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It’s quite likely that Jonny Howson will continue on as club captain this season. A home-grown lad and the longest serving member of our current side, he’s an excellent choice for the job and someone the Leeds fans all love.

But would a more experienced player be better suited to the leadership role the captaincy requires? With the arrival of Michael Brown and the return of Patrick Kisnorbo, you have to wonder whether Simon Grayson will reassess and relieve Jonny of his duties this season?

With at least three viable candidates for 2011/12 club captaincy, we thought a poll was in order to see who the fans think is best suited to the position.

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  1. Colin

    Jonathan Howson. 200 Leeds games. England U21 international.

    Jonny Howson is the only option available to Grayson. He's good, he played every single game last season, He's Leeds United.

    Jonathan Howson is Captain Fantastic.

  2. ian-ov-leeds14 ps3

    i think its still jonny tbh he's a leeds lad brown is a good player and he would have great leadership qualitys but he's just got here maybe he should earn it first and give him an incentive to play well if he actually wants to be at leeds long tearm.

  3. Leeds at sea

    Howson, unless we sign another better candidate soon. He is Leeds, and other players like Brown can help out with their old heads.


    It has to be Howson. Kis is becoming a cult figure with the fans but I’m not convinced he will be a regular until he is 100% over his injury.
    Brown will ‘lead’ anyway because of his experience and is too new to the club.
    I would have said O’Brien was Howson’s main competition for the armband.

    • Paul Wilde

      Yes i suppose it has to be Jonny.More concerned about where the goals are coming from….its ok for Grayson to say we are alright for he ok in the head?32 goals from Lucciano B and Davide S last year .Please tell me Painter is the answer???

  5. Matthew

    Hard to say, Howsons commitment is outstanding, even if he vanishes some games, he deserves the job for his commitment alone.

  6. Matt BB

    for once we are actually top heavy, kis, howson, brown, o'brien – so tell me whats the excuse for our naivete? We now need a ball playing midfielder and indeed a ball playing centre back… could we already have them in Nunex and Lees? here's hoping

  7. COL

    Kisnorbo gets my vote, but only if he can stay fit! As much as I admire Howson, I have never been sure that he is the right man to captain the team.

  8. KarLLL

    Sorry for the joke earlier but we've seen worse on TSS. Out of topic but the new season is almost upon us and we are on Tv alot at the start. Is there any leeds fans in Toronto watching the games? I go to the bar everytime even if its at 8 in the morning and would love to have some fellow fans to have a decent leeds convo with during the game.

    • TSS

      Sure there's a couple of Toronto-based Whites fans on Twitter. Probably your best bet for finding them.

      • KarLLL

        Thanks TSS, I must jump on this Twitter bandwagon

  9. Dara

    Leadership on the pitch didnt seem to be there not any great person but paddy over howson but howson vice

  10. claire

    howson never talks on the pitch,surely a captain should be a leader,not sure we have that player at the moment..we have shown a severe lack of ambition in the transfer market so far,lets hope it doesn't cost sg his job…he will only have himself to blame…i do worry where the goals are gonna come from,been to all pre season so far and bp and rc are not the answer

    • El Tel

      Larrys job is safe…bates loves the fact he aint signed anyone…less out goings…

  11. Paddy1992

    Howson is no captain and not all Leeds fans love him. Although he has all the ability in the world his biggest attribute is to go missing for long long spells of games. Can’t have that in centre midfield and certainly not in a captain. Kisnorbo all the way for me with OB as vice captain.

  12. Gryff723

    I'd say Howson's shown he can do the captaincy job reasonably when Naylor disappeared through injury/etc. But Paddy Kisnorbo is a big lad, seems to be a likeable lad, and seems to be captaincy material. The question is, give it to a lad who's proven himself a decent captain, or risk giving it to an injury-prone lad who might make a pretty good captain…

  13. Colin

    the problem with kisnorbo is that he hasn’t played in anger for leeds in the championship.
    Every player on leeds’ books have grown up at elland road with howson on board. Howson has respect of the other players and brings stability to a club that is always turbulent.

    I don’t think grayson is howson’s biggest fan (like gary mac was) but he’s had to rely on him time after time.

  14. Matthew

    But a Captain must love ones club and show dedication, all of which Howson has done, questionable leadership aside, itl come in time.

  15. Stephen

    @ Colin…. feel free to correct me but did Kisnorbo not play the final 10 minutes in the final game of last season at QPR?

    • Matthew

      He did and looked rusty, he should improve dramatically with more games. Hes like a power plant that hasnt been turned on yet, when hes on hel be an assett.

  16. Martin

    Jonny Howson is my choice, born &made in Leeds. He´s still young, but he´s good enough to held the capitancy. Kis and ON coul be good choices, but Brown, doesn`t play yet more than a couples of friendlys…

  17. Michael Horspool

    forget howson…sign alan smith and make him captain even if he is injured or even if we dont sign him. Smith is everything Howson isnt, Talentless, cant score, always injured and loves to start fights what more could a team want in a captain all we need to do now is sign him and i saw him talking to Simon grayson's cousin about staying in the spare room as he will definatly sign for the club. if Smith doesnt sign i would like to see Adam 'sideways pass never to feet' Clayton be captain it might inspire him to better performances and make him just completely s**t as opposed to so bad just the thought of him in a leeds shirt makes me want to throw myself off a bridge.


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