The long awaited unveiling of the new away kit has finally taken place and since we did a poll on the home kit, we thought we’d do the same for this one too.

The yellow and black colours Macron have gone with haven’t caused too much of a shock as Lloyd Sam dropped that little bombshell a couple of weeks back. I’d personally assumed it would be predominantly yellow however, so the black being the main colour did surprise me a little.

I wish I could find the words to sum up the following, but I really can’t… (Lights off for the full experience)

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  1. Mike

    It will be interesting to see what the referee wears when we go away!

  2. Craig Woodhead

    Awful. Similar to the Chelsea away strip last year. What’s wrong with yellow and blue as our away strip?

    • tetleybitterman

      This is the day I've dreaded. The black kit is disgusting. ANY black kit is disgusting, unless black is in your club colours (eg., our friends on the Tyne). Black kits, in general are disgusting because, unless my memory is shot, ManU were the first to adopt one, back in the cantona era. Everybody that has used one, since, is just following them. Jumping on a fashion bandwagon that is, frankly, bankrupt of ideas. The chelsea similarity is obvious. for Leeds United to do this is "odourous." It stinks. I've about had it with this dis-organisation. Putrid. You could even say…I don't like it.

  3. Gryff723

    I loved the plain black one that was kicking about Twitter.

    The stripes, side-blob & badge don't work for me.

  4. Bradley-james17

    Why oh why are they doing everything they possibly can to ruin our summer?! I don't like it, but fingers crossed it'll grow on me. To be honest, we shouldn't care what they wear, as long as it has the badge, it's something we'll all wear with pride! (Maybe a bag over the head)

  5. Rwhites

    Oh no Bates really is turning us in to Chelsea……………..LOL
    Kids will like it as it's "flashy"
    It's a shirt at the end of they and in 12 months time we will have another one and this will be pushed to the 2nd away and in 2 years it will be gone and forgotten.

  6. Tyler75

    Really ??? Makes Paddy look extra intimidating though – so no bad thing !

  7. Matthew Crumpton

    It's not red.
    Maybe it's a tactical move- so if the lights go out at Fratton Park again we'll have no reason to stop?

    Everything else.

  8. Rikton

    I quite like it, if it works for them and doesnt stop them playing football who cares, its better than the home kit as for me last seasons home kit was the best we have had in ages ! I agree it does look abit like last seasons chelski kit.

  9. Lee B

    As a shirt, I like it, but I wonder how we'll be able to pass to a team-mate when they're in the shade of the stands.
    Oh wait, we can't do that already…
    And I guess that's why it's a glow-in-the-dark model…

  10. bobster

    Apart from the obvious links to the Chelsea kit i don't have a problem with it at all. Infact i rather like it…so there!!

  11. Jamie

    I'm not a fan of it, I'd like to think it'll grow on me, but it is Chelski's away kit from last season…come to think of it, didn't half the premier league have this style of black kit last season? Villa, Scum, Liverpool…there's probably more.

    The good thing is, at least it's not a clone of Everton's away kit from last season!

  12. Stephen

    We won't be able to sing "Who's the b . . . . . d in the black" at the away games anymore!!

  13. Gaz of leeds

    Love the kit
    Cnt wait to buy and wear it with pride thank fully theses no crappy collars on it. Gets borin wearing same colours

    • El Tel

      I agree with you on the collar point…..away kit has got to be blue and yellow thow.

  14. Dje

    Is it supposed to be black and yellow or black and lime green?

    Not sure which is worse, mind.

  15. TSS

    Kisnorbo and Brown are simply rehearsing for their next career as referee and referee's bitch. Obviously, they'll both be injured by the third or fourth game so they intend to help Leeds by posing as officials and letting a few things slide…

    • Dje

      The depressing thing is it doesn't even look like a very good referees' kit.

      Too much the look of the over-enthusiastic accountant who is up for officiating the kids in their local Under-11s league matches on a weekend.


  16. CJ

    The new black kit insnt too bad but I know from experience that from a spectator point of view, it is often difficult to pick out players, especially at night. .

  17. karl

    blue white and yellow should be the only colours on display at elland rd.where is black gona fit in!!! not sure about this one. comment from above said it looks like old chealski shirt and i mr bates up to something???¿¿¿¿!!!!!!!

  18. Jacko

    On a positive note, you wouldn' t want to mess with Kis, he looks like a right beast!!!

  19. Gaffers

    Agree with comments above. White yellow and blue are the only acceptable colours.

  20. Lee B

    I've thought for a long time that – in the same way as we adopted the Real Madrid kit as our permanent home kit – that we should adopt the Brazil kit (yellow, blue, green) as our permanent away kit.

    None of this 'we change with the wind' stuff. Pin your colours to the mast and keep them there.

    We are LEEDS UNITED.

  21. Martin

    I don´t like it. Whats rong with te yellow kit? this one dont have any link with our history.

  22. Rex

    Don't like it. Should be like the white kit in yellow.

    On the subject of transfer activity, I've been perusing the incoming players to Championship clubs and asking myself if I would like Leeds to have signed this chap. So far there are 3!

    Kevin Nolan – Prem wages, Sam's boy
    Paul Konchesky – Prem wages.
    Jon Greening – Good, but not that good – and ex-scum!

    Nothing much is happening anywhere!

  23. mikelufc

    Simple answer is, DONT BUY IT!
    Bates and co will get the message.
    Buy it and confirm to them they can eff with you however much they like.
    Democracy in action.

  24. CJ

    Who cares what colour they play in? They can play in my grannies old knickers, as long as they win.

  25. dannylufc

    Lol@all theese leeds fans talking rubbish acting like are in a worse place than when we wer relegated from the prem, look at what bates has done for us and what grayson is doing I have faith in both, wer in a good leauge with a good team it could be alot worse! We just gatta wait and see what happens, all the negativity will only make things worse stay united no matter what.

  26. trueyorxman

    Christ they'll be playing Wacko's (it don't matter if your) 'Black or White' as we run out next season. No wonder Paddys got rid of the headband otherwise he'd have looked like a pint of Tetleys

  27. Colin

    Isn't it amazing what you can do with a couple of bin bags and some fluorescent paint.

    I don't know which GCSE Art student designed this outfit, but I think it's that good, they could market that and retail that outfit for, oooh, let's say somewhere in the region of £40.

    • mojoluafc

      I know, i could buy some YELLOW paint and get my 6 year old kid to splash some BLUE on it and its done, £40 in me pocket.

  28. jeyre

    I really like it tbh, and Kisnorbo looks like he has put on some serious size whilst he has been injured. Possibly could be on of the most intimidating defenders in the league if his fitness is up to scratch.

  29. Ben

    Good enough design, would’ve been better with dark blue instead of black and a darker yellow though. But I’ve still got my blue / green striped one so I might not be the best judge of taste.

  30. Ben

    Also, got new home shirt today. Might start a sweepstake on how many games / washes before the sponsor logo starts peeling.

  31. West Cumbrian White

    With the lack of signings and the depressing mood around the club , the Black strip will go well with all of the Black Clouds around Elland Road at the moment

  32. mojoluafc

    Ive bought the new blue top and when the logo`s wash off it will look exactly the same as last years, at least the black kit is authentic.

  33. Andy

    Don’t like this at all – not part of our history, and what is that badge all about ? – reminds me of that awful green and bluie kit we had years ago – poor, we should have stuck with blue/yellow !

  34. Will23

    Looks well smart and classy.

    All yellow has been done to death with blue/white flashes in all manner of combinations.

    Time for a change and this is good.

  35. Paul

    I can hear it now 'The whites playing in their familiar all-black attire'.

  36. AD

    Its just not Leeds is it? As a kit I think it’s fine, but not on our lads. It’s true, our colours are White, blue & yellow & despite how often they play with the shade of blue, plz no more illuminous yellow! Might as well get diadora doing our shirts again! I’m hoping it grows on me, but it is very chelski … So fed up of Mr Bates, last year I loved all our shirts! But we can’t keep 1 design more than 1 season. Money hungry git he is! Maybe we can where the home kit to all games!

  37. AD

    My fave away kit in recent memory was last one in premiership, dark blue with very fine White & yellow stripes. Y not ask fans opinions mr bates b4 u turn Leeds into Chelski?

  38. lufcboy

    Not the worst kit that we have had – quite like it really. What is the worst kit???????

  39. Simon

    I like it. We've already got a blue and yellow away kit so there's nothing wrong with a bit of change. People banging on about tradition are clearly forgetting that 1. White wasn't "traditional" until about 40 years ago, and 2. We have in the past played in blue and green, black and blue, and :shudder: all red, so what's wrong with black and yellow.

  40. ross mccaramac

    definitely our worst kit ever, just pipping the f.. green and blue stripes. btw does anyone know when we first starting all yellow as a 2nd strip?


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