88

    Was nearly sick when I saw the picture of Rids*ale heading this site earlier.

    This is much better.

  22. JayMac

    I'll take the cheerleader on the Left…..

    Oh and as for the music. I'd rather listen to 30,000 singing Marching on together. Then some Americanized crap.

    • Dje

      Yeah, the beer goggles zoom in on the one on the left ~ but to be fair to the one on the right, she looks half-cut already!

      • JayMac

        The cheeks on the one in the middle. Pfwoar.

        Screw it. I'll have all three. :D

  23. CJ

    Music accompanying a goal is just sad!
    Like most blokes, I’m in favour of cheerleaders, as long as they look like those in the picture above. Knowing Ken Bates, we’d end up with a group of Bella Emburgh look-a-likes doing our half-time entertainment!

  24. Will23

    Need not worry about goal music when our front two are to be two comedians aka little & large

  25. michael horspool

    just watched the first half of the sheffield game and dont think it looks like music would be played much if we play painter up front he looks about as potent as a 90 years olds tackle. one leeds player really shining though, Prutton only problem is he is wearing a blue and white shirt. left back looks good on the ball and the mystrious trialist looks ok (i still think its alan smith in disguise) anyway i digrese no to music we are not yanks and yes to cheerleaders but they should be forced to wear our new away kit just to make the women in the stands feel better, as they will not all be as hot as the cheerleaders but at least they can wear a proper leeds kit

    MOT, with painter just a few yards behind

  26. Mrs Grayson

    Would rather have some new players like a keeper, left back, centre back (with pace and two legs), central midfielder and striker, i suppose the cheerleaders could always play though. Now i've thought about it a bit more they would probably be as good as most of Gormlessons signings!!!!


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